Live Channelling - New York, NY
From Lee Carroll

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This channelling has been "re-channelled" (channel on top of a channel) by Kryon to enhance the meaning of the words that were given live on February 18, 2005 at the United Nations. The information that has been added is subtle and is intended to make it easier for readers to understand the message, which was more clear to the listeners of the live channelling.

"We seek to inspire, inform, enlighten, and uplift your spirits." This is a quote from The Society for Enlightenment and Transformation (SEAT), part of the United Nations Staff Recreational Council (UNSRC), a group of clubs sanctioned by the UN for members, guests, employees, and delegates of the organization. Having previously presented to the group in 1995,1996, and 1998, Lee Carroll was invited again this year to the Dag Hammarskjold Library Auditorium in the UN building in Manhattan, New York to share Kryon’s message. This message is especially significant, as it marks the ten-year anniversary of Kryon’s first visit to SEAT. We thank Lina Arellano, president of SEAT, and Susan Bastarrica, Vice President, for this wonderful opportunity.

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of magnetic service. Indeed we sit in this grand room yet again! It's no accident that you hear this voice here, for the core of this place is the core that will eventually help bring peace on planet Earth. Yet you don't know that at this point. Oh you might hope so, since it's the reason for this building, but you really don't know it.

This is what we wish to describe in these few moments, and this visit, to put a cap on all the things we've said before [referring to previous times Kryon spoke in this building]. This angel [Kryon] will give you the lineage of some energies being delivered to you, and also of some central issues of this very organization. For they are aligned with Spirit.

The year 1987. It's remarkable for what humanity did - what you called the Harmonic Convergence. Did you know that the attributes of the Harmonic Convergence align with the core issues of this United Nations organization? Let me itemize from this list that Humanity has created at a cellular level, what goes on here in the halls [referring to the UN].

Most of those who would attend this building and call it "work" are into everyday humanitarian issues. Humanitarian issues cause a change of consciousness on the planet, and they're what the UN is about. Yet many people forget what you do here, and many feel that this organization may be outdated or ineffectual. I wish to remind you of some things.

Hunger: The elimination of hunger for all humanity has been the UN's goal since the beginning. Through your efforts, thousands of lives have been saved and improved in health. Working around warring neighbors, you continue to feed those in need.

Education: Educating others in their own tongue, so they can speak and read their history and see the wisdom of those who went before is indeed a humanitarian issue. And you create this here!

Disease control: Because of your efforts and the core issues that are here in these hallways, diseases that used to kill tens of thousands no longer occur on this planet. Think about it! Before you walk around wondering whether you've done anything good here, know this: If you belong to these hallways, Earth resounds with what you've accomplished!

Poverty: The elimination of poverty is ongoing. Some have said it's like a cat chasing its tail - it can never happen. Yet it's a goal pursued with vigor. Indeed, it's difficult. Strides are made in one place, but the population increases all the time and keeps you on your toes, doesn't it? But your intent is honored, and the results are seen. And the way you do it is often through education.

Empowering women: You've helped created equality for humanity in cultures that never had it before. Look at the strides you've made! Look at how this is happening on your watch. Even in the last decade, have you not seen the results grow exponentially? Oh dear ones. Before you believe those who would discount what you're doing, look at this.

Economic security: It's a phrase that literally means "a stability of government so that people may have clean drinking water and electricity of their own making in places where they never did before." And you do this.

I just gave you six attributes that are the core of what you do here in these hallways. Then there is the seventh one - the big one. That goal? The elimination of war on the planet... the creation of peace on Earth. And some here might say, "Well, we haven't done very well with that. In fact, the world is in chaos at the moment and it's getting worse." Yes it is, and we told you that it would be. So before you discount these United Nations and declare, "Well, it hasn't been able to accomplish its real goal," I will say that this elusive goal is the most difficult, and will remain so for at least four more years.

The event that happened not far from here, which has been called 9/11, should have validated what we told you in 1989 about the shift at hand. September 11 was not in your prophecy, and you won't find predictions of that event anywhere. It wasn't in the quatrains of Nostradamus (some said is was, and later this was shown to be a hoax). It wasn't in your Scriptures in this culture [The Holy Bible], and yet this one event will shape humanity's future for two full generations... and it's right on schedule. This may not be what you felt you wanted, but sometimes a stick must strike the nest for the awakening of those who are asleep.

How could something that will affect the earth so dramatically be absent from prophesy? The answer is that you're not in the future you designed when you were born! The shift we spoke of - the change of energy on the planet - is here for you to see. Look at the logic in this, and begin to see the truth of it.


The Light Lineage of Earth: A Delivery Schedule

Let me give you the lineage, yet again, of what we call "the delivery of light" on the planet, starting in 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence, as we mentioned when we began. This 1987 event set the stage for a shift. The Harmonic Convergence was the beginning of a powerful and profound reality change for all of humanity. It was filled with the honor of choice for all Humans on the planet.

In 1989, the Kryon "grid group" arrived and began teaching what you might look forward to, and what you might do with a beginning new consciousness. That's when many of you believe Kryon came, but I have been here since the beginning, and you can find those who channelled me even before that time. I told you at that time that the magnetic grid of the planet would be moved, and it has been [this was validated in 2002, see www.kryon.com/grid]. This was to allow your DNA to shift with the new path of Earth. We told you that the grid would be settled in 2002, and that's when the real Kryon work would begin. Those are the attributes of 2002.

In 2003, we gave you the Harmonic Concordance - a bookend to the Convergence in 1987, and a time that represented closure, so that a posturing of energy could remain on the planet. Call it a graduation, if you will.

In 2004 you got the Venus Transit, another implanting of energy into the planet that was a balance of masculine and feminine. And not everyone liked that! In fact, the many who actually create their reality from an old paradigm didn't like it at all. The Venus transit brought the beginning consciousness of a balanced planet, where humanity would start to shift the imbalance between masculine and feminine attributes of the planet. What this means is that Humans will begin to "think differently" about the way things are in regard to this attribute, and begin to change them. But unlike the past, the energy will support these ideas.

Next month, on the fifth of March, there's another delivery. We won't name it at this point, because it has many names within many cultures. It's not necessarily solar-system based, as many of the others were. If you search, you'll find spiritual history that said it could happen. The March 5 delivery will again be subtle like the others, yet not so subtle for Gaia [the energy of the earth]. Call it an "implantation of a feeling of originality to the planet - the original idea of paradise." This, then, is a remembrance energy of the goal of the creation of planet Earth. This will begin to visit you on March 5, 2005. If you're participating in this messages via transcription, you're not too late, for this is a beginning energy and it will be increasing from now on.

Think of these events as a series of lights being given to the planet very slowly, when it needs it the most. Yet some of you might say, would you not, "With all this light, why is there chaos? With all of this light, why isn't there peace on earth?" And now I'm going to give you still another metaphor so that you'll understand better what's happening, and why it's so difficult for any kind of peace at this time.


Metaphor of the Bowl

We give you the metaphor of the bowl: Think of a bowl in the sun, but with a veil upon it. The veil is creating darkness or dimness inside the bowl. In the bowl there are billions of entities dwelling in this darkness. Many of them survive within a "dark paradigm," for they've been in the dark for eons. Some actually "eat" darkness [a standard Kryon metaphor that means that darkness sustains them and their biology]. Therefore, their lives are accustomed to the dark, and depend on it.

These entities, which survive in the dark, stay away from light because they can't survive in the light - not with the "dark biology" they have developed. Now, in this bowl, there are still some who seek the light and hold the light, but they're fewer, since darkness is the way of the bowl, and has been for a very long time. Therefore, those who choose the paradigm of light struggle more. It's a harder life.

Now in this metaphor, we'll say that suddenly the veil is taken away, and the bowl is flooded with light. The very first thing that happens is chaos for those who can no longer find dark sustenance! They'll be very angry that their "norm" has been upset. Next, many more light entities develop in the bowl because they've seen this light and they're absorbing it. Like seeds planted at night, they were waiting for the sun to come up, and they're responding. These are the ones who were never quite pleased with the dim light of the past.

Let me ask you, what would you do if you were one of the dark entities that depended on eating darkness, and suddenly it was tough to find? I know this is a metaphor, but this is simple and understandable. I'll tell you this, dear ones, that when you turn on the light in a place that's been dark for a very long time, all of the ugliness shows! It's like taking an ancient forest and suddenly defoliating it and lifting the rocks up to see what's underneath. Things that have always been there are now showing clearly, but you never knew about them before.

And why is it that this bowl has to be exposed? And why is it that this must take place? It's due to mass decisions from humanity called the Harmonic Convergence, as we discussed, and it started a ball rolling that will flood this planet with light. In the process, many will fall by the wayside, many in chaos, many in anger, and many won't make it. Others will adjust, but the ones who will "feel" the change the greatest will be those who are hearing and reading - the ones who have been waiting for this light. We call them Lighthouses and Lightworkers.

We spoke early about a war between old and new energy. It's before you, and it'll be behind you if you follow the instructions we've been providing you, for peace on earth is attainable in your time! The bowl is the earth, and it's in chaos because it's in great transition. Dear Human Being, it's falling upon you individually to create divinity from within. Individuals who stand in the light will create a large light source. The ones who have been feeding on darkness have a choice, just like you do. Then can understand and accept it - a new paradigm on the planet - or they can fight to the death, and many of them will.... And many of them will.

Years ago we told you that up to one percent of the planet might have to leave before the energy is shifted completely. Later we altered that. The energy had shifted yet again, with you in control, and we told you that although one percent was not needed, many would be lost. We told you that the very earth changes themselves would be involved with some of that, and they were, just recently. Perhaps it didn't seem fair in your eyes, but you got to see it.

In your lifetime, in these last few months, Gaia has shifted more than in the past hundred years, just as we said it would. You think this is an accident? These things are all there for you to see, and many were predicted.

And so we say to you a number of things before we close. The first is this: The greater you hold your light individually, the more the earth will respond wherever you walk. As you increase the light, darkness must recede. And I know we are speaking metaphorically, but it is to say this. Take care of your own integrity, one by one in this grand place, and the place will change! Hold your lights individually, and watch what happens.

And now the prophecy: This is given based upon what's happening right now on the planet. In these next four years this organization may play a major part in disarming a major war. Get ready. Sharpen the tools of negotiation. Hold that light strong, for the thing that the building was built for 60 years ago may very well happen next. It will take place in the grand assembly, where the decisions are made that literally will shape the earth. Do not despair, some of you. You may wonder what's happening, whether your organization is as viable as when it was designed. It is, and it will continue to be. Peace is not "out of date." You're currently going through the winter before the spring. Believe it.

Blessed are the Human Beings who are brought to this place and call it their home, who work in these halls for humanity, for they are greatly blessed and that is why they came. And that is why they came!

And so it is.