Co-founder of Adironnda & Company.
Divine Link for Adironnda & the
Council of Light.
“I’m here to inspire joy.”

Marilyn Harper is a Divine Link for Adironnda & the Council of Light. Admittedly, she teaches people to be happy. For nearly two decades, she has delivered Adironnda’s messages of unconditional love to a global audience of tens of thousands. With a mix of candid humor and mid-western straight talk, she provides actionable steps for the esoteric concepts she shares. Marilyn communicates a unique blend of inspiration and intuitive insight to empower you becoming your authentic self. She can also wield an 18” Selenite Sword of Light to activate an entire audience of willing participants. Now, that IS a feat to see!

As co-founder of Adironnda & Company (the venture), Marilyn creates programs to assist people in opening their hearts and rediscovering their own magnificence. Her series of
Plurkshops (Play + Work = Plurk) are designed for participants to experience their innate abilities as the “new human”.  She has a knack to nudge people to their next level of expansiveness via international adventures, and retreats. On a mission to help people live a life of purpose and joy, she is a natural activator awakening individual light bodies to resonate more light and love on to the Planet.

About Adironnda & the Council of Light

At first, it appeared as if the only thing that Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey had in common was a “walk-in” experience. Today, they form a Divine Partnership deeply touched by Adironnda – a spokes Being from the 17th Dimension who represents a Council of Light: Masters who once walked this planet in human form. Now, Marilyn (Divine Inspiration) and Joeaux (Divine Action) have dedicated their lives to share the messages, tools, and unconditional love of Adironnda.

Adironnda first spoke through their Divine link, Marilyn, in 1999. With her mid-west and Christian background, accepting that she was a “channel” was difficult for her. However, she quickly recognized her ability to facilitate the emotion of unconditional love by simply bringing Adironnda into her presence. She began offering small group and private channeling sessions in her area.

In 2010, through a series of uncanny synchronistic events, Marilyn and Joeaux met over the telephone. That conversation lead them both to a vision of huge audiences being touched by the unconditional love of Adironnda, and experiencing the oneness of God, or Source energy.

Adironnda has never been in human form. They refer to themselves as a group, described simply as “mist”. They are an energy of unconditional love working in the human emotional body. Words, for them, are mostly just to occupy a person’s ego while they do the deep healing activations.

Today, Marilyn and Joeaux carry on their mission, traveling the world facilitating workshops and delivering the messages of unconditional love from Adironnda.

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