Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey ~ November 13, 2004 ~
Hosts - Ron and Lynn Rosario
Hosts - Ron and
Lynn Rosario
(above-top) The day begins with meditation. (below that) The Hall is set up the night before.
(above-) Jan Tober starts the day with meditation - Lee Carroll and Jan Tober give the introductions.
(above-left) Lee Carroll during his lecture series (above-right) Dr. Todd Ovokaitys speaks of his expereince in
Africa with the AIDS conference.
WE FED EVERYONE!! - here are a few - nice view too.
A lunch was provided for all the attendees on the 12th floor of this Hilton Hotel. The view was of Manhattan. This is a real photo of that view, but given a few artsy touches.
(above) Robert Coxon gives a concert and previews his new album release (honest... it's here!).