Salzburg, Austria ~ October 23-24, 2004 ~
Hosts: Jürgen Lipp and Konrad Halbig
Our German hosts:
Jürgen Lipp and Konrad Halbig
This year we were pleased to present Kahu Fred Sterling, native American, author/lecturer, and director of the Honolulu Church of Light in Hawaii. It was Fred's first time to Europe and he was very well received! The last day featured a dual channelling with both Kahu Fred and Lee Carroll channelling Kirael and Kryon together.

Kahu's website is:
Fred Sterling
The dual channelling was held Sunday evening. It was the highlight of the seminar... very energetic!
(left) Jan Tober introduces the dual channelling with a meditation - (below left) Peggy Phoenix Dubro - (below right) Dr. Todd Ovokaitys