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Live Kryon Channelling
Stamford Connecticut
July 28, 2019

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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This live channelling was given in Stamford Connecticut
July 28, 2019
To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added or condensed. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Stamford.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. We are in a beautiful place where hearts are touched in a way that only can be done while in a group. The idea of group dynamics in spiritual things has been well known for a long time, but the whole theme of this weekend has been delving into things that are not yet realized, and examining new paradigms that are not yet upon you.

There is an expression that we have used in the past, which states this: "A fool does not know he is a fool." The expression is a metaphor for many things, but basically, it means that at whatever level you are of awareness, you cannot see above that level. If it's a lower level of awareness and, indeed, you are a fool, you have no idea that you are a fool, and will continue to be one.

Now, if you apply this to this weekend's teaching, you might say, "Am I a fool because I might not be fully aware of things around me?" The answer is no. That is simply a metaphor that tells you that it's tough to see things that are of a higher consciousness when you in a lower consciousness state. All Humans have higher awareness available, and if you look at this logically, you might say that there is cause for celebration! It's because there are many attributes of awareness and higher consciousness that you simply have not seen yet, but that are available to be discovered.

However, in this entire area of unseen things, there is a potential trap. The trap is a common Human one, and this is the one where you are so enamored with what might be there, even though you cannot see it or imagine it, that you want to postulate all about it and then make up things to satisfy your keen interest.

Be aware that, within this new energy, there will be what I will call "many postulation groups." This means that many will go off on tangents of what they believe might be there, but which really isn't, and then start working toward a goal based upon what is unseen and incorrect. The only danger, the only trap that is here, dear ones, is that you are so curious, and your intellect is so greatly challenged, that you can get trapped in this place of wondering and being and doing and planning, and miss the whole point.

The Spinning Human

What good will it do for any Human to sit and spin? Because if you do, you will be a little too dizzy to meet the reality that actually should be yours, and you will never know you are spinning because fools do not know they are fools.

"Kryon, I don't understand anything you just said."

What I'm really telling you is this: In this new energy, there will be revelations of multidimensional (invisible) things and energies that will create great curiosity. It does not help anyone to postulate and wonder and plan around things you don't know about or understand. Why? Because it keeps you from seeing the truth when it finally arrives! Because you don't expect what you don't expect, and there are truly things that are coming that don't fit in any linear paradigm you can imagine. One of them I will tell you about now.

Difficult Concepts

I'm going to discuss something very esoteric now, and many will say, "bring it on." However, you have no understanding of the reality of it. It is something you didn't expect, which is here and available for you. It has to do with the way you perceive yourself, your galaxy, your universe, and your reality - and it has to do with time.

How would you describe time to a child who asks, "Please tell me, what is time?" It is a difficult thing, is it not, to describe time to a child. You might say, "Well, it's the ticks of the clock." Then the child will ask, "And what does that mean? The ticks are only sounds." Then you might say, "It's about the space between the ticks," and the child doesn't want to hear any more. It's not making sense.

Time is something that is extremely elusive in the definition department. What makes it even more difficult, dear ones, is that it has only been in the last fifty years or so that you've had science look at TIME and say, "Well, against all odds, it seems to be part of atomic structure. In other words, it's not just a concept. You could touch it if you were small enough. Not only that, by altering parts of this atomic structure - the physics regarding density and speed and mass, you might be able to actually alter it!" Einstein postulated (later proven) that time seems to slow down and speed up depending on how fast you are going, and is totally relative to the observer. In other words, it is, indeed, variable, and so, it is not the linear, unmovable, absolute thing you think it is.

Now, that's a tough one to talk about to a child, isn't it? When you finally get the idea of how to tell the child about it, you are not going to let the child know that time is variable. Not yet, because that would be a brain-buster! The reason is because you all expect time to be absolute and never to change. There are atomic clocks that measure time to the "nth" degree. It's stable, consistent, and it is your linear reality. However, that's an illusion, made just for you.

You have always perceived time to be a straight line. Everyone knows it's a straight line, like a train on a track. If you are standing in one place on that very straight and long track, the train becomes history as it goes by and disappears into the distance of the past. Waiting for a train is waiting for something that will happen in the future, and it is unknown when it might arrive.

If you're actually on the train and it's moving, you're always moving through three elements: The NOW, the PAST, and the FUTURE. Although you are always moving through these attributes, you still see them as isolated concepts. Those who are intellectual will minutiae-ize this even further and say, "Well, the front of the train is in the future; the back of the train is in the past; and the middle of the train is now." Isn't this interesting? But it's not a straight line and never was.

The Truth About Time

If you ask a physicist about time, they will tell you that it is a difficult concept because it seems to fall back into itself in a certain way. This is because it's actually circular. It has to be, to operate the way it does. Time is always in the now, in a certain way, and although it's difficult to understand, time is really a circle. Now, the circle is a rough one. It may be toroidal, or it may be a different shape altogether, but it folds back on itself. In other words, it always comes around to itself as a circle would.

So, why am I telling you these things? Because, suddenly, if you understand that that track of time is not a straight line, you have to start asking yourself intellectual time-questions that seem unanswerable.

You might say, "I've been here through a thousand lifetimes. Kryon, can you identify how that might work in the circle of time?" Let me ask you, how big is the circle? The answer is, "yes." (Smile) All of you, as Old Souls, have been on this track of time for a very long time and have covered the same track over and over for eons. The circle size depends upon the reality of those measuring. I won't say any more, for it just confuses the linear mind (but it's very Einstein-ian). However, the biggest point is this: If that train on that long track is you, you have been covering the same ground over and over for thousands of years. Can you conceive of that? Is this concept understandable? You're in a circle like a toy train would be, yet you think time is a linear straight line. It's not. It goes around and around, which means you have actually covered the same ground over and over. Now, that's a vast over-simplification of how something very complex can be perceived simply. But I want you to see this clearly because of what's coming.

Question: If you're on the train in this particular track that I have just given you, and you look in front of you, are you looking at a pristine unknown future where you've never been, or have you been there before in some way? Think "circle." You might wish to read that again before you answer.

If time is in a circle, then the actual answer is that you've been there before in some way. Again, picture a toy train in a circle. It's always going over the same track. So, now you might ask, "Well, if that's the case, shouldn't I be able to recognize or feel anything coming on the track in front of me? Are things coming that I have been through before?"

Answer: Time and Human lifetimes do not work in the linear way you might think. It's not about your episodes, or your karma, or, really, about your past lives. It's not linear, so you can't say, "Well, I've been there, and therefore, I know what's going to happen." Time is a multidimensional concept, so even though you are going in a circle, you've only covered certain dimensions of it as you travel, and perhaps the track in front of you is a dimensional experience that you have not covered yet, even though the track is the same.

Think of this as layers of reality on the track. Maybe the track is layered and, although you are on the same circular track, you keep shifting layers within the circle as you travel. So, part of this track ahead of you is familiar, and some of it is not. It's a familiar track because you kind of know what it feels like to be there; however, the strangest anomaly of this new paradigm of time is that, as you look ahead, you're actually looking into your past. [Breathe!] Is that confusing enough for you?

Here's where we are going: What if … what if, as you travel this track, your awareness of the new dimensions increases? LISTEN: What if it's the same Earth and track, but you are now far more aware of what it's all about? What if time on this familiar track is helping you evolve into a different kind of Human - one who is savvy in the wisdom of what is coming next? Can the unknown on this track in front of you become your comfort zone?

The Awareness of the Evolved Human

"Dear Spirit," you might say, "I know my soul is multidimensional and I've been on this Earthly plane of past lives now for a long time. I may have a thousand past lives in my Akashic record, and I know I keep going on this track of time that Kryon is speaking about. But, suddenly, I have a new perception: I'm a multidimensional being filled with the love of God and I can control the reality of my life. I am learning new paradigms of what is possible with this new engine of enlightenment, and the spark of awareness that I now have is much bigger than anything that I have ever experienced before! I'm just beginning to learn what a creature of a higher level of consciousness can achieve. I've learned that what I think in a benevolent way can have coherence with others, and can result in healing in a group. I've learned that I can sit in a theater and have coherence with other people, and they don't have to know I'm even there. They don't have to know my name, yet they can feel the benevolence of my energy and feel better because of it. I've learned that these new gifts and tools are beyond the physics that I thought I knew. Therefore, I have decided to bless my life in a new way: I'm going to take control of the track in front of me and I'm going to send benevolence for myself and my soul and my life ahead of me wherever I go. This is possible because I have ‘been there' and, although I don't know what is going to happen exactly, I know it's my comfort zone and I'm not afraid."

Does that make sense? That's new. It's accurate and beautiful!

Have you ever thought, perhaps, of sending specific benevolence for specific things into your future? Let's say, something is coming in your life, and in the past, you might have been anxious about it and have said, "Well, I hope when I get there, it's going to be alright." Then you gather your friends and pray for the situation. This all may seem fine and normal, but why not create energy for the situation in a way that you never have before?

How about this? Send unknown perfect solutions on that track in advance, because you're able to do that now. The solution you're going to create in advance is perfect but unknown to you. So, this isn't about hoping for synchronicity or saying to yourself, "I see myself healed," or any of those things you have learned so well. Instead, you are now sending the healing forward, so you know it's there already when you arrive! There is no question it is there. It's not about if and it's not about synchronicity - it's not about hope. It's about sending it forward and walking the track and arriving at the place you created. Remember: It's your track, and you've been there before!

This is different. It's a new paradigm, and it's something that is extremely difficult to describe to those who live linear lives. You might say, "Well, Kryon, I've actually been doing this for a long time. I always pray for myself in the future." Excellent, but have you really understood how it works? The understanding of how it works helps you to cognize the reality of it.


The new reality is this: You are using the energy of your soul and all that you are, understanding that ahead of you is known territory. You're going to take your own life force, your soul energy, and all that you are - your benevolence, your love, your compassion, and your consciousness, and you're going to place it ahead of you in a comfortable place that you have been before - your future.

Someone here in the room needs to know this. It's someone who doesn't understand that their healing can be started right on their "train of reality" in a way they hadn't conceived of before. If this is you, let's get together right now in coherence with the entire group. Group, project with me: While in coherence, project this: Anyone who is trouble in this audience, with their consciousness, with their grief or health or who is in fear, can be helped. I want you to create your visualization of that individual without knowing their name. See them in your mind as completely and totally healed. See them projecting themselves into their own future, and absolutely knowing they are headed for solutions.

These who you are visualizing are right with you in this goal because right now many of them are saying, "This is what I came for! This is what I wanted. I have Old Souls all working together and doing something with me, I didn't know could be done." This is different than having a healing today. It's about planning the healing in the future because it's already there. You just put a healed individual on that track.

Now I want the group to come back. Imagine you're still on that train and I want you to celebrate what's going to happen when they get to that place where you created solutions for those who need them. I want you to celebrate what it's like for them to realize and actualize that everything we have done today is real! This is a new paradigm of your abilities in a higher consciousness. It comes with more awareness in this new energy.

Dear ones, you might have had a thousand lifetimes, but your future knows you, so it's your friend. You're putting yourself in a future that is really a place you have traveled before. Do you see yourself sitting there being different than now? If you can do that, the next thing I want you to do is change how you see life itself: Envision that you have moved to the front of the train and now you're watching the track and you're smiling in expectation day by day. No more worry, no more fretting, because you are working the puzzle differently. You are expecting good things to happen because you are comfortable with what is coming next.

When you do this, you create a model that affirms who you are, and you put that energy into the future on a track of time that exists, where you are known. In that, you have not just affirmed who you are, but you've created a reality to come. That's new.

Dear ones, these kinds of things I will continue to bring you. If you've sat here in this group or read this, and you didn't understand anything - all of that is okay and perfect. Because, at some level, everything I have said to you has gone into that beautiful place called your soul consciousness. When you need to have it given to you again, it's going to be available. Your intent is everything. You've come here for the new tools, and I have presented some. Even without total understanding, this information has settled into a place where you'll be able to use it when you are ready.

Oh, there's more! Many concepts and ideas are coming, using tools you haven't thought of yet, which are really only available to those Old Souls who are willing to work with "the spark."

I tell you these things today because it is an advanced group that I sit before. I tell you these things today because there are no accidents of who is here listening or reading. I know who is here because your soul glistens in front of me with the crystals of change and the desire for truth.

Go from this place perhaps confused [laughter] but know that, at some time, at some level, the confusion will snap into clarity and you'll be able to drop just about all the baggage you have been carrying for lifetimes on this train of yours.

And so it is.


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