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Live Kryon Channelling
Healing Wednesday livestream
March 23, 2022

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Many people talk about the future of this planet, so let’s go back in time. Not a lot, but just a little, and talk about that which took place in what astronomers call The Precession of the Equinoxes. To be more accurate, the time frame we wish to speak of would be the middle of The Precession of the Equinoxes, the end of your year 2012.

In astronomy, that name represented a timing where a 26,000-year wobble of the Earth on its axis was at the neutral point, or the middle of its wobble. It's where the angle of wobble goes through the neutral point and continues another cycle. This position of the planet has an awesome potential, and the Ancients knew it. It was targeted by many societies and cultures as a time of new calendars, and of new consciousness. It was also the time we told you a Great Shift was coming.

So, in essence, your future is here. You sit in the energy of The Shift and this is a brief reminder that a test is upon you - did you see it coming, or did it capture you in other ways?

I have given much channelling for the last eight about how Old Souls can be ready for The Shift, and now the Earth is firmly involved in it. Not only into it, but there is more to come. One channelling that we gave lately was all about how to see and deal with changes you will see in daily life directly because of The Shift.

Many of you felt that this new energy was coming, but that it would be very slow in evolving. Like everything else that deals with the planet, you thought you would have a chance to see a new normal slowly emerge and would have time to adjust.

We have used the term “New Normal” over and over, long before you were seeing it on your news. It's here. Although you expected The Shift, perhaps you didn't expect it so quickly? COVID was right on time, you might say, for now you are in the middle of something that has begun to re-write your normal. This is a much faster change than you expected, and it looks like it's not going to return to the way it was. That's correct.

How were you doing up until COVID? Were you ready for it? Were you practicing any kind of new energy? Were you changing your lives in any way? It's true: Things were already starting to change in consciousness. You had a new Pope that I predicted, and you had the Me-too Movement. You had begun to change all manner of things that were actually starting to rewrite the paradigm of an older-energy past. It was already in progress. Some of you were saying, "Well, this is the new normal and we’re getting ready for a higher consciousness on this planet. That higher consciousness will slowly bring us into what has been described as "An evolved consciousness for humanity." Then there was COVID.

Now, where am I going with this?
I’m going to ask you, Lightworker, pointedly:

How you are doing with The Shift?

How are you doing with the new normal? Right now, as I channel this message, The Shift continues to step on everything that was normal in many lives.

We are in 2022 where you still have this planet dealing with lockdowns, mandates, demonstrations, unhappiness, and a polarized population. There is a large split between those who disagree and agree what the governments are doing - it’s universal. It's not just in your country.

There has never been anything like this dividing issue, which affects the entire planet in this way. There have been governments that did things, and countries who then reacted. There have been demonstrations for generations about many things, but this is the first time you have seen a world problem like this.

Dear ones, the Shift is a world issue. Are you beginning to see how all this might be right on time? The planet is now at the juncture where it has to make decisions, but in the process of making decisions there is polarity. That polarity is: Who is right? Who is wrong regarding the rules of the virus?

There is a huge split of opinion.

"Look, they are not obeying, and their actions are endangering others." or "That's incorrect. The rules themselves are what is hurting us, can't you see?" Let me ask you: Can you look at the ones you don’t agree with and say, "They are also Lightworkers - and I love them dearly?" Or not?

How are you doing, Lightworker, with the Shift?

These things that are being presented right now on this planet are truly the litmus test of a Lightworker. Did you see the test coming, or did it grab you… and make you part of it? Were you caught up in the right or the wrong, and then went right to and anger it gave you? This is the time, dear ones, for you to start taking action that only Lightworkers know how to do.

My partner [Lee] told you earlier on this program: Lightworkers know that their compassion and their love is an energy that can be targeted - literally targeted to other places. Your consciousness is energy. It's the attitude of how you think, and that creates a patterned energy.

To use words that you truly understand, why don’t we call it a patterned missile, with a patterning of love or compassion that can be sent wherever it needs to go. It's a love missile. When it gets to the targe it explodes in love and compassion, with thousands of hearts coming out of it. It falls and lands gently upon others who need it. What a visualization! What a visualization where you would be able to target compassion and love. Indeed, it might be from one country to another. However, sometimes it's across the street. Perhaps across the room? Perhaps on the other end of the phone? Did you think about that?

The next time you begin to be excited about what you believe or become angry about the fact that others don’t believe what you believe, what is your action? Do you just think: "They are wrong! How could they think that way? Why can't they see the truth?"

Or - perhaps, just perhaps you have listened to the attributes of mastery I have given you? Perhaps you remember that you are powerful, beyond emotions of the hour, and you have the maturity and the wisdom to send a love missile? There is no better way of saying it where you’re targeting compassion and love, and sending it across the room, perhaps across the table, to someone who may not agree with you at all. Dear ones the love won't change their mind or your mind about an issue, but it sends a message: "I might not agree, but I have kindness in my countenance of all of this. I know how to be kind to those I disagree with. When this is over, love will win." Let me tell you what happens when you do this: No matter how angry they are, they feel what you are doing. How can they not? You just sent them a compassion love missile. They feel it.

The Physics of Kindness

The other part of this equation? They may send a love missile back! This is the way it works! We have spoken about this even in healing. When you start a process of helping to heal someone else, this energy comes back at you. There is a reciprocal energy received - always.

Physics operates in pairs. All energy of physics operates in pairs. Kindness, compassion and helping something heal is sending energy. It's energy and the more you send it, the more it comes back in certain ways. You may not have it verbalized back to you, but I’ll tell you this: With the energy of high consciousness, the other knows what you’re doing! There is an understanding you’re doing it in love. You may disagree since you haven't seen this happen yet? That doesn’t matter, since the energy was received. Human are built to sense energy. You sense fear and anger right away, don't you? How are you doing with sending and receiving love from those you don’t agree with?

How are you doing so far, dear ones, dear Lightworker?

This is the new normal. It’s here. You might say, "Kryon, is it always going to be this way?" Of course not. These are the tests we told you were coming. And the virus is not the test! Everything around the virus and vaccine is a test of your consciousness, given to you right where you feel it the most. How did you do? Are you going to get through this? Are you going to look backwards and say, "I did it in love and kindness"? Or, are you going to look backwards and say, "How can they be so wrong? … those other lightworker friends I used to have."

Are you going to look backwards in anger and say, "Well, I’m glad we got through that." Let me tell you: You’re going to be in this little test for a while. It hasn’t reached its climax yet. The virus has, but there is more. And it will for more decisions and the opportunity for love missiles, or no, and you will know when it is here. Meanwhile, you have a wonderful set of opportunities.

Now, for those who are listening and perhaps are in the future, and this is now old news - you’re going to have something too: You’ll always have something to test you to see if you are going to use your mastery and your light, or you’re not.

Dear ones, the more Lightworkers who can do this, the faster the consciousness of this planet will raise to the point where you don’t have to practice like this anymore from the tests. It will be automatic that you will look for kindness in others as the litmus test to see if they belong with you as a friend or not, or if you want them to be your partner perhaps in anything. You will look for mastery and kindness and maturity, and it won’t matter what they believe. Listen dear one: There will always be a separation of ideas regarding what you believe compared with someone else. A discrepancy between your perception and their perception is always the way. That’s Human nature. It’s how you treat it, that is the test. That's where mastery starts to show.

How are you doing so far?

These are the testing times, dear ones. This is where a Lightworker shows they are a Lightworker. These are the times where more compassion, kindness, and love is available than anytime in the last eight years.

These are the times we have told you for years were coming. This is The Shift… a time when the consciousness of the planet starts to change.

Someday you will awaken, when time has passed, and you will realize how insignificant and small are the subjects that created the arguments of 2022. Time will have moved on and the situations that caused anger are also gone. The big question is this one: Did your reactions to all this create a victory in friendship and love?

If it's love, your friends and family are still your family.
How are you doing?

I am Kryon in love with all of you.

And so it is.


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