Mt. Shasta, California ~ June 21, 2003 ~
Hosts - Beth Iris and Village Books
(Mt. Shasta)
Lots of big photos... be patient while they load! It's worth it.
(Photos by Lee Carroll and Trey Wragee)
(left) Mr. Shasta
Perhaps the most energetic place in the northern hemisphere (sorry Sedona)

These photos represent the Kryon June 2003 conference in Mt. Shasta, a loving meeting held in the community of Weed, California, 6 miles up the road from the little town of Mt. Shasta.

Our thanks to host Beth Iris, along with Kathy Lancaster, owner of Village Books in Mt. Shasta. Our added profound thanks to those attendees who made the trek! Many flew into Redding, and others drove from long distances. Also special thanks to Trey Wragee, student of electronic visual arts, who took many of the pictures on this page.

Special guest Alan Cohen, joined us in this wonderful all-day seminar. Alan is a world class author and lecturer, well known for his wisdom and brilliance!

Mt. Shasta is also known for the wonderful Lenticular clouds that often form directly above the mountain (see at left). Known meteorologically as altocumulus standing lenticularus, these eerie, elliptical cloud formations, which can also resemble stacks of pancakes, (or flying saucers) often foretell changes in the weather. (more about clouds)

Lee Carroll

Lee Carroll (above in lecture) and Jan Tober (below in song)
Attendees line up early for registration at the auditorium of the College of the Sikiyous.
Hey... isn't this June?
(left to right) Peggy Phoenix Dubro, Alan Cohen, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys and Robert Coxon
Lee and Jan survey the crowd as they start the morning in meditation.

The facility: The Ford Theatre on the college campus.
Friends, helpers and staff..

(top left-to-right)

Beth Iris (our Shasta host) and Kathy Lancaster, owner Village Books;

Audrey Brown
and Elisabeth Conrad (our Switzerland host!);

Tom Bruzda, Trey Wragee (photographer for the event) and Bea Wragee.
(bottom left-to right)

Steve and Peggy Dubro; Lee and Russ Lahoud; Alan Cohen and Robert Coxon
Alan Cohen in lecture

Lee Carroll,
channelling Kryon.
Lee Carroll in lecture

Peggy Phoenix Dubro
(EMF Balancing)
Dr. Todd Ovokaitys
(DNA Rejuvenation)

Robert Coxon
(in concert)
Lee and Jan

Alan Cohen
with Robert Coxon playing...