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Attributes of Reincarnation Part 4 – Super Souls
December 22, 2021

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

If you have been following the channellings of this month (December), it’s about family. That’s very fitting for the holiday season. But this is about family as a different word – reincarnation.
We’ve given many attributes of reincarnation in the last three channellings. Some of these attributes you know from my past channellings, and some are new. But they are about a process, a system, if you wish to call it that, where one Soul continues to come to this planet over and over in different expressions. An expression is the word we use for the Human form that you take, representing the Soul that you are.

The Attributes of Reincarnation

We’ve described a little bit about the history of how reincarnation works, and we’ve described some of what takes place regarding the gender-switching and how often it happens, and we’ve also given you some other aspects.

We’ve also told you that your system within this planet is specific and different from other planets. We’ve told you that there is a timing difference in how fast you return, depending upon your achieved awareness, and that all this influences the form that it takes for your personal reincarnation. When I say the form, I mean by this that when you go to the other side and you’ve had one or two lifetimes on this planet, it’s far, far different from an Old Soul, which may have been here hundreds of times.

The School of Consciousness

We equated a reincarnation system to a school of Earth, where Old Souls go through lifetime after lifetime, learning life-lesson after lesson, and expression after expression, to finally get to a place where they are more aware and more knowledgeable of how things work on the planet. This puts them into another level when it comes to the Soul-Planning that we discussed in the last channel. But I’ve got something better: I’ve got something new that we’ve never discussed before, and I want to be careful to present it correctly.

Reincarnation: A “Set” System?

Reincarnation, for many spiritual systems, is often believed to be fixed, or a system that is “set in stone.” Perhaps you’ve been told by someone who you really trust and honor and love: “here is how it works.” Then I come along and tell you that it’s different. There is great resistance with Humans, any time anyone seems to rewrite or change attributes within the energy of spiritual teaching.

Again, there are those who say, “God is the same yesterday, today, forever. So, Kryon, don’t come along and change that.”

I haven’t, dear ones, and I never will. Remember, this is the story of you. This is your journey. This is your story of the consciousness of humanity on this planet. That’s what is changing, and as more awareness becomes yours, and the dimensionality increases for you, the system that God set up for you also starts to change in reaction to what you have learned.

Think of it this way: Is a lower grade in school the same as when you’re in a higher grade? Are you still going to recess? Are you still playing on the equipment in the sand, that they gave you when you were ten or eleven, or is it slightly different? Indeed, now you go to study hall, for instance, instead of recess. Your relationships with your teachers are also different, since many are now called “professors.” So, do you understand what I am saying? The school may be the same, but the grade levels determine your relationship to the school and the rules you follow. Dear ones, you are starting to approach an ascended grade level on this planet.

A Graduate Planet Earth

This planet of yours is starting to go through machinations of awareness. In the process, issues have arisen, and things that you never thought would take place and happen, are here. There are decisions you must make and will. You’re starting to see now where the test of consciousness is centered, and you are seeing that it’s your choices that will make the difference. It’s not going to change because of how much God’s going to help you. That was an old paradigm of spirituality. That was a very old idea of groveling before God and asking and asking. You are now in a higher awareness grade, and the idea is how much you can reach up and grab the information that is being given to you, and always has been.

Now, it’s about being aware of your intuitive senses and being aware of your Soul-Self. It’s about being so aware of what is around you, that you can glean the answers and start seeing what you must do to move ahead in these troubled times. When you reach a certain point, and when this planet is filled with enough Human Beings who have incarnated hundreds of times, and who have become wise Old Souls, something happens. And that something is a complete and total change of the system of reincarnation.

The Revelation About Family

When we began this channel, we said it was about family, didn’t we? Let me tell you about family: Family refers to Souls in this universe, not just Souls on the Earth. Now, you may not really, truly grasp that, but if I could take you home for a moment or two, if I could take you to the other side for a moment or two, what you would see would take your breath away.

What you would see, in that vast number of Souls, is a family that is far older than the one you think you have on this planet. There are Souls who you know very, very, well because they have been on other planets with you before Earth. Now, this gets very esoteric. It gets very hard to believe for some, and for some, it’s even eye-rolling. But let me tell you what it means. Before you got here, dear ones, you went through much, much more than you have gone through here. There are literally trillions of Souls who have never been on this planet and are ready to come here.

Earth – A Very Slow Evolvement

Do you remember our discussion of the very slow start for life on your planet? Whereas your galaxy was created all at the same time, the solar systems that created planets with life potential, differed greatly.

The “spark” of life that was needed to sustain itself and grow, started and stopped a number of times on the Earth, and millions of years went by until it settled with the balance needed that you currently have, with oxygen, photosynthesis, and natural rejuvenation.

While your Earth was going through this, there were other planets, very much like yours, that had the beginnings of life that worked right away and then developed quickly.

Eventually, when the time was right, they had their own “garden of Eden” experience, and spirituality began to grow, just like it did on Earth. The dark and light balance did the same thing with an unaware planet that it did with yours, and there were wars and conflagrations that were even worse than what you have experienced. Meanwhile, while this was happening, your Earth was still trying to develop life.

Your existence here, with all you feel is modern, happened on other planets, long, long ago. And the big issue? You were there. Your Soul is NOT an “Earth Soul.” It’s a universal Soul, and you have only spent the last 200,000 years here, as an expression on Earth. You had a very large Soul family, with whom you went through a great deal, long before Earth, who have waited to come here, until now.

So far, the reincarnation system has been like a school on Earth. It starts slowly, and you learn and experience, and come back again differently – with more wisdom. Eventually, you become a mature, wise Old Soul. Old Souls teach other Souls, and they become Old Souls. The awareness level of the planet slowly increases within this school. It’s a family of Souls, and it’s the way things work here on Earth with reincarnation.

The Super Souls

Now let me change all that: What if some other Souls – Old Souls from other graduate planets – could start coming in without going through all the grades? “What?” you might say. “Graduates have to have graduated from the school! They can’t come in as graduates.” But, what if they graduated from another school of incarnations, as profound as the one on Earth?

For the first time, allowed by this new energy, other Universal Souls who have been on other planets, and who have gone through what you are going through, many times … are the Super Souls starting to come here now.

They know exactly what is happening here because they have been through it elsewhere, and their consciousness is already high. These Super Souls incarnate and are ready to go, almost like incarnated Masters, here to intermingle with all of you. You will know them and recognize them because they are going to be bright lights in your culture, filled with great new ideas that seem to come out of nowhere. They won’t know anything about being a Super Soul, any more than you do about being an Old Soul. But intuitively, they will recognize family (you) and will feel a bit out of place on your planet. But they will be brilliant!

They will create new ways of government that you never thought of, that make sense. They will have solutions to century-old issues that you didn’t think were possible. You’ll say, “How could this happen? Where did they come from?” Some are here already. How do you like it? Is that too strange?

Now you know why I can look at you and tell you there is hope. There is so much going on under the blanket of fear, under the current blanket of anxiety, which many of you are experiencing. There is so much happening on levels that you can’t conceive of – because you don’t know what you don’t know.

These newer reincarnation systems are starting to morph and change in order to cooperate with the now activated Nodes and Nulls that we have discussed in the past. These Super Souls become “accelerators” of new consciousness, and they will start working with you, as you understand that it’s you who are changing this planet. You’re the ones who must take the challenge and make the decisions that are needed now, and they are here to help with this.

I want you to think on these things and understand these things so you will know much more about what it is to feel peace about the future. And again, I will tell you one of the things that we have channelled before: Do not judge your future by what happened in the past. Don’t look at your situation and say, “Here it comes again.” Don’t look at all your problems and say, “Well, this is just Human nature and it’s going to be just like it was the last time.” Oh, no, it won’t. Haven’t you sensed that yet? You’re on a new Earth. The Super Souls are coming, so be ready, dear ones.

They will know you when they see you, and you will know them when you see them. And when that happens, you can just wink at them and say, “Thank you, family, for being here when we need you.”
I am Kryon in love with humanity.
And so it is.


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