This is a KRYON book!
The Gaia Effect

The Remarkable system of collaboration between Gaia and Humanity
ISBN 978-2-896261-132-1
2013 - Editions-Ariane - Canada

300 pages - $16.00 USA
Author - Monika Muranyi
(more chapters on her site!)

What book is filled with original Kryon channelling by Lee Carroll, and contains over 30 newly-channelled answers from Kryon to profound questions about the planet? The answer is... this book! It represents another Kryon book for 2013, and one that Lee could never find the time to assemble or produce.

Monika Muranyi has spent the last few years becoming the commensurate Kryon researcher. She has dedicated her writing efforts to the task of assembling over 23 years of Kryon channelling, then grouped it all according to SUBJECT. This book represents the first book of a series, as she summarizes and narrates explanations of what Kryon has said is happening right now regarding the new Gaia consciousness.

What are
ley lines.. do you think you know? Do you know what nodes and nulls of the planet are about? Are portals what you think they are? What about the time capsules of the Pleiadians? What are they? Where are they? What is the actual purpose of The Crystalline Grid? What are hauntings about? Kryon has actually answered ALL these questions, and Monika has written and assembled this book to give a subject-driven perspective that you would never have received otherwise.

Lee Carroll has cooperated fully and continues to do so for the next books in her Kryon series.

Foreword by Lee Carroll

For a moment we all stood motionless in awe. The air was unusually still for a mountaintop, but soon the intense chilled breath of Mt. Aconcagua in the South American Andes was slowly turning our way. We silently stared at the majestic sight before us. It was the highest mountain in the Andes, and it seemed that we could almost touch the surreal snow-covered summit that shimmered in sunlight before us. Then the cool breeze touched our faces with sweetness, like a gentle sacred message being delivered specifically to our small group.

I sat down on a bolder - there was a pause, and I began - "Greetings Dear Ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service."

The Kryon message that day is in the pages of this book, as well as many other unique Kryon messages that have never been transcribed until now. Many of them were given in some of the most sacred areas of the planet. The common denominator for all of these is that Monika Muranyi was there in person for all of them.


Within the 23 years of my Kryon channelling, nowhere is there a compilation of what Kryon has channelled about a singular subject. With 15 Kryon books in 23 languages, I have never compiled a summary that was subject-driven like this one.

Now you have in your hands the kind of book I was never able to do.
Thank you, Monika for this very complete information about our beautiful planet.

Lee Carroll


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