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A Course in Miracles
About the current Pope
Accidents (1)
Accidents (2)
Accumulating Karma
Addictions and compulsiveness
Advance planning - appropriate?

Advice for this year?
Affects of the new magnetic alignment?
Africa (1)
Africa (2)
Agartha and Shamballah
Age makes a difference?
Aliens interested in our power? (also see ET)
All life part of God? (in the Universe)
All life part of God? (in the Universe)
Allergies - increasing?
Altering your body surgically
Always in the state of love?
Alzheimers - Comas - what's happening?
Alzheimers - How can we help them?
Am I a Lightworker?
Am I an Indigo child? (Letter from Turkey)
Am I Lemurian?
Am I losing it?
Am I really channelling Kryon?
Am I shutting down?
American Indians
Ancient civilizations
Ancient healing practices
Angelic hierarchy
Animals - their death
Animals - their reaction to us
Animals - treatment of
Appendix - what's it for?
Are some of the other channellers a sham?
Are the poles going to shift?
Areas not to live in?
Armageddon averted
Art Bell Show w/Kryon?
Art on the other side of the veil?
Artifacts of the ancient past
Ascension channelling by Kryon (1)
Ascension channelling by Kryon (2)
Ascension & duality
Asteroid Chiron
Astral projection appropriateness
Astrology question (1)
Astrology question (2)
Astrology - the way it works scientifically
Atomic Phasic Displacement
Attributes of Kryon
Babies crying in the womb
Balance & Harmony - maintaining
Battle between old and new
Been there, done that?
Beginning contracts
Bermuda Triangle
Bible Code
Bio-electric feedback device
Biological changes
Biology on other worlds - divine also?
Birth - premature
Birth process
Blacks in metaphysics
Buddha and Christ
Can I channel Kryon?
Can I lose weight?
Can someone have a double chakra?
Can't feel anything
Can't see guides. Where is proof?
Catholic Church's problems
Cerebral Palsy
Chakra colors (new)
Chakras - more than 7?
Change of guides
Change the past by what you do now? (1)
Change the past? (2)
Channelling ourselves?
Chanting Hebrew Names of God
Chanting Mantras
Christ and Buddha
Circular time
Changes in biology
Changing a life-time disease
Changing DNA
Changing role of Lightworkers?
Channellers - lots of them!
Co-creation (1)
Co-creation (2
Co-creation how do I know?
Coffee consumption
Co-creation - Greed?
Comas - Alzheimers - what's happening?
Communication with our guides
Communities of like-minded
Completed soul - what is it?
Conflicting History
Confused on the path
Conscience vs. soul
Contracts (life)
Contracts (again)
Cooler part of earth is better for enlightenment?
Cosmic Lattice physics question
Course in Miracles (1)
Course in Miracles (2)
Created in His image
Crop Circles
Crying during channelling (ref 1)
Crying during channelling (ref 2)
Crystal children
Dark entities
Dark Force energy
Dark side - if its "us," how do we void it?
Darkness of Humanity (41)
Dead Sea Scrolls (1)
Dead Sea Scrolls (2)
Death experience (about)
Death rituals
Dj vu - meaning of
Desire for fame? (5)
Did my karma get worse?
Diet - which one?
Differences in religious opinion
Difficulty co-creating
Difficulty understanding Kryon science
Dinosaurs - are we related
Direction of the head while sleeping?
Disappearing abilities
Discipline in Children (11)
Disease - change it?
Disease in Africa
Disengaging from your kids
DNA - Can we "see" changes?
DNA - Was it altered in the past?
...also see Pleiadian intervention
DNA - Activation by chanting?
DNA Change
DNA change. How do I know?
DNA with ragged edges
Do Fairies exist?
Do we have the Temple of Rejuvenation now?
Do we remember?
Does Kryon exist?
Dolphins and Whales
Does Lee read other channels?
Doing the right thing
Donating eggs
Double chakras?
Drastic Earth shift?
Drawing from other information
Dreams (1)
Dreams (2)
Drug use
Drugs - transplant
Duality & ascension
Duality - it fights you
Earth - Hollow?
Earth axis shift?
Education - the future of
Egg donation
Elderly - helping them in hospice
Eleven-Eleven & The Harmonic Convergence
EMF Balancing Technique
EMF Balancing Technique in prison
EMF from power lines?
Emotions while reading Kryon
Energy healing and "feeling" energy
Energy of distraction?
English language
Enlightenment vs power
Entities of darkness?
ETs of the future
ET's Part of the divine?
ET's on Earth (1)
ET's on Earth (2)
Everything just got bad!
Evolution of culture
Experiencing the true-self
Explaining God to children
Fading energy?
Failed attempts at moving forward
Fallen angels
Fatigue syndromes
Feeling "stuck"
Feeling energies fade
Feng Shui question
Fidel Castro
Fifth dimension (1)
Fifth dimension (2) - can we go there?
Fighting injustice
Food allergies
Forest destruction
Fred Sterling
Free choice - discussion
Free will on Earth (1)
Free will on Earth (2)
...also see
Friend in prison
Friends - loss of
Future ETs
Galactic Councils
General advice for this year?
Geographic Area - affect you?
Geometry - sacred
Geothermal pressure build-up
Getting information to the public
Giving Intent
Glastonbury question
Global warming
Gravity and matter
God - proof of existence?
Going to the next step?
Greed - co-creation?
Grid completion and timing
Grid line changes of Earth?
Grief of a lost one
Group - personal?
Group energy (personal group)
Guide change
Guide questions 2001 (ref 1)
Guide questions 2001 (ref 2)
Guide questions 2003 (1)
Guide questions 2003 (2)
Guide questions 2003 (3)
Guides all American Indians?
Habits (original contract)
Hair coloring
Hair loss
Hall of records
Hard concepts of Kryon science
Harmonic Concordance
Harmonic Convergence and the 11:11
Harmony & Balance - maintaining
Harry Potter
Healer intuition
Healer's frustration
Healing of children by parents
Healing modalities 35
Healing with magnets
Health and ph balance
Hearing voices
Heavy karma
Helping the elderly in hospice
Higher-Self vs Soul
Hints for co-creating
Hitler and the Holocaust
Holding pills for effect
Homo floresiensis
Holding the light
Hollow-earth theory (1)
Hollow -earth theory (2)
Holy Bible
Horror films
House of Biology (The Journey Home)
How big is God?
How can I know to move or not?
How can we love ourselves?
How do I know what old ideas to toss?
How do we proceed with ascension?
How do we really relate to others in the Universe?
How many spiritual families are there?
How many stars?
How to help those with mental disorders
Human - magnetic field?
Human - soul
Human as a "group"
Human Beauty - a discussion
Human cloning
Human consciousness affects earth
Human death
Humans - are we all doing work or just some?
Humans - fallen angels?
Humans - many developing fatigue syndromes
Humans - the only parts of God? (1)
Humans - the only parts of God? (2)
Humans - very small ones just discovered!
Humans without afterlife?
Human organ transplants
I don't believe in Kryon
I feel very alone
Ice age coming?
Immunization question
Increase in crime?
Indigo children and Star children
Indigo children in Toronto?
Indigo Goat?
Inert gases and magnetics
Injustice - reaction to
Integrating "your" group
Integrity of bankruptcy
Intent - defining
Interdimensional life in air & water (1)
Interdimensional life in air & water (2)
Interdimensional time (ref 1)
Interdimensional time (ref 2)
Interdimensional tools
International language in the future?
Intuition of a healer
Is Bigfoot real?
Is everything part of God?
Is it possible to have no soul?
Is Kryon leaving in 2002?
Islamic Jahad. What is a Lightworker to do?
Israel. What's happening?
Jehovahs Witnesses
Jesus Christ
Jewish ceremony
Jews why are they here?
Jews (1)
Jews (2)
Joseph Smith
JR Tolkein Trilogy (ref 1)
JR Tolkein Trilogy (ref 2)
Jupiter, second sun?
Kabala & Hebrew names
Karma - Positive karma?
Karma - next time around
Karma accumulation?
Karma and the Implant
Karmic clearing
Kidnapping - more than usual?
Kinesiology discussion
Koran - discussion
Kryon - an ascended master?
Kryon - does he give 48 steps?
Kryon - doesn't help anyone?
Kryon - leaving us?
Kryon - part of what organization?
Kryon - long answers?
Kryon - pronunciation
Kryon - what do you do when you're not working?
Kryon attributes
Kryon has left the building
Kryon in Africa
Kryon's name
(ref 1)
Kryon's name (ref 2)
Language, limiting?
Lazy in co-creating?
Leaders who believe theirs is the only truth
Lee Carroll - Is he sick?
Lee Carroll - Not in integrity?
Lemurian energy?
Lemurians - definition
Ley line changes of earth?
Life contracts
Life sucks. What can I do?
Light - attributes of
Light - holding it
Light - sending it (1)
Light - sending it (2)
Light - sending it (3)
Light and sound
Lightworker - What is it?
Lightworkers - changing role?
Living in the "now" - throw away advance planning?
Lord of the Rings (ref 1)
Lord of the Rings (ref 2)
Lost sun?
Love - what happens to it when its given?
Love of self
Mad Cow disease
Magnetic affects on animals, birds, mammals, amphibians
Magnetic grid and whales (also see above)
Magnetic fields - personal?
Magnetic Grid finishing
Magnetic healing
Magnetic healing devices
Magnetic mattresses
Magnetics near the equator
Mantra Chanting
Magnetic products
Magnetics - scientific questions
Magnetics - scientific question
Magnetic secrets
Magnetic water filters
Mary Magdaline (1)
Mary Magdaline (2)
Massless objects
Mel Gibson Movie
Melting glaciers
Menopause (1)
Menopause (2)
Mental disease and how to help
Merkabah breathing technique
Metaphors - why use them?
Metaphysical explanation of Dj vu
Metric system - do we need it?
Microwave ovens and energy
Middle East
Minerals. Do we have a relationship with them?
Mistakes - & our affect on the Universe?
Mitochondreal DNA
Money question
Moon landing hoax?
Morality within a marriage
More Chakras than 7?
Move or stay?
Movie - The Passion of Christ
Mt. Shasta 2003 channelling from Kryon
Mt. Shasta - eruption ahead?
Muhammad and martyrdom
Multiple birth souls
Multiple Personalities Walk-ins?
Muscular Dystrophy
Music (1)
Music (2)
Musician being one
My friends left
National park geothermal question
Native traditions
Near death experiences
Need to train , to heal?
Negative paranormal activity
Neutral Implant
Neutral Implant changes?
Neutral Implant what happens to Karma? (17)
Neutral implant results
New Chakra colors?
New Ice age coming?
New World Order
New Zealand
No attention to Africa?
No Indigo children in Toronto?
Non profit - okay?
Not all life is eternal in the Universe
Now-time - a discussion
Number 144,000
Numbers.. seeing them over and over
Old energy healing?
Old scriptures - toss them?
Old soul - definition
Old soul - more discussion
Old Testament prophets
On the right track?
Oneness - Does God contemplate it?
Oneness - keeping it during divisions of politics
Only planet of free choice (1)
Only planet of free choice (2)
Only planet of free choice (3)
Organ Rejection
Organ transplants (1)
Organ transplants (2)
Organization of Spirit?
Organized religion in coming years
Other channelled material
Other intelligent worlds?
Pain why it is allowed by God?
Parallel lives
Parents healing their children?
Parents who murder their children
Paying off debt
Pendulum use in dowsing
Perception - Gods or yours?
Personal shielding
Physics Time
Physics questions
Planet X (special article - click at left when you get there)
Plants ward off magnetics?
Pleiadian intervention
Pope - the new one
Popularity of certain movies now (2003)
Population increase
Portal changes?
Portals - new
Positive Karma?
Power lines (1)
Power lines (2)
Power vs enlightenment
Predisposition - a discussion
Premature births increasing?
Premature birth - general
Preoccupation with physical appearance
Problems with the throat
Proof of God?
Prophesy about what is happening now?
Protection for Lightworkers?
Pure Intent
Purpose of life on earth
QRS system (1)
QRS system (2)
Questions to ask of Spirit?
Ragged DNA
Redesigning the body?
Regeneration (body)
Reiki (1)
Reiki (2)
Reincarnation (1)
Reincarnation (2)
Reincarnation cycles - explanations
Relationship with minerals
Relative time
Remembering your "oneness"
Reptilian agenda
Restrictive belief systems
Revenge - how to void it
Reversal of vasectomy
Rewriting the old textbooks (1)
Rewriting the old textbooks (2)
Right/left handed
Ringing in the ears (1)
Ringing in the ears (2)
Rods - interdimensional life
Role of science fiction
Ruth Montgomery's pole shift
Sacred Geometry (1)
Sacred Geometry (2)
Sacred Geometry (3)
Sacred sex
Sai Baba
Scalar waves - dangerous?
Scalar waves
Schizophrenia (1)
Schizophrenia (2)
Science - light/time/etc.
Science fiction
Scrolls - the other ones
Sedona energy
Seeing numbers over and over
Seeing sparks
Self-worth (1)
Self-worth (2)
Sending the light
Sensitivity to everything!
Sexual energy
Shakespeare (1)
Shakespeare (2)
Shapes that are sacred
Shark attacks.. Related to grid?
Shasta energy
Shielding - personal
Shift in Earth's axis?
Should I have children?
Silicone implants
Sleep - lack of it
Society evolving
Solar flares
Solar System
Soul - is "no soul" possible?
Soul splits?
Soul mate
Soul vs Higher-Self
South America question
Space and Time
Space secrets
Space-time and reality
Special waters
Speed and Vibration (difference)
Speed of light
Spirit doesn't reveal everything
Spiritual growth challenges
Spirituality, do we keep it the next time around?
Spreading the word
Star children
Staying in an inappropriate place?
Staying in pure intent
Stem Cell research
Stem cells
Stem-cell comment
Substance Intent
Suicide (1)
Suicide (2)
Sumatra earthquake - man made?
Sun activity
Tachyon Energy
Tai Chi Chuan & Qigong
Talking to your cells
Temple of Rejuvenation
The "web" as channelled by Thomas - Is it the Grid?
The 5th Dimension
The Australian fires
The Bermuda Triangle
The Bible code - old vs. new God
The big picture
The Book of Mary
The "new war"
The Catholic Church's problems
The Circle of reality
The Course in Miracles
The Devil
The future of education
The grid system map?
The Higher-Self
The Hollow-earth theory (1)
The Hollow-earth theory (2)
The Holy Bible
The Human soul
The Journey Home book
The Kryon name (ref 1)
The Kryon name
(ref 2)
The magnetic grid
The meaning of life
...also see
The Name of Kryon
The New Jerusalem
The population bomb
The puzzles of Kryon
The Reconnection
The Reiki system
The singularity illusion
The Sphinx
The state of love
The test of Earth 1
The test of Earth 2
...also see
The Third Language - developing
Theology class discussions
Theory of relativity
Throat problems
Throw out the old books?
Thymus (1)
Thymus (2)
Time and physics
Time being circular
Time secrets
Time speeding up?

Timing of new projects in 2003
Transplants (organ)
Treatment of animals
Truth - only one?
Tsunami and animals
Tsunami effects
Twin Flame
Twins and triplets
Universal Life
Universe - our affect on
Universe - the shape of it
Universe - What is beyond it?
Urantia Book
USA - frustration
Vaccinations (1)
Vaccinations (2)
Vasectomy reverse
Violence - ever okay?
Voiding the darkness in duality
Warning about being deceived by fearful information
Voices - hearing them
Walk-ins Multiple Personalities?
Wearing the wrong colors?
Weeping in joy
Weight loss help
Whale suicide?
Whales and dolphins
What do I need to know?
What does the name "Kryon" mean?
What happens when we are finished?
What happens when you die?
What old beliefs do I eliminate?
What questions do I ask?
What to do with challenge?
What's life all about?
When does life start?
...also see
When to use power or when to wait for God
Where did we come from?
Where did we come from?
Where does everyone come from?
Who is God?
Who is "with us?"
Who to pray to?
Whos in charge?
Why are Kryon answers so long?
Why are we here?
...also see
Why not more Blacks in metaphysics?
Why channel in parables?
Why do we create?
Why doesn't Kryon help anyone?
Why doesn't Spirit reveal everything?
Why is pain allowed by God?
Why not the Art Bell show?
Why to babies cry in the womb
William Shakespeare (1)
William Shakespeare (2)
Women channeling Kryon?
X-rays used in Law enforcement
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