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JUNE 23, 2016

Monika Muranyi

Here is current information about the Pineal Choir and the Nodes and Nulls
information that Kryon has channelled in the past years. Starting with the
Israel "Peace Choir in 2015, this summary brings us up through the
"Crystalline Choir," June 2016 in Hot Springs Arkansas. This summary also
helps to expain how the last two Choirs have helped to facilitate
wonderful results in this new energy.


During October 10, 2015 there was a very different type of choir, again led by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. The Peace Choir took place in Tel Aviv, Israel in an auditorium filled with hundreds of Lightworkers. While this choir did not occur on any of the major nodes on the planet, it still took place in a very significant area. The choir sung in a location that was surrounded by three nulls – Mt. Ararat, Turkey, Tibesti Mountains, Chad (Africa) and Mt. Kailash, Tibet. At the time of the choir five nodes had already been matched and linked with five nulls. Of those five, three of them make a triangle around Israel. What a coincidence! Kryon explained that those nulls were receptors, so the Peace Choir transmitted, postured and changed the nulls, which in turn reflected to their matched pairs in different places on the Earth. It was the first time any choir sang the Pineal Tones to affect a group of activated pairs of nodes and nulls.

The energies from the choir were filled with love and purpose, and the intention of creating peace. This was broadcasted to the grids of the planet. Kryon has said that when you start changing the grids of the planet it literally talks to the DNA. In other words, it affects Human nature. In addition, the specific Pineal Tones sung in Israel were slightly different to previous choirs. Those choirs sang remembered tones from the past, but the choir in Israel sang tones that were current and straight from the Pleiadians. The Peace Choir was responsible for placing this new energy on the entire grid of the planet. Therefore, this choir planted the seeds of peace, not just for Israel, but for all of humanity on Earth.

During June 15, 2016 Dr. Todd Ovokaitys held The Crystalline Choir in Hot Springs, close to Mt. Ida, Arkansas, and the sixth matched node/null pair was identified, activated and opened. The funny thing is, Mt. Ida isn’t really a mountain – or is it? Directly below this area is a very large crystal mountain. This area in Arkansas has one of the largest quartz crystal deposits on Earth! This creates a unique attribute of this node as it has a physical crystal group that interfaces with the esoteric Crystalline Grid of the planet.

Kryon revealed that crystals are transmitters and those who sense energy are receivers. Crystals have always spoken to us but Kryon says no one has known the exact messages until now. We have passed the 2012 marker creating a new energy on the planet which allows for communication with the crystals. All crystals are always benevolent and their big message to us is that we can rewrite our future.

Before Kryon revealed the matched null to the Mt. Ida node we were reminded again that the whales and dolphins are the living portion of the Crystalline Grid. They are the library of consciousness of this planet, and the back up of the Akash of humanity. The Crystalline Grid of the planet reacts to what Humans do and then broadcasts this to humanity through the dirt of the earth. However, the oceans cover more than seventy percent of the planet. This is why the whales are needed to carry that information.

So the activation of the Mt. Ida node, which has a physical crystal group, became linked and matched with the null called Mt. Fitz Roy in Patagonia. Patagonia is an area known to have numerous species of whales and dolphins. In fact, a recent discovery by Chilean scientist (Dr. Rodrigo Hucke-Gaete) has found the Patagonia area to be one of the most exceptional Blue Whale feeding and nursing grounds in the Southern Hemisphere. The activation of the Mt. Ida and Mt. Fitz Roy pair will directly affect the offspring of these whales and dolphins. These calves and future generations will have the beginning of the new Pleiadian information. This is needed for balance on the planet since over seventy percent of Gaia is water.

Finally, a mind-blowing revelation that Kryon gave Dr. Todd Ovokaitys was in relation to our DNA. Humanity has 23 pairs of chromosomes and scientists have always searched for the missing link that sets us apart from our closest mammals who have 24 pairs of chromosomes. Standby for controversial information. Kryon says we actually have 24 pairs of chromosomes because two of them are multidimensional, right from the Pleiadians. Furthermore, some day when we can measure quantum things with a quantum lens we will see them! This is why quantum energies communicate directly with our DNA. This also explains why some are healed when singing or listening to the Pineal Tones and why many will live longer.

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