East Rutherford, New Jersey ~ November 15, 2003 ~
Hosts - Ron and Lynn Rosario
If you don't know about New Jersey (and many don't), let us tell you a secret: The northeast part (Newark area) is right next to downtown Manhattan, New York City. This means that you get all the benefits of NYC without the traffic! We were in East Rutherford, within sight of the Manhattan skyline. New Jersey is also known for it's beautiful trees and wooded areas, only minutes from the big city.
(left) Manhattan skyline. This was the view out of the hotel room window for many of us! Manhattan is right across the river. The tall building on the right is the Empire State Building.
This seminar is the first large seminar we have ever done in the Newark/New York City area! It will become the new "home room" for Kryon on the east coast, and will be one of the few areas that we present in each year. For a "first seminar," this was a very good one!
(right) Looks like a nice sunset on Manhattan, right? Nope. It's 6:45am on Sunday Morning!
The Sheraton hosted this year's seminar. At the lunch break, everyone was fed in a room next door. No finding restaurants, or waiting for tables! We had our own room with some of the best food for any seminar, ever!
Peggy Phoenix Dubro starts the day, as she does in every Kryon seminar she is able to attend. The EMF Balancing Technique is now represented in over 44 countries worldwide.
Dr. Todd Ovokaitys discusses new DNA information while the crowd pretends not to see Lee taking the photo.
(left) We had a staff dinner the night before. Here you can see Robert Coxon trying to explain something in French to the waiter.
(left) Will and Joya Clark.
Joya was the original contact almost 10 years ago that brought us to New Hampshire! She and Will operate Visual Essences, a group of products that feature breathtaking photos with wonderful messages.

Joya web address
(above, left to right) Our hosts, Ron and Lynn Rosario - Maria George - Steve and Peggy Dubro
(above, left to right) Craig and Anne - Shana and Ilan - Elyne, Jan, and Bea
(above) Mary Kennedy and Dr. Todd Ovokaitys
(above) Jan Tober, right before the channelling, Lee Carroll, and Robert Coxon