KRYON BOOK NINE - The New Beginning
(2002 and Beyond)

ISBN 1-888053-09- 7  
2002 - The Kryon Writings, Inc.
Author - Lee Carroll


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The event of 9-11 changed our lives forever. This book is organized around the event, with channelling up to and right after the September tradgedy. Did Kryon give us hints? What was the message the day it happened? There is much insight here, and also some potential things to think about? Was it a surprise to God? ... or something we had given permission for long ago?

This 384 page book is packed with live channellings from the years 2001 and 200, including Kryon's Israel message delivered in Tel Aviv. Becoming interdimensional is the main subject, with a great many very personal loving solutions to every-day questions. See the line-up below.


"Filled with more heartwarming channellings from the angelic being "Kryon," [this book] enables us, gives us a hug, and paints a picture of hope for Earth. During a time of intense unrest on the planet, The New Beginning points to previous Kryon work that spoke of this unrest...even of the event we call 9-11. "As go the Jews, go Earth," is what Kryon has said over and over. Now we get to see this played out as the old energy is wrung out, and the new energy is invited in. It's not over till it's over, and there is so much promise presented here! The New Jerusalem is about to be created."

The Leading Edge Review...
Summer 2002


From the Writer (Preface)
Lee Carroll

Bernie, the Bird Who was Afraid to Fly (Just for Kids)

The Catalyst For Miracles (Chapter One)
Channelled in Chicago, IL

The Unseen Energy Around You (Chapter Two)
Channelled in Santa Fe, New Mexico (Kryon Summer Light Conference)

A New Beginning - Kryon in Israel (Chapter Three)
Channelled in Tel Aviv, Israel

The Interdimensional Human Being - Part II (Chapter Four)
Channelled in New Hampshire

The Return (Chapter Five)
Channelled in Buena Park, California - Kryon Home-Base Seminar

Nine Attributes of Spiritual Growth (Chapter Six)
Channelled in Buena Park, California - Kryon Home-Base Seminar

The Unity of Humankind (Chapter Seven)
Channelled in Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Tragedy of September 11, 2001
Notes on the event, and the message from Kryon

The Circle of Energy from the ‘Ordinary’ Human (Chapter Eight)
Channelled in San Francisco, California/Denver, Colorado

The Evolution of Earth and Humanity (Chapter Nine)
Channelled in New Hampshire

Explaining the Unexplainable (Chapter Ten)
Channelled in Newport Beach, California - Kryon Home-Base Seminar

Time and Reality (Part III) (Chapter Eleven)
Channelled in Orlando, Florida

The Nine Fears (Chapter Twelve)
Channelled in New Orleans, Louisiana & Lyon, France

The Fourteen Questions (Chapter Thirteen)
Channelled in Reno, Nevada

Questions from the Readers (Chapter Fourteen)
From the Kryon Emagazine, "Inthespirit"

The Rainbow Filter (Chapter Fifteen)
Dealing with an Expanded Consciousness
Article by Jan Tober

The African Experience (Chapter Sixteen)
Introduction by Marc Valée

Preface for Book Nine
(by Lee Carroll)

From the writer . . .

Greetings to the readers of the Kryon series, and also to those who are just beginning the Kryon experience. This is the ninth Kryon book, and perhaps the most profound in the series, as far as fitting into the new paradigm of Earth energy is concerned.

For those not familiar with all of the Kryon information, it's important to provide a brief explanation. Kryon is an angelic entity . . . an Earth helper, and not an energy that has ever been a Human on our planet. His purpose (we refer to Kryon with a male pronoun simply for ease of usage) is to explain how things are changing, how things work, and also to honor and celebrate the Human experience. Every message contains instructions and explanations about what is happening. Each parable is about us. Each channelling is uplifting, loving, and helpful.

Many feel that this it's just too weird to have a Human Being channel messages from an angelic being. Even though angels have been speaking to Humans all through recorded spiritual history, if you report that you're speaking to entities and angels today, then it somehow puts you into the "spooky group." I often wonder what all this will look like in 100 years. Will it then become sacred and acceptable?

Somehow, historic events, no matter how unrealistic they seem to be, are often completely accepted as spiritual history. Present experiences of the same exact kind will often put you in the loony bin. I guess it's just Human nature to discount anything that doesn't have the stamp of approval of historic significance.

To me, Kryon has given us the blueprint for the exact energy we find ourselves in right now. All of the information leading up to our millennium, plus the recent events of the last year, have been given to us as hints, parables, and especially as numerological metaphoric energies, ready to be interpreted.

Twelve years ago in Kryon Book One, The End Times, Kryon told us that we had changed the paradigm of the future on Earth. We had voided the Armageddon as prophesied, and were headed toward the potential of a new consciousness on the planet . . . one of great promise. He indicated that the magnetic grid of Earth would change to accommodate our new abilities (it did—see page 209) and he told us that all the wars in the coming times would tend to be tribal (they seem to be).

Then he said that up to one percent of Earth's population might have to leave to accomplish all this—hardly a feel-good fact (Book One, page 97)! Do you remember this statement on page 101 regarding the future?

"… many will terminate and return with new powers. Also, the transition to this new age of self determination and power will be filled with changes. Things will not remain the same for any of you…"

He also gave us a date of 1999, telling us that this was a time when we might have an unbalanced leader creating chaos (Book One, page 23). This could have referred to Bosnia, or to what recently happened on 9-11. All of this was given within the first Kryon book more than a decade ago.

Indeed, communism fell over all by itself in the late 1980s, and there was no nuclear war. The time line for the Armageddon as prophesied, passed, and many were aware that we were headed in a new direction—one that nobody had foreseen.

As these books unfolded into the new millennium, Kryon gave us a great deal of personal information and methods for finding the divinity within ourselves. He always indicated that peace on Earth began with individual work, and gave us invitations to change our DNA. Within the books, he told us of the profundity of the 11:11 many times, where Humans had given permission to change the prophesied end. Then came Book Eight, the last one, Passing the Marker.

As I've indicated before, Kryon Book Eight probably gave us more information about what we're experiencing now than any other. Kryon told us that in the coming times there would be "no more fence sitting" (Book Eight, page 217). This meant that there could be no more "in-between" attitudes regarding what was happening on the planet—that the old vs. the new would create this.

Many would be "torn off the fence," Kryon said. He also indicated a "pull backwards" of apparent stability and peace, and even predicted the potential of the uprising of Israel in 2000 (Book Eight, page 182). He used the term "spiritual rage" for the first time as well, and also told us that we were in for a battle between the old and new. He said, "Don't be shocked and surprised if that war is not over. In fact, in some cases, the battle has just begun" (Book Eight, page 183)!

I think all of us were shocked and dismayed at the events of 9-11 (11-9 to Europeans). For America, this is a new measuring point . . . a place in time where many will see an ending or a beginning. You don't have to be New Age or metaphysical to see the profound energy that this event has created in our society. Many are calling it the "Pearl Harbor" of this generation, and from here on, events in current American history may be looked at as "before and after the 9-11." Just the date itself has now become an icon, an abbreviation of indescribable sorrow, horror, anger, change, and even perhaps, promise.

Although there wasn't one 900-number psychic or drugstore tabloid that predicted it, many have asked if there were hints from Kryon over the last decade that perhaps we were in for this kind of change. I now feel that 9-11 was on our "radar screen" of potential since 1987. Now we're beginning to realize the significance of our 11:11 experience, where we were asked as a group of humanity if we would give permission to move Earth into the next level (as described in Kryon Books One, Three, Six, and Seven). Could we have helped to create this tragedy? Could we have actually collectively given permission for it? This is a tough question to ask. It's a hard thing to consider . . . that we might all have a spiritual, cellular responsibility for what happened.

In August, a few weeks before the 9-11 tragedy, the Kryon channelling in Vancouver was about world unity (reprinted in Chapter Six in this book). Listen to what Kryon said about the United States: (full transcription on page 169)

"The United States is currently in its greatest learning period. Things cannot remain the same. Honored are those who understand that changes which are important are afoot. The biggest changes in all of these places will be the old vs. the new. We're here to tell you that the Human Being who sits here and who reads these words is the one who can change this. It cannot stand as it is. The potential for the most profound creative changes come in the year of the three." (2001)

I personally feel that hints were given all along regarding the potentials of our 11:11 permission, resulting in the 9-11 event. I have been told that there is no such thing as predestination. Instead, there are "manifested potentials." Since there is no future to Spirit (God), and no past, then the very thought of predictions are moot. Yet prophets cooperate with our idea of linear time, and still give them. They are, therefore, giving potentials, not absolutes. To Kryon (a premise given later in this book), everything is in the "now." What happens is a potential, waiting to be manifested or not, and is an energy that develops into our reality . . . in our linear time frame . . . which is based upon a combination of our past and future intents. We totally control it.

Along with many others, I received the facts below on the Internet right after the disaster. It's a short list of the obvious "synchronicity of the 11’s." Coincidence? Take a good look.

The synchronicity of the 11’s

      • The date of the attack: 9-11 (or 11-9) - 9+1+1 = 11
      • September 11th is the 254th day of the year: 2+5+4 = 11
      • After September 11th, there are 111 days left to the end of the year.
      • 119 is the area code to Iraq/Iran. 1+1+9 = 11
        (It's also the date in European denotation)
      • Twin Towers—standing side by side, look like the number 11
      • The first plane to hit the towers was Flight 11
      • State of New York—the 11th state added to the Union
      • New York City—11 letters
      • Afghanistan—11 letters
      • The Pentagon —11 Letters
      • Ramzi Yousef—11 Letters (convicted of orchestrating the bombing attack on the WTC in 1993)
      • Flight 11 had 92 passengers on board—9+2 = 11
      • Flight 77 had 65 passengers on board—6+5 = 11

Those in metaphysics always look at the numbers . . . always. Consider this: The only two numbers that were defined and explained in Kryon Book One in 1989 were 9 and 11! The information given was about completion and permission. It's now becoming clear what this all means. Also remember this: The number of the "beast" was given as 666=18=9. Could it be that what we are seeing was also prophesied in veiled ways in scripture? Nine represents completion. Remember that most scripture is written in metaphors. According to Gregg Braden, even the prophet Isaiah told us that we had the ability to change the future.1 I believe we just have.

Kryon has now indicated that through Human free choice, we have opted to advance the process of creating unity on the planet . . . that this tragedy will be seen in history as the turning point for planetary change. In this light, therefore, we see a glimpse of how heretofore unthinkable things might happen—that nations might come together and form coalitions to agree on what "civilization on Earth" will permit and not permit—that millions may have just been "torn off the fence" through spiritual rage, and that they will have to decide one way or the other what energy they are going to join or not join.

I was in a hotel room in September 30th where I watched two interviews at separate times on separate networks. One was of Secretary of State Colin Powell. The other was the King of Jordan, His Majesty King Abdullah II. During these separate interviews, both men spoke the exact phrase.. "It's time to get off the fence." I almost fell out of my chair! Here were Kryon's exact words coming to pass in current events. It's not the first time.

The energy we are seeing today is what Kryon spoke of time and time again, and over this last decade it has been published for all to read. Now that this new energy begins, and is of our own creation and free will, it will allow for that elusive phrase to come about . . . the eventual creation of The New Jerusalem. Kryon also said these words over and over: "As go the Jews, go Earth." Perhaps we are beginning to see how this all fits?

In Israel in 2000, I stood on stage during my afternoon lecture period and told an audience something that had been given to me by Kryon. I said that nothing productive would happen with their situation until the "draw to zero." I honestly didn't know what that phrase indicated. I got many questions and e-mails from Israel afterwards about exactly what those words meant. Did it mean a full war in their region? Did it mean annihilation? I didn't know. It was only after 9-11 that I fully understood that draw to zero meant ground zero. Nobody . . . not one person in that meeting, felt that the phrase would eventually relate to an event in Manhattan in the USA. Now it's clear.

If you own Kryon Book Eight, go take a look at the ISBN number (the computer code book number given on the back of the book). ISBN numbers are randomly generated and given to publishers by the book categorization industry to identify published works. The purpose is for inventory control and industry identification. The first part of an ISBN number is the publisher's "master number," and is always the same. The last two fields of the number represent the unique identifier for the book . . . or to a metaphysician, it's the energy of the book. The particular number identifying Kryon Book Eight, Passing the Marker, is 11-9. Coincidence? Maybe. But how many coincidences regarding these numbers are needed before we admit that perhaps messages are being given? Look what random page the 911 information ended up in this book! (182)

What's next? We still have free choice. Suddenly, however, we must decide to either wallow in the old ways, or clean up our Earthly act. We have until 2012, according to Kryon. Whatever our energy then, will be our "stamp of intent" for Humanity.
I have said it before: Someday I will go home. When I do, I wish to have a meeting with thousands of our family who were lost on 9-11. I want to tell them that what they did made a difference for hundreds of millions on Earth, for their future children, and for the Universe. Then I want to hug each one and sing a hero's song . . . one with lyrics about the 11:11 . . . the day that Humans decided what they really wanted on Earth, and took control to create it.

What's in this book
This book is organized into sections with respect to what happened before and after the 9-11 experience. Just like the last book was organized before and after the millennium change, this one has a similar configuration, but for entirely different reasons. As in the past, the majority of the book is transcribed from live channellings from all over the world.

Just for Kids: What better way to start a book than with humor and fun? Here is a channelling from the past (formerly thought lost), of Bernie the Bird! This is one of the only live channellings done before children, and given especially for kids (but really for all of us). We present a story about Bernie, the bird who was afraid to fly. This was first presented in the Sedona Journal of Emergence in 2001. It was originally channelled in 1998 in Dallas, Texas. I'm glad we found it!

Chapters 1 through 7 present the channellings before the event of 9-11.

Chapters 8 through 13 present channellings given after the 9-11 event, up through April of 2002.

Chapter 14 represents real questions from the readers, something we originally published on the Kryon on-line magazine.

Chapter 15 is a short article from Jan Tober about expanded consciousness. Did you ever felt you "stuck out" or actually called attention to yourself in a crowd because of vibrating at a higher level? If so, you're not alone. "The Rainbow Filter" may be the answer to becoming "invisible!"

Chapter 16 is a real-life story of Fété and Clément, two Lightworkers who tell an amazing story about their escape from Africa. Theirs is a story of trust and faith in Spirit, and a touching tribute to what happens when you use our gifts of intuition and light. This was presented live in Montreal in 2001, at a Kryon conference given by hosts Marc and Martine Vallée.

As I write this Preface, I wish to invite you to our Website. It's a winner, with a brand-new E-magazine that's free to all. Designed and edited by graphic professionals Barbara and Rob Harris, it has become a favorite place for many Lightworkers to visit in the last year. According to our automated Website diagnostics, more than 12,000 unique visits a day are recorded on this newly designed site. In addition to the new magazine, there are channellings (or course) a chat room, an area to search for others in your area of like mind, information about people and books, a full schedule of all of our upcoming events, and much more. Our Website philosophy is a non-invasive one. We don't keep track of who visits; we don't ask for money (ever); we don't take e-mails or names, and there's nothing to join. We just want you to feel free to visit, read, explore, and come away with a loving feeling of family. Simple.

Contributing to the E-magazine regularly will be myself, Jan Tober (co-founder of the Kryon work and my presenting partner in the large seminars worldwide), Todd Ovokaitys, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, our editor Barbara Harris, and many others who are writing articles about science, pets, the law, humor, astrology, crop circles, energy work, and (of course) The Indigo Children. In addition, the magazine offers current and updated questions and answers from Kryon, current news, and a nifty scrapbook of photos taken at all our large seminars.

Here is something else some of you may not realize. Do you really have to wait a full year or more to read the latest Kryon channellings? The answer is no.

Every month, a publication called The Sedona Journal of Emergence, carries the latest Kryon channelling. So, you can have the best of both worlds: Each month you can read the latest Kryon channelling, and then when a book is published like this one, you can then have the best ones all together in one place, often with my commentary scattered around them.

The web site for The Sedona Journal of Emergence is: [].

Dear reader, again I am filled with joy to be able to bring you loving information and compassionate words from a wonderful angel named Kryon. Non-evangelistic in nature, this decade-old work is meant to present concepts, not doctrine. It goes beyond organized spirituality and invites you to "peel the onion" of duality to discover the core of divinity in each of you. It is not meant to compete with organized religion, but to offer enhancements and further understanding of the Human spirit. The message is one of empowerment for the Human race and the individual.

Who is that? It's the individual whose eyes are on this page. Thank you for your support.

—Lee Carroll

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