KRYON - THE END TIMES (New information for personal peace)
ISBN 0-9636304-2-3
1993 - The Kryon Writings, Inc. Author - Lee Carroll
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Written in 1989, and published in 1993, this original Kryon white covered book set the stage for a multitude of work to come... seminars, books, tapes, and countless changed lives. It continues to be the best-seller of all the Kryon works, even though it is the oldest. This is the Kryon book that is published first in all the foreign languages around the world.


"For anyone who is ready for the next evolutionary step, this information from Kryon is invaluable. It is both self-healing and planetary healing...
Kryon really lets us know that all is well and we have work to do."

Louise Hay - Best Selling Author 


Meet Kryon (Chapter One
A personal message from the writer 
Who am I? 
What am I? 
Who are You? 
Why am I here? 
About The End Times 
The Love Connection 
Experience The Gift 

The New Energy (Chapter Two) 
Timing and Power 
The Systems Workers 
Non-Systems Workers 
For Those Caught in the Middle 
The Great New Power 
Why Wouldn't You Want it? 
The Adjustment & Help 
What if you fail? 
What is Your Path Now? 
How to Use the Power 
The New Vibrations 
It's For Everyone 
The New Attitude 

The First Live Channel (Chapter Three) 
A personal message from the writer 

Questions & Answers (Chapter Four) 
The Earth Partnership 
Read This! 

Healing and Disease (Chapter Five) 
The Beginning of Transmutation Teaching 
Healing in The New Energy 
Changing The Disease Organism 

Jesus Christ (Chapter Six) 
The Metaphysical Christ 
The Metaphysical Belief System Briefly Summarized 
The "unseen" 
Words about Jesus' Teaching 
Chapter Summary 

Writer's Summary (Chapter Seven) 
Calling For the Neutral Implant 
Communicating with the Universe 
Imprints and Implants 
Things Yet Unspoken 

Appendix A - Questions about the implant


The End Times

From the writer...

These next few pages may contain some of the most enlightening glimpses yet as to the way things work from the entity known to me as "Kryon." As the Channelling/writer, I have had the extraordinary privilege of putting Kryon's messages on paper. I have known of Kryon for some time, and have essentially ignored him. It took two psychic readers unknown to each other, three years apart, to actually spell his name out loud in a session and say that he was of importance and so... sheepishly I plopped myself down at the word processor and began to transcribe Kryon's messages to all of us.

Immediately, Kryon gave us a very loving look at a prime issue: The subject of Jesus Christ, who he really is, and a good synopsis of the Metaphysical belief system (Chapter 6 in this book). Kryon even gave us new interpretations of the Holy Scripture... and I almost didn't write it down, I was so startled by the boldness! (I was also afraid lightning might strike me at any moment, an obvious cultural influence). Kryon is speaking directly to humans in the western world through these writings, and he seems to relate to what is happening to us personally right now.

I am told repeatedly to be still and write, and not to complain about what I get... and not to worry about what others may say (Kryon is very practical and very direct). He reminds me constantly that I am under contract to do this, and that we have had service together in the past. Naturally I have no direct knowledge of what he is talking about, since I am very much a part of Earth, and very skeptical of just about everything until it hits me on the head enough times... as Kryon has. Believe me, this experience is highly unusual for me. I am a businessman who hasn't channelled anything more than my TV set for 48 years... and now this! There is something urgent, serious, and at the same time very loving, from this high entity beyond the veil (as Kryon calls it).

This writing is for the more Metaphysical of you. Kryon wants to speak about the other side of the veil, and who he is, why he is here, and a little of what is coming up for us on Earth. He doesn't like to be genderized (as I have done in this sentence), but I refuse to call the entity an "it," and calling him a "shim" (she/him) contraction wont do either. So I revert to a him whenever I absolutely have to for syntax. Kryon has one recurring theme, and I am given the repeated message that it is very important: "LOVE is the most powerful force in the entire Universe. It is the glue that will bond our belief together, instead of the doctrine that does it for the other systems. Love is not being recognized for its power, and it is not being used by us correctly." I think that as these writings proceed, further chapters will expound on what we should do to solve this.

If you have no knowledge of the Metaphysical belief system, I suggest you read more about it within the sixth chapter of this book (Jesus Christ – who he really was); otherwise what follows may sound very strange indeed! Those of you with some knowledge of the Universal belief system will be more at home with what is to come.

Kryon wants me to write for the common person, not the one who has been part of the "New Age" movement for years and years. He admonished me very early on to keep the process simple and direct, and has given me good methods in which to do so. Those who have been in the movement for many years wont have any problems with this kind of writing, but Kryon tells me that there may be some resistance from the old timers due to new interpretations. It seems that we are entering a time where information is going to be much clearer. In the past a great deal of information had the right thrust, but the wrong facts, and now we are going to clear some of this up.

This book features the first time that Kryon will come forward and speak in the first person. Within the entire book I am actually typing as it comes, with very little steering correction along the way. I have been very clearly instructed to do this, and to let the grammar fall where it may and the communication flow... the result is a style that is a bit ragged, but you will read it with the same ‘first time’ spontaneity that it was written.

What follows, therefore, we will both see for the first time... myself as the writer and you as the reader. Most chapters will have writer's notes before them, and each time there will be comments written before the actual Kryon communication.
Lee Carroll 

...And now, meet Kryon.

Who am I?

Greetings! I am Kryon, of magnetic service. Each one of you is loved dearly! If you have been brought to a point where you are reading this communication, you are in the right place at the right time. Please continue. I am speaking directly to you.

I speak to you now as clearly as I can through my partner; but I cannot use language as you know it, so the actual words are still being translated through his mind. My communications are actually independent of any language. I speak to you in "thought packages" and "idea groups," translated into your words so that you can understand.

I have chosen this writer for several reasons, the main one being that he agreed to do this before he came in. He has a contract, but as any human he can choose not to do this if he wants. He also intuitively knows that if he doesn't do this, I will probably keep him from sleeping for about 50 years. The other reason for my choice is that he has no former training of the Metaphysical system. That is, he has not studied it or read associated books. This creates an unbiased area for my thought packages to land. This is his ninth year of growth and awareness, and it is now appropriate for him to follow his action opportunity. He is uncomfortable to be writing about himself, so I will continue.

My name isn't really Kryon, and I am not a man. I wish I could impart to you what it is like to be the entity that I am, but there are basic human implants of psychological restriction that simply will not let you understand. I will expound on this later. My name is a "thought group" or "energy package" that surrounds me and is recognizable by all other entities. This same package is sent in my communications and identifies me at all times. I am constantly in communications with all – please simply accept this. The spelling of my name I gave to those who needed it came in a thought package and is as close to my TONE sound as I could get for your language. There is really much more to my name than the sound, and I would really like you to be able to "feel" it; but you are unable at this time.

My name energy package (which is different than my communications energy package) consists of three parts: (1) TONE – What you perceive as sound, but is perceived here in a non auditory fashion, (2) LIGHT FREQUENCY – what you perceive as light and color, and (3) FORM – what you perceive as shapes and designs. It is presented singularly as one package, and perceived in a way which is not significant to you at this time. Most of my name package is out of the range of any of your human senses.

This is very difficult to explain. It would be like explaining your colors to a sightless human. You have not been given the receptors that will give the understanding as to how I am perceived, and this is as it should be.

It is very interesting to me that those humans "in touch" with this side of the veil for many years have not really put this energy package together yet. Your restrictive implant design is responsible for your two-dimensional reasoning, but those with balance should have been able to put this together before now. It's time to begin! You have many enlightened writings about the meanings of color, light, sound and shape design... and you recognize their significance. But you must think three dimensionally about these things, and put them together for them to be truly meaningful. To many these items separately just seem as loose knowledge, and are passively interesting. When you put them together and start to work with them, they will become alive with energy. Believe it! It is how things work.
  What am I?

I am of magnetic service. This means two things to you, and I will start with the latter: service. My entity is one of service. I have never been a human or anything else but Kryon. My entire purpose is to serve in a specified capacity the "schools" throughout the universe where the entities such as yourselves are located. There are many schools of various levels, some that are lower and some higher than your own. 

There are many kinds of entities, but the number is always the same. We are constant, and reflect the whole at all times. You are a very important part of the whole, and you are very special. You have elected to be the ones to bring the frequency of the whole to a higher level. This process is very interesting, and requires sacrifice and work. When you are on my side of the veil, there are many things which become logical and clear that make no sense whatsoever to you now. But the process of living, dying, working and experiencing the lessons of humanity is a staple to the final goal of our entire existence, and your process at this time is the most exciting of all. I will explain this as I continue.

Those such as myself who are in service have elected to work for the rest of you. There are many more of us in service than those of you in lesson, and there are many, many kinds of service. There are entities directly assigned to each of you. These entities move on as you reach different levels. Some never move on, and you have them for life. All of them are assigned for service to you directly.

To make things really complex for you, but quite logical and simple from my point of view, is the fact that your planet is the home for several kinds of schools simultaneous to your own that you are totally unaware of. That is, there are other entities that interact with you in an odd way which becomes their own school! You are their test! Some of the other biology you observe on Earth are really entities also, but you think of them as lower intelligence. Also there are ethereal entities that are with you that are working their way through lessons, and you perceive them as ghosts or apparitions, not to be confused with the apparitions that are assigned to you for service.

All of us in service celebrate you and your work. Many of you started in service, and elected to change. Some of you were invited to change, and did so willingly. The decisions of the whole always match the will of the individual. Love is the power source and it is of singular origin. 

We are all linked together. We are the great "I AM" as your scriptures call God. When I send the message "I AM Kryon," there is a communication that I belong to the whole, and my signature is Kryon. We are God. You are a piece of God, and you have the power to become as high on your side of the veil as you were before you came... and you are loved without measure. You are each high entities of your own who have agreed to be exactly where you are before you ever got where you are. We are all collective in spirit, even while you are on Earth, veiled from truth. Although we are collective, LOVE is singular and is of one origin, or focus. This may seem confusing, but consider it a fact that is of primary importance, so that you understand that it is special for your current time.

Who are You?

Before I continue to speak about my work for you, I must stop to try to explain why some of you are not believing anything you are reading right now. Formerly in another communication I spoke about an analogy where you as humans try to explain the workings of a complex piece of equipment to an Earth animal. This is very similar to me trying to explain anything of what is happening over on this side, to you on the other. This is as it should be, and is proper. In fact, a great deal of work has gone into making it so! Your power of intuition and discernment are the only things which will give you the choice to stop reading this or not, because everything else you own biologically has been tampered with! As I spoke of earlier, you have implants that will never let you understand this side of the veil on a reasoning level. There is only one way you can begin to understand, and it must be done by balancing your biology with your spirituality. You see, your spiritual side is pure and unaffected, and is still intact without restriction. With a balance of the power of your spiritual side, your biological (biological mind and physical body) structure will no longer be limited in scope of understanding. Many of you are calling this balance "enlightenment."

I want to give you an example of your limitations, but this is not to make you feel inferior (because you are not!). It is as an exercise in reason and logic to apply to what I am telling you. Each human is implanted with many limitations and restraints of conscious thought. For instance, you are all implanted with the feeling that everything must have a start and an end, a beginning and completion. If I told you that something always "was," you would have a difficult time with that. If I told you something always "was," and always "will be," you might say you understand... but you can't. You are implanted with this restriction, and you conceive everything as having a start. I cannot suddenly give you a bypass to this restriction, but I can cause you to question your perception by asking you to consider the following: Imagine you are now standing inside a large bubble. Can you show me where the bubble starts and ends? ... or perhaps how it originated? How can the interior of a sphere have a beginning? It's three dimensional! If you now take a pen and draw a line all around the inside of the bubble, you are showing yourself my lesson. You are creating for yourself a beginning and an end point (where you start your line and where you end it) in an environment that had none to begin with. You are actually superimposing your limitations on something that has none. This is what has been done for you. You have been biased to be two-dimensional in a three dimensional space, and all your thinking reflects this. You are also driven to constantly look for creation... which is your implant at work.

This is also related to the other basic restriction you are given: You perceive time as linear and constant, with only two dimensions, forward and back. Because it never pauses, you can never be in the "now." It is only in the last few generations that you have realized that time is relative (is not actually constant), but you still have no concept of its third dimension. If I told you that time as you know it doesn't exist at all, you would probably laugh out loud... Well, start laughing. The whole concept as you understand it was created for you to allow for your lessons, and to give you a linear, consistent platform on which to exist while you learn. Constant "reliable" time is an Earth concept. On the side where I am there is a very different kind of time, and everything is in the "now." Its third dimension is vertical. As in the bubble, there is no past or future, only now. Everything reflects to a center point, exactly where you are in the bubble.

With all of your scientific endeavors, you have been restricted to two dimensional thinking. You have not yet discovered the balance I spoke of, and have not related it to science. The spiritual sciences of the universe are logical, predictable, and are based on numbers and formulas that always work. It is a marriage of the physical and the spiritual, and proper implementation brings about consistent, observable changes. This is my service, and I know of these things. What you are missing is the balance with the spiritual part that will enable your science to leap forward in a spectacular manner when you achieve this balance.

As humanity proceeds in the next few years, you will be given the opportunity to see the results of the marriage of the physical, mental, and spiritual to achieve real science. You currently do not have real science, only two dimensional science... human science, not universal science.

The missing part, being the spiritual, has been shunned by your scientists all these hundreds of years as nonscientific. This is ironic in that the spiritual is where the real power and understanding is! You will never achieve sustained space travel without it. You will also never be able to alter or understand gravity, and most important, the transmutation of matter will never be yours without it. Imagine... how would you like to neutralize all your atomic waste, so that a child could play with it, as sand. It's not difficult to do, but it requires skills that you have not yet used, but that you now have the power and permission to develop. You have earned these things!

From my standpoint the power you have never used yet is in my domain. You have absolutely enormous raw power resources that exist through the understanding and regulated use of the magnetic fields of your planet. All the energy you ever need is there, not to mention the secret of passive flight using the magnetic grids. But you will not be able to understand it without balanced three dimensional science. 

At this point humans are as tiny molecules on a giant magnet, a magnet which is able to move things with enormous force if called on, but humans are only able to see far enough to dig tiny holes in the surface and suck out minuscule pieces of iron to burn for heat and power. You are like ants on a generator, wishing for electricity. The forest has eluded you, while you concentrate on consuming one leaf for fuel!

Have you noticed the recurring theme of the power of three? There is no "magic" here as you call it, just universal logic. The number three vibration emanates power and energy. Balance of the "three" is necessary for you to proceed with enlightenment (physical, mental and spiritual). Knowledge in science of the three is necessary for you to use the real power at your disposal, and unlock the remaining scientific secrets left to you. Three also transmutes to "one" when used. This is difficult to explain, but consider mixing three dormant parts to create one active one, and you will understand it better. Much of your western religion is based around the three God parts combined into one Godhead. This information is a bit modified from its true meaning, but still accurate in concept of the power of three combining to make the one.

I have also told you of the three parts to my name. Together they communicate my "signature," and apart they are meaningless. Three is very important, and is constant throughout the universe.

Also of mild interest: if you take the letters of my TONE name KRYON, and assign a western alphabet number to each of the letters – A=1 B=2 Z=26 etc., then add up the numbers, you will result in the number 83, which then adds to create 11. This is significant, and describes who I am even better to those of you who have intuitive knowledge of number meanings. This is why I chose the spelling in your language. The spelling of my name was not supplied by your writer. This number 11 will tell you of my character. When you multiply this number by the power vibration 3, it results in 33, and will give you insight as to my SERVICE. I will give you an important power formula: 9944. Your discernment and intuition will eventually lead you to the meaning of this, but it is important in the transmutation of energy. 

My service to you is not to train you in these things. I spoke of the fact that I am of magnetic service. Others are here in service to help you with the procedures of balance, and the details you will need. All of us are here in love.

Why am I here?

Before I can tell you exactly why I am here, I must explain more about the way things work for you. You will then understand more about my service, and why I am here.

Many of you are reading this now with the hopes of gleaning something precious, perhaps something meaningful– something that comes from a longing in your soul to know the truth about things. This is your freshly awakened sense of spirituality: You recognize that there is something more to life than simply feeding yourself and protecting yourself from perishing (another implant). Perhaps you have always felt there was something more, but had no idea what it could be. You are experiencing a gradual change of consciousness, which you have earned, and it is appropriate for your time. Continue your search. It will lead to what you really are longing for: peace of mind through the power of Love.

Humans have always searched for God. This is simply a home- sickness that reflects the absence of your connection to communication while you are in lesson. It is a basic cellular desire, and is global.

Things are beginning to change, and that's why I'm here. The old Earth, middle Earth, and new Earth refer to three basic consciousness levels of humans (not to be confused with time dispensations of human making) over the earthly time since the beginnings of the "in lesson" entities on Earth. We are now coming to the fourth level, which has tremendous potential and will be the last. It is the age of responsibility, or enlightenment. It is where you finally take charge.

There is one reason for all of your existence on Earth: You are in lesson for the purpose of raising the vibration of the whole. This is the overall reason, and is not fully explainable to you at this time. Your endeavors while in lesson create energy through your incarnations and subsequent elevation of the Earth consciousness. This energy is valuable to the whole, and transmutes negativity. Negativity is the "absence of enlightenment," and if left unchecked, will be found more and more unless we have those of you throughout the universe constantly in lesson. You therefore are instrumental in changing something very large and complex. Please accept this. There isn't much more you will be given about this while you are on Earth. This is not planetary information, but universal information.

Closer to home, on a planetary level, your challenge was to start without any enlightenment at all, and gradually work through multiple lessons and incarnations to a fully enlightened state. You are on the path so far, and are quickly approaching the end of the whole cycle. Again, your endeavors though this process actually create energy for the rest of us.

Most important, as humans you are to live through many experiences during lifetimes of expression, creating the energy needed to bring the vibration of the planetary consciousness to its highest attainable level. While doing this, each century was supposed to also bring an overall shift of spiritual enlightenment... and so far it has. Twenty centuries ago, you in the "first world" earned the gift of the great master Jesus. This entity is also in service, and is known by all of us throughout the universe as one of the highest vibrations in service. The visit caused a great deal of spiritual activity on Earth, and has had repercussions ever since. My first message to my partner explained this, and also it explained Jesus’ message with more clarity than I do here.

Other parts of the Earth also received knowledge through other great masters in service during these times. Various cultures received the "truth" at various times as they were ready, but it was a global effort. The knowledge that they all imparted was about your power as spiritual beings, and your relationship to the universe. At that time, you were all invited to carry the full enlightened "piece of God" with you at all times, and start your final expressions as enlightened entities on Earth.

Centuries before that you were not even able to contain the full "charge" of your entity, and could not carry it around with you! Only part of it. Energy centers and temples contained the balance of your collective power. One of your long enduring transient cultures even carried the energy with them from place to place. The significance of the temples in very ancient Earth history were much higher than today, since they were indeed the spiritual power centers... and had physical manifestations to show it.

Currently, when you incarnate into the Earth plane each time, there is a brief rest where you meet and communicate with the whole, and plan for your next expression or lesson. Your plan is often determined directly by what happened during the last expression. You have called this karma. You form a contract, or plan on what will be learned and experienced as you begin the next expression. Quite often you incarnate only for a brief time, dying while a child, or being terminated early through illness or accident. This may seem cruel to you, or an illogical thing for you to agree to do, but it is appropriate and it is correct for the whole. The timing of when you again incarnate is determined by the lesson group around you, some still on Earth, and some not. Sometimes your incarnation is almost entirely for the expression of another, and is quick.

This would seem to indicate that there is some type of predestination at work. There is not. Believe it! This is much misunderstood. 

All incarnations are as clean slates with a purpose overlay (karma) and various "doors" of action offered during the cycle (contract plan). The karma may or may not be satisfied. If it is not, then there will be another opportunity through another expression (incarnation). An individual may or may not open any of the doors of action offered by the contract; it is up to the individual, and where her or his growth is at the time. All of this interrelates to the other entities around your expression. As a planetary group you have gone through many of the correct doors. You have done this collectively on your side of the veil, and it has resulted in an elevation of the whole. Again, you are to be congratulated. I can attest that this is not always the case in the universe. You had several opportunities to fail, and came through it well.

About my work: Magnetic fields are very significant to your biology! In addition, magnetic fields can (and do) affect your spiritual consciousness. The magnetic field of your planet is necessary for your biological health, and is fine tuned to fit within your spiritual scheme.

The magnetic field of your planet was carefully placed for your health - and your lessons. Look around you. What other planets do you find with magnetic fields? [Not just in your solar system]. It is not a natural occurring force. It was placed purposefully and carefully. You have not been able to leave your planet far enough or long enough to realize this fact, but when you do, you must carry a field with you to continue sanity and health, and it must be correct. This is basic for humans. If you find another planet with a magnetic field, it is a prime suspect for biological life, or its arrival in the future, or a "marker" that there used to be life there. No matter what the actual biology of the life form, it will have to be polarized to have a spiritual significance. Note this: the farther that the magnetic field is aligned from the axis of the planetary spin, the more enlightened is the life form. This is just part of the process, and a signal to look for.

Electricity is all around you, and you already are beginning to notice the negative effects of artificially created magnetic fields on your health. All artificial magnetic fields should be shielded from your body. You have the technology for this and should protect yourself. Some of the diseases that are typical only to your affluent western society are a direct result of many artificial magnetic fields around you.

For years you have understood that the basic thought processes of your minds were electric (and therefore had magnetic properties). So also you understand that your entire biology, from nerves to muscles, are electrochemical in their function. Every organ in your body is "balanced" magnetically (polarized) and is sensitive to outside fields. Troubles with brain, thyroid, heart, kidney and adrenals are suspects for magnetic disturbance. Psychics are "reading" your own personal magnetic field (you all have one). More accurately, they are perceiving the balance of your field. And your science doctors routinely attach wires to your body to record your electromagnetic impulses.

Please understand that the best thing you can do for yourself is to shield yourself. Let the magnetic properties of the planet do the job for your health. Do not use artificial methods to try to create balance. Stay away from large static magnets, or electrically energized magnets. Very important: examine where you sleep, and remove magnetic devices from you by at least 3 meters. This could be electric clocks (plugged into your electric power), television sets, sound playback and recording devices, loudspeakers, heating devices, and fans. Never use an electric cover device for heating yourself. Do not use a heating device in a water-filled sleeping containment area. All equipment you use that has a motor should never be continuously next to you, and should be shielded. Make certain that your artificial power carriers and distribution devices are not running directly over or next to your sleeping quarters.

Something that should have been obvious to you was again shielded by your implants: Magnetism is the "couch" that human consciousness & biology has been sitting in for its entire existence. It is mathematical and it has been designed (it also interrelates to your implant system). If you had realized this, and given it credibility on your planet earlier, many of your diseases would now be understood and dormant. You must balance magnetically what you put in your bodies! How has this escaped you? Would you carry large magnets into a fine-tuned, polarized area? The immunity disease you are now fighting on Earth is magnetically controllable. Spend some time altering its magnetic properties and watch what happens. Repolarize it and test its virility. You may be surprised.

With all this, are you then surprised when I inform you of the importance of the Earth's magnetic field on you?

I am Kryon of magnetic service. I have created the magnetic grid system of your planet. The creation of your grid system took eons of Earth time. It was balanced and rebalanced to match the physical vibrations of your evolving planet. During the time I was initially here, what you now perceive as positive and negative Earth polarity was altered many times. Your science can prove this; look for soil strata that will show multiple "flips" of north and south polarity of the Earth during its development. (The Earth did not flip; only the polarity). All of this took place before you were allowed to exist. Your writer assisted me and was of magnetic service at that time. His connection to me is part of the reason I am speaking through him now.

I have been here two other times since, for major global adjustment. This is my third adjustment, and my fourth and final visit. The last two times I was here, it was necessary and appropriate to make a global adjustment to accommodate your growth. In each case, humanity was terminated for this purpose. A few entities remained in each case to propagate the biology.

This may sound harsh to you, but it was correct and done in perfect harmony and love. All of you agreed to it beforehand, and it was a celebration, for it represented milestones in Earth growth! I am not here to tell you that my third adjustment will require your termination, but without some understanding many of you will terminate yourselves anyway. This third adjustment has already begun... and those of you who follow such things as the movement of magnetic north will know what I am talking about.

About The End Times

Many of you who are in touch with my side of the veil have foreseen what I am doing; but because the communication was difficult at best, you have not seen the correct plan. The information was correct, but the thought packages you received brought you to conclusions based on partial understanding that do not represent the actual facts. Your psychic visions were of some kind of tilting of the Earth. Nothing of this kind of thing is eminent. Even a very slight tilt of the Earth at this time would result in cataclysmic destruction of humanity. Oceans would spill onto landmasses, the Earth's crust would buckle violently, the moon would tug at newly exposed weaker areas and literally churn up the surface, and your weather would change dramatically. New active volcanoes would pop up everywhere, and humanity would end. How do I know this? I watched the process the first time! Certainly there will be floods and quakes and eruptions in your future... some will be a reaction to my new work, but these will not terminate the population. They will be in unusual places, however.

Use the discernment and intuition that is yours at your cellular level. Your higher consciousness "God self" will serve you for an answer: Do you think that humankind has been brought to the end of this cycle of higher consciousness enlightenment through entire Earth history to be snuffed by a wave or a boulder? Quite a graduation don't you think?

No. The tilt that has been foreseen is my job. It is a magnetic tilt, and will be the realignment of the grid system of the Earth to provide for your final time. Basically, you will be provided with a magnetically correct overlay for humans of balanced enlightenment to exist and live. Your magnetic north will no longer line up with polar north. It really never has that you know of, but its tilt will now become significant.

So why is this important? The importance is that those who are not ready will not be able to deal with it. Some will stay, and those who can't will reincarnate and reemerge with the correct alignment. What this will do to your society is the negative part of my message.

My process will take ten to twelve Earth years to accomplish. From now through the year 2002 will be the gradual change. Around the year 1999 you should know exactly of what I am speaking. Governments are run by men of power... not all of them are enlightened. Their inability to deal with the consciousness alteration could imbalance them, and the result could be chaos.

You will note that I said "could be." This is where you get your real opportunity to make a change. As the grids adjust over the next years, you will be given more enlightenment. As I told you earlier, your restrictive implants are aligned to my grids. The grid alteration will free you of certain restrictions, and you will be able to control what you do from here to a degree that you never had before. For the first time you will be able to grasp completely the power that is available through the love energy, and use it for planetary healing. You will also be able to focus this energy in such a way that negative is transmuted to positive. This will result in the balance of many individuals that formerly would not have had a chance to remain during the transition.

Before I continue I am constantly being interrupted by the writer who wants to know about the significance of the triple six, or your 666 number that has been equated to the anti-God or anti-Christ end times. In addition, he wants to know about the "mark of the beast." The "mark" has been equated by humans to everything from your government's assigned work number to the computer code on the packages you purchase in the stores. Actually it is far more basic than that; it is the magnetic balance of your cellular biological code (DNA)! Therefore, all of you who are balanced are neutral. The ones who are not are "marked" for change (although this can be altered at any time). The "beast," as it has been called, is the unenlightened self in each of you. It was called the "beast" because of the potential actions of the unbalanced leaders during the upcoming realignment times... as the "beast" among you devouring the peace. Therefore, the unbalanced have the mark of the potential beast.

This may appear backwards to those of you who studied the channelled writings of the Christian book of Revelation... but now I have a revelation for you: This ancient channelling was purposely kept confusing and vague since not one entity in the universe could ever predict the actual outcome of your oncoming test! [Author's note: why aren't the Dead Sea Scrolls released yet after 50 years?] There are several possible endings for you, and this scripture book contains all the possible scenarios for Earth's end times presented at once. No wonder the interpretation is difficult... a "cosmic joke." The significance of the 666 is a phantom (or disguised) 9. The number 9 is hiding in this triple six at every junction and represents the energy of your time now. It deals with a vibration of balance, power and love. It also signals completion. If you add the three 6 numbers, they equal 18, which adds to 9. If you wish to multiply the resulting 9 by the power number 3 to obtain additional information about it (as you did with my name TONE earlier), you will receive 27, which also adds to 9. If you feel the three 6’s represent the number 6 times itself (or six cubed), you will obtain 216, which also adds to 9. This 9 vibration is of those who will be balanced and remain. 666 is not the number to be feared. (There is no such thing as a number to be feared. Numbers give us important information, and are a wonderful three dimensional tool [only two dimensions of which you are now using]. They are mathematical, but they display energy.) 

The significance of the three 6’s together is as follows: Each 6 represents one of the three "math base six (and 12)" calculations of the Earth: (1) The first 6 is time. This base six system was derived from the Earth's rotation, and you have used it faithfully from its original discovery. (2) The second 6 represents the magnetic compass system of 360 degrees, developed again through the demands of Earth's physical properties, being circular. Note that the compass is also a "circle of 9's." Each of the eight 45-degree points add to nine. In addition the opposite headings of each of the eight added together also equal 9 (360+180; 45+225; 90+270; etc.). Why add the opposite headings? If you travel one direction for long enough, you will eventually find yourself standing in the place you left. Your path became one line that circled the globe. Its significance as a direction, therefore, must be considered by both its magnetic headings, since it now has no beginning or end. (3) The final base six system is gravity. When you are able to calculate it and manipulate it, you will discover it is also a base six (12) system. The specter of a human entity representing the power of darkness on Earth who had an evil number on its head was not channelled information. It therefore was created by men for men's purposes. The "anti-Christ" notion came out of the fact that the unbalanced ones will carry the unenlightened energy which is contrary to the great love messages of the master Jesus.

Remember, you must move away from any previous ideas of what the "end times" should mean to you. If you are of the Christian faith, then I would ask you to please continue to keep your eyes on Jesus the teacher, and in perfect love ask for guidance - not based in men's doctrine, but in God's wisdom. Ask and pray for discernment and peace. Love will bring you through. There is great danger now for you. Men will bring you down if you are not careful. Claim the power of love that you are so familiar with, and use it! Ask for guidance from spirit (The Holy Spirit) about the true meaning of the end times, and what you should do. Study the "Jonestown incident" in your recent history, and learn from it.

The realignment that I am creating will certainly cause things to change for all of you. As I previously mentioned, it will cause the society of Earth to change through the actions of the governments involved in making the decisions for the masses. Those countries with self-balancing economies could be affected the most. It takes mutual, collective agreement and a more than marginal trust in the leadership of a government to allow for a self-balancing economy. When these factors are removed, collapse is certain. Those of you in the first world should be on alert for this. Balanced entities will come into their power in a strong way, but they should be circumspect with economical matters. Do not trust your government's monetary systems during this change. Change your personal monetary exchange medium to the most basic form. Barter for what you can, and do not put your faith in any monetary institutions. It is not necessary for you to escape your government system, or go into hiding, unless you feel that you are actually in danger of your existence. Ride out the changes, and continue to hold on to the honorable principles that are the fair answers to how humans must organize themselves for the benefit of the most, with tolerance and love for the less.

These are safeguard suggestions, and don't necessarily signal horrible survival times ahead, or a holocaust. There is good news too: I arrived in 1989 to start my work. Without any changes in place, you had already begun to change. This is a true sign that the timing was perfect, and that you were "on course." With my primary moves in place, you reacted globally in a positive way, complementing much of the new consciousness. You must know that we celebrate you for this! There is no greater sign of enlightenment on a global level than (1) the desire for tolerance,(2) the desire for peace, and (3) the elimination of everything that gets in the way of number 1 and number 2. 

Did you notice the power of 9 in the year of my arrival? The 666 with its hidden meaning foretold it. Anyone with discernment could have easily picked the beginning year of my final work with you, and many did.

You also saw a small global war take place, created solely and seemingly by an entity who was unbalanced. It was global in the sense that for the first time all nations were instantly involved, and communicating for a solution. The entity who caused the conflict is your example of exactly the kind of illogical reaction of an unenlightened (unbalanced) human to the new alignment. He was very sensitive to the changes made already, and reacted for everyone to see. This is the danger I speak of that you must correct. Notice how his action caused many, many humans to terminate their cycle. This is truly the "beast" at work, willingly devouring the peace. This is the "anti-Christ" energy I spoke of.

How can you personally stay on course? What should you do now? My next words to you are the most important of all.

The Love Connection:

LOVE IS POWER! Your word is inarticulate and poor for this concept. Other Earth languages at least have many kinds of words for this energy. Love is not a word, or just a feeling. It is a power source! It is energy. You can call on it, turn it off and on, store it up, send it out and focus it for many uses. It is always available and will never fail you. It is the promise of the universe! It is the common thread that runs things. It is time you started to see this... and I mean in the universal sense that it really is your time! You are at last being given permission to use and understand this power source, and you have earned it!

You may want to use the word "God-Source" instead of love to give you an understanding of the meaning of the power. We are collective, but the power source is singular. This means that we all share a common oneness that is the power. This is similar to electricity as you are familiar with it. Notice that the common element in your circuits is always the "ground." No matter what the purpose of the circuit, or the strength of the circuit, it always has one return, or commonality, a oneness within a multifaceted system.

The love God-Source is the power you receive when you call upon God for anything. Any entity calling specifically, verbally or otherwise for the power of God receives this love God-Source. It is literal, and will respond appropriately. Appropriately means that it will respond within the universal correctness of the call. Enlightened, balanced individuals are especially good at calling up and focusing the love God-Source. They have always been as clear pathways through an otherwise murky and resistant veil. Most of these individuals have been religious leaders through the ages, who used love as their basis for life. Their honest love for the universe, and others around them, and their tolerance for other's process and karma, was the key to their balance. Actual knowledge of the "way things work" was (and still is) unimportant. Holy men in India, China, Syria, Israel or anywhere else, have the same connection to the power source as a Christian evangelist in a meeting in middle America.

Why do I tell you this? So you will understand that the source is singular! ... and is yours as never before. With my realignment, your spiritual side can soar! You will receive a feeling of perfect alignment, of finally coming home. This is your entity actually seeing itself for the first time for what it is: a piece of God. A piece with a name known by all, that can never be destroyed, and can never be added to or subtracted from. Can you imagine what you can do now? 


You must call upon this love God-Source to heal and balance the planet. There will be guaranteed results when you do this. You must gather with others of like balance to focus your energies for this. Make this partly meditation for the purpose of receiving instructions, and then balance it with prayer (Love source) to create the needed energy. Do not waste time setting up institutions with structures, membership and business. Keep the organization to a minimum and stress the work! This is critical.


Pay special attention to those coming into balance for the first time! There will be many, due to my work. Teach the new ones about who they are and how they can have peace of mind and how they can love themselves through the recognition of the entity they really are. Psychological balance will result with spiritual enlightenment. Make a place in your teachings for simplicity. Remember that who you are now is a result of many years of gradual discernment, and that the new ones cannot absorb this all at once. They will come because of the love they feel... drawn to the new consciousness. Always remember that your primary efforts are to teach balance through love. It is not necessary to teach them the universal "workings of things" as you know them. Let them leave in peace without forcing anything on them. They will have enough balance to continue. Some will remain with you for further training so they can join the transmutation efforts.

For the enlightened give the message of the new alignment and what it means, including all the messages contained here. Teach tolerance of the human process! This alone will create more transmutation of negative to positive than almost anything you can do. Tolerance is a result of love balance. Use the tolerance yourself to keep clear. Celebrate those other teachers who also are receiving information, and do not ever feel that you are less than any other. New information will occur simultaneous to many, and is never proprietary.

IMPORTANT: Teachers – your tools will not be accurate for long! Those of you involved in using any predetermined systems of universal rules and laws must adjust your charts. I will give you more information on this in the next message. Also, you must realize that your new powers for these times will allow any balanced entity to leap beyond the karmic overlay and any other predetermined magnetic birth implant. This new power is significant, and you can use it to remove obstacles in your path and to live a much longer life.


Heal the sick. You are not to be denied this process, and it has been available to you for years. Many of you are doing this now, but none of you are claiming the love God-Source with the results that other religious leaders have. Show the power! Its for all. Heal the sick by balancing the organs. The love God-Source will respond if appropriate. 

I have already given my partner more information on how this healing process works, but here are the basics: The best method is one-on-one. Your spiritual entity must communicate directly on a spiritual level with one other entity. There will be instant, logical communication from the clear, balanced one to the physically unbalanced one about the permission to move beyond karma and use the ‘action window' available. If appropriate, the unbalanced one will receive physical balance, and will be healed. It's that simple! Remember that everything is in its place. Some will come to you for healing because it really is their moment for it. They are there by design to receive it. It is your responsibility to take your power to help fulfill their purpose. It is all interrelated. Others will come who are not ready yet. They have more work to do, and that might include remaining sick. It is not for you to know this. Take responsibility only for the healing process. Do not take responsibility for what appears to be a failed healing. This is up to God, not you. Be aware: Do not limit the healing you ask for. The love source has no limitation. It is possible to create matter where none was before... to reconnect biological pathways, or to simply balance the system for better health. Your "miracles" are logical applications of the love God-Source. They are appropriate and are scientific. When you learn about transmutation of matter, you will know what I mean. Your magic today will be the commonplace of tomorrow. Use the power!

Experience The Gift

On a personal level learn to "feel" or experience the Love source at any time you wish. This is your new right. It will create the peace you will need to walk through what is to come. From your awakening in the morning to your retirement at night you can have this with you at all times. Imagine what this can mean for you! The more time you spend experiencing this, the easier it will be for you to be a clear channel for our information, for your teaching and prayer and healing.

Your word love is now appropriate in the context of the "feeling." The Love of God is not a new feeling to humans. It is exemplified in the scriptures in the 13th chapter of the first book of the Corinthians. It is the feeling of a loving parent who takes care of all your needs. It is the feeling of a loving friend or mate who loves you unconditionally. It has substance and is thick. It is the loving arms of God. It can actually be seen by some. It is of singular source, and is unique in the universe. It belongs to us all, and is our personal source and our gift all at the same time.

When you experience it, you are feeling not only the comfort and warmness of peace from the universe, but the love and admiration of the collective entities of the universe, all who know who you are and congratulate you for your perseverance to have read this message and have taken its communication seriously. 



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