Greetings to all my Lightworker friends!

Perhaps you are new to my site, or my work? It has always been my goal and intention that visitors to my website feel free to explore the information without concern that their information is being taken. We wish to provide the integrity of privacy for spiritual matters, and part of this philosophy is to provide a site that does not covertly take your IP address, or any other electronic method of tracking you. The only way we will know who you are is if you actually fill out a form for our bulletins, or purchase something from our store.


As the original Kryon channel, I have been doing this now for more than 25 years. I have a very good idea of the balance of this profound information, and how to make certain there is integrity in all that I do. Here are the ideas I work with, and explanations for some things you may see.

Everything that KRYON says in channel, anywhere on earth, is given away for FREE on my website. This is available HERE on my audio pages. No matter where I am, with battery operated gear, in the rain, on a mountaintop, or in an auditorium somewhere, I record what Kryon says and place it on my website as fast as I can. Once a month, I transcribe one of these channellings, get a professional editor to look it over, and make it available to read and print out... again for FREE. I do not believe that information from Spirit is proprietary. It's for everyone.

I make my living with my talent as a teacher, putting together the information that Kryon has given, writing books, doing live lectures, and special videos. In doing all this, I'm constantly aware of the economy and the impact it has on the personal finances of those who will pay for these products. Although we are not a non-profit (never ask for donations), I have always felt that anything we charge for must be fair, and at a price that makes it available to almost everyone in our culture.

Our live seminars in the USA and Canada offer a five and-a-half-hour presentation with me on stage giving explanations of the latest Kryon material, and also my synopsis of today's science around it all. I research everything, and present it from the perspective of what it means to be a Human living in the new energy.

We have kept the price low for these domestic one-day meetings... on purpose. After years of doing this, they are still under $100 for the whole day. Compare this with many other metaphysical seminars, and you will see the difference. There is channelling in all of them... recorded and given away on the site.

Once a year we do a spectacular meeting with many presenters, or excursions to exotic places. These we price accordingly to what it costs us to create these adventures, sometimes quite a bit.

Our pay-for-view videos are fairly new, and I go to professional studios to record most of them. They are not of channelling, but of me teaching, much like I do live in the seminars. We also have Q&A videos with me answering questions about life, and what Kryon has given as instructions for many Human situations. My "rule of thumb" is to keep these teaching videos at a generally affordable price based on length (Keeping it under the price of a nice meal). Again, the decision on the pricing on these products is always done with the consumer in mind, and what is fair and affordable to most.

I did some comparison shopping for other "produced" teaching videos (done in a studio), and feel confident that we have priced it well. Even still, I decided to "give away" the first one in every lecture series, just so those who are financially challenged can still experience them.

So, what's from Kryon, and what's from me? No matter what I teach, it's based on the information from KRYON. My perspective on it as a Human is from me, and that is based on my personal feelings, intuitions and my "humanism." This is the partnership that Spirit wants with us for today. Make it practical; make it have Spiritual Logic, and tell it from a Human perspective so that it is useful for all.

4. Finally, here is another question/issue that I deal with quite often: "Why can't I download the teaching videos and Q&A? Why can I only rent them for a limited period of time?"ÊÊI answer it this way:

IÕm sorry to tell you that there are no downloads for these videos, only limited viewing. I know this is less than ideal for many, but itÕs becoming the industry norm due to unauthorized use of a personÕs intellectual property. ItÕs just a sign of the times weÕre in and is actually a topic I've been following lately. Anyone can edit the original video and misrepresent the author. This can have a great impact not only on a personÕs integrity, but also their livelihood. Believe it or not, I have already had this happen to me, as have two of my author friends. This is necessary to keep the integrity of the work.

Thanks for being on this site, and thank you for all you do to support me and the Kryon work!

Lee Carroll

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