KRYON - DON'T THINK LIKE A HUMAN (Channeled answers to basic questions)
ISBN 0-9636304-0-7
1994 - The Kryon Writings, Inc.
Author - Lee Carroll
$12 USA

Published in 1994, this second Kryon book was the first to become more practical, and started a tradition... present in every Kryon channeled book from then on... the SCIENCE chapter. Kryon's real-world approach to something so "weird" as channeling has brought us continuous scientific validations of what he has told us to look for.


"The simple manner in which the material is presented makes this a highly accessible work for newcomers to Metaphysics."

The Connecting Link magazine - Michigan


Preface from the writer...

About Love (Chapter One)

Questions - The Confusion (Chapter Two)
Question: Metaphysical choices: who is correct?.
Question: What is duality?
Question: Why does individual growth affect the planet?
Question: Who am I, that I should be doing this?
Question: Why do some people seek drama in a channel?
Question: Why do psychics and channellers differ from each other?

Personalities in Channelings (Chapter Three)

Questions about Earth Channels (Chapter Four)
Question: Who is Ramtha?
Question: Are there multiple humans channeling the same entities?
Question: The woman who channels Ramtha has been criticized. What of this?
Question: You say we deserve abundance. What about those dying now?
Question: Tell me about Solara
Question: Tell me about Adamis
Question: Tell me about Nostradamus

Past Lives Future Lives (Chapter Five)

Questions about Past Lives (Chapter Six)
Question: How does group karma work?
Question: How does the current mass death on Earth fit with group karma?
Question: Is there new information for us on past life mechanics?
Question: Do some of us regularly carry heavier karma?
Question: Time cycle computations?

Lemuria & Atlantis (Chapter Seven)

Questions About our Past (Chapter Eight)
Question: What kind of present karma did Lemuria & Atlantis cause?
Question: Why can't scientists see all the new universal activity?
Question: What actually was the cause of our ice ages?
Question: You spoke of the cave of creation. What is it?... and where is it?
Question: Whom do you answer to? Who sent you?
Question: Who is your support group, and where are they?
Question: Who exactly provided our seed biology help at the beginning?

Self-Discovery (Chapter Nine)

Questions From Readers About Self-Discovery (Chapter Ten)
Question: I asked for the implant. How do I know if my request was granted?
Question: I'm afraid to go through the implant process. Will I lose my mate?
Question: I'm a mother of two. I am in a dilemma about causing pain for my family.
Question: I don't want to neutralize my emotion. Will I laugh again?
Question: I'm a mother of two. Will I lose my children & my husband?
Question: I am confused about the healing chapter 5 in Book One
Healing letter

The Live Channellings (Chapter Eleven)
Writer notes about the live channellings
The Phantoms of Karma (live channeling 3/22/93)
Manifestation and Co-creation (live channeling 6/19/93)
Don't Think Like a Human (live channeling 7/19/93)
Healing in the New Energy (live channeling 8/17/93)
Temple of Rejuvenation illustration
The Entities Around Us (live channeling 9/22/93)
Earth Changes: "Your Wake Up Call" (live channeling 2/10/94)

Science (Chapter Twelve)
Writer notes about science
Kryon, on the Scientific Method

Questions About Science (Chapter Thirteen)
Question: Can we discover antigravity?
Question: Is there anything new for us regarding atomic structure?
Question: Can we ever really understand the shape of the Universe?
Question: What is the future of Earth computers?
Question: What should we do about our nuclear waste?
Question: Can you better explain linear time vs "now" universal time?
Question: What do you say to the religious & scientific criticism?
Question: Will we ever conquer AIDS?
Gamma Ray articles

Final Questions: (Chapter Fourteen)
Question: What would you ask of our President?
Question: What else do you wish to reveal now?
Question: What do you really want us to know?

Writer Notes: (Chapter Fifteen)

Appendix A (Temple of Rejuvenation notes)

Appendix B (Writer analysis of the Kryon parables)
The Parable of the room of lesson
The Parable of the farmer
The Parable of the tar pit
The Parable of Angenon & Verehoo>
Appendix C (More about magnetics)
Writer notes on new magnetic information

Dont Think Like a Human

From the writer...

I want to encourage anyone reading this now to seek out Kryon Book One. Although all of the Kryon information is interesting and enlightening, it follows a natural sequence of learning and understanding that was presented carefully in suitable order. I believe it would serve you better to find and read book one if you have not. If you do, it will help you in what is to follow.

As I mentioned in Book One, I am a very practical pragmatic person. As a businessman, I spend most of my time in front of computer screens dealing with numbers, planning correspondence and the like. I am not prone to being flighty, and I am very, very skeptical of everything I cannot touch and feel. This kept me away from reading any metaphysical books whatsoever, and never found me at meetings where folks were meditating in groups, waiting for tables to rise or spoons to bend. When Kryon entered my life, there was great cosmic humor over this fact, and now I understand why.

The Universe needed someone with an open heart and an empty mind... and boy did it find one! The cosmic humor results in the fact that I contracted to do this before I ever came in; but of course I do not know this while I am here. I represent the attitude of countless humans who would never be caught dead in a seance, unless of course they were dead and attending in that form (Earth humor). And so I remain the proverbial doubting Thomas, even as I continue to channel this great loving entity called Kryon. This is as it should be, for it serves me well to be this way. It not only keeps me honest, but it keeps things happening with a degree of integrity toward this process that otherwise might be simply accepted as par for the course. My feelings are that this experience is hardly "par."... and I have yet to locate the course.

Here's what I do know: Since Kryon Book One was released, amazing things have happened to me and those around me. The book was read and accepted by workers and nonworkers alike. I received countless letters from all over the Northern Hemisphere! Many sought me out and wanted a closer look. I sat with individuals and groups and just let the information and love flow... and it has made a difference in many lives.

I learned how to communicate with my guides, and found them receptive... to the extent that I actually felt I was creating my own reality. I would explain things, and ask for help creating action... and would get it sometimes within one day! This is powerful stuff. I took my new power and am continuing to work with it daily; then I discovered how logical it was too!

How can I explain how my heart feels? I have unwarranted peace, "too peaceful for what I know is going on around me." This is an actual statement, and may sound like I need psychological help, but it is literal. I feel better than I should under circumstances that heretofore would normally have produced less peace, or even anxiety. And that's not all... I'm starting to feel balanced for the first time in my life. I view others differently, and often my heart overflows with love for them. At the same time I see appropriateness in all things, even death. My tolerance level has zoomed! Those about whom I loved to complain have simply become other precious humans in lesson, and I actually found myself understanding what they were going through. The things they did that previously drove me nuts no longer pushed any of my buttons. I found myself giving thought energy to helping them! What a shift in purpose! And the wild thing is that it's working.

Some say it's a massive desensitization process, a turn inward to the extent of ignoring everything around you... the ostrich syndrome. To me it is exactly the opposite: it is an outreach in love that encompasses full understanding of universal principles, creating greater wisdom for reaction while in lesson, opening the door to healing and actually changing the future for our planet. This sounds a bit grandiose, I know, but it's the direction of things to come, and it feels so natural.

Why do I tell you all this? Because I find myself in a strange dichotomy of mind. I continue to experience the unseen, heretofore weird "unreal" forces as I move into this new era of my life, comfortable with all of it since it is actually happening, and not imagined. And yet I remain with many questions about "how come?"

I have a much broader base to work from now that Kryon has done so much explanation of how things work for us, and I have experienced "cause-and-effect" as proof that it is accurate. But I still have many, many questions about what I see around me.

I have decided to proceed in this book to ask my partner (Kryon) the hard questions that I have about many of the things that seem odd to me, or intangible. Why is it this way? What do we make of such and such? Who are these other entities around? Many readers also have written to ask related questions about the first book, and I will ask some of those also.

Prepare yourself. I'm going to ask some "doozies," because this subject is too important not to. As before, I write this prior to the channeling, so that you and I both can share in the information at the same time.

About Love

Chapter One

Greetings! I am Kryon of magnetic service. Before I allow questions to proceed, I wish to reacquaint you with my energy, and bring you closer to the vibration of my partner who is currently channeling these words.

I am of magnetic service, and exist solely for the purpose of service to you who are dearly loved and exalted among entities. You are the ones in lesson, and you are the ones who are the special ones walking on this planet. I am here to respond to your works, which have been significant in the past 50 years. You have changed your future... and you are poised at a place now where you can do it again. Believe me, the entire Universe knows of the situation you call planet Earth. With my changes, you can have increased power... and this is why I have allowed communication so that you will understand what to do next.

My partner admonished you to complete the previous communications. These are critical for your growth and explain a great deal about why I am here, and what is currently happening. It will serve you well to seek out the first series if you have not yet seen it.

Dear one, if you think you have picked up this book by accident, then you really do not understand how things work. For I am Kryon, and know you... and you know me. If these words, or those of past writings seemed to feel like "home" to you, then it is because your higher self has intuitively recognized the writing of a friend. I love you dearly, as do all entities who are here in service like the Kryon. I admonish you to let yourself feel my presence in your heart, and let yourself have the peace which can be yours when you let go of the fear that prevails even now in most humans.

The ancients told you that "the meek will inherit the planet." Unfortunately your word "meek" was a poor choice for translation. Indeed the meek will inherit the planet, but you should be aware of what meek really means. The meek human is submissive to the power of love. That is, a meek person chooses to stand back in wisdom when others charge in with anger. A meek person will choose to evaluate another in the criterion of love rather than of wealth, position or situation. A meek person is truly without ego, and is slow to defend himself, even when verbally attacked. This is because a meek person has the wisdom to understand that a verbal attack harms nothing, and is the result of imbalance in the attacker. A meek person will send love to those who attack, and regularly feature balance toward the Earth, with tolerance even toward the intolerable.

Who is this meek person? This meek person is among the most powerful on the planet. This meek person is the one who has recognized love as the power source, and creates with it. She or he changes negative to positive and evil to kindness. This person has the power to heal individuals, and groups of these people can change the planet itself. All warriors will pale in comparison to this meek person, for the power of one of these balanced ones will be equal to legions of those without love.

I come to you representing this power, and with the news that it can finally be yours. This powerful meek person is you. Put away your fears of the phantoms of lesson and claim this power. I will support you with my changes, and your guides will give you what you need to continue. Understand who you are! Understand who you are! Understand who you are! (There is no greater emphasis than when Kryon repeats something three times.)

Love is the champion of the times. It is the bond of the Universe, and is the secret of your unified theory. It is present at the cellular level, ready to be released with appropriate action. It is unconditional, and is unique. It provides peace where none existed before. It provides rest where none was possible before. It is wise. It is the sun within the sun, and is of singular source. There is nothing greater than this. No evil or negative thing can compare to it, and it is yours for the taking in the new energy.

Know this my friend: you cannot undo this truth of what you are reading now. It will stick in your consciousness long after you put down this book. It rings of truth because it is. Claim it!


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