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Live Kryon Channelling
Reykavik, Iceland
March 22, 2020

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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This live channelling was given in Reykavic, Iceland
March 22, 2020
To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added or condensed. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Reykavik.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. If you’ve just tuned in, this is the ninth channel of the series given in the island nation of Iceland.

The group comes together for the last time, and I wish to speak to the group and say this: In these days, dear ones, there have been some seeds planted with each of you. The seeds are good ones and, like any other seeds on this planet, when they are buried in the dirt, the farmer has the option to water them or not – to let them grow – to take care of them – or to care if they are there or not. This is the free choice of every single one of you.

Some seeds have been planted in those who would never come to a Kryon channel without this tour. Some seeds went to those who were curious and wanted to know a little more about esoteric things. Many seeds were also planted with the most esoteric of you, and those seeds are for growth in perceptions past where you are currently perceiving.

Every single one of you is known to God, known to Spirit, and known to the Creative Source. You are not known by the name or the face that you carry, but by the attributes of your unique soul, something you have that is acknowledged by almost all humanity. Humans intuitively have recognized the soul as something that is eternal. Every belief system on the planet talks about where the soul goes after death. It is part of you; it is above you; and, even if you don’t believe it, the traditions of eons of maritime seagoers always talked about souls onboard. The soul’s existence is assumed; it is innate; it is something that all humanity, at some level, recognizes as real. And the Human who is connected to the soul is also well known to us. We know why you might be here, what you think, and what you need.

Free choice is the phrase that we use now. It means that nothing happens, no seed grows, unless you ask it to. Nothing spiritual happens for you unless you are willing to look beyond that which you’ve been taught and, perhaps, say to yourself: I doubt this is true, but I want to know more. And if that’s you, you’d be just like my partner who now sits in the chair.

I would like to briefly repeat a parable I gave you many years ago because it’s germane to your time. We sit here now at a time on the planet that is worried about the virus. [March 2020] Much is happening regarding trying to slow it down, and many are wringing their hands wondering what’s next. They are in fear.


The parable I give now was also given many years ago, but it’s a parable that needs to be repeated. The parable is about the mother and the son. Imagine, for a moment, in this allegory, in this story, that a mother has a small infant son, three or four years old. Inquisitive he is, and he is just learning to speak better. The mother, like all mothers, will spend time looking at him and saying: “Oh, you have so much to learn, my son. I wish I could give you advice that you could understand and know now. I wish I could tell you about things which you’re going to encounter that might frighten you – and show you they are okay. I wish I could tell you the pitfalls of life – what not to do and what to do – if you’d listen. I wish I could have a moment with your soul. I wish I could have communication that I know isn’t available right now, that you will have when you grow up. I know that you will get to a certain age where you won’t listen. You’ll go your own way, and then, you’ll listen later, and then, you’ll have to learn your own things your own way.”

Every mother wishes these kinds of things as they look into the eyes of their newborns and say, “What a life is before you! What beautiful things you’re going to discover. I’d love to show you more.”

Imagine, in this moment, an angel appears and says to the mother:

“Dear one, I’m going to give you your wish, for just a moment. It won’t last long, so make it count. I want you to go look at your child because, when you look at your child and he looks at you, he will have the mind of an adult for just a few moments. He will be allowed to ask three questions of you, and you will be able to answer him because his intellect will be the same as yours.”

This is just what she asked for! However, she cannot do anything but answer his question. She cannot talk to him other than that. She cannot teach him or give him advice on what to do or what not to do. He must ask. He gets three questions.

The mother was astonished! “This is it,” she thinks. “This is what I wanted all along. It’s going to happen! What an opportunity to help him!”

The mother gets ready emotionally and goes into the room with her son. She looks into his eyes, and he looks back and smiles. “Greetings, mother, I love you so much.” Oh my! Can you imagine for just a moment the intellect that poured into him just as an adult spanning thirty years or more? It was amazing and she sees that he is very aware of what is happening.

The mother then says, “Oh, this is a great time, son. Please ask your questions.” The boy looks around at his room and he looks at his mother, deciding what to ask. He looks at all the things around him, then he turns and looks out the window. He says:

“Mother, there is something I’ve always wanted to know. Why is the sky blue?”

The mother is almost mortified with the question! Oh no! That can’t be the question! Get to something substantive. Who cares why the sky is blue! He wasted the first question.

She does her best to answer, as any mother would do. The next question comes and it’s about the waves in the ocean. Not again! The angel said he was supposed to have an intellect! He is supposed to be like I am. He is supposed to know what to ask. He’s smart. Why doesn’t he ask something wise?

The mother discusses the tides of the ocean and things about the sea and the moon. He listens and obviously understands what she is saying. He is so happy to have this conversation! He is completely satisfied and it’s a very loving time for both of them.

The third question comes, and it’s just as simple as the other two. The mother tries hard to hold steady and hide her disappointment that the boy doesn’t know what to ask, or how to capture this profound moment to find out something really important to life.

What the child has done, dear ones, is to look around his reality, sum up what he has seen and experienced already in three years, and ask the best questions he can. He asks the ones that are most important to his level of reality and his level of experience.

The mother, although disappointed, has had the conversation of a lifetime with her small child, and forever will be happy that she got a “magic” time with him. She realizes that he just didn’t know what to ask [that she feels is vitally important for him to know].


The story, dear ones, is a metaphor. The metaphor is about you and about your time right now.
So I’ll ask you: What if you were given, right now, the choice to ask three questions of the Creator of the Universe. As a Human Being with the intellect that you have right now, what would you ask?

The parable would indicate that the most common questions would be about your situation right now as you huddle in your homes away from a virus. You might ask: “Why did this happen? How do we get out of this world mess? What next?” In other words, you’d waste every chance and question because you’d only ask questions from your perspective as a Human Being, caught up in your own reality of the time.

You would not know what to ask because you don’t know what you don’t know.

So the parable ends with a solution: What’s the best question to ask? What’s the only question to ask? The answer has always been the wisest one to ask:

Dear God, dear Spirit, dear Creator, tell me what it is I need to know.

It’s not really a question, is it? You can posture it as one if you wish, for it’s still a request:
Dear Spirit, what do I need to know?
Then you can sit and be informed or sit and be loved. It is very profound because it’s a request that opens a door for all of the teachings that you didn’t know how to ask about.

LISTEN: If the boy had made this question or request to her, she would still be talking now … perhaps for hours or days. Do you understand this? The question is not limiting or time-sensitive or linear. A door is opened to the mysteries of life, with the intent of the question. It gives you what you need, even without knowing what to ask!

It can be about your next step in life, or about how to take care of yourself. Perhaps even better, where to meet the right people or find the right things for your future. Some of these who you may meet may be sitting here [in the seminar], but you haven’t really met them or listened to them yet. There is a lot of knowledge carried by lightworkers in these groups, dear ones. I sit before many Old Souls.

“Dear Spirit, tell me what it is I need to know.”

Then sit back. Don’t expect handwriting on the wall or a voice from beyond. Instead, be quiet and continue your life. Wait for the synchronicity that belongs to you, to supply the answers that you didn’t expect. This is the most mature, wise, and profound question a Human can ask – yet they often do not. Instead, they ask about immediate reality and things that are linear, that have nothing to do with their magnificence.

As an Old Soul, you know the difference, or you wouldn’t be reading these words or hearing this message. I tell you this because, as you go from this place, these things are going to be needed.
Let the seeds of this message take hold and blossom within you. Let the seeds of this message that have been planted this day in every single one of you create solutions in your life that last forever. Leave differently than you came.

And so it is.


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