Saturday March 22 - Sunday March 23 - 2014
These channellings were given in both Melbourne Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. The audio equipment didn't work in Melbourne, and the MAIN channellings were given again in Auckland. This is not that unusual, and is a signal from KRYON to "do it again and make it clearer." So Lee did!

The subject of the main channellings below is "SOUL JOURNEYING," and is one of the most complex channellings given yet about the soul of the Human Being.

Saturday Mini channelling - FILE IS NAMED: "NZ-SAT-mini-14.mp3"
Saturday Main channelling - FILE IS NAMED: "NZ-SAT-main-14.mp3"
Sunday mini channelling - FILE IS NAMED: "NZ-SUN-mini-14.mp3"
Sunday Main channelling - FILE IS NAMED: "NZ-SUN-main-14.mp3"
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Saturday Mini
Saturday Main
Sunday Mini
Sunday Main
13:47 Min - 15.8 megs
41:37 Min - 47.7 megs
11:44 Min - 13.5 megs
36.08 Min - 44.1 megs
These MP3 files of a Kryon channellings are free to you. Please enjoy them. Pass them around, put them on your ipod... but please do not sell them. In the spirit of the web they are offered to all without cost. They have been produced in a size and quality that are easy to download and manipulate. Normally these files can run up to one hour in playing length. They are never to be played on the air
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