Live Channelling - New York, NY
From Lee Carroll

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This channelling has been "re-channelled" (channel on top of a channel) by Kryon to enhance the meaning of the words that were given live on March 31, 2006 at the United Nations. The information that has been added is subtle and is intended to make it easier for readers to understand the message, which was more clear to the listeners of the live channelling.

"We seek to inspire, inform, enlighten, and uplift your spirits." This is a quote from The Society for Enlightenment and Transformation (SEAT), part of the United Nations Staff Recreational Council (UNSRC), a group of clubs sanctioned by the UN for members, guests, employees, and delegates of the organization. Having previously presented to the group in 1995, 1996, 1998, and 2005, Lee Carroll was invited again this year to the Dag Hammarskjold Library Auditorium in the UN building in Manhattan, New York to share Kryon’s message.

More than 10 years ago when very few, if any, were familiar with the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation (S.E.A.T.) within the United Nations organizational structure in New York City, Lee Carroll received his first invitation to come and channel. It was a profound visit for him, with attendance limited to guests of the organization plus employees and delegates to the U.N. The general public could not attend. You can read the message from Kryon that day in the Kryon books and also online at www.kryon.com.

Subsequently over the last decade, many have been invited to speak and channel. Lee also has been invited back repeatedly. The below channelling represents his 2006 visit, the fifth time he has made this trip to that famous building on First Avenue in downtown Manhattan within the last 11 years. Held in the Dag Hammarskjöld auditorium in the secure areas, Lee again found himself in a meeting where only delegates and guests of S.E.A.T. could attend.

Thanks again to Lina Arellano and Zerah Boccia for their continued work within that organization to keep it metaphysically pure, alive and open for so many to now lecture and channel there.


The United Nations - New York City - S.E.A.T.


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Oh, as always, there would be those who say this is not possible; that Spirit, which you call God, cannot give messages like this. "It's not part of God's protocol to speak so simply through a Human Being," they say. "You've got to do things to create sacred energies. You must bow and call upon God in special ways, in order to get this kind of straight-forward message to arrive from the other side of the veil." Perhaps this was true in the past, but not anymore.

The short time we have in front of these who have come to this auditorium to see and to feel Spirit is unique. I invite those here to see and feel the energy in this room. The entourage pours in here in a way that some of you are going to recognize - you're going to vibrate with this, for it's real. This is the same energy that so many of the prophets felt in front of angelic beings, but you are the selected prophets of the modern day... potential masters, each one.

When we come into a place like this, we say to you, "Known to God you are, every single one." Your angelic names are shouting to me in light within this place. When you come and go from the veil into this planet you call Earth, in the form you call Human, this light name is known to us. Indeed, you are family. We know who's here. You can never hide that fact from God. It's an eternal truth that you are known to God, wherever you think you are, and whatever dimension you think you're in. Family is like that. Even the one who is here for the first time in disbelief, saying this cannot be so, is blessed beyond measure, for he is family with a free choice "not to see." So it is no accident that you are here in the room with me -- some in belief and some not.

Perception of the Way Things Are Today

We're going to walk you through a lineage of what we would call perception of what's going on today on the planet. Then we're going to give you what some will say is prophecy about tomorrow. It isn't. It is just the potential of energy manifestation. It "could be so" if the potentials are manifested into reality, which is a very strong possibility at this moment. We have told you before that this is the way of it - that Spirit, God, knows all the potentials of your future, but does not know which one you will select. Therefore, in one way, the future is actually known by God. In another way, your particular one is not! It's part of the "Human free choice" axiom that we refer to so often.

Many are telling you that you have failed, Lightworker! They tell you that you have missed some junctions along the road, and that Spirit has moved the timetable as though we were in charge. We are not in charge, you are. They will tell you that things have moved backwards, and that a centuries-old energetic time window for enlightenment has also been moved. It hasn't. It's spectacular information to get you stirred up, and it simply isn't so. It would be like saying that the clocks on Earth have stopped because you were late for an appointment. Some things just keep going.

The Aztecs and the Mayans saw it, and so did many others who studied the movement of energy on Earth: The energy of 2012 will arrive on time no matter if you are here or not! Remember, in an older scenario called the "Armageddon," you would not have been here at all! It doesn't matter what you do, Gaia will deliver this renaissance energy to an empty planet if that is the case, and would have been! The entire Human test is about the vibratory consciousness of humanity, and how ready it will be for what will occur anyway. For the energy clock ticks the plan of the solar system, and that won't change. All of our work is about how much you will change in anticipation of taking advantage of it.

I know where I am. It is no mystery to me. Eleven years ago, you led me and my partner into a committee room nearby [the first United Nations visit] where literally hours before, there was joy in a solution - a treaty, as you would call it, that represented a solution for peace in Bosnia. Smiling faces were there because that's what you do here, you try to work on solutions to almost impossible Human problems and interactions. It's one of the main reasons this organization exists.

Oh, we are familiar with your work on disease - the work for children - things like fresh water and Human rights. We know what you do here. But when you put the treaties together, when you can create something that was not there before, because two cultures come together - two consciousnesses - agreeing not to fight, that's the gold, isn't it? That's what everyone wants here. That's what they look for here. It's what they want today here.

In 1989, I began telling you that your Armageddon would not happen and it did not, if you noticed. All scripture was poised to give you the end of the earth scenario. Trouble in Israel about 1999 to 2001 would activate both NATO and Warsaw Pact treaty obligations to go at one another, creating World War III. You can read that in Nostradamus, and also in your religious Christian scriptures. It was prophesy, and you were born with it already published.

However, shortly after 1987 and the Harmonic Convergence, the Soviet Union fell over all by itself. No one had set any times for that [there were no prophesies for that]. Against all prophesy information, it fell over by itself - a consciousness issue that did not support it anymore. And you shifted gears. The entire Earth had great potential at that moment. The U.S.A. did, too, since its major competitor had disappeared almost over night after 50 years. Some say that a potential was missed, and that the U.S.A. should have done things differently at that time. However, if it had, you would not now be where you are... in a struggle to define civilization and raise the energy of the planet accordingly.

 Human nature is well understood, and governments have no surprises for God. I tell you that just in case you felt that one day Spirit woke up and wondered what had happened! It doesn't work like that.

I told you the last time I was here about the meaning of the 9/11 event that happened some blocks from here [speaking of downtown Manhattan]. Many of you are afraid of what 9/11 has created, and what the U.S.A. is doing with it. Many are afraid of what you call "a new world order." Fear seems to be the product of change, even when the changes were foretold. Many of you think God is asleep somewhere and that all this is happening "in the dark," so to speak. Many cry out for help.

Let me speak of the fears of today and let me remind you that in 1989 we told you to expect these things. We told you that darkness would be with you for a long time before it would get better. That's what happens when you take and expose the darkest things on the planet to a very bright light of integrity. Reality for you had to shift. We called you Lighthouses, and we told you that it was time to go to work. We reminded you years ago that you were here NOW for that very task. Still, many are shocked and hide in fear. Many who actually came to be warriors are shaking in their closets, with their shields at the ready and their battle armor on, but with no idea who they are or why they came.

Let me take you right now to the words of the fear mongers, for they create the conspiracies that are everywhere. They're here in the hallway outside, you know? They abound. Anything that happens on the earth right now creates conspiratorial views around everything. Let me tell you this is because when there is no guidance and there appears to be no core-good and no center, conspiracies abound everywhere. When there is no central guidance, information flies in all directions. And the thing that often wins in the darkness is fear. It's strong and with you now. All you have to do is tune in to hear it, for those who like to expound on what you are afraid of will win if you stay in the dark with the others.

Do you now see why we call you Lighthouses? You are Lightworkers who create light so that fear cannot and will not take charge. But some of the Lighthouses that are reading this are consumed with the dark, not realizing that they are their own salvation. They are starving to death, while their pockets are filled with food.

The United Nations is like that. There are many who say it has been relegated as irrelevant. It doesn't work anymore and it shouldn't even be here. That's what they say. They don't know the work it has done in the halls of the building we are in. They don't know the lineage of the workers who have spent their lives here and what they visualized and what they did. Instead, those who would dismiss this organization see instead a perception of what has happened in these last years. Darkness seems to have pervaded the hallways, even into this very group [S.E.A.T.] and then out again [meaning that it was eliminated]. It's everywhere, you see? And there would be those who would say, "This is proof that the world is going into the dumper [Lee's word]. War and struggle is everywhere."

They tell you that these things are not in any prophesy; therefore, it's proof that we have failed. For if we had done well, then scripture would have prevailed and things would have happened as they "should have." Many say it's hopeless. Take a look at Israel and Palestine. "The worst of the worst," they say. The fear mongers say, "Take a look. We now have lost Prime Minister Ariel Sharon." They say, "He was the hope of Israelis." And then against all odds, Hamas won the Palestinian elections! "That is the worst news," they say. "It couldn't possibly be any worse."

Indeed, Lighthouse, what are you going to do with that news? "Look," they continue to say, "it's not getting any better; it's getting much, much worse." And then they say, "Here is the organization you sit in [The United Nations] and you can't do anything about it here either! It's proof," they say, "that everything is going badly and is going to result in the end of everything."

Then they say, "Look at Iran. It won't be long before they have a nuclear capability and the first thing they're going to do is bomb Israel! They have said as much. You'll have a nuclear war in the Middle East!" It's the very thing that would have created Armageddon, so therefore, it has just been postponed. Many say that, you know? Many have said it's going to happen next year [2007]. Even though clearly in scripture it was told how it would happen many years earlier - and now the players aren't even there anymore to create it - the fear mongers want to stick to the old negative news, you see? It somehow feeds the drama of the darkness.

And then they say, "You know, the Mayans and the Aztecs said that in 2012 we'll have the end of time. That means we'll all be gone in a few years!" And that, dear Human Being, is the picture that is painted by so many who watch you and this organization. They look around and all they can see is the darkness.

It's an odd thing about darkness. There are three kinds of Humans who lay in the dark. The first group is the ones who tremble in fear, since they can't see anything. The second group takes advantage of the first one, since they understand that a fearful Human can be controlled. The third group is the one that has a light in their pocket, but are not certain that it will work... afraid to turn it on, since it will show where they are, and they won't be anonymous anymore.

When you tune into your news broadcasts, those are all enhanced with the same information, are they not? It's all bad news. Drama is riveting to the Human Being, and solution is not. That's simple Human nature. That is what you receive in your media, no matter what happens on the planet. Get used to that and listen "in the cracks," so to speak, of what else might also be happening.

Now, I want to tell you about the Lighthouses. I'm going to give you some potentials that some will say is prophecy, but, as we said earlier, it's only a report of what we see as potentials of what you are doing on the planet... something that is not reported by any news media.

We see what you might call under the hood processes... things working within a system that you could not have foreseen and that you will know about only later. There are things that are going on that have vast potential to change everything.

For those conspiratorial ones, let me give you something that you didn't expect. We have spoken of this before, but this is the time to speak of it more clearly. The Illuminati. Are you afraid of them? Do they exist? The answer is, of course, that they do. Conspiratorial ones will say that the Illuminati has been responsible for controlling stock markets, elections, commerce... perhaps even the U.N., for decades. Indeed, there is some truth to all of this because in an old energy, especially one of darkness and fear, this was not difficult by those who controlled shipping and oil.

In a new energy, where light is being turned on and everyone can talk to everyone, it is very difficult. So let me tell you what the Illuminati are doing these days. They are about to change everything and become the earth's "benevolent uncle." Oh, they're still interested in getting money and power, of course, for this is what they do. But they are beginning to realize that the old ways are becoming harder and harder to control. They were based in Greece, but they have moved to Africa.

In a not too secret move, they are moving billions of dollars from Europe to fund the curing of a continent. It is the Illuminati who will supply the funding for curing Africa of AIDS. The funds are there. Oh, Humans! Did you know that? You won't have to worry about that... one of the biggest puzzles of the past decades is on the verge of being funded and solved - the curing of an entire continent.

And why would they do such a thing? Because if they could become part of large, emerging governments, they will be on the ground floor of everything that happens from then on. Part of every tax collected will be theirs, do you understand? When you cure a third-world continent, it begins to fill with healthy Human Beings who can buy homes, have commerce, and trade with other countries by land. Do you understand? They'll have a piece of all of it. Tens of millions of Human Beings will be cured over the next decades. It's unexpected, is it not? Like it or not, it is in the works, and the result will be the saving of millions of lives.

You think that you have something going on with China regarding trade that is unique, don't you? Wait until you see Africa! Imagine, if you will, a continent full of workers that have never had anything to work for in their recent history. What do you think they're going to do? They're going to compete with the champion - China. Watch for this in the future.

This is the potential for those involved in conspiracies. "It's too good." they might say. "It doesn't fit the old norms," they say. The villains of the past are taking on different modes of accomplishing what they need, and often it may actually benefit humanity. We'll leave it to you to decide the "new integrity" of it all, as is your task of free choice. As you have seen in your history, your judgments of "right and wrong" seem to move about with your advancing cultures and awareness. Indeed, welcome to a new energy!

Let me tell you more unexpected good news. This U.N. building and these workers are old. The United Nations is poised for a resurgence, a renaissance with new blood and new people and new ideas and new leadership. It will have gone through the darkness and if history will do what the potentials show it could, there will shortly be no one who could doubt the viability of what they do here in these halls. The delegates come and they go, you know? But the ones who've dedicated their lives who work in the buildings here are going to make the difference. The potentials are here for things that the U.N. has only dreamed about, including those that would bring together groups of different consciousnesses and cultures to ponder and provide solutions.

It's time to do what the U.N. was designed for - not a peacekeeping team with colored helmets, but a group of those who have the wisdom and the light to put things together, shine light on untenable situations to bring them to solution. That is the potential here. It's in the works, as they say, working right now. Still, there are many who say, "I cannot see it, therefore, it does not exist." Is that your reality? Or will you be a Lighthouse that's actually creating the light so these things can happen?

There will always be wars and rumors of wars - it is Human nature. But in the future, there will be fewer of them, and a general stability that has not been present before. The influences that the U.N. might have in bringing many various sides together is very important, and we'll say it again: The more that you trade together, the less tendency to go to war. In fact, a group of countries that is dependent on each other for goods and services can't afford war with one another.

Years ago, we told you two things to watch for in Israel and they're now happening. But the fear mongers don't want you to put this together. We said to you that before Israel and Palestine can put anything together, you have to have two leaders gone from the picture - Arafat and Sharon. They represented old energy enemies chasing each other around the globe for more than 25 years. At some point, both were in their battle uniforms as soldiers, even trying to kill one another. This was before they became leaders of their countries. It's an old energy concept that dies very hard within the Human and we told you that their departure would begin to facilitate a rapid change.

Literally months after my partner brought my message to Israel last year, two things have happened. In the meetings we told you that Israel was going to shift and change greatly, and it now is. Ariel Sharon is gone and Hamas has won the election for the Palestinians. There are those who would say that is awful news. The terrorists who have declared the destruction of Israel have won! But you don't know about Human nature like we do.

 The potential exists for Hamas to morph into something entirely different. We have said this before: Terrorists don't do a good job running a country, you see? When they are faced with turning the electricity on and building schools and hospitals, their former consciousness tools cannot do it. Opportunities are there for them to change or lose power. Oh, it's not going to make them love Israelis. But rather, a new goal may occur to them that asks, "What do we have to do for our people to stay in power? What is our responsibility?" And this will lead them eventually to lose power or change into those who understand that a fast track to getting everything their population really needs is to promote the road to peace. Ironic as it seems, this group may actually be a catalyst that provides the ability for Palestine to have its own state, and even be represented here at the U.N. before long. 

Fear monger, reader, are you understanding this? For us, the reader is as present as the listener, you know? Are you fearing what's going to happen in the world? Are you fearing what's going to happen in Iran, in China? Your perception is only what you see on the news. It's a reflection only in what the leaders say, and their bravado attitudes. It does not represent the "soul" of the population. We'll say it again. Potentials also exist for what we call a soft revolution in Iran and also in China... but not within the same timeline.

The consciousness now is far different than it was 20 years ago, even 10 years ago, and some of the things that you would expect are simple Human nature, but they may shock and surprise you since it is not the old way of things in government. The young people are becoming more active all of the time and there's a lot more of them than there are of you. Don't be surprised if you hear from them in some of these issues you think are being controlled by conspiracy theories. It will boil down to these young ones, you know? Many of them do not agree at all with those who run their respective countries.


Lastly, we will tell you again about 2012. If you will look at the real Mayan and Aztec calendars, you will see what they really had to say. What they foretell are patterns of energy potential that are all part of the time clock of Gaia. They're not calendars at all, as you think of them, but rather energy markers.

2012 represents a renaissance in thought, where light will come onto the planet. This new energy will not support war or the potentials of war. The time that will shift and change is "the old time." Some of you have seen this and you have been in your metaphysical belief long enough to see the changes and the shifts beginning to occur. You know what I'm speaking of.

How many of you consider yourselves Lighthouses? Let me remind you of something we told a group last week: 3D lighthouses on the planet [the actual cement ones] don't know anything about storms. Nothing. They don't know how big a storm is going to be, or how dark it's going to get. They don't know how strong the wind is going to blow, or how long it's going to last. But they and their keepers can see the storm coming, and they know when they're in it. They're built for it, you know? They don't care how dark or how long, since they are built for any duration! They don't care because they've got a light that's strong enough to help anyone troubled by the situation. You see?

That's why you're here! You don't have to analyze this current storm to deal with it. All you have to do is stand where you are and keep the light going. That's why you came to this planet this time, and that's why you're here. Spirit promises you that you have enough light and that your lighthouse will not be destroyed, for it was built for the storm. In fact, it was built for exactly this storm. Do you understand what we're saying? You don't have to understand it and you don't have to figure it all out. The last thing we'd expect a lighthouse to do is to turn off its light, close its doors, and run the other way because the storm is coming. It doesn't make sense, you see? And that's the good news of the age.

These are the potentials we see. And yes, it may get darker before it gets lighter. Remember, 2008 is a pivotal year. We told you that in the year 2000. There are potentials in that year that, if they should manifest, will change much, including what happens in this building.

Are you willing to smile? Are you willing to stand up and strike the light and say, "I don't care what it looks like. I'm not afraid of the storm. I care what it's going to be when I'm done." And that, dear Human Being, is why we love you the way we do.

This has been a message from the angelic realm. It's practical and real. We celebrate you, and the entourage in here celebrates you.

And so it is.