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The Human Soul Revealed

Unlocking the Mysteries from Beyond
ISBN 978-2-89626-255-7
2015 - Editions-Ariane - Canada

264 pages
Author - Monika Muranyi
(more chapters on her site!)

What is the Soul? This is perhaps one of the most elusive questions any spiritual person could have. This is what this book is all about... and more.

Monika Muranyi has compiled everything about our SOUL that Kryon has ever channelled! For over twenty-six years the loving messages of Kryon, as given by Lee Carroll (the original Kryon channel), have become known world-wide.

This book, the third in the Kryon "subject-driven" trilogy series, represents an amazing job of research that covers in detail everything that KRYON has given about the Human Soul - and includes material never before published by Kryon.

In addition, Monika has posed many new questions answered by Kryon. Thanks to her work we now have a greater understanding about the Human Soul, and what it might really be.

Lee Carroll has cooperated fully with her research, and continues to do so for the books in her Kryon series.


Unlocking the Mysteries from Beyond


The frontiers of space beckon us with their mystique of vastness and spectacular undiscovered wonders. The oceans of the planet teem with mystery as well, since there is so much yet to be seen and revealed in its depths. History itself is being rediscovered, as we find out that civilization is far older than we thought. What we don’t know is becoming a much larger issue than anyone ever thought!

However, nothing presents a larger area of discovery than the esoteric parts of the Human Being in this new Earth energy. The ones who are awakening the fullest to this concept, are Old Souls. The probability that you are an Old Soul is very high, since you are reading these words. Your interest in the energy today has brought you to this very page.

So, Old Soul, if you have picked up this book, and wondered about what’s in it, we can tell you that the Human Soul is like an undiscovered country. We barely know what it is, or where it is, and the workings of it are a complete mystery. Kryon has even told us that it can’t really be called “The Human Soul”! (We do anyway)

There is a major shift happening on the planet, and it is beginning to change the very consciousness of humanity. We are moving out of the warring, survival mode, into a wiser place where we will begin to honor life more fully, and create a more benevolent society. It’s a slow process, but 2015 is really the start of a new dispensation of time, and this is also the basis for the calendars of the Ancients, all changing about now. The bottom line: The Soul is awakening, and beginning to show itself more fully.


This particular book begins to examine everything that Kryon has given us within the last three years about the Human Soul. For your benefit, it has been assembled altogether in one place, which means that it’s unique, and current for now. It’s not just a revelation of the attributes of the Soul, but rather it’s a revelation about the entire Human Being.

What makes this book different than a normal Kryon book, is that there is commentary around the messages of Kryon. The author often gives explanation about the meanings of it all. This is her specialty, pulling scattered information together, so that messages given from all over the world, sometimes out of order, start to make some sense. In addition, Ms Muranyi was often physically present when many of these channellings were given. This gives her the insight as to hidden unspoken things – sensed information, which Kryon often gives in live channelling, called “The Third Language.”

As you read this book, it’s important for it to make sense. Any doctor will tell you that you can’t study just one organ in the body, even if that’s going to be your specialty. You must understand what is known about the whole body, and all the chemistry that goes with it. So there is much covered here that is what Kryon tells us is needed for us to understand the whole system better. Everything is intertwined in what Kryon has called, the “Soup of the Soul.” This refers to the metaphor of the soup that he often gives: You can’t study one ingredient in the soup, and understand the whole soup. It’s the same with the Soul: Nothing stands alone, in this puzzle of multi-dimensional attributes.

The Soul is everywhere and nowhere, but the concepts of the Soul, as given by Kryon, can be graphed, taught, and studied. This requires that you be exposed to the latest Kryon teachings: “The Nine Attributes of the Human Being,” as well as many recent channellings. Kryon starts to open the jar of knowledge about exactly what the Soul is about, and why it’s being seen as something more special than ever at this time in our consciousness evolution.

Is it possible that the Soul is far more than you thought? Can you communicate with it? Is it a part of you, or apart from you? Could it be that the Soul is split somehow, and that you don’t carry the whole thing? If so, where is the rest of it? These are just some of the questions that are beginning to be answered by Kryon, and THIS is the book that brings it all together!

Lee Carroll


You have in your hands another book driven by the channelled messages from Kryon as given by Lee Carroll, the original Kryon channel for over twenty-five years. Kryon can be described as a loving entity that gives messages of peace and empowerment for humanity. Lee Carroll is the author of thirteen Kryon books and the co-author of The Indigo Children, An Indigo Celebration and The Indigo Children Ten Years Later. These books have been translated in over twenty-four languages.

All over the world Lee Carroll has presented many dynamic lectures that explain the Kryon teachings. If you are a devoted Kryon fan you may already be familiar with the information presented here. Partial extracts of the channelled messages, given by Kryon, that relate to our Human Soul are rewritten here, with permission from Lee Carroll, so that others can discover these profound truths. The purpose of discovering these truths is to then apply them to our lives so that we become more balanced and peaceful in our countenance.

This book is the third in a Kryon trilogy series. The first book, The Gaia Effect was a compilation of Kryon’s messages and teachings about the relationship between humanity and Gaia. The second book, The Human Akash was a compilation of Kryon’s messages and teachings about our Akash (which encompasses all our past lives) and how we work with our own mastery. This third book is a compilation of Kryon’s messages and teachings about the Human Soul. In addition, Kryon has provided some answers to over twenty questions relating to the topics within this book. The Kryon channels (used as excerpts in the book) are available as audio files from Lee Carroll’s website:

One of the main teachings from Kryon is that: “You are bigger than you think”! You are a piece of God and your Soul splits into many pieces and parts at birth. What does that mean? How can you [your Soul] be split apart and exist in many places simultaneously? Where does our Soul go when we die? When do we get our Soul? The answers [from Kryon] to these questions are very esoteric and extremely complex. The desire to know and understand these answers comes from a Human who I call a seeker.

For a long time I was content and happy with life and wasn’t seeking anything beyond my immediate day-to-day needs. I didn’t want to get into anything that was remotely spiritual. Questions such as, “What happens when we die?” did not consume me. Neither did I have a burning desire to contemplate the meaning of life. Besides, I thought Monty Python did a brilliant rendition of defining “The Meaning of Life” in his 1983 British musical comedy film (smile). I preferred to study science, especially natural science, and spend my time in the beautiful outdoors of the Australian landscape. My learning was limited to tangible and physical things; such as our environment, plants and animals. I shied away from religion, psychology and anything that had abstract concepts.

I always had a sense and feeling there was a bigger picture, but I didn’t know what it was and I was definitely not interested in finding out. So, what changed? I did. I experienced a personal trauma that rocked my world as I knew it when my marriage suddenly ended. The subsequent heart-ache and grief that I experienced changed my perception of how I viewed the world. I began a quest to find answers to my questions about the universe, and my personal place within it. I had given intent to open the door and my Higher-Self was there to greet me.

Your own unique experience and journey has led you to this book. There is no coincidence that your eyes are on the page and reading these words and the entire Kryon entourage, along with your Higher-Self, is celebrating with so much love, joy and honor that you have chosen to be here now. I would like to thank you for giving intent to connect with your Higher-Self [your Soul]. It is my wish that the information within this book will change your perception and enrich your life.

There are a lot of subjects covered within the book. The name of each chapter is a guide to the type of information presented. If you are new to the Kryon work be prepared to read about things that may seem unbelievable, but this is where Kryon encourages you to use your own discernment. Do we really have a Soul? Is it possible that there is a loving benevolent energy that exists within the universe? Do guides and angels exist? What is your first intuitive thought to these questions? Many of you will have an instant response, while some of you may be unsure, but again this is about your free choice.

Our family of humanity is evolving spiritually. Many individuals are awakening and find themselves drawn to the messages of Kryon. If you are new to the Kryon work, and especially if this if your first Kryon book, there may be some terms, such as Lemurian and Pleiadian that are unfamiliar to you. You may be interested in reading my previous two books, The Gaia Effect and The Human Akash to help you connect the Kryon teachings and how they apply to your personal life.

Finally, I would like to invite you to read the additional chapters, that compliment this book, which can be found on my website: under the “Extra’s” tab. Due to publishing constraints there is a page limit as to what can be physically printed. Yet, there is often more information to be conveyed. This is why you will also find additional chapters to The Gaia Effect and The Human Akash on my website. It is my absolute honor and pleasure to be able to share this with you for free.

Love and blessings

Monika Muranyi



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