KRYON BOOK TWELVE - The Twelve Layers of DNA
(An Esoteric Study of the Mastery Within)
ISBN 1-933465-05-0 (Shopping cart # KB00-12) 
2010 - Platinum Publishing House
W/Color Illustrations by
Elan Cohen
336 pages
Author - Lee Carroll
$16.98 USA
See all the DNA layers, complete with explanation and Hebrew pronunciation!

This is the twelfth book in the Kryon series. Three years in the making, it is the first book of its kind, and may eventually define the more than 20 year Kryon lineage. DNA is our chemical blueprint, but the Human Genome Project found that over ninety percent of it is not coded. In fact, only approximately four percent creates the 23,000 genes in the Human body. The rest? It's a puzzle to the extreme, and to this day there is no answer why most of DNA seems to have no symmetry or codes of any kind. In fact, it seems to be random.

Kryon has now given us full channelled explanation of this, and brings it right into the quantum world. Is it possible that DNA is mostly quantum instructions - information that speaks to the Human body? And if so, what's in those instructions that comprise over 2.7 billion chemicals per DNA double helix?

Here is a full revelation of the twelve layers, or energies of DNA, complete with full color channelled illustrations of each layer by American-Israeli artist Elan Cohen. Could it be that our entire Akashic record is carried in our DNA? What else might be represented? It starts to make sense, and the most recent discoveries of quantum physics only enhances the potentials of this quantum molecule.

With a foreword by DNA researcher Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, this book is an esoteric breakthrough. Lee Carroll narrates throughout, and Kryon presents the actual energies of DNA.


Kryon Book 12

Foreword by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

Introduction - Lee Carroll

Invisible Stuff!
Lee Carroll

How it Began
Lee Carroll

DNA Explained in a New Way
Lee Carroll

Things That Nobody Thinks About
Lee Carroll

The Teaching Begins
Lee Carroll

The Twelve Layers as Given by Kryon

DNA Group One - Layers One, Two and Three

DNA Group Two - Layers Four, Five, and Six

DNA Group Three - Layers Seven, Eight, and Nine

DNA Group Four - Layers Ten, Eleven and Twelve

The DNA Grouping summary and their Big Scary Secret!
Kryon and Lee Carroll

Activating the DNA Field
Channelled in Boulder, Colorado - Live Channeling

Beginning to Activate the Specific Energies of DNA
Channelled in Riga, Latvia - Live Channelling

The History of DNA and the Human Race
Channelled in Portland, Oregon - Live Channelling

The Great Scientific Bias
Channelled in Gaithersburg, Maryland - Live Channelling

Current Events - Transplants - Artificial Life - The Last Word
Lee Carroll

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Index of this book

Excerpt from Kryon Book 12

(by Lee Carroll)

I am Lee Carroll, the original channel for Kryon, and an author and lecturer in the New Age. I tell you this since I'm assuming that you picked up this book well aware that it is esoteric information channeled by a beautiful energy from beyond the veil. That means that almost everything to follow is from a source that is metaphysical in nature, and not a scientific study.

I travel the earth channelling Kryon to thousands of attendees in auditoriums in very exotic places - Moscow, Jerusalem, Santiago, Caracas, Paris, Geneva, Bogota, Riga, Sao Paulo; my work takes me to areas that I thought I would never see. For 21 years and with 14 other books, I have expounded on the messages of Kryon, now in 24 languages worldwide. Since 1989, I have been delivering messages of self-empowerment and spiritual guidance through this loving entity, and have been invited and channelled seven times at the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation at the United Nations in New York City. Never in my work, however, has there been a single subject that would occupy such a long ramp-up in learning, or an entire book, until now.

In 2003, Kryon began giving me indications that something special would be revealed that would create a book unto itself. At that point, I never thought I would be required to learn Hebrew words or study numerology to present it. But this obviously was part of the plan. Kryon began giving me the full esoteric meanings behind the DNA energy within our bodies. He did it carefully over a long period of time so that it would stick within my memory and be written down and studied.

There are a total of 12 energies or layers of study around our DNA, and each one has a Hebrew name. In addition, each Hebrew name is a "name of God." To make it even more esoteric, each one also has a numerological energy and a complex interaction with the others in the group of 12. This means that instead of just a "list" of the DNA layers, I would have the revelation of a "system" before I was done... a system of sacredness and purpose, and one that knocks you over with an overall message of love and appropriateness.

You can't read this book and not be aware of your magnificent place in the Universe. When you are finished and put the book down, you have to take a deep breath and ponder... "If this is all true, then I really am part of a Universal plan of God!" You would be right in this proclamation, for this is really what the book is about.

Eventually, each layer will be presented one by one, with the appropriate teaching around it. In order to really get something out of this book, you have to see all of this, however, not as a study of 12 things, but a study of the enormity of a system that somehow places "pieces of God" on the planet, and then asks them to discover "the rest of the story." That's us! Could it be true? If so, what will you do with the information?

Don't read this book if you just want some more things to add to your list of what you know. Instead, read it with the idea that there is a great deal more you are about to discover about yourself. Then also realize that with self-discovery comes change, often big change, and many more questions.

The first chapter after this introduction is a discussion of why this information and energy is invisible to the logic of our minds, and especially why it is that you cannot see it with your eyes. We are all beginning to "connect the dots" these days with what science is starting to also acknowledge. Science is not beginning to prove our esoteric points, but rather it is beginning to provide a scientific bed for our esoteric information to lay in, which gives us permission to move our previously "strange ideas" to the "possibility of reality" to the eyes of many. Simply put, what is happening is that there is a confluence of scientific fact that is beginning to fit with this very study. Spirituality and science may, indeed, someday be so similar that it will be hard to separate them.

After that I will give you the lineage of this study and discuss those who participated, willingly or not, so you can understand where some of the Hebrew and numerology is coming from and why things got arranged the way they did.

There is a discussion of the structure of DNA following that, and a revelation of things that are "out of logic" becoming far more logical. This includes the latest on "junk DNA," what it might be, and why it was ever called that.

My favorite discussion is entitled, "Things nobody every thinks about." There are things in front of our very faces that defy logical thinking, yet we ho hum our way through life, never even looking at the dichotomy they represent! I cover some very controversial and esoteric information that is the basis behind the Kryon teaching. You have to know a larger picture of what has happened on the earth before you can then launch into this study of what is in your DNA. For much of what Kryon lists in our DNA is historical and carries within it more than 100,000 years of "who you might be." This is a big chapter, divided into several parts. Don't miss the part about me in Australia, with the flies.

In the chapter called, "The Teaching," I'll speak of how Kryon wants us to see DNA, and how he wishes us to consider it. I'll also discuss basic numerology in that chapter, and it's a far more comprehensive topic than some may think. It's a multidimensional discussion and as complete as I can make it as an introduction to that science.

Next, the discussion begins, layer by layer, of what Kryon speaks of regarding Human DNA - the names, the energies, the purposes, a blueprint of "mastery inside." The discussion has a twist at the end, as you will see, but I am not going to give it. Kryon is.

As you read this book, you will see that the actual definitions and teaching about the individual layers is not the actual majority of the book. This is on purpose, for the book does not exist to give you still another list of things to have in your metaphysical locker. Instead, I hopefully wish to surround you with the profundity of what DNA actually might be, and what it really means to us. Within the layer discussion, Kryon often opens up to other subjects, some stories, and even attributes of ET's! So it's a lively discussion to say the least.

Next I will present four channellings by Kryon about the activation of DNA, Human scientific bias, and the multidimensional existence in general. These channellings were given in the last months of writing this book and are an excellent way to bring the practical applications of this esoteric teaching into a larger focus.

Sometimes there are duplications in information within the book, and especially within the live chanellings. Just walk through it, for the live channellings are given independent of the information within this book, so there are several explanations of the "junk" DNA being the real energy of our spirituality. To edit this out diminishes the energy of the live experience. Anyway, I personally don't think we can hear it too much!

Be aware that all through this book, Kryon and I use the word quantum interchangeably with multidimensional. The real physics meaning of the word quantum refers to a minimum unit of matter or energy in a transfer process. The word comes from the Latin "quantus," or how much. However, we are using the word as a popular colloquialism, specific to what people are hearing today, instead of the actual physics terminology. Therefore, a "quantum state" means "a multidimensional state" in this book. Probably the reason this term took on this popular meaning was because most of physics refers to things in a pure, empirical state. However, the theory of quantum mechanics gave us the beginning of the understanding of things that seemed to be in a "random" state, or what some even call "chaos." This randomness or "probability-based reality" may only be the way we perceive it and not random at all by the standards of new physics laws we don't yet have or understand.

Lastly I give you some current events to ponder. What do you think Spirit's reaction is to Human organ transplants? If DNA is absolutely unique, and contains our Akashic record, what is the spiritual integrity of a transplant? Should it be done? What if the person is going to die without it? There are some very good common sense answers in this section.

Then I discuss the latest "creation of man-made life," the very small DNA molecule that has been totally created in the laboratory in 2010. Is it proper? Does it affect us? What are the ramifications of it all? Again, it's current and there is common sense presented within the answers... which always seems to have the energy of offending at least a few.

In the very back of the book are the beautiful full color channelled illustrations of the DNA layers by artist Elan Dubro-Cohen. These are truly a beautiful addition to this book! It's the first time any Kryon book has had color within its pages

The last remarks will be about the fact that this book will be copied and called something different, added to, reworked with another name, made into the evil manifesto of the century and other common things that all happen to my books.

But hey... without that, where would the fun be?


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