Montreal, QC, Canada
"Spiritual Logic"
Saturday, October 15, 2011

Montreal, QC, Canada
43 minute channelling session

Lee Carroll - Live Channel for Kryon
Music - Robert Coxon

64 megabytes
FILE IS NAMED: "Montreal 2011.mp3"
With a fast Internet DSL connection, even a file that is one hour, will download in about four minutes. You will not be asked for any personal information... no registration, no e-mail, no fuss, just free. What a concept!
64 megabytes
43 minutes
Stereo - MP3

"Montreal 2011.mp3"
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*If your computer plays MP3 - most do.
This MP3 file of a Kryon channelling is free to you. Please enjoy it. Pass it around, put it on your ipod... but please do not sell it. In the spirit of the web it is offered to all without cost. It has been produced in a size and quality that are easy to download and manipulate. Normally these files can run up to one hour in playing length. It is never to be played on the air (broadcast).
This Channelling was given in English, but translated simultaneously into French for the French speaking provice of Canada. The subject is very similar to what has been given before, but this group never got to read or hear it, since they don't necessarily speak English.

So the decision was to include it anyway, since the energy is always different, and some things are indeed new.

Lee Carroll