Lee Carroll's personal TRAVEL photos

Most of you who frequent this scrapbook know that I am an amateur photographer. That's the real reason for this scrapbook, in that I really enjoy taking photos of the seminars and areas I visit. I'm the guy who places the photos of the seminars on the scrapbook page, and it's kind of like a hobby of mine.

I wanted to share some of the photos I take around the world, so I have created this page for you to have a look and share in some remarkable images of remarkable places. Sometimes there are only a few on a page, and sometimes there are more.

Often there are lots of great photos within the seminar pages themselves, such as in Venice and Moscow. But these are kind of the "artsy" pages of special photos. Sometimes I created a way to enlarge them to full resolution. Any photo with a strong thick BLUE border may be enlarged. Just click on the photo to open it into a much larger and more detailed one. Have Fun! A fast Internet connection will help.

CLICK THE SAMPLE PHOTOS BELOW TO take you to each page of photos.
Robert Coxon and I toured this very historic area. It's a photographer's paradise for history and culture.
AUSTRIA AND GERMANY (Bavaria) - 2006
These have some stellar photos of Stain Bartholoma Chapel on the shores of the Konigssee in the Bavarian Alps. Very, very photogenic. Add then a trip up to Hitler's Lair in WWII.. the Eagle's Nest as it is today. Many of these photos can be enlarged by clicking them (big blue borders)
OKEFENOKEE SWAMP - Georgia - 2009

The USA is included in my photos, of course. These are some of my best! The Okefenokee Swamp is the largest intact and un-fragmented wetland wilderness swamp in North America. "Okefenokee" is what the Seminoles called it... approximately 700 square miles located in the southeast corner of Georgia. I was with my good friend and Florida Kryon host, Gary Liljegen.

Hawaii - Island of Kauai - 2006
This was on a cruise we took around the islands in 2006. Kauai is the Garden Isle, and is magic. It includes a trip to the Hindu Monastery, one of the most beautiful on earth. Many of these photos can be enlarged by clicking them (big blue borders). Then... check out the monk with the Apple Laptop!
Hawaii - Island of Oahu- 2006
Like the one above, but this one is photos of the very popular island of Oahu. Hawaii is the place to take photos! Many of these photos can be enlarged by clicking them (big blue borders).
Hawaii - Island of Oahu- 2009
These are especially nice. Check out the one of the swimmers and the turtle! I got this shot from the balcony of my hotel on Waikiki Beach. Its one of my favorite photos.
Hawaii - The Big Island- 2009
Some artsy shots of the big island, while we are a resort for the first annual "Land Cruise" in 2009
Hawaii - The Big Island & Maui - 2009
Some more artsy shots of the big island and Maui, while we were a resort for the next to the last "Land Cruise" in 2009
Sedona, Arizona - 2008
I take HELO rides anytime I can. Sometimes the photography is good, other times the windows make it impossible. But this was SEDONA from the air... you just have to get good ones. There are no bad photos of Sedona!
Saint Petersburg, Russia - 2008
Ask anyone who has been there, and they will tell you that this city is one of the most beautiful in Europe. More waterways than Venice, and a wonderful energy!
Melbourne, Australia - 2009
A few shots taken in South Victoria, in the great big land of Australia. It's a wonderful natural area...
Uluru, Australia - 2010
Many know it as Ayer's Rock. By any name, this is an awesome place, and still another helicopter ride. Stunning photos of the middle of the Australian continent, the real "outback." This is also where you get to see me in my "fly hat," which I mentioned in Kryon book Twelve.
Lake Geneva, Switzerland - 2010
The beauty of Switzerland never stops, and at the bottom of Lake Geneva, you can go up into the alps in a cog-train. These are photos of that journey, plus some areas around this wonderful lake area.
Budapest, Hungary - 2010
Budapest is a romantic, beautiful city on the banks of the Blue Danube river. It's a remarkable place to visit!
Mezquita Mosque, Cordoba, Spain - 2009
Where in the world can you see a Catholic Cathedral inside a Mosque? It's in Cordoba, and the result of the conquering flukes of history. It's beautiful, exotic, and very photograph-able. I never use flash, so I have learned to be very still when I snap these kinds of inside photos. Also shown is the surrounding area, and then the Madrid Train station, and the memorial that is there for those killed in the terrorist bomb attack in 2004.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 2010
I always wanted to go to Rio and take photos. I did in 2010, and here is the page. It's a great place to take lots of photos! Don't go there if you are afraid of heights and suspended gondolas. :-) You'll see why when you see this page.
There will always be more. I will update this page regularly as long as I have a camera!