(From Chapter One of KRYON BOOK 7)

 Chapter 1 is very special. It's a short message from me (just seven pages) about what the New Age is. Do you have any friends who are worried about you, wondering if you have "gone off the deep end"? Ask them to read the first seven pages in the next chapter. It won't hurt them, and it doesn't evangelize the New Age. It's just an explanation to help them understand who we are. Here is a hint: They may not wish to hold this weird, spooky book, so just copy the seven pages and give it to them (I give you permission to right here). Read it yourself first, so you are comfortable with the fact that I am indeed speaking for you.

It's no accident that this chapter is first. I wanted this message to be the initial one in the book, and it's from me. You will be hearing from Kryon soon enough, but this is a very human communication. It's a long-overdue discussion of the New Age, and it is presented here mostly for those who are curious (as I used to be).

Perhaps one of your friends has asked you to read this portion of the book - to help you understand what they are "into" these days. Perhaps you are worried that they have joined a cult of some kind? You won't have to read any other part of this spooky, channelled book to understand your friend, and this information isn't presented to make you change your religion. Its purpose is only to inform you, and perhaps along the way, to eventually change your tolerance level. 

So who is writing this? Okay, I'm the channel, and author of this book, but before I got "weird," I was a very logical 20-year audio engineer and "straight thinker." I still feel that I'm a straight thinker - just a weird one. Being an engineer does not automatically exempt me from free spiritual thought, and my intuition regarding spiritual matters finally won out over what I was taught from birth about God. It became very logical to me, even more than the myths of history.

Many hear the words "New Age" and have a whole bunch of predetermined, market-driven perceptions of what it's all about. Some immediately think of flying saucers, cults, astrology, tarot, alien autopsies, past lives, and hordes of people lined up to go to their psychic. I won't deny that many of these things play a part in the overall picture of the New Age, because they do. But first, let me give you some other perspectives.

Please identify the belief attached to the following: Jonestown; Waco Branch Dividians; Heaven's Gate (suicide cult that, in death, went to join up with a flying saucer behind the Hale Bopp comet); and a Denver cult that is in Israel right now (5/99) waiting for the millennium change so that their leader can die in the streets of Jerusalem and come back from the dead three days later.

Strange and head-shaking stuff, huh? The belief associated with all of these? Christianity. What? That wasn't your perception? The Jonestown and the Waco group were originally followers of Christian gospel preachers. The Denver cult in Israel right now is called "Concerned Christians." The Heaven's Gate folks were not New Age, even though it was reported that they were by all the news networks and national magazines. I guess when you commit suicide in order to board an invisible flying saucer behind a comet, you automatically become New Age! The facts show that the Heaven's Gate cult was a self-professed Christian group! Their web-site said as much, and on it they quoted the Bible, and Jesus. It was available for all to see for about a week after they left.

Why tell you this? Because obviously mainstream Christianity isn't at all like these isolated, dramatic groups. Mainstream Christianity has integrity, does not promote cults, and presents a very loving invitation to join a family-oriented, love-based religion. But the kooks are indeed there - big time.

The New Age belief isn't about cults and weirdoes either, but since we also have our share - okay, more than our share - that's often the only press we receive. There is a reason why this happens, and why there isn't much resistance to this kind of reporting.

First of all, we are not evangelistic. So, if you are the skeptical person who has been asked to read this by a friend, know this: When you're finished, your friend isn't going to ask you to join anything, make a life decision, kneel down and meditate, go to a channelled meeting, get a reading, or even finish the rest of this book! They would probably just be happy if you told them that now you understand them a bit better - and love them more.

The New Age is not a religion, and there is no accompanying doctrine for you to study. It is, instead, a world philosophy. There is no central building that New Age folks have built with common contributions. In fact, there is no centralized control or headquarters of any kind. That's why we have no political clout to bring to bear against those who would ridicule us. We don't have an organization! We have no lobby in Congress. 

There is no priesthood or ministerial program - no approved schools or even courses that graduate ordained New Age pastors. There are no elders or deacons, and no programs for teachers to be trained in the church. Oh, by the way, did I tell you that there is no church? That means we don't have any New Age parochial schools for children, with New Age teacher influences. We have no single person whom we call "leader," whom we can turn to for advice when things get tough. We have no sacred shaman, present or past.

There is nothing to join, nobody to follow, and no central book that explains what we believe! There are no regular meetings, no syndicated television programs, no ministries to support, and no rules to follow. Some cult, huh?
Oh yes - and there is no place to send your money.

Well, you might say, it sounds pretty wishy-washy. Yep. It did to me, too, until I realized what was happening. The New Age philosophy pulls upon an intuitive knowledge that we believe every Human alive possesses. And within this knowledge there is incredible singularity!

No matter where the Kryon team travels on this globe, thousands of people come to our seminars who fully understand this "wishy-washy" philosophy as though all the centralized buildings and teachers were there! There seems to be wisdom at the cellular level that understands even some of our weirdest concepts. No matter what language is spoken, or what culture, or how many there are, the people somehow intuitively "know" what we teach. They "own" it, too. Almost item by item, our belief system has a group understanding as though it was all written down somewhere - inside.

You might say, "Okay, you just gave me a laundry list of what you are not. Then, what are you?"

We are a group of Humans with a philosophy that teaches that all of us go through life cycles. Indeed, this means past lives. We believe that there are no accidents, but rather challenges or lessons that we actually help create at some spiritual level. That means that we believe in taking responsibility for everything in our lives. A mainstream New Age believer would never join a cult, never follow a leader in a suicide, and never sit around blaming others for who they are. A New Age believer is aware that there is tremendous power within the Human Being. Self-Worth is taught, as well as how to work through fear and uncertainty. Human enablement is the key, and "intent to create positive change in our lives" is our mantra.

We believe that there are forces at work that can balance Humans using energy. We regularly use hands-on healing and energy work to balance others in order to help them heal. We pray for others, meditate for world peace, and strive toward attaining wisdom that will allow us to love one another no matter what.

Hey! What about the flying saucers? Even Shirley Maclaine talked about UFOs.

It's not a big deal. If they are there, then so be it. Following flying saucers and being abducted is not a staple of the New Age philosophy; in fact, most abductees are not New Age believers. Many of us believe that there is other life in the universe, and that there is a great chance that we even have some of their biological evolution. Pretty weird, huh? (By the way, scientists are beginning to believe that there is a good chance of "life exchange" from planet to planet through the visits from one astral body to another of comets, asteroids, and even meteors). We can't prove this any more than Christians can prove heaven and hell, or prove that the Pope is divine. I mention this as a comparison, not to pass judgment on another belief.

We believe that today's weirdness is tomorrow's science - perhaps even tomorrow's religious doctrine if someone finds out how to build a church around it. A decade ago, science said that God is dead and that there was no evidence of other life in the universe. Today (according to a recent issue of Newsweek magazine), science has "found" God! There is positive evidence that life could exist, and as of this writing, astronomers have discovered a multitude of planets outside our solar system! Yesterday's (1980) New Age weirdness has become mainstream science (1999). We believe that there is much of our "intuitive" teaching that will be validated over time, since it is happening all around us even as I write this.

We do not pass judgment. We believe that to "love one another" means tolerance of belief. We celebrate another's miracle within their belief system. We honor the pure search for God, no matter what course it takes or what the "name is on the door" of the building. Many New Age believers attend church regularly. To be in the New Age belief does not mean that you have to throw away your love for Jesus or Elijah or any other master, either (just in case anyone told you that). We are joyful when things are in balance, and we willingly join together with anyone in any religious belief system who will pray with us for a common humanitarian goal. We don't make others "wrong." We don't tell our believers that God smiles only on us. We encourage the search for the true essence of God!

We believe in taking care of our own personal spirituality as the catalyst to changing the planet. We do not believe that our work is to change others. Each individual will decide that for him or herself. Many who briefly look into our beliefs find it difficult to grasp, since there is no structure, no rules, and no doctrine. Some have called us the "church of what's happening now," a comical critique indicating that we float a lot.

Our "floating" attribute is that there is no man-made structure around God in our belief. It's not boxed into compartments that are easily followed. We feel that Humans are empowered to make grand spiritual decisions on their own. That is not like the religions of today, where there has to be a system. By the way, Jesus taught the same thing. According to the scholars studying the Dead Sea scrolls, Jesus was called "the wicked priest" by the Jewish priests of his time. This is because He told common folks that they were empowered (all by themselves, without all the religious ceremony of the day). He told them that they could be just like Him (Sons of God). That's what the New Age believers think, too - no big buildings or restrictive doctrines - only responsibility at the cellular level for all that is.

We believed in guides and angels long before the explosion of angel shops on the planet. Our channelling (the weird part) agrees with most of the predictions of the indigenous peoples of the planet. Ten years ago, our intuitive information spoke of the weather patterns that we are seeing out our window today. For decades we have given you unsubstantiated healing techniques. Suddenly, in this last year, many of them were validated through scientific study, as reported in the November 11, 1998, issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (see page 373).

We also have a belief in the future of humanity that is far different from Armageddon, or the doom-and-gloom predictions of Nostradamus. We believe that what you are seeing in the world today is far closer to what we told you would happen than what others have presented in their fear-based scenarios. We invite examination of all this, but not to win you over - rather, to help you understand that perhaps there is a far grander and bigger picture of God than you thought. Perhaps Humans are grander than you thought. Perhaps we are more grounded than you thought. Did you notice that Armageddon didn't happen? How do you explain that? Perhaps there is something else happening?

Do you believe in an after-life? So does 85 percent of the world's population (according to an article in Time Magazine in 1998). So do we. That means that most people on the planet believe that Humans are eternal somehow. The New Age believer thinks that, too. We also believe that an eternal being is created in the image of God, and that perhaps this means we are part of God. We also believe that Jesus taught just that - that all humanity shares the equal image of God - divine, with choice, and very eternal.

So we celebrate you! We don't care if you join us - really! We teach that there is no heaven or hell, and that when we die, we pass over to our original spiritual state. We go home. We believe that we are all family. If you read the rest of this book, you will find that that's what the channelled information is about - family. (The pope agrees with the heaven and hell thing... see his words quoted off the Vatican website in Kryon Book 8, page 110)

What do we want from you? To think like us? No. We ask you for your tolerance and understanding.  New Age people who group together to meet and take spiritual responsibility for themselves and practice self-worth and forgiveness are not the weird, spooky folks that are "out of touch" with reality. We are not "off the deep end" or brainwashed. We are a spiritually unstructured group of gentle people, and we don't care if you believe what we believe. We are disappointed, however, if you fear us. Is your fear coming from your heart, or from what others told you? Without doctrinal judgment, we covet your love, and in return, we will have a bond that surpasses all doctrines, yet frees us both to have our own.

Let me close this discussion with an example that millions of people around the world saw in the form of the most popular film ever made. I don't know if director James Cameron knew of the metaphor that he created in the last scene of Titanic. I just about fell off my chair in the theater when I realized what he was doing. For those of you who didn't see the movie, I won't spoil it for you - but I have to tell you, the ship sinks (sorry).

Many who saw the film remembered that the last scene had something to do with an older woman standing at the stern of a modern research ship, about to throw something off. They forgot. Instead, the last scene is a metaphysical statement that we are all eternal! It shouts to all of us that after death there is a realization that "the play is over,"  and even the villains are standing there next to the heroes with smiles, welcoming home the one final member of the family. The entire cast was there - young, vibrant, and applauding the last one to come back home. What a statement! What love!

Thank you, James Cameron. Your cellular intuition gave us the ultimate visualization of what the New Age is really about. It's about loving each other. It's about being spiritually equal. It's about family.

That's what we are about.

Thank you for reading this!

In Love, 

Lee Carroll


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