Newport Beach - The Kryon Home-room ~ December 4, 2005
Hosts - Awakenings Bookstore - Brandon & Jessica Camacho
This is our 11th time under the sponsorship of Awakenings Bookstore! We welcome the new store owners Brandon and Jessica Comacho, and also honor Joe Moriarty (former owner and continuing Kryon on-line store operator) for his help.
FOOD! Everyone gets to eat together in the next room! This is much better than going out and finding a restaurant!
CAUGHT! (at left) Robert Coxon and daughter Tia, from Montreal, caught in the act of eating! Don't ask if they like this photo...
Folks: (Above) Jan Tober and her guests. (Ron Tober, Jan's brother is at left.) (right) Lee Carroll in mid sentance. (directly right) Bob and Rob Harris, creators and editors of this very website!
Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah!
Shalom - (Peace)!