Live Channelling - New York, NY
From Lee Carroll

It was my first trip to the Big Apple - Tuesday November 21, 1995, numerologically an "11" day (1+1+2+1+1+9+9+5=29) (2+9=11). After a wild twenty-minute trip in a cab through the endless cement and glass canyons of Manhattan island, the familiar UN complex with its multicolored flags in front seemed a welcome sight for this Southern California boy. I was told that the flags don't go up unless the countries they represent are working that day, and all the flags were in full flight.

I was seated next to my partner, Jan, and Zehra Boccia, our delightful New York host and Kryon advocate who had opened her home on the upper West Side to us for the four-day stay we needed to accomplish our work.

I was on my way to speak at the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation (S.E.A.T.) at the United Nations, and was reflecting on all the circumstances that had brought us here to present Kryon to delegates, workers, and guests of such a prestigious organization.

The Enlightenment Society is one of the fifty member clubs of the United Nations Staff Recreation Council. It was founded in 1975, and its objective is to provide divine service to United Nations staff, delegates, mission staff and guests. Every month a speaker was invited to enlighten, transform, inspire and entertain an audience of about 40-50 people. The five members of the executive committee of the Society were hard-working staff members of the United Nations who organized these events in their spare time and offered them during the lunch period. The deepest purpose of the Society matched that of the United Nations - to bring peace to our planet. Under the fine direction of Mohammad Ramadan in1995, Kryon was only the third channeled entity to be invited in the past few years for these meetings and it was going to happen in just a few moments. Today (2003), the S.E.A.T. is still alive and well!

We had been briefed on the protocol, and we were dressed accordingly. Jan was wearing one of her normal high-fashion silk outfits, with a vest of her own design. She had chosen forest green, a conservative color to honor the formality of the day. I was in a basic black suit with a silk brown shirt and matching tie. Never had we presented Kryon in such a formal way, but this was different, and we could feel the energy around the event as soon as we arrived at 10:30 a.m.

We walked calmly into the building where we needed to pass through metal detectors, under the watchful eyes of highly trained, uniformed United Nations security officers, but our minds were anything but calm. Although not nervous, I was surging with the honor of how Kryon had orchestrated such a marvelous thing as this. I turned to look at Jan and realized she was almost at the point of tears. Both of us looked around and realized that we were representing light workers around the globe in perhaps the only venue that would ever allow governments to speak together of such things as spiritual enlightenment and extraterrestrials. The moment was not lost on either of us, and we gently passed through security, our passports ready.

We met up with Mohammad, our gracious S.E.A.T. host, who quickly led us past the places the tourists see, into the areas where the work is done. We walked past original Picassos and unbelievable murals given to the UN by member countries in the past. I wont forget the wall of portraits of past UN Secretary Generals. Each man had a five-foot-high oil portrait arranged in order of the dates of service, but with no nameplates of any kind. The men and women who walked these corridors knew exactly who these men were, and of their enormous commitment to a peaceful planetary coexistence.

We passed the Security Council chambers and the large popular General Assembly meeting room. Then came the word that in Dayton, at 10:30 a.m., a few moments ago, a peace treaty had been signed settling the Bosnian crisis. I reflected on the fact that we had walked into the building at that exact moment. A sense of history in the making was beginning to creep up on me.

After a lunch at the UN cafeteria where we met some of Mohammed's guests, we reviewed the rules on audio or video could be commercially recorded, but a cassette could be used for transcription later. After the meal, we made our way to Conference Room 6. We were told that the conference rooms were constantly in use, and ours would be no different. There was a group just leaving as we entered, and we knew that another meeting of some kind was scheduled minutes after we were to finish.

Scheduled to begin at exactly 1:15, we were to end at 2:45 or before. Within the 90 minutes, I was to lecture for 30, then handle questions and answers for 30. Jan was to direct a meditation and toning for 10 minutes, and Kryon was to channel for 20 or less. We had never conducted such a strict agenda, or had Kryon boxed into such a short time, but we both knew that it would be no problem. Both of us were feeling the presence of Spirit in a way that we had never felt before, and we both nodded in understanding that this was one of those moments where you meet your contract head-on. Jan and I both knew we were standing in the right place at the right time, and that all would go well. This was the "sweet spot" that Kryon had told us about so many times. Everything around us dimmed in perspective to this, and we both felt loved by Spirit at that moment.

We had five minutes to get our group in place, but Jan and I stopped to warmly hug the sole United Nations guard that had found a Kryon book months ago and never stopped his quest until he got it to someone important at the S.E.A.T. It was this man who was responsible for igniting the interest, causing us to be standing where we were now. As the story goes, the word spread about Kryon, and we were visited and "checked out" by S.E.A.T. officers during a workshop in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our invitation to speak followed thereafter.

As we looked over the room, we were told that it was here that Iran and Iraq signed their treaty over ten years ago - again the sense of world history and lineage was upon me. The blond tables and chairs looked like they were from my mother's house in the '50s, but I quickly realized that the decor was undoubtedly representative of a conservative generic consciousness, and rather old at that. The main room was basically a rectangle of tables facing inward, with microphones on the tables at almost each chair. Layered behind the tables and chairs were theater-type seats on slightly higher tiered levels. Each chair or seat had an earpiece. This was used to either amplify what was being said, or for translations into the six authorized UN languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish). In our case, there were no translators present, but the dark slanted glass along one full wall signaled where the translators would have sat if they had been used. Within the rectangle of tables, there were other smaller tables, the use of which still escapes me.

We were immediately seated at the head of the table, and a permanent nameplate in front of me had the word Chairman. Everything became quiet. In the room there were both men and women of all ages, and it was obvious we were in the presence of several cultures. Most of the men had gray or black business suits, and one had his note pad out. The room quickly filled, the doors closed, and it became very quiet. All eyes were on us, and without any ceremony at all, our host began speaking at 1:15 on the dot.


"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. For those who do not know me, my name is Mohammad Ramadan, and I wish to welcome you all to this rare presentation by Lee Carroll and his wife, Jan Tober. As you know, Lee humbly likes to call himself the translator of the invisible master Kryon, who appears in times of great changes. Meanwhile, Kryon himself gratefully calls Carroll "my partner". So today we will be meeting a real trinity, Lee and his two partners!

"Carroll was a successful businessman, but also a skeptic. He was totally unaware of his new mission, which had been long predicted by his wife Jan. Carroll's other partner is the metaphysical surprise of the ë90s. His wisdom has revolutionized past and present mystical knowledge. His message of tremendous love and hope has swept the world in less than two years. His forecasts about the mysterious explosive comets, gamma-ray bursts, and the double bursts of radio emission have been validated by puzzled astronomers and physicists and have added more credibility to the inevitable marriage of science, spirituality, and metaphysics.

"Today Carroll will give a quick review of his life with Kryon, followed by a segment of questions and answers. After a short meditation by his wife, Jan, the other partner, Kryon, will take over and give a special message to the audience, and possibly to the rest of the UN family and the world.

"Please give a big hand to Kryon and his two partners in their first visit ever to New York."


It began. Although I felt slightly over animated for the conservative crowd, I tried my best to give them a 30-minute synopsis of what had happened to me and what Kryon was all about. At 1:45 precisely, we went into questions and answers. This lasted exactly the 30 minutes prescribed, and then it was Jan's turn. She gave a wonderful meditation (as is her style), then led the group in a very conservative toning sequence. At 2:20 on the nose, I felt the warmth of Kryon in the room, and uttered those words that always announce his presence...



Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service! It is no accident that we sit in this sacred place. Now, some of you are surprised to hear me through my partner, since you have not before. He is a translator - a verifier - for he remains conscious in his body, and I feed him the thought groups of love for each of you. We speak now to each of you as you sit in your seat and not to any group that is here, and we say before we begin that even if you do not believe what you are hearing is real, it is. It is from the same source that spoke to Moses from the Burning Bush. We know you by name and it is not a name, that even you are aware of.

We sit at your feet in awe! You are the ones who have made the difference on this planet; for you to even be here means that you are interested in the energy that is happening now, oh dear ones. This is the energy of love! Make no mistake. Let no one tell you differently - this New Age that you have created has a power, which is the power of love. There is no negative thing or negative entity that you cannot change, for you are completely in control in every single way with the new gifts of Spirit. We ask you to look around to see what you have done - and when we say "you," we mean you!... those who sit here... those who read these words. You may not think that you have contributed to the whole, but oh, you have! Just one or two enlightened workers giving energy toward a focus can change reality. That is how much power you have. The vibrational change of your biology and your enlightenment means so much to this planet! There have been so few who have done so much already, and it's going to increase even more. The things that you do here in this room will affect the things that happen in the big room, not too far away from here (referring to the General Assembly).

You have had prophets tell you that there are areas of the Middle East right now that should be running red with the blood of battle but in these very areas what is happening instead is that these "would-be" enemies are discussing how to share their water! You have leaders of countries right now who not too many years ago were in the dark dungeons and the prisons within their very own countries - now they sit in the high seats of leadership. What kind of global consciousness change does this tell you about? You have made such a difference in all of these things. Look around you - the specter of country against country has lessened greatly in these past years. Did you think this was an accident? And when the political walls came tumbling down and all the changes happened, did you think it was a mistake that they happened simultaneously with the changes of your consciousness - and the New Age messages and the channelings? No! For you have watched physical occurrences and political occurrences that shook hands with the simultaneous enlightenment of humanity. Now we tell you that the battles that you see now on this planet are tribe against tribe. They will all be tribal, and they all are, even as you look at them now. These energies from eons that have developed between these tribes and these races must be settled, and now is the time for the settlement. You will watch the few that remain settle themselves, and you will also help them to be settled. And although you may not know why you are helping to settle them, I'll tell you, and that is because you are moving quickly to a place that will represent the "tribe of Earth." For there will come a time when the spokesmen from this place will represent the tribe of Earth to others that are not from here!

Now, we have told you that the focus of your energies is critical, and that a few rooms full of enlightened workers with purpose and intent can change the planet. So we give you now some admonitions and some energies and some things for focus. I would not be Kryon if I did not tell you these things at this time. There are four of them, and they are presented in love.

(1) The first is: We beg you, dear ones, to give energy and focus toward the solution of something that is taking place right now. For on your planet currently, there are scientists working on energy transmission through the ground (and the air). Now this is a valid science and will indeed work. It is not new and has been done before - almost one hundred years ago. But oh, you have such power now in your current machines, and we ask you to slow down! For you do not yet understand the resonance factors of the crust and the mantle of Earth. When one resonates, so will another. Therefore, unless you slow down with these experiments and push less energy into the ground, you may actually cause the earthquakes that you fear the most! We tell you that there is tremendous damage potential in these experiments, and although we are not asking you to stop them, we advise you to go slowly and be careful of your home.

(2) Here is another: There is a disease which is ravaging your planet, which even now as we speak you have no control over. It attacks your immune system, and all of you have noticed the virility of it - how it changes so often - how it mutates sporadically - how it is unstoppable and how damaging and sorrowful it is. We tell you, dear ones, that this is simply a forerunner of many like it unless you stop defoliating this planet. For this disease is of the forest, and it came from the forest and manifested itself into humanity. The balance of the forest was changed by humans, allowing for a biological imbalance to take place within a system that otherwise would have kept it in check. There are other diseases waiting to emerge that may never show themselves if they remain balanced - where they belong and have always been - deep within the balanced foliage of the forest! Oh, keep them there, hear this! Give energy to this! Focus on this in your meditations, and the humans that make the decisions will feel it. Yes, they will!

(3) Here is another admonition: We speak now of giving energy to the governments of this planet to start informing their people of the truth about those who have visited from another place. For this is real, ongoing, and it will lead eventually to a time where you will know these visitors by name and will speak to them personally. We give admonishment to the governments of this planet before it is too late, before they appear foolish and lose control. We say, "Tell your people what you know! Share with them the news - not in fear, but in enlightenment and in honesty - as to what has taken place. Tell them of the conversations you have already had with these others, and the communications that you know about. Put this truth on the table so humanity can see it! It is time.

(4) And here is the fourth. It is for those in this room and those of this enlightened society: It is time you told metaphysical workers all over the planet that there is a room in this United Nations where you can meditate and channel and feel the love of Spirit! If you want this energy to soar and make a difference within this organization, you're going to have to tell more people about it. Oh, not so that they will come, or not so there will be any kind of negative reaction, but so they can sit quietly in places where they live and speak the name of this organization to give it power! That's why. So we ask you to open the lid. Do not hide this group. Be courageous, for you will be honored with results!

Dear ones, there is a small parable that has already been published and known to those who read the messages of Spirit within the Kryon Writings. It has never been given publicly, however, and we had asked that it remain private until now. For we knew of the potential of this meeting years ago, and now it is time to speak it. The parable is short, but it is filled with power. It is the "Story of the Tar Pit."

It seems that all humanity was hindered by tar to the degree that it was difficult to walk from one place to another. The tar would stick to the humans wherever they walked. But this was the way of the world, for all humans shared this attribute. Everywhere they walked, the tar would stick. It would cling to their clothing and make them dirty, and many times (depending upon how thick it was) it would actually stop them. Other times it would only slow them down, but this was the way of the things for all and was accepted.

One human discovered through his enlightenment, a gift from God. He gave intent to be different in the New Age and claimed this gift. When he did so, the tar receded from him. And so everywhere he walked, the tar moved away as he walked into it! It no longer stuck to him. His clothes were always clean and everywhere he went, he did so easily - gliding from place to place. There were no more stoppages and no more difficulties.

Now, he was not evangelistic about this gift, and he kept it to himself. He told himself that even though the gift was available to everyone, it was very personal. So he decided it was not appropriate to mention it to the others. Before long, however, those around him noticed that he was not in any way hampered by the tar. So it wasn't long before they asked him, "What has happened? How did this take place? You look so free - so peaceful! Your clothes are always clean, and you're able to move so quickly past us!"

So he willingly told them about his personal gift from God, and many of them also gave intent for it as well. Each person to whatever degree that they asked, received the gift, and soon many were walking around without the tar sticking to them. And so it was that over a period of time, there was a large group of enlightened humans who had changed themselves, yet it had started with only one - concerned only to improve himself. So we say to you, the one who changed himself also made a difference for many - even though there was no conscious effort on his part to do so.

So this is the way of it as you sit in the chair now. For what you do with yourself personally, right now, will make a difference in the future to many, including those in the big room not far from here. Your personal intent to change yourself can change the reality of the entire planet!

So it is with love we have come to you in these few moments, in this linear time to fill this room with love. And even though there are those here who may not feel a difference at the moment, or may not even believe what has happened here is real, they will be changed. For the seeds of truth have been planted firmly in each mind that is here... and they will remember when it is time.




From Lee Carroll (postscript)

The time was 2:43. Kryon had finished with two minutes to spare. It was all over so quickly, and it seemed there was so much more to say. We wanted to meet everyone, and managed to hug a few men in suits (a strange feeling for me... my culture only supports hugging men in aloha shirts [ha ha].) Then we were quickly ushered out of the room and back into the cafeteria where many questions were answered.

Later that day we were treated to a VIP tour of the UN facilities, and then on to an apartment on the 11th floor of a 32-story building about five blocks from the UN for a potluck dinner with some of those who had attended. More questions ensued, and a fine time of sharing was had while the evening wore on.

It's funny the things you remember in retrospect. Later that night, we spent a moment on the roof of the 32-story apartment building. I had never seen such a sight! Downtown Manhattan at that height looked like millions of sparkling crystals in a sea of darkness. You really couldn't see the street, and there were other buildings towering above ours. It was a surreal feeling of floating in a vertical spaceship made of glass and stone.

Somehow it struck a remembrance in me. Had I been here before? Perhaps there was something else that looked like this that was hidden from me at a cellular level? Why did this scene grab me so much? With all I had been through this day, why did this view hold my attention?

I looked to Kryon for an answer, and as he does so many times, he gave me the warmth of love that is now such a familiar feeling... and a huge "wink." It was Kryon's way of saying, "Someday all these things will be known to you. For now, be still, and do the work."

That was good enough for me. I lingered there for a while trying to figure it out. Neither Jan nor I slept much that night. A week later, back in Del Mar, we got a letter from Mohammad.

"We express our deepest gratitude for your most illuminating and uplifting presentation at the UN. The impact could be measured not by the reactions expressed verbally as much as by the energy raised and the peace and oneness felt that day. True, the lecture was, as our Public Relations Officer from Spain described it: "an earthquake," but it was also as gentle as a "family reunion," as some put it."

Thanks to many of you for your incredible focus of energy on this day for Jan and myself.

Offered in Love,

Lee Carroll