Lee Carroll answers your questions and examines the hot topics and concerns of today. Is this Lee or is it Kryon? He'll answer that question, too. Candid and inspiring...

This Q&A video series is an additional current resource to the very large Q&A area on the Kryon website. Media is changing all the time, and right now on-line videos are the fastest way to communicate complex subjects.

Length: Sometimes longer than two hours!
Unlimited access for 30 days with one-time purchase.
Watch it in sections if you wish.

Rental Instructions:
When you click a "rent Video" icon below, you will be taken to the area where you can purchase the video (like on any on-line store). The exception is that you may have to join something called VIMEO along the way. It's okay... Lee is an active member, and it's like YOUTUBE, except it's higher quality and much better controlled.


If you have watched any of the many FREE VIDEOS on the Kryon website, you have experienced the quality of Vimeo, and all of Lee's videos come from this fine service. In order to facilitate the purchase of this video, we have engaged the Vimeo store. The system asks you to join for free, and that then allows you to rent this video. It's safe, and by joining, you add just one more layer of protection of your personal information.

Have fun!


zz Q&A - September 2014
z Q&A - January 2017



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