Live Channelling - New York, NY
From Lee Carroll

Jan and I had presented at the UN in 1995 and 1996, and this 1998 invitation was very much anticipated. We were very excited to be back and were ready to "get formal" (something we seldom do, being from California), respecting the protocol at the United Nations meetings. I wore my black suit... the suit I only wear for funerals, weddings, and the United Nations. I saw myself in the mirror and wondered who the undertaker was. Jan wore black too. I guess it was our way of honoring the seriousness of the event. I apologized to my tie before I put it on, asking it to forgive me for wearing it only once a year... and hoping it wouldn't get even and strangle me in the middle of the meeting. I was tired from the week's schedule, but excitedly energized.

By definition, The Enlightenment Society is one of the fifty member clubs of the United Nations Staff Recreation Council. It was founded in 1975, and its objective is to provide divine service to United Nations staff, delegates, mission staff and guests. Every month a speaker was invited to enlighten, transform, inspire and entertain an audience of about 40-50 people. The five members of the executive committee of the Society were hard-working staff members of the United Nations who organized these events in their spare time and offered them during the lunch period. The deepest purpose of the Society matches that of the United Nations - to bring peace to our planet. Over the years it had become the place where delegates and guests of delegates met and experienced the knowledge and energy of what we are calling the New Age. Authors, channellers, lecturers, musicians and spiritual leaders all have been called over the years to give their wisdom at these meetings. The public is not invited, and only those who work at the United Nations or hold membership in the society may attend.

Since the last time Jan and I were there, security had tightened even more. Even knowing that, we asked the impossible: we tried to bring in 12 guests of our own, including Robert Coxon and all his electronic synthesizer gear! (Robert Coxon is a Canadian new age recording artist). We didn't know how it could happen, but we simply showed up at the appointed time at the visitor's entrance at the United Nations. There we sat in a group in the corner, waiting for a miracle. Time elapsed, and nothing happened. Then I told our folks that we would give Spirit 5 more minutes, or we would make other 3D plans to get in.

Jennifer Borchers was the President of the Enlightenment Society within the United Nations at that time. She met us in the lobby with our entourage. I know she gulped hard when she saw all of us, since protocol is king within the halls of that establishment, and we had a bunch of people and equipment (This is a bit different than most authors who are invited to speak). But Jennifer had done her homework and had made some arrangements I didn't know about. Just as I gave intent to wait only 5 more minutes, we got our miracle-the appearance of our "angel," Fernando-a United Nations security guard who is also a Sai Baba devotee, and originally responsible for helping get the Kryon information to the attention of the UN! Fernando is familiar with the bureaucratic proceedings of the United Nations security requirements, as well as with the spiritual principles of manifesting one's desired goals and, with a little bit of his special magic, got us all into the "inner sanctum" of the building, including all of Robert Coxon's equipment! It was timed perfectly, and Robert was set up and ready to go when we started the meeting.

You had to be there to understand how difficult this would have been without Fernando and Jennifer working with the light as they did! Our original UN host was also there, Zehra Boccia... holding the energy as she always did. No videos are allowed in the meeting-audio cassette recording only. Equipment such as Robert Coxon had usually takes a full week to inspect and approve! Here we had all this equipment, and we simply floated in through the front door! Naturally we all went through the sensitive metal detectors, "sniffers," and had our ID checked, but most of the tight scrutiny was waved (like taking things apart).

The guests we brought were mainly from the Kryon staff, plus some of the facilitators we carry with us on the road: Robert Coxon and his wife Chenier (as mentioned), Linda Benyo and Geoff Hoppe (Kryon promoters at the time, and now creators of the Crimson Circle Tobias work), Peggy and Steve Dubro (EMF balancing technique), Mark and Martine Valle (French Canadian publishers of the Kryon books for the French language), and a few other personal friends and Kryon helpers; Bonnie Capelle, Pliny Porter, and Guitanjali.

Jan and I were familiar with the building. We had done this twice before... but this year it seemed more comfortable, and we were not nervous at all. All was in place at exactly 1:15pm on Tuesday November 24th in committee room B, not far from the general assembly, and where the security council was actually in session. Reporters were around too, waiting for whatever might happen (which is common). It was a typical work day at the UN, and there was much activity in the hallways with many delegates coming and going. Our room was filling up with delegates and UN workers (and our guests), and then right on time, the meeting began.

I started by giving the attendees a very short (15-minute) update on the Kryon work. I brought along the new HAARP documentary that was an outcropping of the 1995 and 1996 UN Kryon messages within that very building, and displayed the product.* I congratulated Paula Randol Smith within that energy for her efforts to manifest this very important mainstream TV program about HAARP. It all seemed so amazing to think of everything that has happened since our first visit in 1995! (Paula wasn't there, but her energy was!).

I mentioned several other things that were germane to both the Kryon work and the UN, and then my time was up for lecture. Jan then did a 20-minute chakra balance and toning. Yep.... they all toned! It was great to hear that kind of wonderful spiritual energy, and listen to those voices fill the room within the venue of the United Nations. Jan did a great job consolidating her information and delivering it within the prescribed time. Robert Coxon (who not only set up, but did a full sound check in about 10 minutes) was absolutely wonderful in the way he set the energy. Imagine having Canada's best-selling new age musical artist playing behind both the meditation and the channeling! (Roberts' latest work is "The Silent Path.") We both knew that this meeting was very tightly timed, and that we had to be finished on schedule. Jan finished, and everything was ready for Kryon. Robert kept playing. I knew he was also channeling his music. The room was filled with a sacredness and it seemed very appropriate for what was coming.

The power of the channelling that day was as great as anything I have experienced. It was also the shortest channeling on record! The information was very different this year as we are approaching the millennium. The flavor (as you will read below) was one of CELEBRATION.

Many of you have been to the Kryon seminars and know what the real Kryon message is: We have changed our future, and the consciousness of the planet is in transformation. The spiritual critical mass has been reached, and you can see it all around you. The overview proves it, although many can't really see the overview (since it isn't presented often on the news). Kryon has told us over and over that we have done something amazing. He often sits at our feet and just loves us. He regularly speaks about all the humans... as angels pretending to be human. He has even given us the message that our children are now coming in with the next evolution of spiritual tools that we didn't have! This message to the United Nations was therefore about congratulations and honor, but done in a very unusual way.

The room was ready. The delegates were poised and reverent. Everything became quiet, except for the anointed music of Robert Coxon continuing to be played in the background.

Then Kryon began:



Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Indeed, it is the voice of my partner (Lee) that you hear now, but the energy in this room provides the fact that at this moment you are being visited. No, not by one entity, but by an entourage that flows into this space and wishes to walk between the chairs and the very aisles that are here-in a congratulatory and foot-washing mode. For this particular communication is going to be different than any before.

My partner, you said it felt like "home" here (The United Nations building). It is because this is your contract-this is what it always was-this is the area that we wish to fill with love in a grand way. Not just this room, dear ones, but an entourage which floods this entire building, floods this city, and floods the place where you have decided to come and hear this message. This is a message which is going to be far different than you would imagine-far shorter, indeed, than any message we've had before. This one is especially for those in this room, and for those in the building. But let it be known that this transcription is for all-the ears of those who are hearing and the eyes of those that are reading. It is for all on the planet.

This is not a time when you have come to revel in an energy because you are curious. This is about a reunion in the room, a reunion with an energy that was promised to you-an energy which was promised to you by appointment when you decided to come into this planet again. We sit in front of angels, each one-designed as angels-on purpose as angels. We speak of all of those who sit in this assemblage pretending to be human! For we know who you all really are [Kryon's continuing teaching that all of us are part of the angelic family]. We know of your courage. We know of your contract. We know what you've been through. We know of the infirmities in your body. We know of the shift you are going through, and we know all of these things because we are FAMILY. And this family wants to come before you now and do something that we've never done before.

This is the first time, dear ones, that this kind of message has ever been presented. And we do it quickly now. In the past we have promised you something: Spirit will never come before human beings and give a fear based message. NEVER! Let it be known, if you ever come before any entity who says that they represent Spirit, and you get a message dripping with fear and agenda, then it is not Spirit who sits before you!

Instead, what we do is to come and celebrate new human enablement, especially right now. There has never been a time like right now! This is of your making, and you should know it. You can walk from this place in a higher stature than when you came in, when you realize what you've done. I'm about to tell you in a way that is more graphic than ever before. This is not a fear message. You must understand the whole message before you stop listening or before you stop reading. Let this message been given in total, and never quoted apart from its full intent. Those who would rip apart this message for their own purpose do not represent the new energy on the planet.


We're going to take you to a future Earth-a future Earth. This may be startling information, but we ask you to wait until the end of this message before you judge what is being given to you here.

We're going to paint a vivid picture of your future Earth, and it's going to be very disconcerting for you.


In this very land (The United States) there is water covering both coast lines - with major cities being under that water. There is disease-there is confusion-the stores are empty-there is a civil war here in this great land, and within it there is a smaller four-way race war. There is a removal of central control from all. There are police forces which are surrounding the cities, trying to keep order for their own area. The return to the "city state" is at hand, and they let no one in or out. There are state lines which are no longer state lines. It is chaos. There are submersible boats in the ocean carrying great weapons, which out of the integrity of their own commands, have sunk themselves-because they could not decide which port to land in. Each port has its own agenda. There is horror and despair in this country, in this land.

This is a future of Earth.

If you go higher in the land you find the great country of Canada, which is divided completely in half and starting to arm itself. Two great cultures with differing languages are almost at war-unable to decide who is going to get the various parts of the land. The resources which are the most important reside mainly in one, and the other must share it to exist. As in the country below them, central control is all but lost. Culture and tribe awareness divide them.

This is a future of Earth.

We take you to just a few of the other continents to view what is happening: We find in the African continent there is a full reversal of consciousness-a return to tribal warfare, just as it appeared many, many years ago. The place where civilization had its seeds are beginning to be the place where it will be buried.

At the southern pole, Larson's Ledge has broken off, sending an enormous tidal wave sweeping across the southern part of the great Australian continent, covering cities, killing millions, putting the country in chaos and grief.

The great dragon (China) is quiet. A quarter of the Earth's population is quiet, but they are watching very carefully to find out where the power vacuum spots will be, so that they can sweep in and establish their culture. Most of them have anticipated this, for it was in their prophesy - foreseen by their ancients.

This is a future of Earth.

Ah, but that is not the worst. We take you to what you call your Middle East. Listen carefully: There, dear ones, in the energy of the most Holy of Holies, the beast has arrived. And the beast, with its glowing eyes, has raised 40,000 feet tall and has planted its feet firmly on both sides of the ancient tribal lands - and it's there to rule for 4,000 years-representing half its life. The metaphor of the beast, dear ones, in this context, is nuclear war-and it starts there-where Humans decided to destroy one another in the name of God.

This is a future of Earth.

I'm going to tell you what this is all about. We told you to listen to the entire message-this short message of today-for what is coming is profound! I'm going to give you the date of this future-the date of the future that we have just described to you.


The date when all this is to happen is October 1998!


"Kryon, you must have make a mistake! That date has already gone by. It's November 1998 now," some of you might say. We know. Yes, the date has gone by. Dear ones, I just gave you the prophecy of scripture. I just gave you the prophecy of the 400-year-old Nostradamus. I gave you the prophecy even of the New Age masters who had the visions of a "snap shot" of the Earth as it had been measured and foretold in 1962 [a spiritual measurement much like the 1987 Harmonic Convergence]. And what I gave you was REAL!

That was the Earth's potential then, yet here you sit. None of it happened, you see. Not any of it happened! Not the catastrophes-not the race wars-not the nuclear wars. The Beast has been voided, and I sit in the very place which is responsible for so much of the consciousness shift. Listen to this, dear ones, listen: When the cook is in the kitchen, he has no concept of how relaxed and how enjoyable the meal is being consumed in the other room. [A metaphor for those at the United Nations who constantly only participate in the strife and negativity and stress of the day-to-day existence, without being able to look at the overview of what they have done.]

The Earth and all those upon it should be in massive celebration! And they should start right here by washing your feet! We speak of those who work here who deal with the children of the nations of the world-who deal with the deforestation issues. We talk to those who are responsible for disease control. It has worked! And yes - we address those who embrace peace over war, and who demand a planet with responsibility one for the other.

The consciousness of the planet is supporting what you're doing. This planet, which you think is filled with strife, is the kitchen (in the metaphor). Most of the planet sits back and enjoys a major shift, perhaps not even knowing it-an overview of a planet hurtling toward a new paradigm of coexistence instead of catastrophe and full war. Oh, there will be complications, and there will be strife, but look at the consciousness shift! Now the emphasis is about solving conflict and bringing permanent closure - instead of about "who is right," or "who deserves what." It's about responsibility for ALL Humans on the Earth, and not just the good of the few in a certain area. The worldwide emphasis is on eventually creating a peaceful coexistence between ALL the tribes. It's about a planet coming together, finally, to move through a millennium that before had a stigma on it of TERMINATION. Instead, I am sitting here telling you that as this millennium draws near, there is a spiritual potential now of graduation and wisdom, instead of that awfulness that I just told you about. The potential now is of the New Jerusalem! - and it is in your hands.

Each of you came to the planet with full knowledge of the 1962 potential. Each of you also knew of the changes possible, and of the potential that the year 2000 would find far more peaceful news than the predicted catastrophe. Look around! None of the prophesies are upon you! Even though there are still those who will try to force the old energy into the new consciousness, they will fail. They will "stick out" as old energy, and be rejected by the consensus of the planet.

There has never been a greater time for you to implement a Council of Wisdom, a nonvoting council of indigenous human beings on this planet to reside in this building. And we are telling you that the consciousness of the building will eventually support this. The consciousness of the people will support it. The consciousness of the planet is pushing you toward it. It is the next logical step - and when you present it, present it to the public first. They will do the rest to help you to implement it.

This reunion is almost over (the meeting), and this family which has come in here to wash your feet is doing so to say "Thank you." This family, which has come in to wash your feet, says "we're all going to go through a grand millennium shift now because of what you're doing here." Can it be any clearer? Can it be any clearer why we love you so? This is the message today, from this side of the veil to you.

Let the transcription go forward, that all will know what took place in here today. Let all know what it could have been, but what it is. None of the things as described have happened. None are scheduled, and none will be - not with the work you are doing.

So the entourage retreats. It has only been a few minutes, but it has been a powerful few minutes of love. Walk from this place and know who you are! Perhaps you thought you were a piece of a whole that nobody noticed? I'll tell you, the Family noticed! You're never alone! When you go home tonight, look in the mirror. We challenge you to look at yourself directly in the eye and say the words out loud, "I AM THAT I AM" Because indeed, that's who you are.

And so it is!



Kryon finished at 2:15, and we had 15 minutes left for Q and A. We fielded a few questions, and then it was time to go. It all happened so fast! We then were led out of the committee room quickly (so that the next UN working group could come in), and went to the UN cafeteria (all of us), where we socialized with many of the delegates who attended.

The energy developed in that room that day was awesome. All felt it, and in subsequent meetings we had in Manhattan (Including a meditation with the Enlightenment Society in a New York apartment) we discussed the fact that it was far different than anything before.

Again my thanks to Jennifer Borchers for her work to get us to the United Nations in 1998. Most of you don't know that Jean Flores, the secretary to the Enlightenment society was the one who invited us several months ago. When she suddenly died, Jennifer took the ball and got us there..

I know that Jean is still with us in some way, and in that room on Tuesday we all felt her, plus so many that were watching and loving us, and holding our hands as Kryon also washed our feet.

Thanks to so many of you for your energy-we felt it with us that day!



*The HAARP documentary by Paul Randol Smith called "Holes in Heaven," may be obtained by clicking the below link: