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Live Kryon Channelling
"Message to the Jews - 2005 - Part II"
Tel Aviv, October 28, 2005
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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Message to the Jews - 2005 - Part II"

This live channelling was Given in Tel Aviv, Israel, October 28, 2005

Kryon's full message to the Jews was spread over three days, given both in Tele Aviv and Jerusalem. In the re-channelling process for print, some of the concepts brought forth in the future days messages, were brought into the existing channelling for clarity. In addition, all these channellings were given live in a "back and forth" translation process from English to Hebrew. This kind of translation creates many short sentences in English, and to facilitate better reading, these have been put together and made to flow easier. It may seem shorter than some of the other Kryon channellings, but that's due to the fact that you are only seeing half of the channel! The other half is in Hebrew...

If you wish to hear the original messages, with the Hebrew translation, you may do so FREE. It is a downloadable MP3 files at this Internet Address: click here


Greetings dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic energy*. There are those of you who would believe that this cannot be happening, that Spirit or God talks to humanity like this. Again, we remind you that this has always been the way of it, no more profoundly shown than in your own history. The proof is how does it feel? Do you know what is going on right now? All of the scripture that has been written on earth of all of the religions that exist has come from Human Beings. All of the messages that have been written to you, even from the angels, have been brought through humans. Therefore, it is a partnership and always has been. Think about this, the process is taking the divinity that is inside the Human Being and marrying it with the energy of God. The result is a glorious message of release. So I invite you to feel it.

Did you ever wonder if your ancestors could look at you now, what would they say? What a vision that would be! Go as far back as you like with your lineage. What would they say? Well, I’m going to tell you something. They are here! Even the prophets are here. And the reason they are here is that you are the ones who will accomplish what all of history up to now has led to.

Are they proud of you? Not only are they proud, but they stand behind you. You are never alone, and your own ancestors sit next to you. Even those you recently loved and lost in your lifetime are here. We invite you to feel them. Let me ask you this, can you feel the love of them and of God beside you? Is it in your power to feel this? Let me also ask you this, with all that is going on right now outside, with the potential of the future unrest that is in your lap, can you say it is well with your soul? Can you do that? If you can, then you’ve joined the lineage of your fathers and their fathers who said the same thing.

They understood the principle of divinity within, and they understood love and the incredible power of it. We are speaking of the love of God for humanity and the love of humans for Gaia. Some have said even today, "Kryon comes and speaks of peace on Earth. Now, look at the new developments! It’s not getting better; it’s getting worse." [speaking of the violence that has happened even as Kryon arrived in Israel]

When we were here the last time [2000], we made a statement. We told you that before the New Jerusalem could be created, the foundation of the temple must be scraped clean. This is a metaphor, yet I tell you what is going on outside [the violence] is indeed the scraping. It is not pleasant. It has created anxiety, and it’s frustrating. So, in the process of being here next to it, can you say, "It is well with my soul?" If you can, then you’ll understand that you hold energy in the midst of crisis that feeds Gaia’s wisdom. And in this particular new energy, you are working with the planet to allow the future to go somewhere positive.

All of what you are seeing is the beginning, not the end. And you might say, "But why us?" The answer is because you are the chosen ones. You have been chosen to go through the frustration. What if you were the ones chosen to do the heavy lifting of this planet? What if this is what "the chosen ones" means? Well, we’re going to give you a statement and then we’re going to close.

God’s chosen ones in this new energy will create peace on Earth. That’s indeed what you have been chosen for. Again, we’ll say, it starts here. Do not despair. Hold the love of God next to you so that in the worst moments of your life you can say, "It is well with my soul." And when we come back in a moment, we will speak more of love.

And so it is.



Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic energy*. One more time I come into this sweet place, a place with a gentle countenance. These few moments are spent letting the entourage come in. Esoterically speaking, these are times when an energy greater than yours flows into this place. Although I do not speak of it often, let me tell you what this entourage is here for. Some say, "Well, it’s ceremonial." Some say, "It’s the placement that matters, where they are, next to whom." But you must understand that they are inter-dimensional. There is no such thing as where in inter-dimensionality. Distance does not exist, either. Time does not matter. Yet here they are, out of time and space.

So let me tell you their function: All of them come in with the knowledge of who you are, and each knows your name. Metaphorically, they sit next to you right now. Some of them stand behind you. Oh, I know, I’m speaking in an esoteric way, and there are those who would say, "Can you prove any of this, Kryon?" I will not, but you can. That's the way of Spirit, you know? The Human must be the one to prove it to him or herself. Let your own heart discern what is happening.

These who I speak of are arriving right now. You might say, "But there’s no space between the chairs." To us, there’s infinite space between the chairs. They are very large and very small, and they are almost in place around you. Dear Human Being, you have free choice, and the rules are strong with us. They are not allowed to touch you unless you allow it. And only with your heart connection can you allow such a thing. Only with a firm commitment of belief that says, "Yes, I know there is more." Slowly, then, they are allowed to touch you.

Once that connection is made, let the proof be seen! Some of you will be touched tonight. Some of you will feel it on your shoulders and on your arms. Sometimes it’s your legs and head, but this is a connection that is made which enhances the message of Kryon. It lets you see beyond your sight, like being plugged in to an inter-dimensional place. That’s why the entourage is here, for you, honoring you and your free choice.

Again, we say that there will be those here who doubt any of this is happening. They doubt such a thing is possible. You might say they are unbelievers, but the irony is that they have this entourage, too. They are loved just as much as any of you, and with free choice, the unbelievers will leave this place never understanding or believing that there were those who surrounded and loved them. The love of God is this way. It allows the Human to walk from place to place, undisturbed by Spirit. Wherever they go, they have the opportunity of spiritual discovery with their free choice. Only if they open the door themselves, can we show ourselves and begin a process of enhancement, a process that brings peace and health. It starts with intent, and these who come for you are all in place to do just that. That means we are ready; all of us. Let this message be one you will not forget.

This is the fourth time we have communicated within the energy of this auditorium. And now I’m going to speak about the grandest and greatest subject of them all, one that has many facets, many directions. It is a lesson on the power of love. You might say, "Well, what does that have to do with the situation?" [To the Israelis, this word is used to mean the struggle with the Palestinians, as well as with those who openly hate and despise their land] As I lead you through this teaching, you tell me the answer to that, for it should be obvious.

Every Human here, who is an adult, has felt at one time beloved feelings for another Human Being. It is Human nature no matter what race, no matter what culture. Humans fall in love with Humans. What a glorious feeling! Do you remember it? Do you remember when you first felt it? Humans do odd things when they’re in love, you know? Do you remember? They jump up and down with joy. They make fools of themselves and tell their friends. Humans in love are fun to watch! What an energy between them! Your psychology doctors have said this about being in love: They say, "It is so amazing, it is like a temporary insanity." What an energy to be in love! And I bring this to you first, because so many of you have felt it and remember the feelings. Remember the first time you laid eyes on the one that meant so much to you, and all the emotion that followed beyond that time. Now tell me, is that a falsity or is that true? It is real or imagined? And what is it that happens with your body? There’s chemistry. Your very brain is affected. All of these things, together, create energy between the Human Beings that can be felt. And you know of what I speak. It's pure energy and it's thick with reality!

And is this also true with animals? How many of you are in love with an animal? I already know the answer, for I know who is here. Don’t you love the unconditional love you get back from an animal? When you look in their eyes, you see the preciousness there. Are you surprised that the animal feels this? So often the love is returned. How is it there can be love between a Human Being and a simple animal, some very small and some very large. Here’s a creature that has no intellect and cannot even speak your language, yet they have love. What if this energy called love was a universal property? I’m going to ask you some questions in a moment about that.

It’s a very energetic and powerful thing, this love. When even the animals of the planet can feel a Human Being giving it to them, do you think that there is actual energy being transmitted with the emotion of love? When my partner gave his presentation today he showed it to you. When the researcher who deals with water did his experiments, [Dr. Emoto] he asked the Human Beings to direct their thoughts of love into the water, and you saw the visual proof that the water changed. Indeed! What if nature responds to love? What I'm telling you is that there is a very strong field connected to this emotion. It can change the chemistry within a Human. It is a field that is felt by the animals of the world. Nature even responds to it. So is it a stretch of your imagination to think of what it might also be doing esoterically? What if love, and the emotion of love, were inter-dimensional? What kinds of effects might it also be generating around you? What if you could somehow direct the affects of this inter-dimensional love energy to a place? Would it make a difference?

Let me ask you this: do you think the angels know what you're thinking? Indeed they do! There is no judgment, only beautiful understanding and wisdom. But the angels surrounding you now are waiting for something. I'll tell you what it is in a moment. The very emotion that is love and compassion has an inter-dimensional field. To you, that might mean nothing, but I'll tell you what it means to us. It's like a bright light that illuminates the darkness. Can you allow the thought, for even a moment, that the emotion of love might be able to change your own DNA? "Oh my!" you might say. "That's way too simple and trite. Here is Kryon saying we're going to love ourselves into health!" Well, it's a good beginning, and it's filled with profound truth.

Examine the new energy work on the planet and the teacher Peggy, and the work she has been given to guide carefully for the planet, to keep secure for the planet. [Kryon is speaking of Peggy Phoenix Dubro, of the EMF Balancing Technique®, who is part of the Kryon team and has presented earlier in the day] Look at where she begins her teaching. She must first teach how to be compassionate. She starts at the beginning of her lessons with love. Why should such a thing be? Is this really part of healing?

What I’m asking you to understand is that the energy of love is absolutely universal, that it was global, and everywhere. Is this a basic rule that you have never even considered? What if, before you could do anything else, you had to learn to love? What if I told you that this love energy turns on a light that actually starts a process of higher vibrations. Did you know that? What if this love energy is the catalyst for almost every process of growth the Human wanted?

So many Humans want to touch God. They’ll climb as many stairs as they’re told to, to accomplish this. They’ll walk the miles, they will move into the odd positions, speak the words, sing the songs, say the prayers and do the chants. Then, at the end of the day, nothing happens. Then they will do it again, thinking that they were not worthy of God's attention.

I am telling you that the core of God's attention is much simpler than that, even simpler than the processes that men assign to it. It’s about the compassion of love! Well, you might say, "What kind of love? There are so many kinds of love, where do we begin?" So I’m going to ask you some questions. Plug your own answers in when you hear them. These questions are given to you so that you might do self-examination and have realization and revelation as the result.

The Earth

Are you capable of loving the earth? Are you capable of loving Gaia? You’re going to hear more from Kryon about Gaia. As the planet vibrates faster, it includes you. Some feel that the planet is out of control with the storms and the earthquakes. Now, this may sound odd and strange, but how would you like to bring the planet under control? If so, then turn your love upon Gaia! What an odd concept, you might say. Can you be in love with the Earth? Yes! Some of you can. Some of you know of what I speak. Can you love the Earth as you would another Human Being or God? Yes! Here’s an invitation to try, for an interesting thing takes place. There’s a circle of energy that, when you put your love into the Earth, stays there. The compassion and the love that you put into the planet are then shared with those who are born onto the planet. In other words, the children get it! Think of it as a depository of love that the new children of the planet will see and use.

This is complex, but we are endeavoring to simplify it. Think of what this means. How would you like the future generations here in Israel to feel what you deposit into the ground? We’ve not spoken of those kinds of things before, but project this. What feeling do you give your children now? What do you tell the earth that your future generations will feel and pick up and work with?

Your Own Cells

Here’s another odd one, a challenge to you. Can you love your cellular structure? I’m talking about the individual cells of your body. "That’s too odd," you might say. I gave you information through my partner yesterday. He reported the results of others that there is indeed a code in your body, and that this code says that you have God in you. [Speaking of the work of Gregg Braden and the God Code] Every piece of genetic material has this code in it. And this code is actually a receptor system, ready to respond to the field of energy you give to it. Therefore, I say to you, if you can love the cellular structure of your body, it will know it and respond.

How many of you have ever taken a little time to celebrate your elbow, for instance, or your big toe? It sounds funny, but they are every bit as enlightened as you are! The whole body needs to be included when you’re going to love Gaia. You are trillions of cells, all with God within. There is strength in numbers, and these trillions of cells together, if they receive the code of love are going to cooperate with you. I challenge you. Can you love yourselves? If you can, the actual cellular structure of your body will respond and balance itself.


Now consider this. Can you love family? You’re not going to like this. I’m not talking about your relatives, but rather I’m talking about the Human family that is karmic. Did you ever wonder what that might include? The struggle you are in right now includes them. [The Palestinians] You’re not going to like this. How much can you love them? You say it’s impossible for an Israeli to do this. There has been too much history, too much hate and too much death. And I will tell you this, dear Human Being, If you have the wisdom and the courage to love them as Humans, even from a distance, and mean it, the very dirt of the Earth will change around them and you. This is how the new consciousness gets spread. This is the esoteric core foundation on which peace can be built.

It’s interesting to consider that free choice is never interrupted, Think of it this way. Your love is a light. It’s sent to the places that are dark. And with free choice, those who are in the dark can choose to see or not see. The light of your love is so much stronger than any dark place that they might be in, that they will sense what you’re doing. Things around them will be revealed that they have never seen before, like wise choices, or reasonable thinking. This is the truth. Did you know it was wrapped around love? Are you starting to see where we’re going with this? If you’re going to do the heavy lifting on this planet, it's not about suffering or enduring the hate of others. The hardest thing we ask of you is to take those on the other side and surround them with a bubble of love and light. That's the most difficult of all.


Can you love humanity? How much do you think of those around you in other places? Perhaps you think your problems are so deep that you don’t have time? Blessed is the Human Being who can look past his own situations, and share his light with those who need it. How much do you love humanity? Oh, if you knew the truth, when you leave this place through what you call the process of death, which we call an energy adjustment, you take on your magnificence and return home. On the side of the veil from where I speak, I tell you that I can see family all around you. Every single person on this planet you call a Human Being is a collection, a part of your actual energy when you’re not here. Family is like a giant pot of soup, called God, if you wish. You’re aware of all of them, since you really are all of them. You know when even one of them does something, because the one represents the whole. One Human represents the complete wholeness, since the connection is esoterically a bonding of everything to everything. Difficult to explain, but we see humanity as one soul. Can you?

Do you have the wisdom to do that? From the smallest cell in the entire earth, can you love humanity? If you can, you’re putting energy into the earth that you’re not even aware of, energy that establishes the core foundation for peace.


What about this one. Can you really love God? I’m not talking about ceremony anymore. There’s a new energy on this planet for you. It’s the one that you deemed necessary in 1987. [The Harmonic Convergence] You’re the ones who put it together, and now I’m asking you, can you feel the difference? This is not a God of law we speak of. This goes beyond men's rules of what you eat or when you work This is a God of love!. This is a 100-percent connection to the essence of the core of the universe, which is love. Can you love God?

Do you have the wisdom and the courage to do that? And I will tell you, if you do, this spiritual entourage around you knows it and they will enhance your experience, and those cells you love will start to vibrate higher. You’ll begin to become another person, the one that has mastery within.


 And here’s the last one. How much can you really love yourself? Not your cells, not your elbow or your big toe, but who you see in the mirror? Can you love that? Here’s the challenge, yet again: Stumble from your bed in the morning and go into the room with the mirror. Turn on the brightest light you can and look into your own eyes. Say these words, "I am that I am. I am a piece of God. I love myself as I love God with the wisdom and the honor that goes into it. I deserve to be loved, and I will love as well."

And why do I tell you this? Because, chosen ones, this is the process that is personal for each of you. This is a process that you must begin to understand before you can do the heavy lifting in your area. We have called you lighthouses; we have given you the metaphor many times of where lighthouses are built on the planet, and we remind you again that lighthouses are never built in safe places.

Let me talk about the Israeli lighthouse. It is in a constant storm, shining a light which is very bright. And if you could interview the lighthouse, it would say, "I’ve got a light on top of me which is love. Although I may be in a dark place, I don’t have to worry because I’ve got my own light. I am not afraid of the storm because I am a chosen lighthouse and I belong in the storm. I'm here because I can make a difference." And that’s the truth. Can you let that light shine bright? I know it’s a metaphor, but if a lighthouse has a very bright light, without saying a word to anyone else, it can steer ships into the harbor safely. Without saying a word. Do you understand the metaphor? This light you carry, Israeli, can be the light for the whole earth, but it’s got to start with you first.

You can’t just leave this place and go out and say, "Well, I love the premise, now let’s go create life and light and peace." Instead, you’re going to have to have a meeting with yourself first. And in this meeting you’re going to have to ask the question, "Who am I?" And when you understand that you are a piece of God, a chosen piece, at the right time and in the right place, that’s when the lighthouse starts to flicker. That’s when the light begins to shine with the wisdom of the love of God that begins to create energy. I would not tell you these things if they were not so. It begins with you. But you knew that, didn’t you? And that’s the heavy lifting. All the other things will be added onto it when you begin this self-realization, and life itself becomes easier once you can love those that don’t love you.

Oh, the principles never change, do they? The greatest masters who ever walked the earth told you about this. It is not new information. And here’s a sideline you want to know about. When your light becomes brighter, that’s when the healing begins within you personally, and you’re going to live even longer because of it. You’re going to stay here longer, and some of you may even see peace in your own time, one you have created.

With time speeding up on the planet, the very words human generation may actually be far shorter than you think. And I say that for those who already heard me say it may take a generation to create peace. Well, why don’t you just shift some time and make it sooner? (Kryon smile) The light you carry also helps to temper impatience. That’s what the love of God does. Do you understand what we are saying? We’re asking you to receive and generate a light that is part of God itself. And if you look back in your history, that’s what your prophets did.

"Kryon, are you telling me that we are a generation of new prophets?" That’s what I’m saying, masters each one. Could such a thing be so? How can you doubt it? Look at what your lineage has produced? Did it stop somehow? No! You are still a grand part of the movement of this planet into other lands and other energies, many of them promised. Let me again tell you what the potentials are. Right where you sit now, we see you on a track that will eventually bring solution and peace to this planet. We have seen that track since 1987. So continue what you are doing, and I told my partner that he should look around very carefully. For he’s in a place most sacred for the entire planet, a place unlike any other. He is in Israel!

The seeds of peace are within all of you. It makes him look at you differently. He is not a Jew, but he is like a coach who stands cheering you on while you win the game. And then he cries tears of joy because he knew you could do it.

And so do we, so do we.

And so it is.



Kryon of 'magnetic service' is not translatable easily into Hebrew. Kryon knows this, so every time there is a channelling in Israel, this new greeting is given.