(A guide to Human Transition into the New Age)
ISBN 0-9636304-8-2
1995 - The Kryon Writings, Inc.
Author - Lee Carroll

Published in 1995, this third Kryon book was the largest so far... 376 pages. It continued the lineage of practical information, gave the best channellings of 1995, and broached some new subjects (like ascension and responsibility). The attribute that marks book three is all the MATH (gulp). The reference to 9944 is researched by two mathematicians, and an entire treatise on the value of pi is given (since Kryon tells us that our pi is incorrect. Kryon tells us that it reflects a sacred elegance, and is a whole number!).


"The words of Kryon are loving, peaceful and reassuring. There is a lot of great news."

The Light Connection - San Diego


Preface from the writer

Human Alchemy
(Chapter One)
Opening Kryon message

Reader questions about the New Age human (Chapter Two)
Question: Are the readers of Kryon a special group of New Age pioneers?
Question: The Kryon information doesn't seem real to what I see around me.
Question: What are the results of fear-based
New Times article, "How to Handle The Predicted Earth Changes"

Three Live Channels about the New Age Human (Chapter Three)
The live Del Mar channel (The 12:12)
The live Hawaii channel in Kamuela (Becoming a New Age Human)
The live Seattle channel (The Beatitudes)

The Implant (Chapter Four)
Writer notes
Reader letters (& Kryon comments) regarding the implant

New Age Healing (Chapter Five)
The live California channel in Laguna Hills (Healing in The New Energy)

False Prophets (Chapter Six)
The live Hawaii channel on Kauai (Messages for an Island)
Seminar letter
"Dark Forces" letter
Kryon speaks about "light"

Karma (Chapter Seven)
Writer notes
The live Idaho channel in Sandpoint (Karma)

Ascension and Responsibility (Chapter Eight)
Writer notes
The live channel in Canada & California (Ascension and Responsibility)

Predictions, Validations, and Skeptics (Chapter Nine)
Grid flip validation
Writer notes
Validation of Myrva
Other validations
Discussion of the Photon Belt
Discussion of Skeptic logic

Science (Chapter Ten)
Writer notes
Selected science questions from readers
The live channel in Sedona (The Sedona Surprise)
More writer notes
Mathematica - The James D. Watt article

My Book Is Falling Apart! (Chapter Eleven)
There are no accidents

Kryon News (Chapter Twelve)
Kryon on-line
Kryon on the Internet
Kryon mailing list
Kryon Quarterly Magazine
Kryon in Croatia!
Kryon in Israel!
Lee and Jan bios
Help with magnetics

The Mysterious 9944 Unraveled (Appendix A)
Writer notes
Harmonic 9944 - The Randy Masters papers

The 9944 Math (Appendix B)
The James Watt Solution
Kryon's message to James & Randy (math contributors)
Final math letter from James


The Kryon seminar tapes
The Kryon books and channeling tapes

Alchemy of the Human Spirit

From the writer...

Well, here we are in book three already! It seems that it was only a few months ago that I was cautiously standing on the brink of reason, about to launch strange and weird writings from "beyond." The rest is history.

The success of the Kryon books has astounded me. Tens of thousands of books "out there" on the planet. Hundreds of letters a month... seminars all over the world... meeting famous performers that I have admired for years who are now Kryon readers... and offers to join, and to be, and to go. All of this, and Kryon says to me: "Never stray from the admonitions. Remember that Kryon speaks to the hearts and minds of humanity one at a time. You are one, and so are they." What this means to me is obvious. My channeling admonitions are listed later in the book for you to see. They are the postulates or axioms of the Kryon work for me. This means clearly that my "oneness" is identical to all others. "Be still and do the work, and don't look around too much for it will be distracting." My contract is no grander than yours, whoever you are reading this. Each of us has agreed to some kind of action before we got here. The challenge is to clear ourselves to the degree that we can find this hidden quest and implement it. Since we are each part of the whole, so to speak, some of you will recognize Kryon as family, and not an entity to follow, or to worship, or to depend on for power or peace.

I am grateful to all those of you who have read the Kryon books in this series, and listened to the tapes, and also to the many who have traveled to the seminars to sit within the Kryon energy and soak in the love. Now you know what I look like, sound like, and you know more about who I am as a human. I can't hide anymore within the anonymity I enjoyed so few months ago (it seems). My contract for the planet was Kryon. My contract for myself was walking into the fear of ridicule, thereby potentially bringing the loss of friends, colleagues and family. Indeed this work on myself is still ongoing, and there is still discovery around applying the principles I am channeling to my everyday existence. Kryon wants me to "live" the standards that I am giving out to you so that I will be able to feel what it is like. I suppose that's only fair.

At last it is also well known that Jan Tober is the other half of the Kryon work. Most don't get to see this except those in the seminars. The seminars are a venue where I get to explain how she had the patience to wait nine years through my unbelief for me to finally arrive logically at decisions about the intangible... and to accept my contract. She is responsible, therefore, for my seeing the connection to Kryon. Because she saw it coming for years (and knew better than to tell me), she looked for opportunities for it to present itself to me in a way that I would accept. It's Jan who took me to the two readers (both traveling through my town) who three years apart called the name of Kryon in session and told me of my quest - which I did not believe even then! Finally I started opening up slowly to something Jan knew all along. Jan and I always present Kryon together in the large venue seminars. I have yet to do a seminar or a large book signing without her. It's true that I channel and write the books by myself, but her energy propels everything forward. I'm the engine and she represents the wheels - and sometimes the horn too! Our vehicle is a bonded partnership in love and in the work of Spirit. We enjoy telling people what we have learned as a couple, for we believe that the information is valuable in the new energy, and applicable to every kind of love partnership. As you continue this book, realize that all the live channellings you read were done with Jan physically at my side. This is important for the male/female balance.

This book is similar in format to the last one, in that the question and answer configuration is again used a great deal. Also I get to talk a bit more, since Kryon wants you to have my perspective as a human for insight into the words and meanings of Spirit. Since the last book I now have had hundreds of hours of experience with humans in transition. This has given me far greater wisdom as to the interpretations of the Kryon messages, and how they apply to everyday life.

The word alchemy is used to paint a picture of what Spirit would have you see around the new energy, as applied to your life. We are in a new spiritual paradigm now. (The word paradigm is becoming New Age jargon meaning "pattern" or "model." It also means "the way things work" in the context of this book.) The strength of the magic connotation of alchemy is on purpose, and so is the firm idea of transmutation. Kryon speaks of the urgency of our time (more on that later). He also speaks of new human empowerment, and says that we all metaphorically "stood in line" to be here on the planet at this particular time! Can we really become different? Can we actually create our own reality, or heal ourselves? ABSOLUTELY!

Dear reader, I invite you to travel these pages with me within the comfort of your own eyes and your own timing. As you read, realize that the entire purpose of publishing this work is to give you information that will translate into empowerment for yourself. Nothing to join, nothing to contribute to, no doctrine to commit to... and no spiritual penalty for putting this book down. The Kryon message is presented in the purest love form I have ever experienced. Those of you who know what I mean will find the same energy here that you found in Kryon Book One and in Kryon Book Two. The reason is simple. It is Spirit speaking to you as an equal, and the love transmitted will have the same energy today as it did when the planet was formed. The energy is pure, familiar and nonthreatening. If the feeling reminds you of home, then you really have a grasp on the truth of who you are!

Lee Carroll

Human Alchemy - Chapter One

Greetings! I am Kryon of magnetic service. At this very moment each of you finds yourself in an interesting situation. It is no accident that these words are finding their way into your minds and into your spirit, for all of you are in a mode of discovery. Even since my first communication to you several years ago, your energy has shifted remarkably! You now find yourselves deep in the midst of transition at the highest levels, and some of you are disturbed by something so grand.

I will not begin this new series of publications without telling you again how much you are honored. As you read these words, please understand a few things: (1) My word "you" refers to the entity whose eyes are reading this sentence. (2) I know who you are. (3) It is not accidental that we are having this communication.

When I tell you, dear one, that I know who you are, I mean it in the most peaceful sense imaginable. Just as a dear friend looks carefully at a crowd and recognizes a beloved partner, so I see you now and know your name. You are known to me individually because we have met before. There is no entity on this planet who has not seen me or has not participated in the ceremony of my energy from the Great Central Sun. How can this be? You might ask... for there is a sea of entities on this planet. Billions of them! I say to you that there are far fewer of you than there are stars, and I know of all the stars. Your concept of serial communication and numbers limits your ability to understand how I can give you all my attention at this moment. The "now time frame" that exists for a universal entity such as myself gives me the ability to sit opposite you and take my time as I honor your valuable entity and give you advice in love.

Each of you has been selected for your time here. Yes, even the ones who are dying of the diseases of the forest, and the ones dying from the diseases of war. You didn't just volunteer for this duty; you actively petitioned for it, and then planned the contract that you now carry. It might seem odd that some would be selected to be here just to die. If you wonder at that, then you do not see the overview of the play that you are in, or the importance of your agreed part in it. The play that I speak of is the one that places you on the planet as an all powerful entity selected among countless others to participate in the grand event of becoming human, and then having all that you are hidden from you! In addition you are given the overlay of not even recognizing your mission, or your brothers and sisters. Again I tell you that it is with great honor that I view you in lesson now on the planet. Here you sit reading the words of the Kryon. You hunger for Spiritual information for you know something is different on Earth. You are feeling urgency and unrest and don't know why. You look for some great sign, or long for God to come to your side and give you comfort. All this, and because of the duality of humanism you don't recognize your power, or who you really are.

The truth is that you sit before your servant Kryon! My partner bursts to give you the reality of who you are. I circle you with energy and love, for I know exactly what you have been through for your entire life. You do not yet recognize your empowerment or your potential, when I already see the greatness. You do not know who you are, and I see your incredible lineage. If you know how things work, and have read my past communications to you, then you also know that you have had many incarnations in the Universe. This is your service and your group. Therefore your lineage is awesome, and it dwarfs anything that most of us have as our colors.

Many times in this book you will see transcriptions of my words to you in live channellings as my partner fulfilled his contract to communicate the Kryon over your great planet. Some of the messages will seem similar as I repeatedly speak to many different individuals about how I honor them. You will also hear me speak about your colors. Let me explain this again more clearly.

When I first arrived, I requested that my partner try to represent the look of the publication you are reading with some sense of changing color. The color is never the same as you look at the Kryon name on the book. It changes depending on how you look at it; and if you move, the colors change. Each of us has this exact attribute as an entity of the Universe. Our shape and our colors tell those around us our "names" and our service. In addition the colors tell the others where we have been and what we have done. The Kryon has a splendid shape and many colors, and some of you have even seen them.* They tell of my service to the Universe, and of the various places I have been doing the work that I specialize in. My underlying color is what you might call a shimmer, and so is yours. Overlaid on that is a light vibration color that you cannot see as a human. This light vibration color is the actual beginning of my "color story," as opposed to the shimmer which tells of my service. Just as you are able to read these words, so it is that you might see me as a universal entity and read my colors and shape. You would understand immediately that my source is the center, for this color attribute is my strongest, and carries with it the highest vibration of all. It represents the creative center and the Brotherhood of Light. All entities of the Universe know of this. As I have mentioned before, this center is not a command. It is simply a part, and does not have a hierarchy of importance as you understand it. The weight that it carries is that it is honored for its purpose and for its service. The "importance" is therefore one of celebration of purpose, and not rank. This is very difficult to explain to those of you who are still thinking like humans (cosmic joke).

Imagine two entities walking down the road. They stop to speak to each other, and suddenly they recognize that one is the brain and one is the heart! The brain is in awe of the heart! For years the heart has never failed to be the pump of life. Both had been partners creating life for the whole, and yet they never occupied the same space until now on this road. The brain wanted to ask so many questions of the heart about how it felt to be so important an organ, and what it was like to massage the liquid of the human system and keep it flowing so well.

But the heart is also in awe of the brain! For years it had been dependent on receiving the needed clock rhythms from the brain in order to operate. The heart wanted to ask the brain so many questions! What was it like to contain such an electrical system and be so complex that it could also communicate with all the organs at once?!

So these two parts, completely different, sat down together and spent a grand time informing each other of what it was like to serve the whole. When they went on their way, each one knew he had met a celebrity that day, and each one walked away feeling that he had been enriched by the experience.

So it is with you and me. We have worked this planet together for years, you in your capacity and the Kryon in its capacity. It is now that we meet each other on the road; and although you may look at me in awe as I represent Spirit, I am the one who looks at you in awe and tells you again and again that I am from the Love source... and you are loved dearly! The main difference, dear ones, is that until now you and I have never occupied the same space. Now we do, and you have earned it.

And so it is also that each time you descend into humanoid form on any planet, you earn a badge of color that intermingles with the ones you already carry. Like stripes on an Earth tree it tells a story to those who look on it. All of you on Earth at this moment have something in common. Your colors are the ones that tell the story of Earth. This is the great story of an eleventh hour upset (as my partner wishes to call it), and a victory of astounding value. Any universal entity looking at you right now will also see the story of your great lineage. You were the ones who planned and executed one of the greatest of all tests and experiments, for your work has changed the future of the entire universe. Too grandiose, you say? Then your duality is working well, and the imprint that you carry that hides the truth is functioning at full capacity. Believe me, the story is all that and more! There will come a day when you will again know that these words are truth, and that you are far more than just biology walking the planet with human names.

Because of your work the direction of the actions of the universe will be altered. Entire worlds will now have a plan that has substance. This is again difficult to explain to you. When you issue paper monetary value, you back it up with gold. The gold is the substance that shows that the paper also has value. So it is with your part in the place of many worlds to come. In universal terms, the outcome of your journeys and tests as humans have provided the substance and precedence for the value of certain actions to come. You therefore are the GOLD. (Do you remember the two New Age colors I spoke to you about in earlier books? Find them and you will have a good laugh at this analogy.) You have shown that in a void the natural tendency of an entity in the dark is to motivate to the love source! Although this may seem like an overly simple statement, this fact was never actually shown to be so until you proved it on this planet. The significance of this will astonish you in its universal importance when you finally take off the mantle of the biology that you now carry.

There will come a time, when you travel the universe, when all who meet you along the road will stop and stare in awe at your colors, and will recognize your celebrity. They will ask you what it was like to participate in the experiment of Earth! Like massive badges and awards, your colors will tell the story of the group of warriors who did so much for so many! The legends of your work will be universally known, and the word Earth will mean so much more than just a planet. It will be used synonymously to communicate the energy of "beginning." Is it any wonder that in the middle of your battle I come to you in love and honor? Is it any wonder that I wish to sit at your feet and be of service to you? Is it any wonder that each time I see you I metaphorically desire to wash your feet? You are right in the middle of a tremendous event!

The Great Transition

The pages of the upcoming channellings and the prior communications (Kryon Book One and Book Two) will clearly tell you the story of what has transpired in the last few years regarding the Earth. My entire reason for being here is due to your work. My service is in response to the change of the planet, a change that you have created. As an individual person you might say, "I don't remember doing anything special. What did I do?" As a planet, however, humans gradually lifted the vibration of the Earth to allow for a future that was not foretold... by anyone!

Now there are many changes for you to confront. And my work here is not only to facilitate the magnetics to allow for your growth, but to give you loving information about what is happening. Everything that I do here is focused into one purpose: to give you peace over the change, and to give you information that will make so much sense to you that you will self-enable your entity and take the power which belongs to you. These changes can create great fear in those who regularly feature drama in their lives to keep them stirred up. There will always be humans who do this to feel comfortable. Beware of the doomsayers who spread fear for the purpose of control or fame. The prophet who tells you the sky is falling will receive far more attention than the one who says it is not. This responds to an old energy concept, and is no longer appropriate for you. The new system of energy in this New Age is Love based. Think about it. Isn't it time that your way of life and your innermost thoughts started to correspond to the ways of the many masters who have walked this planet that you have respected so much? Those you think most highly of spiritually have all had a love-based message. And around the love messages were wonderful miracles and a peaceful countenance. You have separated these entities apart from you and labeled them as special. Many of you have set them up as examples, and some of you even worship them in error... hoping that this action will bring you closer to God. Now I am telling you that the New Age system is Love. It will agree with your changes when you move in a direction with those attributes, and will cooperate with your life as you co-create with it. It will do the opposite if you do nothing and don't move at all spiritually. There is no punishment implied here at all, just a lack of growth and a shorter life of being uncomfortable and fearful.

The feeling that much of humanity is experiencing now is the uncomfortable one of sitting in a familiar easy chair that is changing. The chair has served you for eons. True, it is dirty and not very comfortable, but it is familiar; and therefore you can count on it always being the same. For some this easy chair of familiarity contains anger, victimization and a complaining nature. Why not? If it worked well and always gave the needed support of sympathy while passing on troubles to others, then why change? Suddenly, however, the mechanics of these actions will not get the same results... and the reaction of humans to this will be fear. What would happen if you awakened one morning and none of your mechanical devices functioned in the same manner? Switch A made action B. You turn on your lights and water appears at the tap. Can you imagine your disorientation until you relearn the switches? Now place this in a venue of the mind. If you have always been a certain way, and people around you have always reacted to you in a certain way, this is a stable thing (even if it is negative). If that suddenly changed and humans no longer reacted in predictable ways to your old methods, this imaginary situation might challenge your sanity (to say the least).

And yet this is what is happening to you in your various cultures right now. All around you there is a feeling of completion. Many are in the process of celebrating the closing of an era and the opening of a new one. The oldest tribes on the planet are very aware of what is happening, for their calendars predicted it. The change, however, will be different than expected. It will be the age of graduation instead of an ending of life. It is the graduation of the Earth and the entering of it into new areas of the galaxy (formerly hidden). It will be the graduation of the human being into a new consciousness, and new ways of life (formerly hidden).

Although I will continue to give you some of the detailed personal changes to expect, if you want a two thousand-year-old view of how you are expected to be, then read the original list of nine honorings by Jesus (which you have called the Beatitudes) on page 89 in this book. This is the blueprint for the New Age human. Odd, isn't it (you might say), that you had it in your lap so long ago? The master of Love himself brought this new paradigm to you in a form you could read about and study long before you needed it. Now you do.

My messages in this book will give you much to consider of a practical nature regarding your life. And now I would like to specify some of the changes you may be feeling as a New Age human. I do this in order to help you identity with the truth of what I am speaking.

Earth Changes

No human welcomes the kind of change that a planetary upheaval can bring. As I have mentioned before, the human and the Earth are not just related, but are interactive and considered as one entity. When universal entities refer to the "Earth," they actually mean the physical dirt and rock of the planet, the humans there, and the other entities in support of the whole. All are seen as one system, and measurements of the vibration of the planet include all on this list together. You cannot raise the vibration of humans without also raising the vibration of the land!

In the past I have spoken of the fact that you must consider the Earth as part of your life. The ancients knew it, and honored the planet greatly at every chance. They also were careful to create balance when they took of the resources, giving back at every opportunity. I will not give that message again at this time (since you already have it), but I will remind you again of why the planet must change physically.

The magnetic grid is the science that affects your duality. It is constructed to allow for how much spiritual power you recognize, and how much of "your real self" you get to see. The new adjustments in the grid are for your duality, but are actual attributes of the planet. Again I invite you to realize the logic behind the mechanics of this. Why should I adjust a physical Earth attribute in order to change you? The answer should be obvious: it is because the Earth is your parent and your partner. The two of you are symbiotic travelers through the galaxy, and need each other's respect on a continual basis.

The grid change will affect the land. I have spoken in the past of the fact that the magnetic grid of your planet is being shifted. I have also spoken of the fact that your sun is the engine of the grid. This fact is not being taken very seriously at the moment, for it is unrealized truth to your Earth science. Only later when you start giving and receiving intergalactic messages will the part of your sun become clear... for all communications will be through it, given to the grid, and passed to the new portals created for that purpose.

As the land changes, so do you. Earthquakes, weather, and volcano activity can actually define your moods and change your personalities. "Certainly," you might say, "because I am afraid of being killed!" The kind of personality change I am speaking of, however, is where an earthquake on the other side of the planet makes you change in the location where you are. You cannot explain why it is, but you are becoming uncomfortable. This feeling is not worry regarding your safety, but rather an anxiousness regarding the planet itself (because you are becoming tuned with it). Some of you are getting a planetary awareness for the first time in your life. Many of you never thought of these things until the last year or so, and now you are more than casually interested in what is taking place within nature. What can you do about these changes? Let me explain again that this is a transitional period that will settle within the next eight years. During this time you can be very peaceful with the changes, even if some of them take you by surprise.

Take responsibility for the event being appropriate for the planet's new path. This doesn't mean claiming responsibility for death and destruction and sorrow. This means claiming the fact that you are a part of the whole, and the whole is experiencing growth. Therefore it is appropriate, expected, and is not the end. Your ancients knew how to do this well. After many great storms that pruned the land and terminated life, and even made food difficult to find, they celebrated the event as being a growth cycle in the overview of how things worked. What wisdom this was! There is so much irony in the fact that you are now so close to finding the truth through science, and it has removed you so completely from your connection with the dirt. Help others around you with this concept so that they do not hate the planet for things that will happen to them during the shift.

Don't feel victimized by anything that happens to you! Can you stand in the midst of fearful events and sorrowful times and realize that the overview is that you helped plan it? Some of the parables of Kryon later in this book deal with this exact thing. You have your choice when the lessons come to you. You can be a victim or a victor. It's your choice. The New Age human understands the difference completely and has peace with it. God (or the planet) does not gang up on humans to make them victims. Then how can you be safe (you might ask)?

The question and the communication with Spirit isn't "How can I be safe?" or "How can my children be safe?" The creative energy you now have should say "I co-create in the name of Spirit the ability to be in the very center of my contract." There is no sweeter spot for you than this. Remember that we want you to stay and do the work, just as much as you do. This means that it is far better for you to remain here and continue your spiritual light work than to be terminated, come back, and take another 20 years to grow up again. Doesn't this make sense to you? Even though you cannot know the future, you can co-create the ability to be in the right place at the right time (even though you don't know where that place might be). This may sound strange... like making travel plans without knowing the destination. It is so, nevertheless. This seeming puzzle has to do with the new energy and living in the "now," rather than the way it used to be where your happiness depended upon a linear view of your life, and the concept that you should always be preparing for what you thought was ahead. In other words, the sweet spot is your safe spot. Following your contract places you in perfect alignment

Dear ones, the finest thing you can do for the planet is to comfort others during the time of Earth change. The hurt of the heart is the worst hurt of all, and fear is the enemy of the New Age. When you realize the potential for peace during turmoil, and can practice it yourself, then you are encouraged to give it freely to others. When things get tough, there will be many you never thought would be in your home who will arrive there with fear-struck faces. They will want to know the secret of your peace. They will ask for answers to questions that you don't feel you know. Share with them the message of Love for the planet. Share with them what you know about these times, and the honor that Spirit has for them now. Give them the hope of the future that the Kryon gives to you. There is no greater singular thing that you can do than this. Many of you will be in the very center of your contract when you do, and will realize for the first time that your path is to share the love. Simple, but potent.

General Human Change

Let me speak of some of the changes for those who are not light workers, and would never be caught reading this communication. The events that will happen to these dear ones, who are every bit as important to the planet as you are, will be as follows.

Due to the Earth changes, many of these will experience fear and seek out answers. They will find good answers in places that are teaching about Spirit in many forms. Some will find faith through a spiritual quest of many varieties. The quest for God is a valid and true answer to fear in this new energy, for it promotes Love and a closeness to the Earth. Honor this in all its forms. It may startle you to see the humans who come forward at this time of change. Fear does that.

It is important that you realize a basic universal truth regarding others who do not believe as you do. Do not judge them! Do not make them wrong in your mind simply because their path does not correspond with yours. Do you remember when you might have believed something different than you do now? If it served your vibration then, you were in the correct spot. To have advanced it prematurely would have spoiled the wisdom that you now enjoy on your current path. So each human is responsible for his own place and time. Your admonition is to respond to those who come to you. Do not go out and recruit others to believe as you do. Try to view all the others in the context of appropriateness for who they are, even the ones who ridicule and hurt you, for those are the ones who have a karmic contract with you. If you have called for the implant (more on this later), then it is less likely that they will be in your life, for your change will have disabled the need for the karmic interaction.

The humans who reject the spiritual change will become more angry than before. Sad to say, but your problems with crime in your culture may actually become worse before they settle down. This is a direct result of the conflict within these humans feeling that they are being victimized by the planetary changes (which they cannot identify as planetary changes) with no hope for the future. The reaction for these will be more fear and anger. The other sad thing that will take place (but will eventually frighten many of these into changing) is that their life spans will shorten dramatically (due to remaining in the old ways while the grid shifts to the new).

Those who choose not to change in the New Age, and go in an opposite direction to the vibratory rate of the planet, will have the seeds of disease released into them by their own biology. They will no longer be able to remain comfortable or biologically balanced in the new energy. This is what they agreed to, and was set up by them in the same planning sessions that you attended with them before you were born. Make no mistake. This is not a punishment! This is a planned response to a free will human decision, contracted by them in advance. Can you imagine the changes in these when they dramatically see that they are dying early as a group? They will accuse you of sinister covert actions that are affecting their kind. They will become paranoid, and most will never believe that you are not killing them with some kind of new unseen psychic technology. Since the ones affected won't have taken responsibility for their lives, their fears will only grow stronger and they will turn their anger toward you as they slowly perish.

I tell you these things so that you can understand that the Earth is not going to become some kind of instant heaven (as you have perceived heaven to be). There is much work for you here. That is why you stood in line to be here! Some humans will flow with the new energy, and some will not. You also knew that before you got here. This is the planet of free choice, and remains so! The main change for the present, however, is that enough of the population of Earth has evolved in consciousness to a level that has changed the vibration for the entire planet (as measured during your Harmonic Convergence). This change goes much deeper than what is taking place within your own culture, which does not represent even half of the humans on the planet. This consciousness change has earned humans a New Age and the self-empowerment that is now upon you. It is why I communicate to you at all, and the reason for my extended stay here.

As proof of what I am telling you, notice that within your culture you are beginning to see far more interest in the New Age kind of subjects. Your mass media, which is driven only by economics, has chosen to highlight the attributes of this New Age! This means, of course, that there are many of you who are watching these transmissions, driving the economic numbers to allow for them to remain. As regular fare, you now have subjects on Angels and Guides, discussions on visiting galactic entities, and miracles. You would not have found these things in your mainstream entertainment or serious discussion venues had it not been for a mass consciousness change. Think about it. It has only been since I arrived that this has taken place. Does this correlate to any timetable that the Kryon has spoken of?

Changes in You

I speak to the light workers now. It is imperative that you understand some of the mechanics of what is happening to you so that you will not have fear. There is going to be a new way of feeling "normal" for you. There are also going to be new feelings within your biology for you to get used to. The plan is for you to become comfortable with the new ways of being.

Important: What follows is generic to all light workers regardless of any implant action. Those who understood the first Kryon messages about the acceptance of the karma-voiding process (implant), and did it, will quickly proceed beyond some of the following items. Those who did not take the implant gift are light workers who will have a longer learning cycle until their karmic attributes are cleared in the old manner. But all of you should study the following message.

All of you are now aware of the new energy. This awareness happens in that part of your being that you call mental. It is also the part that the teachers call the crown chakra. It is also represented by the development of what you have called the "third eye." Whatever your view of it is, it represents a tremendous increased vibration within your head (that is where you will perceive it). As you communicate with your guides, co-create, and have a much stronger relationship with your higher self (God self), some interesting things will take place.

Meditation: The first thing that happens will be a disconnection with the old methods. Those of you who meditate may suddenly find it difficult! Isn't it odd that meditation would be the first casualty of an increased awareness? Here are the mechanics of what is happening so you will understand why. Meditation is the time spent listening to the Universe, or Spirit. You have become used to sitting quietly while you gain great insight into yourselves and to the Earth (which some call nature). It has been the old method of communication between your God self and your human biological self, and has worked well.

Suddenly we are telling you that the veil has been lifted slightly, and that the grid is helping to facilitate that change. As the veil lifts, your communication methods will change; therefore your meditation will also. Here is an example: when your technology became so sufficient that you no longer had to write long letters and have them physically delivered to others to accomplish regular communication, you stopped writing long letters. Instead you used newer technology to immediately and instantly speak verbally to the others over long distances, and they were able to answer instantly as well. This had the effect of speeding things up in your everyday lives. No more waiting for the hand delivery of written communications just to get ordinary answers.

Much the same has happened spiritually. The long letters you used to write are much like the meditation you have become used to. Now you have the ability to have instant communication with your God self... and the answers come quickly. Some of you (out of habit and a feeling of guilt) feel that unless you sit and meditate anyway, you somehow are not honoring the God part of you. Get used to the new method. For many this will mean never meditating in the old way again!

New Age energy meditations will become action sessions, where the main purpose is to involve others with you to give direction of love for the planet. We look forward to those of you who understand this to begin the protocol for these sessions. Some of you are already doing this because it feels like the natural thing! If you fit this description, then you are honored indeed for seeing the change and moving with it.

So if you are one of those light workers who feel that your meditations are just "hitting the ceiling" (my partner's words), then please stop to consider why. Nothing is wrong. You have new spiritual technology now that allows you to get what you need in a fraction of the time. You have a new gift, and have accepted it... but the gift remains unopened. If you feel that you are not "feeling" the same response from Spirit that you used to have when you meditated, YOU ARE CORRECT! Get used to the feeling of being in charge. Get used to the new paradigm of normalcy as a light warrior who is enabled at every step! Your wisdom is now instant. This is much like the feeling of channeling for my partner. The love and wisdom of Spirit happens as you need it, and the love is always there pouring into you day and night through the crack in the veil. No more sessions are necessary where you create a tiny stream of love that squeaks through and makes you feel a certain way for an hour or so. Now you have the full mantle of Spirit to put on, and we invite you to do it! This makes the long letters of meditation inefficient and unnecessary for you personally.

Now, am I telling a planet of light workers not to meditate any more? Some will think so. Please understand that all this changing happens gradually. Some of you are still meditating and having the kinds of results you expect. Continue. This message is for those who feel that their meditations are faulty, and I have given the reasons why. If this fits you, then start accepting your power and understand that what used to take periods of time doesn't any more. This corresponds to the universal change as you slowly move into alignment with the "now" that I have explained many times. Change your former solo meditations to group meditations (two or more) and assign an energy purpose for each session (so that you are coordinating your vibrational intent). This is the best thing you can do for yourselves and for the planet. If you are willing to spend that much time before Spirit, make it count for the planet! You don't need it personally in the same way any longer.

Biological Balance: Here is another feeling you may be having. There is currently a lack of vibrational consistency between what you have called your mental vibration and the rest of your biology. The message I and others are bringing to you is a spiritual one. Even though I involve the physical planet, you perceive your growth in a mental and spiritual fashion. You slowly grow into a tolerant, peaceful person with a wise overview of others around you. These are almost exclusively mental processes for you, even though the truth is that they are astral attributes. You "feel" it in your head, however, and your attitude is seen to be a product of your mind set.

What happens next will seem familiar to some of you. Spirit knows that the rest of your biology needs to "catch up" to your new mind set (crown chakra). In order to do this there is much work being generated for you at the biological level. This process actually goes back to the 11:11 period when you were informed of the code that was passed to all humanity (more about that in this book). Your biology was given permission to change with your astral growth at this time, and the mechanics were given to the magnetic portion of your DNA for this purpose.

The results of this non-synchronization is that many of you are feeling "worked on" while you sleep. Some of you will have metaphoric dreams about hands touching you all over, or very small creatures administering to you throughout the night. Again this is a new process that is working in your favor to bring you health in the new energy, but it can again create fear if you are unaware of what is happening. The main fear most of you have is that there are entities attacking you in your sleep. Be aware of the differences between the cooperation of your own biology and an alien attack. The main difference is how you feel about what is being done. If you have any doubts, then simply create the solution by the procedure I have already given you in the past: (1) practice lucid dreaming, where you have total control over what is happening to you while you sleep. (2) If you suspect that what is happening around you is inappropriate in your dream state, then demand any inappropriate entities to leave. You truly don't appreciate your power to do this. It is absolute, and no astral or other dimensional being can continue if you do not give them permission to. After you do this, you will be left with only the appropriate things taking place; and if you still feel the changes going on, then you can relax and smile at the workings of your own biology. (3) Honor and look forward to the process.

What if you can't sleep because of this? You might ask. Here is an axiom of Spirit. Your healthy biology will always take the sleep it needs, and often leave you awake if it doesn't need any more. This may be boring for you, but it's correct. Many times when you are being worked on, the energy transmitted to you during the work will replace the energy you would have received through hours of sleep. Therefore your worry about losing the sleep is not valid. In fact the worry may itself cause a real sleep imbalance! If you feel that you are having sleepless nights because of this work, then out loud request of your body that it do the work over a longer period of time. This will help you relax in the sessions where no work will be done, and will honor your request to feel like you are getting more sleep. Do you start to understand the control you have over these things? So often the answer to health is to take control yourself. This is an understatement.

Slowly your lower biology will catch up with your head, and the other chakras will balance themselves to the same vibrational level as the top one. In this process be aware that what you call the kundalini energy will seem odd indeed. This is just another feeling that will be different from anything you have experienced before. This kundalini energy is the energy that actually touches all the chakras at once. It is also the only energy that moves about in response to the others (whereas the others are static). This will show up in your life as unrest, or anxiousness of mind. It has you walking around feeling that something is going to happen, so you'd better not relax very long. This is a false trigger, and is not a negative thing. It is very much a real chemical reaction. You are dealing with brand new alignments and new feelings. We invite you to get used to this surge of energy and recognize it for what it is. For some of you this surge may continue well into the next century. You must learn to relax with the new feeling. It is simply a new vibration between your biological portals. It is the new normal!

No more dark: There is yet another attribute that some of you are experiencing which is minor but needs explanation. The human experience with biological sight in the old energy is different from what it will become. Your biology is actually being tuned so that you can see some astral attributes in the future. This means you must receive changes within your eyes, the connections from your eyes to your brain, and your brain itself. Here are the symptoms: many of you now shut your eyes in total darkness only to find there is still a redness present, as though there were still a light on in your room. For those who got used to everything going black when your eyes were closed (the old way), there will have to be a period of adjustment and understanding of why this is happening. In addition to the subtle redness, you may also experience geometric patterns! This is pure science, and an absolutely natural response to the work you are allowing to balance your biology. Some of you will understand the geometric attributes as you continue with the messages in this book.

These things, in combination with the others mentioned will also tend to get in the way of your sleep (as described). You must, therefore, take this entire package of biological changes with a peaceful overview. We encourage you to relax with everything that is happening, and honor it. In the process of honoring something you don't understand, you become part of it. This alliance promotes a faster conclusion to the work, and also makes you feel loved in the process. This, of course, is the Kryon recurring theme for the New Age.

You are the reluctant enemy: How many of you have thought of yourselves as Someone's enemy? Most of you who have accepted the love-based message of the Kryon would step far to avoid such a label. In fact it is much the opposite for most of you. You wish to have the tolerance and peace of the Earth's finest masters, and you wish no ill will to anyone.

It will then disappoint you to realize that to align with the new energy will be to draw a battle line with many human religious organizations all over the planet. We have spoken in the past of the sadness surrounding the fact that so many of your love-based religions feature a doctrine which excludes everyone but those who sign up to believe exactly the way the organization asks them to. There will be so much fear around what is happening on Earth that these organizations will make you the culprit, and actually call you the devil. The great irony is that they will point at the channellings of their prophets for proof of this. You, of course, will not be given the privilege of pointing to your channellings.

They have no space for change; therefore they cannot accept an Earth without a bad ending as channeled in their books. They sit complacent and expect the worst, and have no tolerance with any who have the message of Spirit that says you have changed the planet with your thoughts. Even the highest love-based religions of your own culture will not be able to decide what to do with your good news information... so they will turn against you and try to do away with your message. Their message is one of fear, and in order to save your soul essence in these end times, they say you must give your power over to God... and they will define God for you. Then you will be ready for the end. Does this make you feel good?

What can you do about this? First: do not ever address their doctrine with them. This is an issue of their making and belongs to the consciousness of fear. How they can reconcile it with love will be of great interest, for there will be attributes of their behavior which will not match their doctrine. If a human comes to stand in front of you and says, "I don't like your nose," you have several options. One is to take issue with the statement and defend your nose. If you do this, you have been manipulated by that person into discourse and have joined into a battle of his making. There is no human law or rule that states that every time another human speaks, you must answer. The second option, therefore, is not to answer, and go about your business as though nothing was said. If this sounds similar to the admonition to "turn the other cheek," you have just gained a great New Age irony. You indeed will be using the love doctrine of those who confront you, and thus you will win your own individual victories.

Second: honor their right to believe their own way, and be tolerant of their ways. Never make them wrong in your minds, even if their methods irritate you. Remember that they are total equals with you, and that you all helped plan the changes that are causing the dissension. Many of them may join you later on when they weigh what is happening on the planet in light of the reality of their narrow doctrines. Love is the doctrine of the New Age, and it fits well with the great results and healings they have experienced in their meetings. Many will eventually understand that the only thing that separates you from them is the organization they belong to, and information that is old and no longer valid.

Third: Don't put up large organizations around your New Age work. Your best work will be done with many individuals whose faces change often. There will be much moving around for many of you as you discover your contracts and feel compelled to be in different areas. This does not lend itself to setting up organizations where membership and long term organizational responsibility is desired. This is important: You can do every bit as much work without a building as those do with large organizations with many members. If you do not have a building with your name on it, you also become a very elusive target for those who would wish to use their economic and political powers to terminate your activities.

There will be abundance for your work! The old methods of economic community collection and contribution is no longer useful. The new methods will be far more spontaneous. This is a difficult concept for those of you who need old energy monetary institutions and old established methods of income to make you comfortable. Our admonition in love is to become willing for the solutions to economic needs to become closer to the actual need. You will be given what you need at the point of the need. The Universe is very abundant, and you are indeed part of this plan. You will slowly watch many of the old monetary methods of the old energy fail completely, with great surprise and shock to those who must support large buildings and organizations.

Those of you who must have buildings for your healing or educational work must keep a low profile. Remember, dear ones, that your awareness and consciousness is not an evangelistic doctrine that invites others to join. Yours is perhaps the most personal belief system that has ever existed on your planet. It is a true miracle of Spirit that so many will receive the same information and come to the same conclusions without any human leadership or guidance to organize such a thing! No stadia filled with people, and no mass media pushes for economic support will push you on. Those who would cast you out as "the devil" will not understand the New Age way of organization, for it will be on a level of communication that they have never seen. There will come a day when you will be able to meet at a place for world meditation without even one invitation being sent. This is part of the "new sight" that you are being given.

There will also be those from your own beliefs that will reject the good news of the new energy. They will be angry that their methods are now being changed, and will not rejoice in the fact that many are now receiving the power that they intuitively had in the old energy (see page 184). This is a real test for them, for the very fact they were given sight in the old energy was to bring them into this time of testing. Their test will be to surrender the old ways to the new ones, and increase their own power tenfold in the process! Love them. Their work represents much of the reason why the planet has changed so much, so fast.

As you read this, remember that this is available to all humans at this time, even the ones who do not believe it! It is your birthright as a sovereign person on this planet. You all have earned a chance to take this new information and weigh it in the light of what is happening around you. Some will cast it aside, and some will not. This is not a proprietary message for a chosen few. It is the wish of Spirit for all humans to know of these things, then for them to go inward and use their intuition for advice on the truth of it all. When they do this, that part of them which is God itself will shout at them that they are very close to why they came here at all. Many will fall down weeping in thanks for the discovery, and will go on to embrace the new energy with eagerness and joy. Many will fight the feelings with the seed fear that I have spoken of in past writings (Books One and Two), and run from all of it.

Those who run are loved by Spirit every bit as much as those who do not. The rules of this planet are free choice and nonintervention. You come by design, but your actions are always in the NOW, as we call it. There is always spontaneity and surprise in what humans will do with the information of Spirit.

Because you are reading these words, again we tell you the following. Dear one, it is no accident that you are scanning this page with your eyes. We know you by name, and have placed before you a loving message from home. We know what you have been through, and what is happening in your life right now. There are entities who love you and have been with you for life that look over your shoulder while you read. These entities are often your best friends, and yet this is hidden from you while you are on the planet. They are rejoicing at this very moment, for you are reading a message which is about them and you. They long for you to acknowledge them, and begin to learn about the duality that keeps you from seeing each other in the dimension you live in. They long for you to recognize who you are, and to finally start the process you came here for!

There is great honor in their eyes, for they serve you completely. There is no judgment either, for they are truly of Spirit consciousness, as you were before you came. Do you ever tell them of your love? Do you ever try to remember who they are? Is it too weird or unusual for you to image such a thing? Even the most skeptical of you is honored for being on Earth during this time. We do not come to pass judgment on you, but to serve your planet with information about what is before you in this New Age of Love and science. In the process of that honor, we have to tell you many times of the love Spirit has for you. It is incomprehensible for you to fathom the depth of this love. You have changed the very fabric of the universe, and the very thing that keeps you from realizing it is the very thing you are honored for. The work you are doing is amazing when viewed from any place in the universe. All know of your path, and we stand in awe.

You are indeed dearly loved


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