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The New Kids Have Arrived!
The Indigo Children
An Interview With Co-Author Jan Tober
by Rick Martin

The great Master Teacher of 2,000 years ago said: “Blessed are the children.” These children will be the guides to return us, as a world, to the path of love.

To a lot of people, it’s not really news that there is something very special going on with the children in this world. It’s been happening for some time. There are those who say that the “forerunners” to this modern-day phenomenon started being birthed as long as 20 years ago. Futurists, such as Gordon-Michael Scallion, have been speaking of their planetary entrance for some years now, labeled by him as the Blue Children. To Nancy Ann Tappe, gifted with the ability to see the auric field of the human body, they are simply referred to as Indigos.

What does the presence of these “super kids” mean? What is their message? What is their purpose for being here, right now? Is this just a fanciful idea, or a reality? What are the Indigos, and what makes them “Indigo”?

Although it took some months to coordinate, I was finally able to speak with Jan Tober, the co-author of the provocative book called The Indigo Children, about this fascinating subject.

The book, while merely an “introduction” to the subject, is one that every teacher and school administrator should be required to read. If you have a child who is “a handful,” if you have a child who has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or hyperactivity (ADHD), then by all means read this book! It should be in every library across the land.

It is obvious that, in an hour and a half, we were only able to scratch the surface on this subject. But if you’ve been feeling that there’s no hope for the world, you’ll get a definite “boost” from this story!

Let’s move now directly into my discussion with Jan Tober on the subject of these wonderful, wild, provocative, and often exasperating “old” children.

Martin: Let’s begin with a fundamental definition. Exactly what are the Indigo children?

Tober: The definition that we are sharing, which rings true for us, is: An Indigo child is one who displays a new and unusual set of psychological attributes, and shows a pattern of behavior generally undocumented before.

Martin: How did you arrive at the phrase “Indigo children”?

Tober: The phrase Indigo children comes from the color of the aura around these children. There’s a dear friend of mine, whom I’ve known since the mid-1970s, by the name of Nancy Ann Tappe. Nancy has authored a book called Understanding Your Life Through Color. 2
It was printed in 1982. In that book is the first documented information about what she has “coined” the Indigo children.

How does she see the color? How accurate is it? Nancy has been diagnosed with a situation where two of her neurological systems cross, and it creates a situation where she, literally, can see the human aura. She’s like a Kirlian camera, if you will, and she sees electromagnetic fields and the colors and the frequencies. She’s a fabulous gal, and a wonderful counselor and metaphysician and teacher.

She noticed, very early on, that there was another auric color associated with some newborns. She was working on her Ph.D. Nancy has said that from 1980 on, about 80 percent of the children born are Indigos. And, since 1995, we have a much higher percentage, so much so that we need to look at what’s happening here.

We’re seeing a new generation of Masters coming into the planet, and they have been called “Star Children,” “Blue Children,” and through Nancy’s work, they are called, from our perspective, the “Indigo Children.” They are our hope for the future. They are our hope for the present. And that, esoterically speaking, is what’s really happening.

We try to keep the focus as pragmatic as we can, because we’ve got a lot of parents out there dealing with very old souls, in very tiny bodies, who, in most cases, know more than the parents!

And then, what do the parents do with that? There are metaphysicians/parents who have some ideas about alternatives. However, in the mainstream world, I don’t know where they go, except to our book and a few other books that are getting out there.

Martin: I’m sure you’ve been asked a lot of standard questions, and I’m not sure if my questions will be quite as standard. One question that I’m just curious about—I want to move right into some of the deeper aspects—but have you been surprised or overwhelmed about the response you’ve gotten since this book has come out?

Yes and no. One is always a bit overwhelmed when they’re in the middle of something that is in its perfect timing.
Martin: Good answer.

Tober: This information about the children came to me, intuitively, in the mid ’70s, about the time I met Nancy, without realizing that she would be so connected with this information. To my knowledge, she was not talking much about the Indigo children because the information was quite new. However, I would have dreams where children would come to me, and they would tell me who they were, why they came, who their parents were, and why they came karmically to be with these parents.

And it was fascinating. I would wake up from these dreams, and I would find myself being drawn to various babies and small children. I’d look in their eyes, and there I would see these little-bodied old souls. Then I would look around me and ask my friends: “Have you noticed a difference in the children?” And my friends would say, “Well, kind of.”

I knew this was one of the reasons why I’m here. And I know, from the work that Lee and I do, that it certainly is a part of his mission, too. From that aspect, I was not surprised.

I knew it had to be done. It was like two very powerful hands pushing me forward into that area of my life. And then, as we traveled and worked with people, particularly over the last four years, parents, day-care providers, and teachers have told us that they’ve been frustrated and have acknowledged working with some very unusual old souls.

And the question “What do we do?” is coming from the parents. And how on Earth do they help their children interface with the school system? There was so much frustration, and so much interest, that by the time we actually got the book out, we knew that its time had come!

Martin: Are you working on a follow-up?

Tober: Oh, gosh. (Laughter) Yes, Hay House has asked us to do a second book. I would also like to explain how your readers can contact us through the Kryon Website. 3

Martin: And what is Kryon?

Tober: The Kryon web site address. 3

Martin: This is different from the Indigo children address? 3

Tober: Oh! (Laughter) This is a whole other interview for you. Have you ever heard of the Kryon writings?

Martin: No.

Tober: Well, Lee and I don’t talk much about this in Indigo interviews because the Indigo book is aimed at the mainstream public. We want to assist those parents who need help, and who have their nose right up into a prescription of Ritalin. You know what I mean?

Concerning Kryon: Lee and I travel worldwide speaking about the writings and teachings of Kryon—a Master angelic energy. We have actually spoken at the United Nations for the last three years. Lee channels Kryon, and I also channel the feminine aspects of the Kryon entourage. I do the meditations. We do balancing and group energy shifting. We spoke to 4,000 people this year in France and Belgium alone over a period of two days. It was amazing! The work is basically centered around the idea that “we create our own reality,” which is certainly not a new concept, but it is our job to be clear channels for that information to come through repeatedly, to help people take back their power—to re-member their power
Martin: This is just an aside. Have you heard of the book called China’s Super Psychics, by Paul Dong and Thomas E. Raffill?

Tober: That’s who Drunvalo Melchizedek's speaking about?

Martin: Right.

Tober: People have been e-mailing us about it, and Drunvalo promotes our book in his workshop. He’s a wonderful teacher.
Martin: Yes, he is.

Tober: And the information that we receive is that these super-psychics are all Indigos.

Martin: I assumed that. And, I would imagine, the same thing is happening in just about every country, but nobody has written a book about it; they just happened to choose the ones in China.

Tober: Well, China [and Asia, in particular] is very interesting. According to Nancy Tappe, basically all children now coming into Singapore will be Indigos. I realize that Singapore is technically not China, but it is in close proximity. We gave a very important seminar in Singapore in 1998 where Kryon described an opening portal. Nancy gave me her information before I told her about the portal. Lee and I needed to do a lot of clearing and cleansing with the land to hold the energy of the space we were in before we even started the workshop.

Martin: That makes sense.

Tober: She said, “Well, of course. There you are. That’s why it’s in Singapore.” The trip was challenging for us in many ways, but very rewarding due to the fact that we knew we had helped in being a conduit for getting some of this movement focused—to help the Indigo souls come in.

You know, Rick, this is basically what we are dealing with—the Masters are coming in as right-brained individuals, coming into a left-brained world. Actually, they are right/left-brain integrated souls, and with that we’re experiencing more right-brained consciousness than ever before—ie. developed intuition, etc.

Martin: It’s gotta be tough.

Tober: I suppose you’re hearing this as much as we are, but we’re talking about the Divine Feminine coming in at this time—and not a moment too soon, may I add! [It’s as if the last 3,000 years or so have been God’s “out-breath,” and now we move into the Goddess “in-breath.”]

And the Divine Feminine and the Indigos go hand-in-hand. Who is to say where one starts and the other leaves off, or what came first? My feeling is that the Indigos have made the way for the Divine Feminine to be accessed and anchored here with relative smoothness. We needed a “critical mass.”

That’s what the Kryon work is about, to get a critical mass going who accept that through their consciousness, their thoughts, through their words and deeds, they create their reality; hence, we could create the reality here on Earth called Heaven.

That critical mass needed to be up and running, as the Indigos were starting to come in, so that there was a frequency that was refined enough so that they could come into the physical vehicle, and have a higher frequency environment where they could stay, where they wouldn’t have to “crib-death” themselves out of here, or leave even sooner, such as in spontaneous abortion, in some cases.

Martin: Along these lines, I want to talk to you about the misdiagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and (ADHD), and the use of Ritalin to drug these children. Have you encountered a lot of Indigos who have been drugged, and, in your opinion, misdiagnosed?

Tober: Again, I work as an intuitive counselor. I do not work out in the area where a lot of my clients would put their children on Ritalin. They would go to alternatives, innately. However, in some of our audiences, which have a broader cross-section, we are experiencing instances where, maybe our audience member wouldn’t go that route, but they would say: “My sister-in-law’s child, my niece, my nephew . . .,” where they (audience members) are not the primary child caretaker. But they certainly know other Indigo parents or primary caretakers and teachers, etc.

I want to quote the percentages we shared in the book, about the increase in the production of Ritalin: “Ritalin production has increased sevenfold in the last eight years, and 90 percent of it is consumed in the U.S.”

The trend over the past few years has been clear: The percentage of children with an ADHD or ADD diagnosis walking out of a doctor’s office with a prescription jumped from 55 percent in 1989, to 75 percent in 1996. And, if the truth be known, it’s higher than that.

What’s happening? What’s happening is, we have a new paradigm of souls, of beings, coming into the Earth. We have them being shoved into a left-brained society, where, to be left-brained is to be honored; to be right-brained—that is, the artist, the musician, dancer, painter, writer, or creative thinker—is not to be honored. The Indigos are integrated and will help us as we move into brain-hemisphere balance.

So, they’re coming into a left-brained world. To get their kudos, to get their strokes, to be really honored and respected, they have to try to fit into that old system. These souls, as Masters, know the truth and know that we are now moving into honoring the right-brain mode, and they are a significant part of that.

So, they’re not going to fit in, even if they choose to. They’re here on a mission lifetime—and that’s a very important statement. They’re here on a mission lifetime! They’re not here to fit in. We are here to understand them, to learn from them, and to allow them to teach us a new way of being.

Back to your question. Because they’re new and different, where do doctors go? Where do parents go? Where do teachers go? They’ve got children who would appear to be hyperactive, who have a low attention span, who can’t stand in line—all of the symptoms that fit into something like the chicken or the egg.

I mean, which came first: ADD or the child of ADD? It’s fitting into a type of pattern. They don’t know what to do with it.
Now, if Ritalin healed the process, it would be different. I don’t want to get into an AMA discussion, but there are so many incredible alternatives that take, maybe, a little bit more work, but my goodness, isn’t your child worth it?

If the drug, Ritalin, heals, then fine. But it doesn’t. It’s just a coping mechanism or a Band-Aid. Inevitably, they will need to discontinue the drug and deal with life experiences they were meant to have. [And what about the lost “drugged time”?]

I recommend a book on ADD and ADHD: It’s The A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. Diet!, written by Rachel Bell and Dr. Howard Peiper4. I want to include this quote from the book. Although your audience is very savvy, it’s a good idea for us all to stop and take a deep breath and think.

“People with ADD/ADHD lack sufficient supplies of neurotransmitters, especially seratonin. Seratonin is manufactured in the brain in the presence of B6 and tryptophan. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid. If tryptophan and B6 are in short supply, the body cannot make seratonin.

“Therefore, people with ADD/ADHD may require supplements of tryptophan and/or B6. Protein supplies amino acids to the body. If the body contains sufficient protein and tryptophan-rich foods, the supply of amino acids will not usually be a problem. The calcium/magnesium ratio is a key factor, also. Insufficient magnesium can result in high insulin levels, which reduce seratonin. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure an adequate supply of magnesium, in addition to B6 and amino acids.”

It goes on. This is one of several books we recommend. The book is short, sweet, and concise.

First, we’ve got the Indigo constitution. We’ve got Indigo Masters coming in on a mission, saying: “We’re going to help this planet shift into the Divine Feminine, one way or another. We’re going to do it by coming in and being an example of love. You’re going to learn how to treat us, and as you learn how to treat us, you’re going to learn how to treat each other with love.” I mean, that’s the bottom line to all of this. When we learn how to love, be with, and parent the Indigo child, we’re learning how to operate at the highest level with each other. That’s what they’re teaching us.

So, we’ve got ADD/ADHD, okay. We’ve got a new paradigm coming in. They carry a lot of what has been labeled Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It doesn’t mean it is. What we’re saying to parents is this: Please look at alternatives. We know it’s challenging. That’s why the book is out, so you can pick it up and look at the list of traits, and you can see that maybe there’s not something wrong with your child; that your child is part of this new paradigm.

Now, how do we work with that? That’s what the book is filled with—healthy alternatives, from diet to techniques. There’s a technique called sleep-talk, where you work with the child in their sleep state. It’s very powerful, and it needs to be taught to parents. I’m bringing some teachers with me, as I put together Indigo workshops around the country, who will shed light on some of these alternative choices.

There are all kinds of choices that parents can look at. Does your child respond to food allergies or environmental poisonings? We all have to get very, very savvy about all of this, and these children are going to force us into doing it—for ourselves, as well.

Martin: Because I’m aware of the time restraints we have here, let me ask you: You have a fantastic list on your Website of Montessori and Waldorf schools. And you talk about those as being excellent places for Indigos. What about those Indigos born into families that are economically disadvantaged? What do you say to people who just can’t afford that kind of education?

Tober: There have been some wonderful results we’ve been hearing about with home schooling. There’s a group in Houston—I believe there are about 40 families, maybe more, as of this interview, and they are successfully working with home schooling. That might be an alternative. That, certainly, would be an inexpensive alternative. They’re getting wonderful results, and the children are walking right into Ivy League colleges.

I also know, within my heart of hearts, that there will be other forms of schooling coming up that may be not as cost prohibitive to families who don’t have a comfortable income. And I know there is such a huge interest in Indigos, and what we can do to help them, that there are a lot of educators now who are also metaphysicians, who are joining forces and working on putting this schooling together.

I just worked with a client last week who asked me what I saw for her, and it was very, very clear that she was going to be working as part of this group. This was part of an intuitive counseling session that I did, and it turns out that she is ready to get her degree, and she does have people who are principals and vice-principals who want to interface with her. So, where there’s one, there’s many.

I know that books are stirring—there’s this book, and there will be many more. I’m in the process of about four more at this time; one with Lee, and three or four with other people in various areas of education, health, and Indigo-related subjects. We need to get these books out and get the attention of the people, because we must make enough of an inroad to create a “wedge of light” into the educational system and make space for these children. They are now arriving at such a high percentage that it can’t be overlooked anymore.

Martin: Are there any foundations or clearing houses for information, other than your Website, for the Indigos? Is there a central place, or places, that are being established to study and work with these special children?

Tober: My information is that it will just be a matter of time before these are set up. It’s too important and it’s right in our face; and it’s the next step in our evolution. So it will be done. And it is probably being done as we speak.

Martin: You’ve been around a lot. You’ve been traveling a lot. What do you think people need to know? What is the most useful information that you can pass on to our readers about this subject?

Tober: There are two words that, if we could say nothing more to you, we would say, in the parenting of the Indigo child. In relating to the Indigo child, the two words are: choices and negotiate. If you can remember nothing else, if you do not read our book, please just give them choices, and negotiate everything. I mean, certainly, they’re not to run rampant over you. But that is the parenting guide. If we can remember that they’re here to teach us, that gives more of a balance to those words.

I want to share with your readers what parents can do to make a difference. In addition to giving them choices and negotiating with them, you can make a big difference by guiding them, rather than giving them explicit directions. Treat them and interact with them as your best friend, because in truth, they are. Treat them with respect. Honor their existence in your family. Help them create their own disciplinary solutions. You’ll be amazed as a parent what they will come up with. And give them choices about everything. Never belittle them, ever. This is just good parenting advice. If we wanted to be the perfect parent, we would say: “This is the list I will follow.” So, they are very simply saying: “Now is the time, and you get to practice being the perfect parent. Now is the time on the planet to do this.”

Always explain why you give them the instructions you do. Never say, “Because I said so.” Instead, say, “Because this will help me today. I’m a bit tired today. I need some help from you,” knowing that honesty will always win out with them because they’re intuitive. They know what’s going on as you’re thinking it.

Make them your partners in raising them. This is extremely important. This goes with choices and negotiation. Make them your partner. Let them know they always have a vote. Be present with them. And, of course, as a friend, as a grown-up family member, we ask always to be present when we’re in a situation with people. I mean, that is “be here now.” That’s being in the moment. Metaphysicians innately know a lot of this. And explain everything to your children, if you think they don’t understand something. Know that they do understand at the soul level. And we know we can talk to them before birth. Start early—how about even before conception!

If serious problems develop, and you feel you want to test them for ADD or ADHD, we do not say, “Don’t go to doctors.” What we say in the book is: “Look at some alternatives. For instance, diet, supplements, nutrition, homeopathy, chiropractic, and reverse polarity.” Look at what’s out there holistically. We offer a large list, and access to, alternative authors and alternative teachers to whom you can e-mail your questions and concerns.

Provide safety in your support. Avoid negative criticism. Encourage them in their endeavors. This is all stuff we know. An Indigo is not a follower. Let them decide what they are interested in, and what they want to do. Talk to them, not at them. That, basically, is the information we have found from therapists, from very conscientious parents, from Nancy’s work, which seems to really help guide the Indigos.

They know who they are. They come in feeling and knowing. It does not serve us to try to mold them into a pattern that we possibly had to learn to break out of, the pattern of how our parents raised us.

There is a new way of being. There’s a new way of parenting, and it’s about moving into love. The bottom line is love—being present and loving and understanding. In the months and years ahead, we’re going to see new school systems where parents and educators work together.

These souls are coming in from the tenth dimension. This dimension is about sound and color, and radiates an opalescence energy. As you think about this, doesn’t it set up and paint an interesting love-scape? This says a lot about their amazing energy and going back to honoring the right brain, the arts, the intuitive process, and listening to the children.

Allow their knowledge to flow. Tell them you know who they are so they choose to stay. Create a sacred and harmonious home. This may be achieved by burning sage, burning alcohol and Epsom salts, and certain types of incense. Honor your home as a temple so that your child can come home to a loving parent or parents in clear, loving surroundings.

Even if you’re tired, explain this to them. Set aside some special time just for them, when you can be fully present. Always make them feel safe, and let them come home to their best friend—you.

Martin: At the end of the book, you have some information on the message that the Indigos bring. Can you comment more about that?
Tober: Specifically, which part, Rick, were you talking about?

Martin: The message that they bring the message of love.

Tober: Oh, yes! The message is of love; it is of honoring that piece of us. Again, I mention the Divine Feminine, which comes in and honors love, compassion, the intuitive process—all of the pieces that need to come together to make this Heaven on Earth—and they are here to show us, one way or another.

Martin: You talk about them as being “systems busters.” What do you mean by that?

Tober: We were told, many years ago, that the first things that would break down would be the old, established institutions and systems. Do you remember that?

Martin: Yes.

Tober: We were told that, as we move into this New Age, this Golden Age—the old systems don’t fit into the new mold. So they’re right out there as those who will break, for instance, the educational system as it has been for a hundred years or so. They will not put up with something simply because that’s the way it has always been.

So, knowing that we’ve got a large group of entities coming onto the planet, and that they are “system busters,” it can really give you a pretty good picture of where we are going.

In my mind and in my heart, it’s awesome. It’s just so awesome to know that they’re here working with us—finally!

Years ago I would say to my friends, when I was having the dreams about the babies, “You know, we who are conscious are the ‘rainbow bridge’ from this civilization, from this group of souls, to the new group of souls coming in. We’re the ‘rainbow bridge’ for them.” It fills my heart with great hope and joy.

We’re seeing amazing things happen, and we who know who the Indigos are can certainly help the parents who are having difficulty and don’t understand. We can share with them our knowledge, as these little ones are getting old enough to speak for themselves.

Martin: Let’s talk about using the old tricks of guilt and shame as behavior tools with these kids.

Tober: They won’t work! The Indigos know who they are. It will just frustrate and devastate the parents. It will bring in a very agitated energy field around the parents and around the child, which will defeat any discussion, any real help. It just won’t happen.

They know who they are. They’re on a mission. They are aware of that. So, this is a challenge, because we have a whole culture that has been raised on “You just wait until your father gets home!” I’m sure you probably heard that a few times. I certainly did, and that won’t work now!

I don’t have children. I’m around them a lot, but I can appreciate what parents must go through when they go back to the old modus operandi for parents and find out that it doesn’t do anything. The children will test them to see how far they can go.

However, these children are not brats. That’s not in their consciousness. They will test the parent, in this respect, to see what the ground-rules are. How far can I do this? What can I do? What, really, is important to my parents? What isn’t important? And they’re going to learn to see how they can negotiate with the parents. So, if a parent comes back with a negotiation point of view, then they’re going to be on the same page.

It’s quite amazing to see them in action. It’s joyful when you experience them with conscientious parents, who are coming from love, who certainly are from a mind/body/soul integration, through love.

Martin: It’s going to be interesting to see, in the years ahead, what kind of new professions open up as a result of these children.

Tober: And inventions, new ways of doing things!

Martin: I mean, it kind of takes the old doctor, lawyer, fireman rut right out of the choice equation. (Laughter)

Tober: It does. And it’s going to really move us into new ways of thinking and being.

Have you had contact with many parents who have Indigos who are just totally beside themselves?

Tober: We’ve had a lot of mail from parents who are so thrilled when they read the book, and they realize that their children might be Indigos, When they started working with the principles we talk about, they started to find success in their parenting.

They’re all helping each other. They go on-line, interact, and offer each other solutions, ideas, and alternatives.

I feel that’s going to be the way a lot of this is going to work. The parents are going to have to get really proactive and put together support groups where they can help each other, because we’re making it up as we go along.

Martin: That makes a lot of sense.

Tober: Yes.

Martin: Do you find much awareness among family therapists?

Tober: If they honor their intuitive process, yes. And, of course, in this area, we do have a lot of people who are counselors and do honor their right-brain, intuitive side.

Let’s talk about Kryon. What is the Kryon message?

Tober: The Kryon message is that we create our own reality. The Kryon message is that love is all. These sound really “unusual”—I bet you’ve never heard these things before. (Laughter)

Martin: Oh, once or twice! (Laughter)

Tober: The Kryon message is, basically, Universal Truth. We deal a lot with the Earth changes. A lot of the work was to get us all through Y2K, and to change the consciousness about that, because there was so much fear.

Martin: A lot of fear.

Tober: And we needed to counteract it by honoring our God-given power—for us to acknowledge the power of who we are—and to realize that we can create a critical mass where love is in charge.

Enough people heard, enough people prayed and pray, enough people meditate, enough people envisioned the planet circled and surrounded with Love and Light, that the planet can go through these changes with a minimal amount of discomfort.

Much of the work of the Kryon is about realigning the Earth’s magnetic grids and preparation for what is called Ascension. It’s about the knowledge that we walk on this planet as co-creators with Spirit. We are great Golden Angels all working on a Grand Master Piece.

Martin: Well, our readers can easily identify with that message! How have you found your reception to be at the United Nations—for example, speaking of Kryon.

They invited us back three times; it was very surprising to us. We spoke in one of the smaller rooms, for the Society of Enlightenment and Transformation (SEAT). It is one of the charter organizations created for meditating members.

So, it’s a smaller group. It’s about 75 people or so, and we’re always amazed, when we’re in the middle of the group, that we’re in a room where major treaties between countries and leaders have been signed. And here we are, talking about ET’s, bringing in a Council of Elders from the indigenous peoples of the world’ and talking about what’s happening with HAARP [High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program].

Martin: Yes, we’re familiar with that.

Tober: We were honored’ and we always feel very welcome there.

Martin: Okay, let’s shift back to the Indigos. What would you like to leave our readers with, to think about, with regard to this infusion of new energy in the form of these children?

Tober: If you had a knock on your door, opened the door, and you saw a great Master in your doorway, you would be joyful and thrilled! And you would invite the Master in. Then, you would probably sit down, thank him or her for coming, and you would say hopefully, “What is it you want me to know? How can I help you, and how can I help the planet? What wisdom do you wish to share with me?”

This is the way to honor the Indigo!

Martin: That’s a good place to end. Thank you for a thoughtful and “inspired” interview. Our readers will truly enjoy this, and I’m sure some of them will be contacting you!


2 Nancy Tappe’s book, Understanding Your Life Through Color; may be obtained by calling the Kryon 800 line - (800) 352-6657
3 The Kryon web site is: [] - The Indigo web site is: []
4 Dr. Howard Peiper, Rachel Bell; The A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. Diet!; Publishers, Safe Goods; ISBN 1-884820-29-8; 1997; Ordering (800) 903-3837; Email <>

Jan Tober is co-facilitator for the once-a-month large Kryon Seminars. She also channels her polarity opposite, Tobias of the Kryon Entourage and the council of thirty-three.