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Attributes of Awakening – Part 1
November 3, 2021

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

I’m aware of who is listening and reading, and, perhaps, even why you might be here. Among those who are listening, many are experiencing what we will call an awakening. This message is going to be one of four channellings this month wherein we are going to talk about the attributes of awakening that, perhaps, are a little odd.

We define awakening as when you start to realize that there may be a larger truth, or, perhaps, you’re opening a spiritual box that is bigger than you were told. However, most don’t expect that there would be some odd changes in your life from these kinds of things. We’ll get to that in a moment.

The premise is this: Humanity has been, metaphorically, in a box of consciousness. If consciousness could be rated as high and low, humanity’s consciousness has been low, in a restricted box that has not changed, and it never seemed to be getting any higher. History proves this, in that Humans never learned from the past.

Knowledge and solution gained from the past would normally improve the future. This is a marker for a low consciousness – that generation after generation would continue the same dysfunctional ways and ideas, as though they would create something different. But they created wars that were the same, and things that were dysfunctional remained so, and were repeated over and over. This is the box.

Now, this is a box of your own co-creation, dear ones, but it’s a box, nevertheless. Old consciousness has been with you for eons, millennia, and it doesn’t seem to get any better. Just a few years ago, it was the same as it was twenty years ago, and twenty years ago, and twenty years before that.

One of the attributes, right now, of your culture, this society, and this planet, is that the box has started to crack open and be enhanced, and that is what the Great Shift is about.

Here is a rule that we have given before, which Spirit gives to you: You have free choice to choose your own destiny. It’s “hands-off” from Spirit. In other words, God does not show up and give you a miracle so that you will fall on your knees and realize what is before you. You’ve got to get up and look for yourself.

The Dark Room of Consciousness

So, let’s compare this box of consciousness to a darkened room. In that darkened room, humanity has always lived. It’s dark, so you don’t really see each other very well because it’s a very dim light. Therefore, there is a lot of misunderstanding and lack of trust about who is on the other side of the room. In fact, it is so dim and so dark that humanity kind of “circles its wagons” as they say in your culture. This means you create barriers that keep you safe from others you can’t see. There is a lot of fear about what is around you because it is in the dark. That’s all a metaphor, but that is what a dark consciousness creates. Therefore, there is mistrust, corruption, and war, and it has remained so for eons.

Suddenly, in this metaphor, a door starts to open that is new. It’s a door that perhaps has always been there, but it was never realized. The door is obvious because there is a tremendous light behind the door. That light starts to show, and it’s bright – very bright. You might say that this crack gets everybody’s attention at some level. Then you see what current Human nature does
with it.

The New Door

A new door is there, what does it mean? There will be many who will say, “This is an evil door. It’s what we were told about. It’s what we have expected. Therefore, stay away from it at all costs!” This comes from old spiritual programming that tells you that God is a judging force, and that evil will come in the end times and capture you. This misinformation is one of the saddest things you could ever be told about the magnificent love of the Creative Source for you, who loves you beyond measure and only has light for you, every second of every day.

So there will be many who will never look, or judge those who do as fools. They will continue in the dysfunctional box, fearing anything that they do not understand.

But then there will be those who will say, “It’s light, it’s light. Take a look!” Then the others will say, “That’s a trick. It’s a trick. See, it’s in scripture that there will be a trick.” These 3,000-year-old scriptures are still used today as a template for spiritual thought, even though they represent very old ideas and mythology that see God as a dysfunctional father in the sky. Millions are programmed to these beliefs.

The Few Who Are Brave

But there are some who will say, “I want to see it for myself and I’m going to decide for myself, instead of [blindly believing] what I was told it might be.” And so, some will go that door, metaphorically, and start to get a glimpse of the greatest and grandest light that has ever existed. Then they will start to realize that this is what they have been waiting for. It’s what YOU have been waiting for. Perhaps, it’s why you are here at this time on the planet, or even listening to or reading this.

The door is a crack in the veil, as they say. It’s the beginning of the shift, and it is an invitation to look at something higher and better in consciousness than you’ve ever known. There is an unknown quantity there, but it feels so good. Intuitively, it feels good. It’s not scary or fearful. It looks peaceful and wonderful, and the closer you get to it, the brighter it becomes for you. There are many metaphors here. We could go on and on. As you absorb the light, you glow. The light knows your name and greets you. As you walk around that dark room, you glow from just being exposed to it, and in that glowing, you expose more light to many others. And for the first time, those others get to see one another in a different light – a better light. That’s the metaphor. We will call it “awakening to a grander truth.”

Awakening to a Grander Truth

So that’s what these four channels will be about this month. This is part one, but all of them can be heard for free. []

What is it like, right now, for you to have this metamorphosis going from dark to light in consciousness? You are awakening to a grander truth than you were ever told existed. That’s why there is so much fear. No one ever told you, perhaps, that this kind of God – the Creative Source, was there. They only told you that there was a judgmental God that you should fear, instead of one that was intrinsically part of your body and mind, waiting for you to hold out your hand and go to the light.

Some of the awakening attributes we are going to talk about in this channel are unusual. The other attributes we will talk about, in the other channels, are also unusual. But let’s discuss why they should be here at all.

If you are starting to awaken to a larger spiritual truth, you might then think, “Well, I am going to see my guides better. I’m going to experience God in a more fulfilling way. I’m going to see spiritual things come, and I’m going to be more aware, in an elevated consciousness. I’m going to start going into mastery, and that mastery will allow me to see spiritual things.” Dear ones, this is a nice fantasy – that suddenly angels will appear for you – but that is not the way it works.

The way it works is that you, your consciousness, your biology, the very essence of you, will start to change. And why is that? This is because God is in you – in every piece of DNA and every cell. That is where your awakening occurs. You were told that God was in the sky. Instead, the grander truth is that the Creative Source of the Universe is within you.

You are going to change, and in that change, you then start to develop a higher consciousness, and you’re going to start to see the results of it. You also are going to start to use it intuitively, even if you don’t realize it. Let me explain that: If you find something that is new, and it works very well for you, it’s intuitive that you use it. If you find a great new road without any traffic or potholes, you go that way. It goes without saying that you can’t “unknow” that it’s there. So, higher consciousness is a more peaceful and wiser state of being, but it brings with it some odd life changes from what you have had in the past.

Eventually, you begin to realize what is taking place, and you are comfortable with it. Indeed, you are the lighthouses of the Earth and you are the ones who will start attracting good things to yourself and living longer because of it.  We have said this before: Others are going to come to you and are going to ask, “How do you do this – create this peace? What’s the answer?” And you can then tell them what you know, about the door and the shift, and the opportunities to find greater truth.

Attributes of Awakening: Number One

Number one: Some of you are going to have an odd feeling that you are shifting and changing because you are starting to understand more about the things that used to drive you crazy. Lower consciousness creates lack of patience and understanding. Suddenly, you are okay with certain things that made you angry or annoyed in the past.

It was people with certain habits, people that, perhaps, did certain things, or situations around you that you’ve always really objected to, situations that made you nuts, or angry – and you are looking at them for the first time and saying, “Oh, I understand this. I don’t like it, but I see why it’s happening now.” It’s almost like the light from the door showed it all to you so that you could see what it was, and why it was. The result: It’s understood.

In fact, this attribute shows you how you can even do this with larger things, to be more peaceful with horrible dysfunction around you that might be happening in the world right now. Now, that’s new! In the past, when you saw things that really made you angry, you were angry. This often developed anxiety and fear, but now, suddenly, you are looking at it in a different light. Others may object to your peacefulness! “Why aren’t you angry?” they might ask. Tell them you are converting the anger into solution, and smile.

This is starting to happen to many of you. We will call this “a peaceful understanding countenance of the non-understandable.” It would be interesting to see how that’s translated into other languages. [Kryon humor]

Even if you are not working on your anger issues, they are clearing. How do you explain that? Situations that made you uncomfortable and anxious suddenly are starting to be met with a higher consciousness of understanding, and you are seeing things in a better light.

Now that, of all things, dear ones, should tell you what’s going on with you because these are attributes of mastery. Mastery is a peaceful countenance no matter what is happening, with wisdom and understanding in the midst of turmoil.

Attributes of Awakening: Number Two

You are feeling a disconnection with some friends that you’ve had for a long time. Now, this has nothing to do with what’s going on with the planet right now. It has nothing to do with some of the attributes that are on the news or some of the things that would separate you. I’m talking about feeling a disconnection with former friends.

Now, friends are those that you enjoy being with and having activities together. But suddenly you are looking at the activities and you are thinking, “I’m not sure I want to do that.” You might even start to analyze it and think, “Why? Why am I disconnecting from this lifetime friend and others?” Then you start to see things that you never cared about before. “Well, I now see that this person is really negative. These friends complain a lot about others and everything.” Your mind continues to analyze: “Well, so what? I was never bothered before.” But now you are. That’s the entire point. You now realize: “I’m starting to hear it in a different light, and their complaints are starting to slap me in the face somehow, and I’m uncomfortable being around them, and that’s new. I always just thought it was fine and now it isn’t.” You feel an actual disconnection.

Mastery surrounds itself with light and does not let in the negative or darkness of dysfunctional consciousness. Mastery rejects the desire to participate in activities that diminish others, or words that reflect a lack of wisdom or a loving state of being.

Attributes of Awakening: Number Three
Oh, but for a few of you, this next one is perhaps the oddest of all. Are you ready? You’re starting to feel that your family is not really your family. Your blood relatives, sisters, brothers, mom, dad, are not really that which is your real spiritual family. You are beginning to see your soul purpose and are starting to realize a greater and grander truth.

The definition of family, for most, is about blood relatives. Suddenly, you are beginning to remove yourself from them, as though you reject the relationship! It’s not that you are removing yourself from them because of what they do or say, but instead, you see them as unrelated!

Now, this seems to be mysterious and odd, and some of you are experiencing this and are feeling guilt about it, not understanding that a master will start to see the family very differently. You are moving from seeing a chemical relationship to seeing a spiritual relationship and looking for the “real family” that is out there waiting to meet you.

Part of this is also seeing Mother Earth, Gaia, in a different light as perhaps being the source of the real family of the entire planet.

Mastery is an awakening to truths that have been covered in darkness for eons, which are now starting to be obvious to those who wish to look.

These are some of the odd things that are starting to happen for those who are experiencing the shift – the awakening. There are more. There are psychological issues and physical issues – really strange ones. By the time we get to channel number four, we will tell you truly why this is happening the way it is. []

Blessed are those right now who are going to this light – the crack at the door – and who are not afraid. For they are going to find their own magnificence in their own cellular structure, and why they are here. And in the process, they are going to feel loved beyond measure.

I am Kryon, in love with humanity.

And so it is.


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