Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
"Back to Basics"
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, June 4, 2005

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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This live channelling was Given in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
June 4, 2005

[Note: The core of this channelling was also received in the cities that Lee visited right after he went to Harrisburg, including Grand Rapids, Michigan and Dallas, Texas. Each channelling was unique to the group, but this is a transcription of the first time this channelling was given, and it holds that energy. This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon, through Lee Carroll in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channellings.]

Greetings, dears ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service. You have no concept of the energies that you would call appreciation, a Human emotion that we don't have. We have something far grander. Think of the highest love you can - whatever that means to you - something that would make your heart leap out of your chest in appreciation and grandness. Now double it, triple it, and you'll have what we call the emotions of the angels.

This is how we feel for humanity, especially the ones who would take the time to come and hear or read a message such as this. It prompts us to wash your feet. It prompts us to give you signs that we're here, and that will happen tonight. For there are some here that are ripe for healing. It's not always the ones you think, either. Healing encompasses many things: There is the healing of the soul, relationships, and the body. Isn't it time to settle down? Some of you know what I mean. Isn't it time to stop the inner voices? Some of you know what I mean. Isn't it time to heal that body? Some of you know what I mean... and this would be a good time to do it.

Let the entourage come into this place in fullness, for this is a place that they've visited many times before. [Speaking of the church where the channelling is being held.] Prayer is common here. Meditation is common here. Raising your voices in song is common here. Raising your heart in joy is common here. And so it's a good place, as my partner says, and it's warmed up for you.

Indeed, we look upon you and we say that it's no accident that any of you are here. Even those who came from long distances, we say that this is a message for you. But we're not going to start the message just yet, because we're not in place yet. Blessed is the Human Being who knows what's happening right now. There are energies pouring into this place because you've asked for them and you've given permission for them. It goes beyond your logic. Blessed is the Human Being who regularly suspends the 3-D logic and lets God work in his life. Blessed is the Human Being who knows who God is, for when you let Spirit work in your life, it means you're connected to the other side of the veil and you let you work with you.

We've told you many times before that you're not who you think you are. Eternal, you are. Each one of you always was and always will be. It sounds like the definition of Spirit, doesn't it? All of you have challenges and lessons that have been developed from lives in the past, and there's a majority of Human Beings in this room pretending that this is the only life they have, yet these are the ones who actually seeded the earth and once called themselves Lemurians. That's who's here. And that's not uncommon, for those are the ones who would awaken first on this planet of free choice. You've come through a trial and you're in a difficult time right now where the lights are being turned on very slowly, where consciousness is changing and you're seeing it first in the children. You're doing your very best to echo what you're seeing and stay tuned with the changes afoot. And even in your spirituality, you're challenged, are you not? We're here as support for that.

Being Connected

There are a few points you should hear again about being connected - things we've told you before, but which should be revisited. The reality is this: There's a pipeline to you, directly from Spirit. The only thing that keeps you from using it is your belief. Once you start to reach up and turn that metaphoric knob, it tunes to the vibration of the pipeline and you turn the spigot. Then your connection is complete.

This connection isn't with some higher source. But that's the way you see it. You want to see the pipe as coming from above, and it doesn't. It comes from within. It's a divine, interdimensional connection from within. And when you're able to tap that source is when you'll understand about light. That's when you'll begin to receive peace where there has been no peace. That's when you'll get a personality shift and everybody will want to be with you. You won't become strange; you'll become balanced. There's a big difference.

Oh, those who are in that status who sit here and read this and know of what I speak... there's nothing like it when the love of family visits you and sits upon your lap. There's more than meets the eye going on here and some of you are feeling it and you want to know why. It's more than just this entourage being here; it's more than just washing your feet... it's the presence of those you've loved and lost. And they're here, too.

This is because all of you are eternal, and you deny it! You may not be able to talk to them in 3-D, but you can certainly feel their love. And you might hear it in your heart when they say, "All is well. We are in support of you." Before this meeting is over, we're going to have you pray for each other - to send interdimensional divine energy to each other in a beautiful way.

Counter-Intuitive Human Behavior

One more time we're going to expose several Human attributes that are very interesting. If anything, these Human attributes should show you very clearly that this life you call Human is actually something that isn't what you're used to. Remember, you are angels - divine ones. It's true, but you don't believe it and you can't see it. Let me tell you, when you're not sequestered by this duality, you're used to a far larger picture than this. But there's that duality, a veil, that hides the truth of who you are, who you were, and the real, true way of it.

It hides you from seeing the masterhood that's in your DNA, waiting to be exposed. It hides all the other things that we've talked about that are divine. That's what the duality does. But in the things I'm going to expose, you'll see the joke. You're uncomfortable because you're not used to being Human! Did you ever think of that? You've spent a lot more time as a divine ball of energy, which you call angelic, than you have on this planet as a Human. Even the Lemurians, who have been here ever since the Earth started, have spent more time as angels than they have as earthlings. That's because you had no beginning. You're a part of absolute timelessness and are "alive" in a circle of existence that isn't linear and has no beginning or end. So how are you doing in this Human body? Let's look.

Need to Know

Let's start with the first one. It's an odd thing indeed for an sacred being of the universe. Human Beings have a passionate need to know about energies that have not yet arrived. Here you are, walking along on a path, and you see a fork in the road. You can actually see the fork and you can even see a little bit of where the split roads lead, so you're not anxious about what they are, but you don't know which one of them to take. So the Human Being will often sit down in consternation and worry about what's coming! Which direction should I turn - right or left? This is your linearity showing itself and the discomfort that you have with it.

Again, the reason you sit down is because in Human life, you've got a mystery. The best way I can explain it is again the train: You're on a linear train. The train car is you and the track is your linearity. You go in your linear fashion from your past, to your present, to your future, and you experience the energies of them one at a time as they invade your track. Therefore, you're always wondering about the next energy, because the train is always in motion passing through these seemingly new events.

Now let me take you to the other side of the veil and tell you what you're really used to: Picture the train there. There's no track at all. All the energies that are on the track in front and back of your 3-D train are now overlapping in the middle, right on the actual train itself. So you might say that you can experience all of them at the same time, and there's no mystery. That's what you're used to as a creature of the Universe, and it's called "The Now."

You can rotate your train car to face the energy you wish to talk to, one at a time, if you choose to be linear. But all the energies of the past, present, and future are overlapping in the middle of your train car and you're sensing all of them at the same time. There's no mystery about any of them, since they're all there, all the time.

So on the other side of the veil you have no problem with this, but when you become a Human, things present themselves in a linear fashion and it's confusing. Therefore you exhibit a passionate need to know about energies that haven't arrived yet. That's counter-intuitive! Why would you care about an energy that hasn't arrived yet? The fork in the road, even when seen clearly, is a mystery to you.

Blessed is the Human Being who understands patience. This is the Human who stands up instead of worrying. He proceeds to the fork in the road knowing that it's the only place where decisions can be made. He sings a tune while he goes there and he's peaceful in his heart until he gets to the fork. Then he stands in the energy of choice. Then and only then does he get the message from Spirit.

This is the energy of the moment, and the message may be an intuitive: "Turn left!" That's the connection! That's the pipeline in action. The Human Beings without the connection have no intuition about these things. Even as they stand in the fork - the energy of choice, they're still worried. They say, "I'll try this, I'll try that. I wish there was somebody who could tell me." Well, there is, and it's called the Connection With Spirit. It's called turning on that faucet from the pipe of the Higher Self, the source which has the wisdom and the truth of who you are.

We've given lesson after lesson of how this is accomplished. Humans plead: "Dear Spirit, you talk about doing this and doing that... how do we get there? How can I find this connection?" And I'll tell you this - it comes with pure intent. God knows who you are. God knows what you're about. When you start to process with pure intent that says, "I want to know more about this," you'll get the help you need. Pure intent is different than passive intent. Passive intent is "I'll try this, I'll try that, and if none of these work, I'll try something else." That's your perception of a mind that's already made up: "It's not going to work". Pure intent says, "Dear Spirit, I know it will work because I'm part of it."

Do you see the difference? When you trust someone else to do something very important for you, you worry. When you do it yourself, it's right in front of you, and you don't worry. So when you "own" your divinity, you're actually doing the work of God, yourself!

Fear of the Future

Number two will sound a lot like number one: Unreasonable fear of the future. Again, you're not used to this. Angels don't have this! In order to be a Human Being, you're on a linear track, one energy at a time. What are you going to do? Where are you going to go? Many are afraid. You really don't know what's going to happen, and positive personal experience from the past doesn't seem to help you at all. It's counter-intuitive to everything that's happened. For instance, yesterday, when you were planning on coming to this meeting, this energy you're sitting in now was the future. So you might say you're sitting in the future! I say to you, how do you like it so far? [Laughter]

What did you fear yesterday? It's simply counter-intuitive to everything you are. It's because you're not used to it. Human Beings have spent most of the eons even before the Universe existed in an overlapping situation of energies that were always in the now. No matter how many times you've been Human, you're still disturbed by this linear train. You don't know what's coming and you can't see it. Yet you want to know about it because that's the way it normally is for you. You get to see all the potentials of everything at once.

And so here is a message to the dear one who says, "I'm ready to go and I can go anywhere." We say this to you: You're in your sweet spot and you don't have to worry about where you're going. Because when the energy arrives, it'll push you and pull you around because at some level you're connected to your own divinity - something that knows the big picture. You have pure intent and the set-up is complete and it's taken lifetimes to get here. We told you to be patient and you have been. And so now is the time to celebrate your inactivity and wait for the energies to come... and they will.

Being in the right spot at the right time starts with pure intent. Yet there would be those who would say "I'm wasting my time. I'm marking time. I'm not doing anything. I don't know what to do." And we say again to you, why don't you just sing a song and let it happen? Spirit knows you're there and sees your light, and it'll bring to you the energies of what you've asked for. It has in the past and it will in the future because you're in the right place.

How many times have we used the very Human historical event of the Israelites walking in the desert for 40 years? Well, we do it again. Remember this history? They had to be going in a circle because the desert isn't that big. They knew it, too. So they were visiting places that they had visited before, through leadership that was actually taking them in a giant circle over the years. In addition, they were fed every day from the sky. Some have said this is a metaphor. It's not. There is physical science behind the food from the sky. These tribes were fed every day for all those years, visiting places that were familiar to them, because they were walking in a circle. Yet every single day they worried about tomorrow! There were even movements within the group to break away and make contingency plans just in case tomorrow didn't bring them what they expected. "What if it doesn't happen?" they would ponder. They had committee meetings and planning sessions in secret. "What if it doesn't happen tomorrow? Where are we going to go and what are we going to do if the food doesn't come?" Then tomorrow would come and the food would arrive and they'd be fine for a few more days... until the Human part took over again.

Just think, physical proof every day for a generation or more. There were those born who didn't know anything else but that. As children they thought it's just the way the world works! Yet the Human mind would take over and the "what ifs" would prevail and create anxiety. And these were the chosen ones of the time. Historically they were the ones who needed to be taken care of. Well, let me tell you who the chosen ones of this time are - I'm looking at them, and they're reading this page! These are the Humans who can shine their divine light and work on their own vibrations and DNA and actually change the planet! That's why you're here, dear one.

There are those who have perished just recently on this planet who are here now looking at you. And they're saying, "What we did was a set-up for you." They sit beside you now and they're saying, "Make your life worth it, for you're within the crucible of history, the crux, the pivotal point, the anchor for the new Jerusalem. You're poised to create the new promised land!" It's the message I give wherever I go. You don't know how important it is. You don't know how important your thoughts are, for they generate energy, you know?

Disbelief in the Actual Source

Here's number three: Against all odds, you don't really believe in the source! Now, that's really counter-intuitive, since it resides in you. But it's invisible. Here's what I mean about "the source": I'm talking about in the essence that flows through this metaphoric pipeline. It's the connection. Even though you can see the results, you really don't believe in the source. As proof, look around you. Humanity is locked is a struggle all about who God is, what God wants, and who is right and who is wrong about this invisible force. Many are so fed up with it all that they've resigned their consciousness to even believing it's there at all. They shout "Enough already!"

Let me give you an example of something that's interesting to us on the other side of the veil. It shows how powerful the duality is, and how counter-intuitive this is within yourself. In your culture, when you go into your food preparation areas, there's a spigot there… a small device on the wall. And because you've lived long enough in your culture, you know that if you turn it, you have almost unlimited water. It's a resource that comes through a pipe, but your visual sense doesn't see the pipe, it only sees this tiny little faucet. Yet that tiny little faucet will supply you with water all your life, because it's hooked up to a very large source. So you don't even think about it anymore. It always works.

When you turn on the light switch, you don't see the electrical generators that are out there giving you the electricity to put light in your home. You think nothing of it. You go to the switch and expect it to provide unlimited power. It's a very small thing, that switch. But once you know what it is and how it works in your reality, you get unlimited power. Think about it: It's all invisible, those resources behind the small devices, yet your 3-D knowledge lets you trust them, since you "know how they work."

Now, take a fantasy trip with me. Let's say that there's a Human Being who's never seen a faucet. Okay, he's come from another Human planet. He wants to know how your kitchen works. And you say, "Well, this is a small thing on the wall and when you turn it, you'll get water so you can fill up buckets and buckets and buckets. It just keeps coming and keeps coming and always will." Then you let him turn on the water and sure enough, it flows out into the bucket and he's astonished. He looks at it and he's excited about it and he plays in the water. To himself, he wonders, "What kind of a miracle is this that such a small object manifests such an abundance of needed mater. This is a process that I don't understand." Then you turn the faucet off and you go away.

In several hours you come back and there he is, sitting and staring at the faucet, obviously anxious and wringing his hands. "What's happening?" you might say. "I'm thirsty," he replies.

"Well, why don't you just turn the faucet and get a drink?"

"Because I'm not sure it will work again. And if it doesn't I'll be very disappointed and I'll go thirsty, too."

What would you think of that creature? Would you shake your head and walk away? Would you think, "Boy, what issues he must have on his planet!" Well, dear one, welcome to Earth! Laughter] Because that's how you treat the spigot of God! Afraid to turn it on, are you? Afraid that it might not work? Has something happened in your life before that shows it works, yet you're still afraid to use it since you don't think it'll work again? Is it just too odd, these spiritual things? Indeed it's counter-intuitive to everything we've shown you and what many have actually experienced. That's duality at its best!

There's no judgment of this, dear one. Blessed is the Human Being who plows through the duality to what we call The Missing Bridge, which is a story within the Kryon teaching regarding the parable of the man who had to cross the chasm of belief in a car. When he knew the bridge was out, he proceeded anyway because he knew he was supposed to cross. Unbeknownst to him, there was a new bridge that he only saw as he rounded the corner at full speed. He crossed it, because somehow he knew it would be there.

This is what we teach. And we'll tell you this: For some of you, this duality never gets any better. In other words, every single time you come to that bridge of belief, you'll be challenged with doubt. So if you're one of these, we say blessed are you, for you're experiencing the duality and moving through it anyway. That's the test of the planet. That's the challenge. There's nothing wrong with you if you find yourself tested daily from the duality you agreed to.

Oh, we know who's here and who's reading! We know what your needs are, and your doubts. And so we say to you, in your spiritual kitchen there's unlimited power and sustenance. What you don't know is that it comes from the family that has your name and energy all over it. When you open that pipe, in will come wisdom beyond what you think, helping to show you what to do next. For on the other side of the veil, the other part of you is still there! Your Higher-Self is that part. That's where the peace comes from. That's where the power comes from.

Fear of Being Alone

Number four: As we've said before, Humans fear being alone and the loss of love. Imagine what it would be like to be placed somewhere in the future. So far that you know absolutely no one and you haven't got a friend on earth. No one knows your name. There's no sustenance. There's no help, for there isn't a Human Being on the planet who even knows you exist. There's no one to love you or care about you, and there you sit.

I want to challenge you to go there with me, because I'll give you the real story: Countless entities called family are circling you all the time. They know what's going on in your life; they know of your challenges, of your joys, and of your fears. They're countless! Some of you have tried to enumerate them, give them names and shapes, and some of you even put Human skin and wings on them and draw them and call them angels. They're bigger than that. Because there's an attribute we have talked about before where the divine pipe is always open, but you can't see it. You're linear and wish to count them. Let me ask you this. When you open the faucet in the shower, how many waters come out? Do you understand?

This fear is counter-intuitive to what you know. You absolutely know better! You want to practice it? You want to get over this fear of being alone? Go some place where you're as alone as you can be. And we challenge you to feel as alone as you can, then say these words: "Family, are you there? In the name of Spirit, I call you into my life, into this alone space, and I wish to feel you on my hands," and you will feel them! My partner can feel them now - tingling sensations. [Lee holds out his hands.] For some of you right now, we challenge you to feel it on your shoulders. That's what that feeling has been all along. You wonder what that is? That's the love of God! That's the family. You're never alone.

It's counter-intuitive to all angelic things that you had before you got here. But the duality makes you think you're alone, and your mirror proves it to you, but only in 3-D. I'll show you how good the duality is. When Jesus the Jew was being crucified in the front of the city, He needed the energy that had been with Him from birth - the master energy that He'd had all along - the pipeline. He called upon it and He got nothing. Then He cried out, "Where have you gone? Have you forsaken Me? What's going on?" This Man was going through yet another shift of vibration, going to the next level. And in that place there was a momentary lull, and his own dark night of the soul. It shocked him and startled him that the connection was missing. That's exactly what we wish you to be able to claim - a connection so common that it would be like turning the light switch and having nothing happen. You'd be shocked! That's how beautiful and dependable the connection is.


Number five is the intrinsic, built-in need for drama in some Humans. Now, you might say, "I'm a Lightworker, I don't need drama." Well, there are various degrees of drama, and all of you feature it to some degree. It's just that the ones who call themselves Lightworkers limit it what we would call controlled drama. These are the things that happen on your terms, for you, which are fine with you, but not to others. It's still a bit of drama.

Human Beings often need to create activities of energy around them that keep them distracted from their spiritual quest. Some of them are so successful at it, they'll distract themselves all their lives. Some of them are really good at it and you know who they are. There are as many who do as who don't feature drama, and it makes life very interesting, does it not?

Many of you have gotten past it and are trying to eliminate drama in your lives and are realizing that you can control your own situation, but you're still besieged by those around you who create drama. And you can't stop them, since they're always there! Some of you have even asked, "What do I do about the Human Being who thrives on this?" Well, let me tell you about that Human Being. That Human Being is probably a Lightworker who this time around will do anything they can not to look at their spirituality. It's part of a defense mechanism and it's intuitive for them. And so they create drama and they're very good at it. Through their lives they've learned to argue, debate, and confront, and they like it. This drama is their friend. I think you know who I'm talking about.

Everyone has got someone they know who is like this. So if you're the Lightworker who's trying to escape this, I'll give you the words of a wise philosopher - a Human Being: "Never wrestle with a pig. First, you'll get dirty, and second, the pig likes it." [Laughter] You have a choice to wrestle or not. And so if you're one of those who is trying to get the drama out of your life, I say to you: simply disengage. "But it's not that easy," you might say. "What do we do with the energies that are thrown at us from these kind of people and the situations that occur around us, the anger, the hatred, the distrust, the envy, all these things?"

Here's a concept you probably haven't thought of before. Remember that pipeline, that metaphor we talk about, which is pouring information and divine wisdom to you? Why don't you now think of it in reverse? It's a divine vacuum cleaner! It'll take those energies and suck them right out of your energy. Do you have things around you that you'd like to have vacuumed away? You don't have to do a thing except connect to the hose.

My partner [Lee] goes many places on the Earth and there are those in drama who would disbelieve him and his work. There was a time when it laid upon his heart in a heavy way when they accosted him with their biases and their own ideas of God. There were times when he was anxious and would wring his hands because there was so much unbelief and he was thought to be a fool. Many left him as friends and others have tried to stop his work completely. But when he started his divine connection and he made it pure, he found the spiritual vacuum cleaner really worked! For every time he was around this drama, it was taken away for him and he stopped feeling the anxiety and the hurt of his heart.

He started to see the antagonists in a different light and he loved them. They're Humans; they're Lightworkers just like you, but they simply don't wish to go the route you have. In their own way, they're working their own problems for their own divinity. So he sees their anxiousness and anger and sends them energy to allow them more peace. You could do that, you know. Think of it in reverse. It's not how to ward off those with drama. It's how to love them so completely that they have nothing to say. Do you understand?

Nobody's Watching the Store

There are still those who think that no one's watching the store. Now, this is a metaphor that means you feel that God is only there when you call. Other than that, you're on your own until meditation time. Counter-intuitive to everything you know, you think that you're only connected when you meditate. You don't understand yet. The connection, the pipe, is a 24-hour event. You're connected when you dream, when you bathe, when you drive. It's a sustenance that's part of your life process.

Still, there are those Humans who say, "Boy, wait until I tell God what happened today. Spirit's not going to believe this one! I had this challenge, then I thought I was going to be able to do this and I couldn't, and then I got this phone call that made it even worse because of what you-know-who said about me, and now I really don't know what to do. Everything's changed since my last meditation. I can hardly wait until five o'clock when I'm going to go into meditation and get this off my chest. I'm going to find out what to do."

Some feel like they're in a vacuum and God has no idea what's going on in their lives. That's not the way of it. Every single challenge should be met at the moment from the source. There isn't anything that you'll have in your life that's unknown by God. Family stands next to you. When you get that phone call, when you open a letter, when you hear from a friend, it's all seen by your "connection." Through good news and bad, through challenges and joy, that family is there directly through the pipeline, and it's there to deliver the wisdom you're going to need to conquer duality.


Number seven, the last one, is change. Need we say more? Humans don't like change. Well, let me give you something to think about. What about a change where you heal your body? Is that okay? What about a change where you become peaceful when you're having trouble with peace? What about a change where you have the answer and the solutions to the unsolvable? What about a change on earth where the Palestinians and the Israelis have a meeting point where they can agree on something and begin a process that actually works? It's only a matter of keeping the energy on this planet the way it is now and accelerating the light and vibrations until those things can happen. And you are the accelerators - all of you! And you fear change? That's like the cook in the kitchen fearing that a meal might be produced! It's not even logical.

There's a precious soul in this room who has come for healing and you know who it is. How strong are you today, Lightworker? Do you believe anything that's been happening in this room? Can you feel the entities around you? Now would be a good time. I want you to take your energies and I want you to hold this man in love. I want you to see him for the long life. All together. Practice it now. Create a bubble of green energy so that he can be balanced enough to talk to his cellular structure and eliminate the cancer in his body. We wouldn't ask you to do this if it weren't possible. You can control your immune system, you can control the disease. You want to play a part in his future, why don't you do that now? [Silence]

And as you do this, there's an entourage of trillions who see your pure intent and they're doing it with you. It's all up to him, but you're the balancing catalyst for these kinds of things on this planet, for the new Jerusalem on this planet; for your own cellular structure. If you want to make a difference on the planet, take care of yourself. Start a process of connecting and becoming more angelic and remembering what it's about. Don't fear the future, walk into the crossroads. Prepare for a journey without ever knowing where you're going, dear one, and feel confident that when you're supposed to travel, the ship will arrive.

And so it is on this night we have given you seven attributes of humanity. Things that angels have trouble with, as they exist as Humans. It's called duality. If you ever wonder why you sometimes fear the things we have mentioned, just say to yourselves, "Oh yes, I remember," because things are not like this on the other side of the veil. You'll never get used to them because you're divine.

I was there when you were born. I was there when you leaned into the wind of birth. The last interview on the other side of the veil before you came in asked you, "Do you mean it? Do you really want to? Are you ready to do it again?" And you said, "Yes." And here you are hearing and reading.

And so it is that we say to you blessed is the Human who understands the connection, who strives for it, in the degrees that it can be attained, because they will be the masters of the future. Ordinary. Meek. Masters of the planet, all.

And so it is.