Russia, Italy, Monaco - ~ 2006, 2007, 2008
Fashions and comments about police and military
Message From Lee Carroll
Here are some more police and military photos. This time I decided to add some captions and other things to spice up the page. I just love to take photos of people in uniform, especially if they look really good! I never got to into the service. Perhaps this helps make up for it? The top part is serious... then it gets out of control.
I literally stumbled upon a massive ceremony in Red Square in May of 2008. It was the laying of a wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier. This is a very profound thing in any country, but in Russia it is especially so with the incredible number of people they lost in WWII. The Italians are fashionable, but the Russian soldiers are stellar! Here is a peek at a couple of photos in Russia, then back to Italy and Monaco.
These guys are really serious, warning people who get too close. See the eternal flame in the middle? Their uniforms are bright and perfect. The boots are amazing. Every finger is placed the same way on both these men. It's a very reverent place to be.
Here is the actual laying of the wreath. Wow.. this was moving. The men following the wreath are obviously older and perhaps somehow part of WWII? The music was solemn and spoke of heroic times. This is where my Nikon 300 shines... with a long lens and vibration reduction, these photos appear like I was close. I wasn't! I was behind a fence about 200 feet away.
(right) Posture, anyone? I'll bet this man was a very special officer to allow him to be in front of the wreath. I wish I knew more about their protocol, but it was impressive.
I've never been anywhere that objected so much to photos! That just made we want to take more! ( he he )
(above right) This guy is one you don't want to fool with. See the sub-machine gun? Even still, he is immaculate right down to the perfect no wrinkle shirt and belt buckle. What is he guarding? It think this was the back entrance to the Kremlin.
(above) Some of these guys just DON'T want their photos taken!
(above left) One of the recurring themes here is that the guards don't want you to photograph them, yet they are standing in a place with hundreds of tourists with cameras! Weird. (above right) These uniforms do not look good on women! See the person on the left? That's a woman.... er ah... please let it be a woman. Yep. The women don't get the pockets.
Yep... there really is a hole in his glove! Nice lens, huh?

(above left) A guy outside the Coliseum in Rome... for photo "ops." (above middle) These colorful.. ah.. pajama-like outfits are actually worn daily by the Vatican guards... (honest!). (above right) This is one of the famous guards of Monaco, one of the smallest countries in the world (along with the Vatican).
Monaco was really amazing... a beautiful country with no income taxes (the gambling is the income), and lots of very wealthy visitors and citizens. But citizenship is hard. They tell me that if you are a guard, and a non-citizen, you can become one if you put in many, many years of service.

(below) Although it nothing to do with fashion, below is a shot of the famous Monte Carlo Casino, and also the harbor at Monaco (lots of yachts... big ones)