Live Channelling - New York, NY
From Lee Carroll

This channelling has been "re-channelled" (channel on top of a channel) by Kryon to enhance the meaning of the words that were given live on March 2, 2007 at the United Nations. The information that has been added is subtle and is intended to make it easier for readers to understand the message, which was more clear to the listeners of the live channelling.

"We seek to inspire, inform, enlighten, and uplift your spirits." This is a quote from The Society for Enlightenment and Transformation (SEAT), part of the United Nations Staff Recreational Council (UNSRC), a group of clubs sanctioned by the UN for members, guests, employees, and delegates of the organization. Having previously presented to the group in 1995, 1996, 1998, 2005, and 2006, Lee Carroll was invited again this year for the sixth time in the UN building in Manhattan, New York to share Kryon’s message.

This is the sixth time in the last 12 years that the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation at the United Nations building in New York City has asked Lee Carroll to bring Kryon for a live channelling. The meetings are often closed to the public, but this one was different, being in the basement of the building for the first time, due to the renovation of the library auditorium that is normally used upstairs in the secure sections of the UN.

Lee again brought the DNA researcher, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, as a co-presenter. Dr. Ovokaitys is working with South African AIDS groups on plans to bring an end to that disease on the continent of Africa.

Dr. Todd's website: [www.gematria.com]


The United Nations - New York City - S.E.A.T.


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

And still there would be those, as there always are, who would say, "Impossible, impossible! God doesn't work like this." Let those now, in these few brief moments of this message, be filled with an energy that could not possibly be from themselves. Let them see this as proof that a portal has been opened and the door has swung ajar, and what you have here are simple words from the other side of the veil through a Human Being, the way all scripture has always been delivered on the planet. Humans have written all of it - all of it! Through the divine connection that is built into Human DNA, they have written all of it.

And this is no different, dear ones, for the voice you hear now is no different than the voice that was heard in the prophets of old. The profundity of what is said through me is personal this time, however, and not for the ages. This time it's for you in the chairs, and the readers, and it's for those in this building. This is the change and what we call the New Energy on Earth. For it opens the door for all to do this, which often is seen as odd and strange and weird by those who are not in understanding. But I'll tell you, it's none of those things. It is a connection - a pipeline to Spirit - what you call God. It represents the love that many of you are missing in your life, and that you could have by pushing on the door of your heart. With that action, in comes the family to sit in your lap, to hold your hand, to tell you that the impossible is doable.

I am Kryon. I am a partner. I am a sister, a brother to all here. I am not some disembodied energy that floats in space. I am inside you, should you choose to look, as well as the very essence of God itself. So there would be those who would say, "Well, if you represent God, would you please explain to us why you haven't come down here and straightened out this mess?" Let it not be lost on any of you, where we sit at the moment. Let it not be lost on any of you of the resources and the integrity of those who built the concrete that you sit in and stand upon at this moment. For all around you, there is the emphasis and the intent on unity. Put it together, don't tear it apart. Solution, not division. Peace, not war. And so in this atmosphere, I answer the question: "Where is God at these times?"

Let me present to you what is happening on this planet that you need to know. God does not interfere with the light/dark balance of humanity. Humanity generates the light/dark balance by itself and then God is invited into the light parts. If there are more light parts than dark parts as measured at the quantum level*, you are going to have revelation and illumination, and that's what's happening right now. So, within this puzzle, I tell you that God knows who you are, where you're sitting right now, and what this organization is about. It is no mystery.

There are so many questions about this, and so I have yet another metaphor, one we've used before, but which I will elaborate on at this moment. Imagine a lighthouse on the shore, and its job is to shine the light and stay put. When the ships at sea are starting to come into the port, they have the invitation to see the light and steer safely and not onto the rocks, which hide under the waves.

There are three kinds of ships, basically, in that ocean. And the first kind is where the pilothouse has been boarded up and the skipper and all of those responsible for navigation know where they're going. This is because they've been there before and they trust their maps. They trust all of the mythology of the ages to navigate them. These are sailors who went before into the port on their own, they don't need the lighthouse. In fact, it's redundant. In fact, they don't even like it and feel it's silly. So they make their way with their own devices to the port and some make it and some don't.

However, what they've failed to see is that the waves are always changing and the tides are shifting. Even the weather patterns are moving around, if you've noticed. But they stick with the old and they say, "It has worked in the past, and it will work now." This works, until they find themselves on the rocks.

The second kind of ship is the one who keeps their pilothouse boarded up unless they're in trouble. The wind comes up and the waves change, then they take the boards off and say, "Now I'm in trouble - where are you, lighthouse?" They see the lighthouse and they're thankful for the lighthouse. Then as soon as they're in port, they put the boards back up. "Thank you, lighthouse," they say. "I only needed you while I was in trouble." Then they go back to their business, feeling that the lighthouse is a "trouble lighthouse."

The third kind of ship is the one who never put the boards up on the windows and is always looking for the lighthouse first, because it understands that the waves shift and the tides move, and that it never knows where the shifting rocks are. So this ship looks at the lighthouse for guidance into the safe harbor all the time.

We have just given you the three kinds of humans, basically, that would become enlightened via free choice on this planet in this new energy. It would seem that the third kind would be the ones who are the ones you might think are going to become the true light of the planet. You're right. But I tell once again that there doesn't have to be many of those of the third kind. Less than one half of one percent of the earth has to be aware of their own divinity and their own light to send this power through meditation and prayer to the rest of the planet and create peace on Earth. I'll say that again. Less than one half of one percent.

"Kryon, then what is it all about in the Middle East? Why is there so much turmoil? The troops are there, the war is there, the death, and the killing. . .  the unhappiness, the sorrow. . .  oh, the sorrow! What is that about in a time of light?" I will tell you, dear ones, yet again: When have you seen this before in these areas? And the answer is that you never have. Therefore, could it be that the light on this planet has become so bright that it now exposes the dark areas that were hidden from you before? Could it be that the hatred is now exposed that was always there, but which you could not correctly see? Could it be that these things present a puzzle for you to solve? Could that be? And if you're one of those ships that has taken the boards down and sees the light, you will say, "That is exactly what it is! I now see things that the light is showing me, which I never would have seen before."

Indeed, without this new light at this time, shining in those places, exposing the darkness to you, those areas in the Middle East that are now shifting would not have changed for another 200 years. Therefore, all the strife and challenge is something that was always there, but now it has become the issue of your day. Who sees it? Those who wish to look. . .  via free choice.

The United Nations

Let me remind you again about this organization whose basement you sit in at this moment. There are those who would say, "They're useless and they're worthless and they've done nothing notable for a decade." I'm Kryon and I know of the souls who come and go on this planet. Let me ask you a question: What would you think of an organization that could save one million lives a year? Would it be worth it? And you would say, "Well, of course." Then, let me introduce you to the United Nations! What the media shows you in the Grand Assembly with those who pound their chest in disgust and call names is not what this organization is about. No, that is what the media is about. And those who report will tell you that this organization does nothing, and it can do nothing.

Yet I'm telling you that there are a million lives saved every year by this organization! Twenty percent of those are in measles alone. [Those who didn't get measles and die.] Measles! And how many people do you think measles kills in this great land [the USA]? The answer is almost none. It's the rest of the earth who needs these United Nations. And that's just one aspect of what they're doing. That doesn't even include the past diseases cured, or the smiles on the faces of the children in joy. That's what this organization is about. I am Kryon; I am telling you that I see it and I know it. Do not shift your light from this place because you don't feel it suits your needs in a dramatic way. Because I will again say that soon enough you will see the results in the Grand Assembly as well. Be patient. Be patient.

The New Frontier

I would like to tell you about the new frontier. There would be those who would say it is, and must be, China. No. That is not the new frontier. Oh, there's going to be amazing things that take place in China, representing the new industrial revolution for the planet. But that's expected, and is not new news. You knew that already.

Spirit does not give generic advice. Spirit gives the revelation of potential futures, and advice within what you are already creating. So let me give you some advice about China, based on what is in the future. The dragon is slow to move and has been here for thousands of years, whereas the country where my partner sits right now is barely 200 years old. China knows what it is doing. It is studying capitalism in its way, and it is not finished. For the Asians do very well in taking things apart and putting them back together, studying how they work and then making them better than the item they originally studied. And China is doing that now with Hong Kong [a model of high finance and international capitalistic know-how, developed under British rule]. Do you think it's an accident that they inherited Hong Kong after a 99-year lease, and this took place in your lifetime? You think that's an accident? They are studying, and they are learning, and indeed, they will make many of the same mistakes that your country did along the way to functional Chinese capitalism.

But you would be well advised if this country [the USA] and the West in general would support them in the areas where they're weak, and give them the knowledge and the wisdom to run the things that they need to run, without at the same time imposing a Western culture onto them. Let them have their Asian-ness, and they will develop an economy that is even stronger than yours and that may surprise you in the process. For it will bring abundance also to the west through investment and expansion. But this is not new news.

"Well then, Kryon, if it's not China, it's got to be the Middle East." And I say to you, it is not that either. The Middle East is a core issue, not a new frontier. You see now a cauldron, a puzzle that needs to be solved and stabilized so that you can move past the 2012 mark into promise and peace. This doesn't have to happen by 2012, but if it started now, it would be a good thing. It's about stabilization, not a new frontier. It's the cradle of civilization.

What part of the earth do you think that I'm going to talk about next? What is the new frontier? I will give you information that only those past your lifespan will be able to verify. But, of course, many of you will be back by then [speaking of those who will reincarnate]. I know who you are, all of you as you sit here, and why you're here. I know of the puzzles in your personal life.

I want to talk about the AU. What is that? It's something in the future. I want to talk about the AU, which probably will not be seen for 50 years. . .  two generations: The African Union. You met the doctor today, The Twist Master, I call him [Dr. Todd Ovokaitys]. He is one who will help cure the continent of Africa in this generation. For when the citizens of that great continent have health, they will then have the need for normal economies. And what you do not know and the underlying support is that there are literally trillions of what you would call dollars that are sitting and waiting to be invested in their health! There are those on Earth who also see this clearly.

These are the grand cities of the future, in the African Union. It will be a conglomeration of African states much like you see in the European Union, only bigger and more powerful, with their own securities exchanges that will rival anything the earth has ever seen, even the Chinese. Because the future resources that the world will need are in Africa, including some you have not realized yet. It is the next great frontier. And in this new energy, that continent must be cured. This is in progress, and indeed, it will be.

There are three great health inventions coming to that continent, and one has been described today in technological terms [by Dr. Ovokaitys]. The other two are in progress and will also be curative. These three, all together, will entirely cure the continent. Much of this may even be in your lifetime if, indeed, this organization [the UN] can be part of it. Are you starting to connect the dots? Bring peace in Africa, UN! Concentrate on those who are against the peace and bring them the knowledge of why they should have it. Education, negotiation and reasoning alone, without the force, are such powerful things. Indeed, these new cities will create the type of civilization that this planet has never seen before. Unrivaled, it will be, one that is able to top anything that has ever existed. That is the new frontier. The very seeds of that are going to be seen in your lifetime. Watch for the funding. Against all odds, the kinds of monies that will be spent there will be astonishing. And eventually there will no longer be the tribal warfare, the corruption that is there, even within the collection of the shiny stones. You may believe me, but when it begins you will understand.

Oh, one final thing before I go. I'll reveal it for the first time and the only time. . .  what my partner has agreed to do in his next lifetime. [Lee does not know this information as he is channelling it.] You see, on this side of the veil, there is no time. All is known of the potentials. Not predestination, but a predisposition of what he has already decided to do at a level that he has no concept of. He has no idea what's coming. But he'll hear this at the same time you do and he'll know, and he'll rejoice.

In approximately 65 to 70 years, there is a potential, at this point in time, of a man being born and growing up. When he reaches his 36th year, you will see a young, new leader emerge with a black face in Africa. And that will be my partner, the man you see, sitting and channelling me now. This is what he chooses and what he wants at his soul level. His leadership will be spiritual, not political, and his purpose will have to do with those who are in need of the healing emotion of the heart. . .  needed for a grand new civilization. Watch for it, for it will not have the name Kryon. Instead, it will be a cultural name that will be understood in their language.

Dear Human Being, save this transcription for those who will be here, so they will know him by his stripes. This is cryptic now, but you'll know it clearly when it happens.

Indeed, I am aware of where I sit. I'm in my partner at the moment and I feel what he is feeling. It is a meld, is it not, of spiritual things? Know this day that this room has been visited by an energy that is different from anything that you expected. You will walk from this place and if you choose to see that lighthouse, dear Human Being, you're going to leave differently than you came in. All of you, don't be surprised perhaps that a little healing went on at the same time you were here.

Blessed are those in the hallways of this place who call themselves employees - the rank and file, who save a million lives a year.

God knows who you are. And so it is.


*Light on Earth measured at the quantum level is not a summary of the amount of light and dark parts, but rather the balance of the quotient of what the few light parts are creating for the whole. For instance, a glass of water might contain eight ounces of water, but add a few molecules of flavoring, and the entire glass of water has become "flavored water." Light is like that, where the interdimensional properties of the Human who meditates and prays are flavoring the entire earth's vibration.