Colorado Kryon Mid Summer Light Conference
~ July 12-15, 2001 ~
Over 350 gathered for the special 4-day Kryon seminar featuring many guest speakers, including Geoff Hoppe (Tobias), Ronna Herman (Archangel Michael), Dr. Eric Pearl, Dr. Michael Abrams, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Dr. (Saha) Boyd, Nancy Lee, and many others.
What a weekend! The highlight was the "Tri-channelling" the last day.
Kryon, Tobias, and Archangel Michael all channelled on the same stage. Awesome!
Top two: Here is Dr. Abrams, one of the first speakers of the main day
(left) Geoff Hoppe (Tobias)
(above) Linda Benyo and attendees
(right) Unity of the three (Kryon-Tobias-Archangel Michael)
Top: Dr. Eric Pearl Bottom: Dr. (Saha) Boyd and Nancy Lee
(above) Jan Tober
(right - both) The crowd gets ready for the final event... the tri-channel by Kryon, Tobias, and Archangel Michael... the three seats are ready!
(left) Lee Carroll looks bored, Geoff Hoppe looks amazed, and Ronna Herman looks wonderful!

They are talking to the audience. Actually, Lee is sleeping, we think.
The Three channellers stand for the audience after the event. Much appreciation!!
Robert Coxon: Best selling New Age artist, gives an awesome concert for 1.5 hours! He received a standing ovation.