THE INDIGO CHILDREN TEN YEARS LATER - What's happening with the Indigo Teenagers!
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2009- Hay House - 286 pages 
Authors - Lee Carroll/Jan Tober  - $15.95 USA 

January 1, 2009

This is the 14th book of Lee Carroll, and the third in the Indigo series with Jan Tober.

Half a million people have enjoyed the first two Indigo books, all set in motion with The Indigo Children. This first book not only stirred the interest of many people throughout the world with respect to the profound change in consciousness being manifest in these special kids, but it also gave suggestions to parents, teachers, and caregivers on how to interact with these fascinating children. It was a Hay House best-seller.

This new book is now validation of the premise that that humanity is evolving, and that it is being noticed and documented, finally, by education and business professionals all over the earth. The kids are growing up, and in the process the workplace is changing too!


What's Happening with the Indigo Teenagers!
Lee Carroll and Jan Tober

The original authors of The Indigo Children: the first book to introduce this concept to the planet
Trade paper. Size: 5-3/8" x 8-3/8" 286 pages.

USA $15.95
ISBN: 978-1-4019-2317-4


Indigo Children? Oh yeah... I know about them! Wasn't there a movie about that? They are some kind of special magic kids who do psychic things and who have dark blue auras, huh? I think I saw that on TV.

If that's your take on all this, then you really need to read this book. These children are not super psychic kids with dark blue auras. The Indigo title has nothing to do with auras or being psychic. Some of them are teenagers who are strapping on bombs or bringing guns to school. The subject here is far more profound than the sensational absurdity into which some have taken it. It's all about the children of our planet, what really might be happening, why they do what they do, and what we can do to help them and our educators survive all this. In addition, they are slowly beginning to join the work force (gasp)!

Join Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, original authors of "The Indigo Children," for a profound and frank discussion of the Indigo Children ten years later. After all this time, what do some in higher education say about it? What do industry leaders say about it? The answer: Finally, many professionals are noticing and starting to speak up. Humanity is evolving; it's happening within our kids, and you should know what these educators and business leaders are saying.
It's time to stop the circus that has been created around this subject and get down to finding out what to do to help these children survive an earth they don't understand... or perhaps it's just you they don't understand? Join the leaders of education and industry brought forward in this book for a peek into the real issues, and perhaps the future of humanity.

 Foreword - Sandei Sedgbeer

- From Lee Carroll

Chapter One - From The Educators

Chapter Two - From The Corporate World

Chapter Three - From Those in Other Lands

Chapter Four - From Health Care Workers

Chapter Five - From The Parents and Indigos

Afterword - Final words from the authors

End Notes - Contributor's notes

References -


From Lee Carroll...

An unusual thing happened in 1999. Jan Tober and I found ourselves as authors of one of the fastest selling books in a small niche market. The book was The Indigo Children, and was the first book to open the door for investigation into a wild premise... that humanity was seeing a consciousness shift and that it was obviously observable within our children, who were the forerunners.

Counting all 24 languages, the Indigo book sold over half a million copies, and started a very controversial movement of those who believe it and those who don't. The ones who line up on the believers side are parents, day-care workers, many teachers and college professors, and alternate therapy professionals. The non-believer side is almost entirely made up of administrators, medical doctors, scientists, and those who really don't wish to "go there" with such unusual ideas, at least not without one of their own in the lead.

I have written 13 other books, and Jan has participated in three of them. As you read these words, it's me who is doing the reporting, but Jan represents the research and many of the authors represented in this book are a result of her efforts to obtain their articles.

Ten years ago the original Indigo Children book was one that was out of the purview of both of our expertise and knowledge. Jan and I saw the phenomena clearly, and were the first to put it out there, but we didn't have the training or the world experience to write succinctly about it. So we involved others around us who did, including some professionals. We included those who are pioneers in working with gifted children, and also the woman who first "saw" and named the whole phenomenon.

This book isn't just about teenage Indigo Children. It's about all Indigo Children ten years later. We now have to deal with older Indigos, but at the same time we are learning a great deal about the children too. Ten years after the fact, there is new information for the very young, and freshly developed information for the ones who are now teenagers. Our contributors will address both issues.

There are really two reasons why the book you are holding needed to be written. First, after ten years, some of these children are now young adults. Parents in particular, and many teachers have begged for information on how to deal with teenagers who are showing very different behavior than anything in the parenting books are explaining. The first indigo book was a primer for the whole issue, and didn't deal much with pre-teen and teen Indigo young people. Dealing with Indigo infants and 10-year-olds is much different than youngsters 12 and up, and we know this. Is there something more we should know about them? Is there more information now about the phenomenon than there was seven years ago? Yes to both. So in this book we bring you a strong group educators, child-related professionals, health workers, and executives in business who deal with this very issue day in and day out. Again, this is done mainly to help the parents and kids, but there are also some very fine suggestions from teaching pros who are facing the Indigo situation. So for the first time, we have some suggestions for teachers as well, from those who are teaching the teachers.

The second reason for this book is to refocus on what this Indigo phenomena is and what it isn't about. Unfortunately in the last few years, the whole subject has exploded into "Indigo misinformation." This valuable Indigo subject has been deliberately steered by main stream media into a place that will eventually be dismissed as lunatic fringe by the majority of the public. The result is that thousands of kids will be ignored instead of helped, and professionals will not look twice at this very potent possibility that our children are actually evolving before our eyes and deserve a different approach to parenting and teaching.

If you read any of these articles or saw the television specials about this "Indigo explosion," you would think that Indigo Children were special gifted super psychic kids from space with dark blue auras who were going to save the world. This particular message is wrong on ALL accounts and isn't what we presented, nor is it what we teach. The press has had a lot of fun with it, and it is sad that those who promote their national Indigo efforts have thrown publicity money at an uncaring media only to have this happen. One of our contributing authors experienced a situation where one of the major news network deliberately tricked her into participating in an "Indigo interview," only to spin it into an occult special!

Indigos in the News...

In the past year, CNN, ABC, USA Today, and the New York Times have had their fun with the subject, and also many newscasts have done the same. Almost exclusively, they tell of psychic kids with dark blue auras, putting the phenomena squarely into what they wish you to believe is New Age weirdness and a subject very easy to poke fun at. Here is a sample of some of the press:

The New York Times "Are They Here To Save the World?" - 01/12/2006
ABC News- Video "Are These Children Psychic?"- 11/21/2005
CNN "Psychic Children?" - Video special- 11/15/2005
USA Today "Indigo Kids: Does the Science Fly?"- 05/31/2005

In January of 2005, the movie Indigo was released. It starred Neil Donald Walsh, who did a fine job as the lead actor. (After all, he was an actor before he was an author who talked to God). It was a sweet fictional story about a psychic little girl. It played mostly in churches and community centers across the nation, taking advantage of those in our niche market, out of the main-stream, who knew of the Indigo subject due to our books. It was never released nationally in the way normal films are.

The movie never directly said it was about an Indigo Child, but the marketing of the film and the title were obviously meant to take advantage of a growing awareness of Indigo kids. Most who saw it really liked it, and it should be commended as a well directed and acted film. However the mold was set, and what followed later continued to play on sensational aspects rather than serious factual attributes of these new children.

In all fairness, the film was designed to make money (as most are) and never pretended to be any kind of educational aid for Indigo Children. Nothing wrong with that. Look at the Da Vinci Code movie: It wasn't meant to do anything but portray a fictional thriller and make money, but instead it was seen by many as having the "possibility of promoting an idea." So it was banned and protested. This is the well known power of film-making and good storytelling. So right or wrong, the public got a movie called Indigo that really had nothing to do with Indigo children.

The Indigo Documentary, Indigo Evolution was released after that. Although Jan and I introduced the earth to the term Indigo Children, the subject really isn't our own, nor should it be. Anyone can take this information and do anything they wish with it. Jan and I were honored that a documentary was to be produced on the subject, even though we were not a part of it. The film attempted to tell the Indigo story and help the public to know more about these kids. Unfortunately it also stirred the pot of public misinformation due to their main-stream marketing strategy.

The publicity dollars it spent, alerted the media via the press kits, their web site, and other publicity packs sent seemingly everywhere and put the inevitable media circus into play. This was probably not the intent of the participants of this documentary, who include well respected authors and teachers... some of whom are our friends. But when you turn on a light like this and throw it into the public arena, the media will romp all over you and what you might be trying to do. The result was the unfortunate press we have been seeing. There are those who believe and "any press" is good. In this case we don't agree. We're not selling soap here or just trying to get attention. We're really trying to get a message to the public to honor a big change that's taking place within human consciousness and attitude, beginning with our own children. However, the American press has biased this entire subject in a way that might take years to correct... at the expense of the kids.

Here is some advice for anyone who wishes to make films or write books about these new children: Make the product first class-get your facts right-then place it where it belongs, with teachers and parents everywhere. Don't throw it to the wolves of main-stream media, who will devour you and your subject in the name of news-entertainment. Concentrate on a niche market, and let well placed publicity do its job in the education, self-help, and the holistic health industry. Word gets around fast if you have something valuable, and you won't have to ever explain yourself to a group of non-caring pseudo journalists who are charged with finding things to make fun of in order to sell more cars or Viagra during the breaks in your story.

Who are the Indigos? Do they all have dark blue auras?

Let's begin by setting the record straight on several accounts. In order to do that, Jan and I again bring you the story of Nancy Tappe. It's time we gave you the whole story, and filled in some of the blank spaces.

Some of those reading this are waiting for us to steer this whole thing right into the New Age. We can't, since it didn't start there, won't end there, and it isn't about a philosophy all at. It's about humanity and how it's potentially changing... that includes everybody on all continents.

There are those who know our background (Lee Carroll & Jan Tober), and the subject of our other books (channelling), who will immediately dismiss anything we have to say as part of these seemingly weird things. Well, believe it or not, we can chew gum and walk at the same time, and this Indigo subject is more grounded than you think and is not part of our "other life." Most of those who know us also know that we tend to combine our philosophical thoughts with grounded science. This is the case here.

The beginning of it all...

Let us give you a story about a woman who has a brain disorder.

Synesthesia is the name given to a disorder that disturbs the way the brain perceives everyday things. It's kind of a mix-up of functions, where it would appear that perceptions are often cross-wired in the brain. Nancy Tappe has this disorder. In her early days of trying to deal with it, she tells of sitting down to eat, and instead of tasting the potatoes on her plate, she "tasted triangles!" This is tough for those of us with normal senses to even imagine, but it mixes up basic sensory perception: shapes with taste, for instance. A person with this disorder might also smell or hear a color!

If you wish to search out more information on it, the Internet is the place. If you "Google" the word synesthesia, you will get lots of good information.

Synesthesia and the Synesthetic Experience

Synesthesia is an involuntary joining in which the real information of one sense is accompanied by a perception in another sense. In addition to being involuntary, this additional perception is regarded by the synesthete as real, often outside the body, instead of imagined in the mind's eye. It also has some other interesting features that clearly separate it from artistic fancy or purple prose. Its reality and vividness are what make synesthesia so interesting in its violation of conventional perception. Synesthesia is also fascinating because logically it should not be a product of the human brain, where the evolutionary trend has been for increasing separation of function anatomically.

R. Cytowic, "Synesthesia: A Union of the Senses" Springer-Verlag, NY (p.1)


Hearing Colors, Tasting Shapes

People with synesthesia-whose senses blend together-are providing valuable clues to understanding the organization and functions of the human brain

By Vilayanur S. Ramachandran and Edward M. Hubbard

Scientific American

When Matthew Blakeslee shapes hamburger patties with his hands, he experiences a vivid bitter taste in his mouth. Esmerelda Jones (a pseudonym) sees blue when she listens to the note C sharp played on the piano; other notes evoke different hues-so much so that the piano keys are actually color-coded, making it easier for her to remember and play musical scales. And when Jeff Coleman looks at printed black numbers, he sees them in color, each a different hue. Blakeslee, Jones and Coleman are among a handful of otherwise normal people who have synesthesia. They experience the ordinary world in extraordinary ways and seem to inhabit a mysterious no-man's-land between fantasy and reality. For them the senses-touch, taste, hearing, vision and smell-get mixed up instead of remaining separate.

Scientific American: May 2003 [http://www.sciam.com]

Mixed Signals

Does your favorite book smell like textured circles? Do you dislike the personality of your bedroom's doorframe? Do you see white when you stub your toe? Does the odor of road tar taste salty? Does Sting's voice look like golden spheres? If so, you are almost certainly a synesthete.

Mixed Signals [http://www.mixsig.net/]

The Creator of the term Indigo Children

So Jan and I wish to again introduce you to a synesthete: Early on, Nancy Tappe began experiencing one of the biggest anomalies of her disorder: she started seeing colors around people! These were not spiritual auras, which are a subject of the New Age, but instead probably had to do with basic human energy. Right here, we lose readers. When we talk about energy around human beings, we get blank stares from men and women of science. They often walk away smirking, having made up their minds about "who we really are" as authors.

If you are one of those, I'm sorry to lose you, since I feel this work is about kids and not weirdness. For the rest of you, thanks for having enough of an open mind to listen to the science here, for indeed I'm going to bring you proof of human energy, being studied by the mainstream.

We are not speaking of fairy dust or angels, but of real energy around a living human being. There have been many studies about the awareness of this, but few, if any, have really explained it. It's very much like the current studies of interdimensionality: the "shadows" of the attributes of interdimensionality show themselves, but can't be nailed down to anything we are used to seeing in 3D... which is the way we think and wish to conduct science.

Instead of human energy, some studies are labeled, "human consciousness studies," trying to measure the actual conscious energy around a person, or a group of persons, by observing this energy actually changing matter. Often done with random particle generators, the premise is that if you can get natural randomness to pattern itself in coordination with human emotional disturbance in a controlled situation, you can prove that human consciousness changes matter. Well, it does, and this is now a fact and has given science some puzzles as to what process this might actually be part of.

So again, real science has seen it, but they still don't know what it actually is. Recent serious studies of the placebo affect now show that our minds can do some amazing things within our own chemistry and should be looked at more carefully by the health industry. Measurements of the placebo effect are showing that people who expect a pain pill to work, are actually receiving the same mechanics of pain relief as the actual drug would give. MRI brain studies are now clearly showing the pain sites exhibiting physical affects such as blood flow representing changes as if they had taken the actual drug. [Time magazine-March 3, 2004-"Picturing the Placebo Effect"] Could human consciousness be that powerful?

Princeton University funded an ongoing study in 1998, trying to measure overall human consciousness of the planet! Originally headed up by Dr. Roger Nelson, "The Global Consciousness Project (GCP)" [noosphere.princeton.edu] showed compelling evidence of consciousness shift coordinating with world events. Using over 30 Random Event Generators placed all over the globe and continually "reporting" to a server at Princeton, it graphed some startling results, the death of Princess Diana and the 9-11 event being two of the most potent. You can read more about this at [noosphere.princeton.edu/terror.html]. You can also read a scientific review of this project on this web site: [www.indigochild.com/GCP]

What this means is that there must be some kind of energy field around a human that is collectively biasing these random generators. Is it a field? Is it in 3D or is it interdimensional?

Russian scientist Dr. Vladimir Poponin has discovered that human DNA has a field around it. He is the Senior Research Scientist at the Institute of Biochemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and is currently working with the Institute of HeartMath in the U.S.A. in a collaborative research project. In highly controlled experiments in an American University, he showed that human DNA placed in a controlled, contained, environment, continually patterned randomly spaced laser light photons into the symmetry of a sign wave each time the photons were exposed to the DNA. This was not subtle, and was repeatable over and over. The next surprise was that these photons stayed patterned even when the DNA was removed from the chamber!

Dr. Poponin reported that not only does human DNA have a field of some kind, but that the human DNA field must be so potent that whatever photons it patterns, stays that way even when the DNA field is removed! He also indicated that it might be interdimensional energy. He named the effect, "The Phantom DNA Effect." Poponin is a quantum biologist. [www.twm.co.nz/DNAPhantom.htm]

I don't want to lose anyone here due to the science talk, but basically the idea of an energy field around the human being is no longer fantasy and science is finding that (1) It's there (2) It's potent enough to cause nature to shift and pattern into mathematical symmetry, and (3) It's probably an interdimensional field. Super String Theory would support such a thing as being more viable than ever, since it proposes that there are many dimensions within every atom, and that much of what we "don't see" in regular life is in a quantum state (interdimensionally connected to everything else).

Back to Nancy: We now understand that Nancy Tappe is perceiving something outside of normal human perception, but her awareness is verified by science as a real brain disorder and a credible experience. Although she looks at the world with her eyes, she experiences the odd color perception with her brain. Could she be seeing an interdimensional energy? A magnetic field? The jury is out, but at least there is now science on our side saying that it's a very real possibility due to the facts that a field around a human actually exists. What did Nancy see back then? That's the fun part. You might say, "she saw her future!"

Nancy began to realize that the colors were not random at all. They seemed to correlate with personalities! Could it be, she theorized, that the colors might be indicators of consciousness, or perhaps a combination of consciousness and behavioral traits? She watched and observed for many years. Indeed, her sight seemed to tell a story about how each specific color had a corresponding human behavior.

Nancy slowly began her research. There were only a handful colors to be perceived, but they correlated with traits she observed over and over, and seemed to be indicators of thought processes, reactions, and even how people live their day-to-day lives. Soon, she began teaching courses on these personality traits, training others about her "system." This led to many kinds of teachings, one of which concentrated on "your own color," to help you know better "who you are." (Introspection often reveals secrets to help us be better balanced.) Other teachings helped people to experience better emotional balance, and inform them of who they might best partner with romantically and in business, (what colors do best with other colors in the system) knowing in advance some of the pitfalls of the specific human nature that was clearly part of this color perception system that Nancy had developed.

About 25 years ago, I actually took one of her courses at the encouragement of Jan Tober... who dragged me there as I recall. It was a gas! (That means "fun" for those of the younger generation reading this). We all had great laughs and revelations as she stood before us and "pegged" exactly how we thought, how we reacted to others, and what made us sad, mad, and happy. She had even researched the potential of even how we might walk... and she was right! She was able to "see" the colors of each of us as we arrived, and "knew" who we were and what we might do. She was right again!

A book followed from Nancy: Understanding Your Life Through Color. Sadly, it's now out of print, but it represented the only true publication of her profound system. It was interesting that along the way her information was absorbed and published by others without giving her credit. Such is the way publishing goes. This situation seems to be the "badge" of many authors who have profound information, but don't have main publishing support. If you are an author and never get you information, er, ah... emulated, then you know is isn't worth much! Alas, this is the way of human nature, but many benefited from this wonderful knowledge, no matter who was, or was not, quoted as the source.

Enter, the Indigo...

Some years ago Nancy began seeing a new color around human beings. You might think, "so what?" But you have to put yourself in her place and understand that all her life, she had only seen the same few colors. These colors drifted a bit, and she saw them combine to produce different kinds of personality traits, but she had never actually seen a "new color" around anyone. It would be like suddenly you looked up and the sky was green with polka dots! You have seen many sunsets in your life, but never like that! It would get your attention, much like this new human color got hers.

She began her observation research on this new color, as only a person with synethesia can, and concluded that this new indigo blue was only being seen around children. Therefore it seemed to represent a new kind of human, being born on the planet. Based on her life experience of special perception, this brain disorder of hers had not only provided her with valuable knowledge, a nice living helping many people, but now it was giving her a hint of something very unusual and profound... a potential change within the evolving human being in the way of a new consciousness.

She categorized the few types of Indigo behavior she was seeing and we presented it in the first book. We are not going to do it again here. But we wish to state something obvious, and something that needs to be clarified: In subsequent years, there have been no "new" human color attributes seen by Nancy. Therefore, no matter what anyone decides to call these kids, they are all "Indigos" by definition of the one who originally gave us this name, and who saw the colors that made the whole subject possible.

All kinds of different names are out there now. Jan and I don't care what the definitions are, and have no objection to Iron kids, Malachite kids, Paper kids, Star kids, or whatever. We believe these new labels represent perceived categories of children of new consciousness as they are now being identified and categorized all over the globe by those who can sense human energy, but who don't necessarily have Nancy's specific brain disorder.

The fact remains that the actual source of this special sight is still with us (Nancy) and she is firm in her statement that there are no new colors. She also makes it clear that these children are not super psychic kids with dark blue auras! The color has nothing to do with auras or being psychic. Some of them are teenagers who are strapping on bombs and blowing up public places. You see, the subject here is far more profound than the sensational absurdity into which many wish to take it. It's all about the children of our planet, what really might be happening, why they do what they do, and what we can do to help them survive all this. In other words, not all these children are who you expect, and this is what this book wishes to center upon. There are many sides to this phenomena.

Even within the pages of this book Jan and I openly welcomed those who have named these children other things, and separated their names from the "Indigo" name. Truly it doesn't make any difference what they are called as long as the public is being informed about a new kind of consciousness that is with us in the kids, now becoming young adults. You will see "Crystal Children" referenced several times by the contributing authors. According to Nancy, these are a profound category of the children of new consciousness, but very much Indigo due to the definition based on her synethesia.

As you will see in the interview to come next, Nancy herself "sees" twelve categories within the Indigos. There are probably lots more, with names given by those who have taken the time to research their behavior. Again, Jan and I welcome all of this diversity. Many books with many kinds of titles have been written about these new children. Almost all of them have been wonderful, beneficial to all involved, and very helpful to parents, teachers, and the children themselves. We congratulate all the authors who have taken this risk and have published this information... some in the main stream and some not. If you wish to see some of these books, they are on our Indigo child website at [www.indigochild.com]. We promote those who are trying to help these children of new consciousness, and a few of them have excerpts from their books within this book.

Use your discretion. If this entire premise has any validation for you, do you then realize what we are really trying to do here? We are endeavoring to help the children of our human society. This book is not about religion or politics. This is a completely new premise that human evolution might actually be changing before our eyes. Yet many find this offensive and political, and yes, even religious. Can this truly be that offensive of an idea? Can you afford to dismiss it out of hand because it's just too spooky, or too much of a "hot potato?"

Updates on Human Consciousness...

In 2003, an obscure book review caught my eye. It was for the book Fifth Wave Leadership, by sociologist Morris R. Shechtman, as reviewed on the business page of the Fresno Bee, Sunday, May 11th, 2003. Fresno is in California, and is know for being very hot (Sorry Fresno). What made the article so compelling is that sociologists study moves in the ways humans shape society. You might also say that they study human consciousness shift. Suddenly, however, they are saying that there is a new kind of thinking going on as reported by those who look for such things. The article told of only four waves of societal change since the beginning of time, and we are now seeing a fifth one!

New Compass to Lead you?

Social Scientists have isolated four breakthroughs or waves in societal change: Hunter/gatherers became farmers. Farmers were transformed by the industrial revolution into factory workers. The industrial revolution gave way to the informational age: and the informational culture has progressed to a fast-paced global communication-intensive society.

We are now in a 5th wave, where our futures are no longer predicated on what happens out there, they are predicated on what happens inside ourselves.

The Fresno Bee-May 11th, 2003-Book reviews

Jan and I bring you this, since it at least gives us license to speak about what has here-to-fore been seen as impossible. However, now science and sociology are beginning to line up on our side. There is a potential that we seeing the changing of actual human nature, and it's being seen first with those being born with these new attributes. Due to what Nancy saw, we continue to identify those humans who have these attributes as Indigo Children.

The Great Divide (The medical community vs. real experience)

It might seem odd that the most vocal opponents to this whole idea are the very front line professionals who you might think would be the ones instead, to champion it. They are those who see kids all the time... the pediatricians. Time after time Jan and I have seen articles and television interviews regarding Indigos from these fine MD's who exclusively work with children. In every case, they are taking the premise to task and asking you not to get carried away with a new fad. They wink, as if to say, "come on guys, get real. Kids are kids."

Meanwhile, a very new occurrence presses upon the pediatric community: ADD and ADHD rage on almost as if they were communicable diseases, increasing at an exponential rate, and causing these very same professionals to drug their patients as a solution.

When asked about this, most of them explain it away: They say that ADD and ADHD were always there, but that researchers are only now defining and being able to deal with it due our new modern methods. So early on, I wanted to challenge the always there philosophy by going to the trenches and asking the day-care workers of over 20 years if they have been aware of this always being there, or if, perhaps, they were seeing something new. If the doctors won't talk about it because it's out of the scope of their training or willingness to accept a new premise, I wanted to hear about real life experience from those who continue to see it first.

This is when Jan and I got excited enough to write the first book. It seemed that everywhere we turned, we got an earful from those who actually worked daily with kids. They all told us the same thing: The kids are changing! Their personalities were changing. The way they had to deal with them was changing. Discipline had gone out the window! (Unless, that is, you understood what they now wanted and could change your tact.) The relationship between child and child had also changed. The way they shared their toys changed, and (gasp) the way they were caring for each other had changed too. Those who spent hundreds of hours a week with other people's kids said they were starting to see a compassion level at a very early age that they had never seen before. That's new, and was not always there, but remained unidentified until we wrote about it.

What follows is one of the finest lineups of authors we have ever been able to present. We have college professors, trained Ph.D.s working with kids, heath care workers, intellectuals, and leaders in the business world, all ready to give you a very real look at this phenomenon. Some will offer advice on what to do if you are a parent or teacher and some will just let you in on some experiences that show what is taking place.

In the first Indigo book Jan and I had stated that we hoped that the reality of this Indigo phenomena would be seen some day from those who were in the ranks of professionals working with our children. Back then we had all kinds of tales from parents... but we needed those in academia to finally speak up. They have, and this book is the result.

You may notice that we also have an international flavor this time, for if earth is actually having a change in consciousness occurring within humanity, it will occur all over the earth, and be seen in the children of all countries. It has been, and we bring you some of those authors and stories as well.

From the one who saw it first...
First, let's hear from Nancy Tappe herself, in a short interview conducted by Jan Tober specifically for this book.

Continued in the actual book...

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