KRYON BOOK TEN - A New Dispensation
(Plain talk for confusing times)

ISBN 1-888053-14-3  
2004 - The Kryon Writings, Inc.
Author - Lee Carroll 
$14.98 USA 

What's happening? Many have asked: "I thought these times would be filled with more peace!"

This 408-page book is packed with live channellings from the years 2003 and 2004. We are beginning the "war between old and new energy" that Kryon has spoken of for 15 years. Now we are in it, and are doing the "heavy lifting" for the planet. What's it about? What does it mean? Kryon says, "Do not despair!" These are the times which belong to you, and that you have created. They are the precursor for peace on earth.


Kryon says of himself, "My energy is just like yours: It's angelic, yet it's part physics and part love. And that, dear Human Being, is also the energy at the heart and the center of every atom in the universe."
In this tenth book of their 15-year collaboration, Kryon, through his partner and channel, Lee Carroll, continues to provide his unique combination of love and physics. Using parables and scientific explanations to help us comprehend the multidimensional physical reality, we 're expanding into and becoming aware of our returning journey to our pre-Earth omnidimensional selves, and this multileveled approach satisfies and soothes our hearts, minds, and souls.

Melody O'Ryin Swanson
The Sedona Journal of Emergence!


Introduction - Lee Carroll

Channelling - Lee Carroll

Ascension and the Power of Human Consciousness (Chapter 1)
Channelled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

And So It Begins (Chapter 2)
Channelled in Santa Fe, New Mexico (Kryon Summer-Light Conference)

A New Dispensation (Chapter 3)
Channelled in the Caribbean - The Third Annual Kryon Cruise

Co-Creation Explained - "Singing in the Choir" (Chapter 4)
Channelled in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

What's Happening? (Chapter 5)
Channelled in New Hampshire

Plain Talk (Chapter 6)
Channelled in Dallas, Texas

What's New and What's Not (Chapter 7)
Channelled in Illinois, Wyoming, and Utah

The Mt. Shasta Experience (Chapter 8)
Channelled in Mount Shasta, California

Self-Worth (Chapter 9)
Channelled in Del Mar, California - First Annual Healing Conference

Frustrations Part I (Chapter 10)
Channelled in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Interdimensional Universe (Chapter 11)
Channelled in East Rutherford, New Jersey

Frustrations Part II (Chapter 12)
Channelled in Newport Beach, California

Questions and Answer Forum (Chapter 13)
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Appendix A
(The Names of DNA and Their Hebrew Spellings)

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From Book Ten
(by Lee Carroll)


Despite all the real-world evidence to the contrary, there are many who still believe that channelling is a tool of the devil, an occult experience, and inappropriate in a spiritual setting. This, of course, is information given to us (almost from birth) directly from the oldest and most established religious organizations on the planet.

I believe that the truth is far different, though, and if you've gotten this far in this expla, I congratulate you for your open mind. Some say that simply reading material like this is an affront to God! Most of the Christian doctrines of the planet agree (something they don't normally do) that channelling is bad stuff! They also intimate that if you somehow look at these words long enough, your intelligence will slowly be sapped from you, your logic will go down the tubes, and the entities involved in these messages will take you over (sigh).

Channelling, by its basic definition, is actually the way that all scriptures on Earth were written, the Holy Bible among them. Think about it. When you stop to consider who wrote the Bible, you begin to realize that Humans did. When you then further examine how that all came to be, you begin to understand how channelling worked to bring us spiritual energies back then and perhaps continues to fit into ongoing spiritual information today.

After the death of Christ, the man called Saul became the apostle Paul and a follower. After he had his spiritual experience on the road to Damascus with an angel (who some say was Christ), he was a changed man. With his newfound excitement - and while in prison for his beliefs - he then wrote letters to friends in Ephesia, to his friend Timothy, to the Galactians, and Corinthians, among others. He was a highly spiritual man, one who founded many Christian churches and helped guide the doctrine, but when he was writing letters to friends, he probably had no idea that his words would be seen someday as the holy word of God.

Long after Paul's death, his letters were discovered and slowly became scripture. So, you might ask, what was it that made simple letters to friends become holy scripture? The answer is that it was the energy of the words and the profundity of the information, as seen and examined by other Humans of his faith. This is channelling at its best!

About 1,400 years ago, the prophet Muhammad had a similar experience. He received information directly from an angel, and it spawned the nation of Islam, a huge spiritual belief system on the planet today. By the way, before you go to the next thought, I'd like to remind you of the prophet's basic message: unity! On the record is the fact that this great prophet was to unify the tribes of the Arabs and give them one God, the God of Israel! I tell you this to remind you that in only 1,400 years, you get to see what men of power have done to a divine message that you might not be as familiar with as you are with our Western religions.

The Pope, representing more than one billion Catholics on the planet (almost a sixth of the world's population), also channels (but don't tell him that). The church authorizes a system where he sits in the "Chair of St. Peter" (a Vatican relic) and gives spiritual information. This information, according to ancient church doctrine, is absolutely infallible at the moment the Pope gives it (not later after processing), and comes directly from God. The process is called Excathedra (Latin for "from the chair") and it's the Pope... channelling!

Charismatic Christians have a real-time information system called Glossolalia, or "speaking in tongues," whereby one person gives a message in a worship service in a strange language that they don't know, and another will often stand and interpret it. When it's not a show (sometimes it is), these messages are uplifting, and are accepted as messages from God - channelling, once again.

The actual definition of channelling is "the word of Spirit (or God) as given to a Human or Humans for their enlightenment and information." In recorded history, it was often given by a messenger-angel who started the conversation with "Fear not." (I always wondered about that until I realized that having an interdimensional creature unexpectedly show up, walking through walls, might be a very frightening experience!) Those two words also carry a larger message: An angel of God will never give you a message of fear. It's often one of liberation, escape, fulfillment, action instructions, or just plain joy! Today's channelling messages haven't changed in this respect, in that they're still often given by an angelic entity who first speaks of the love of God.

If I'm allowed some "plain talk" here, let me speak about something else. First of all, "plain talk" is what normal folks do, and it's not often reflected by politicians, ministers, priests, or anyone else in the public eye. Today's climate of "correct speech" assures that absolutely the fewest people possible will be offended. That also results in a climate where nothing is explained well or gets done, and where honest feelings and opinions are never really known.

So if I offend you, just sit there a moment and breathe... you need to know that my truth is my truth. If your truth is different, know that I respect and honor your intelligence and also your right to voice it, as I do mine. I don't know if that will help, but perhaps your reading experience will be a better one if you know that I'm not presenting my thoughts as anything but thoughts. I'm not evangelistic. This discussion isn't given in order to provide anyone with still another spiritual box that they're supposed to climb into, throwing away everything they believed.

True New Age thought isn't evangelistic. It's a philosophy, not a religion, which explains to some degree why the New Age has no organization, church, or written doctrine. Instead, it encompasses all faiths and invites them to receive updated information, allowing them to potentially become stronger in their spiritual experience because of it. It doesn't tear down anything or become empirical in presenting new sets of spiritual rules. If my discussion ever sounds that way, then forgive me, but I'm excited to share my truth... just like Paul was, except I don't want you do join anything.


If there was ever an outcast group within Christianity, it's the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS). Now that's not a negative statement, it's just the truth. Ask any Mormon about this. It's unfortunate, but the LDS church isn't even considered a Christian church in some circles (but it obviously is). Now before you write me another letter (I get lots, so it probably won't make a difference), understand that I'm very familiar with the Mormon faith. My sister's family is Mormon, and I have very good friends who are both active and formerly active members (elders) of the LDS church. Some regularly host me for meetings in Utah.

I refer to this group because the overview of its lineage is actually quite ironic in this discussion. The Mormon church is considered negatively by Christian organizations because its founder, Joseph Smith, had the audacity (I'm being cute here) to actually look around and decide that the Bible was outdated for his culture. The world had changed, he felt, and through his writings, he gave additional information (given by an angel) to extend the Bible (The Book of Mormon) and give Humans updated information. Therefore, he's considered (by the LDS church) to be a modern-day prophet. Where did he get his information? He received it from angelic sources (channelling). He was also killed for it and never made it to Utah, yet the church survived and prospered. However, if you told Mormons that Joseph Smith was a channeller, they too might be offended.

It's also interesting that the LDS church is the only Christian doctrine that believes that your soul is "out there" waiting to be born into a spiritual family on Earth. Part of the seemingly odd and unusual ceremonies they do for the dead in their temples is simply an honoring of the family and a spiritual blessing (baptism) of souls they feel are very much still with us, or at least waiting for us somewhere. Although this isn't reincarnation, it gives credibility to a soul that is eternal in both directions (Kryon's way of saying that the soul always was and always will be). Most of the rest of Christianity's doctrine has the soul created (or completed) at birth somehow, then it becomes eternal after you die. (This never made spiritual sense to me, even as a child in Sunday school.)
The past: Here's where Human nature takes over. Every single one of the faiths I've mentioned above considers new spiritual information from outside their own sources to be inappropriate and not permissible. Many have considered this attribute of religion to be a struggle between men for control and power rather than a real article of faith.

The clerics of Islam walk a tightrope as they dispense the prophet's words, too. They'd better not add to it or have original, modern thinking or they'll lose out on their power (or more). Their task is to only reflect or interpret what the prophet taught. Even so, like all the other religions, over time many kinds of Islamic teachings emerged with differing views of what the prophet's words really meant.

In Saudi Arabia, Mohammed ibn Abd Wahhab founded Wahhabism, which is still the major (and official) Islamic religion for that country. In Wahhabism, not only can't they add to what the prophet said, but there's no provision for tolerance or any Human rights. If you disagree and are a Muslim, you could be a target for fatwa (on a list to be killed). This is all sanctioned by their belief in a prophet who taught unity! Not all Islam is this way, but it's still amazing to many of us raised in the West that so many disciples of a modern religion (less than 1,500 years old) don't recognize the tolerance of God, and at least allow others to have their own faith. Instead, nonbelievers are infidels and therefore deserving of elimination (jihad). All this is to say that here is one huge, modern religion that's absolutely anchored in the past.

Most of the largest religions on Earth want you to adhere to what was said by their originators, and nothing else. It has to come from history to be valid, even if it was just normal spiritual people writing to friends long ago. So new information is not usually allowable, and the prevailing thought is that there's plenty in all the writings of the past to keep you on track in your faith. Here is where I, and many others, depart from that traditional thought.

Does it make spiritual sense that all communication with Spirit (God) stopped more than a thousand years ago, and that we're supposed to believe that God went behind a curtain and stayed there? No more updates? No more messages from angels or prophets? For some reason known only to the highest spiritual leaders, God stopped talking, so we have to search the scriptures for answers to today's situations, or go find a priest or minister to explain it all. Some solve this problem by asking the Holy Spirit to give them answers, but these are only for the moment and do not represent new scriptures or new paradigms.

Our current "situation," by the way, is way past any prophecy in any scripture, anywhere. The Armageddon didn't happen (if you noticed), and even the book The Late Great Planet Earth, a full explanation of the Holy Bible's Book of Revelation referring to current times, is "past its ‘sell by' date" (a joke referring to products that spoil), according to an article in Time magazine in July of 2002. In other words, the prophecy didn't happen, so the book that explained it can no longer be considered relevant. We're in a New Age, navigating new spiritual paths with very old spiritual information.

This process of only trusting what "was said," unfortunately, has us searching very old history books, written by the spiritual leaders and prophets of very old cultures, in order to help us with our current-day struggles. And here's the rub: If you truly believe that you can only use past spiritual writings to judge what you're supposed to do today, then you're not going to be very popular! Slavery is still fine (according to the prophet Muhammad), and if you're a Christian, you'll find that it's okay to kill your neighbor if you find him working on the Sabbath (Exodus 35:2), and you can sell your own daughter into slavery (Exodus 21). Also, eating shellfish is an abomination to God (Leviticus 10:10).

See where this is going? In other words, these things that are obviously way out of touch with today's consciousness are soft-peddled in the largest doctrines, promoting a system where you get to "pick and choose" which scripture is relevant and which is not. That alone might indicate that perhaps some are outdated. So, should there be updates? We think so.

So who's qualified? I guess this is another big question. Even if mainstream religion allowed channelling, there would be tremendous argument over who could do it. First, you'd probably have to be dead, and then someone would have to find your writings in a cave. And it would help if the writings were found in an exotic place such as a long-lost library in Tibet instead of an abandoned mine in Arkansas. Again, this is Human nature... to honor only those who are gone who wrote something profound in the past... which was found in a significant place.

There is also the argument that if God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, then sacred writings of the past should carry us through. That sounds logical, since there would be no need for an update. All that's written should be a complete enough explanation of an unchanging God. This is fine for God, but what about us? We change, and our cultures change. Humanity also has a dynamic ability to change the planet's path (according to the Old Testament prophet Isaiah) and when that happens, doesn't it beg the question for new information about our relationship to God? When the prophecies of Revelation didn't happen, did anyone think that perhaps humanity changed something? If so, then what's next? God may stay the same, but we don't. If we were static in our spiritual evolution, never changing and always the same, it might be different.

Some have indicated that the study of their spirituality is the "water of life." If this is so, then most of the planet is drinking from a very old, stagnant well, with no inflow of fresh water.

The channellers of today don't believe the old paradigm of having to be "dead to be read." They also don't believe they're the apostle Paul - or the Pope - either. What many of us believe is that channelling is a blessed, authorized, informal, and personal link between God and humanity. We believe that we receive updated information about a changing earth, ourselves, and about new communications with God. We also believe that it's for everyone, and that anyone can channel. Much channelling is personal, just for the individual.

Also, you don't normally find us trying to create a new Bible (there are exceptions) or new empirical truths for anyone to cling to, throwing away their former beliefs. We don't want to be gurus, start a cult, have followers, be worshiped, or start new churches either. (Again, as in anything involving people, there are noted exceptions.) It's about information that would personally enable another person. It's information without the paradigm of a structured church, given in love for anyone to ponder, consider, and act upon.

The Kryon books are presented in this way, as "loving information to enhance the Human Being." All the books combined try to help explain the relationship of God-to-Human, and not much more. In the process, people get to "see" their spirituality better, make better choices for themselves, and come into a loving partnership with others and the planet. They make better partners in love and in business. They make better parents and teachers, and are more likely to see compromises in difficulty and solutions in drama. They are the ones we often look toward to solve problems between countries, and to avoid war. They are the ones we wish were our politicians! Isn't it nice to meet a balanced person who radiates tolerance and love, yet doesn't spout doctrine at you or want you to sign up for some organization or give them money? It's a person who listens to you and whom you feel safe with. That's what we're talking about.

Perhaps this is just a bit different from the idea of an evil entity who will capture your soul if you're not careful, taking you to dark places. Maybe it's time to update the perception of channelling as something honored as much as going to church. Okay... maybe that's a dream, but hey, I'm one of those who believes in the Human Being's ability to cut through some of the old ways and come out with a better balance of thought. I want to be considered one of those authors who speaks to the smarter parts of people, and not one who talks down to the lowest common denominator (as in advertising or politics). I guess you could say that I believe in humanity and the changes in Human nature that I'm seeing. I'm also an optimist who believes that we're actually built for peace on Earth, and that we're beginning to understand this. Our commercial news reflects the pain of a changing consciousness on Earth - a pruning of an old paradigm and the beginning of another - not the end of everything.

For me, I believe that God is alive and well within the Human spirit... able and willing to have a divine conversation with ordinary Human Beings. My God is not behind a curtain. My God celebrates me as part of the "whole of God," and therefore I'm part of God. My God lives through me every day and creates joy in my life, since I'm part of all creation. Kryon is an angel. He/she gives me information about the planet that's uplifting, current, often validated, and always loving. I appreciate being in a place where I can share the love of God with humanity. I appreciate being in a place where your eyes can meet my words, and a kind of author-reader friendship can be kindled between us as members of the same spiritual family.

Reader, I honor you.

Lee Carroll

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