Sixth Annual Kryon Cruise ~ September 3-11, 2005 ~
Hosts -
Sojourn Tours - Mary Ellen and Len Delekta
Photos: Gary Liljegren
and Lee Carroll
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(above) The bridge of this ship is typical of the "Rhapsody Class" ships. It is huge, with the center area reserved for a "glass cockpit" computerized control center. Lee again found himself invited to the bridge, this time during the visit to Hubbard Galcier. He behaved himself, and didn't touch any of the buttons!
(Middle bottom) Lee spends a moment with the native Americans of the region, who also were the vocal guides for the glacier experience through the ship's loudspeakers. (Right bottom) This is the control panel for one of the wings of the ship, where they carefully move the ship during docking operations.

The Ship's officer is Bjorn Erik Julseth.