Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
Wilmington, North Carolina

March 10, 2018

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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This live channelling was given in Wilmington, North Carolina
March 10, 2018

To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added or condensed. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Wilmington.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. It has been mentioned that there are energies here that are unseen, but that know who you are. If you are a visitor listening to this later, here means the same for you as well. For this is a sacred space that you have decided to listen within, and if you continue listening, all of the energies that are in this room at the moment are also yours as well.

You are Humans every one - respected and honored, every one. There is an entourage that doesn't just follow me; rather, it's an entourage that is developed from the various soul energies in the room. It's an entourage that comes to watch, honor, seemingly to sit in your lap, and to knock on your nose just to say, "We're here, we're here, we're here."

Years ago I said it: You're never alone. We mean this. It's impossible to be alone because of a system that is loving and spiritual. So many of you have come to an understanding and realize that, number one, you're part of a divine system and, number two, you're here temporarily. This soul journeying that you do creates a temporary journey until the next journey and the next life. It's the same soul each time. So, dear ones, we're looking at ancients among you, and there is so much honor that you have been part of the earth for such a long time.

We wish to extend the teaching from last week. If you had no idea what that was, it's fine. We always start as though you don't, so that we can be complete. Last week, we introduced you to the concept of clearing that which we call your Akash. Now, let me define Akash yet again. In the process, we posture this discussion with great honor and respect for what it means to all of you. Inside you, Human Being, right now, there is an active record of everything you've ever done on this planet. It really is everything. This record lands eventually in your DNA. As you reincarnate, the last lifetime is then included and you come with that energy, fresh. However, everything that you have ever experienced while on this planet is there.

The Akash is Not a "Record" of Things.

This is important, and we've taught it before. Your Akash is not a linear representation of history, as you would get in a book. The Akashic record is not about the activities of a Human. It's about the energies and emotions of a Human, and it's not remembered in a linear fashion as pages in a book. Instead, it's all grouped together.

What was it like for you? Did you have short lifetimes or long ones? Where were you on the planet? What were the different cultures, different faces, different languages or different foods? What was it like to be in the wars, to be a warrior and kill others? What was it like to be on the battlefield and be killed? All of you were - all of you. These are energies, not just experiences or activities.

What's it like to be drowned? So many of you were. What is it like to lose your children over and over at birth? "That must be awful!" some would say. Indeed, it is! However, when you come into a planet during a time where only every other child lives to no more than 1 year old, you don't even name them until they're 90 days old! That was you. What's it like? What's it like to wake up and realize that you have information, as an old soul, that goes against that which is taught about God? Do you shut up and say nothing, or do you not? What's it like to be ostracized away from anyone else in the village, to live alone and only be kept alive because you have the magic healing that a tribe needs occasionally? Perhaps you have some healing information from Gaia to help heal important people around you? This is your life. This is who I talk to today, old soul. What's it like for me to tell you there are civilizations you lived within that have no record of existing in your recorded history?

Your Akash carries the records of everything - all of it. The information that is in this multidimensional storage space within every single Human listening now is profound with energy from the past. What is profound today is that this energy is changing. We talked about this before and we indicated that the difference between the Akashic record's delivery of energy to you today is vastly different from 10 years ago. That's what's changing. In an older energy, the Akashic record would often give you information of difficult remembrances. Sometimes that's difficult. Why would that be? "Kryon, why is the Akash so disturbing to some that we have to have past-life readers help us to dismiss certain things in our memory? These past memories keep us awake at night and are difficult to work with. Why would that be? What kind of a balanced system does that?"

The answer is that it's a system of free choice. As goes the consciousness of the Human Being goes the consciousness or remembrance of the Akash. With Human consciousness being what it has been for centuries, you remember dramatic things - things that go bump in the night and things that you don't want to remember. It gives you feelings you can't explain. That's been the way of it until now.

The Energy of What the Akash Gives You is Changing.

Last week, we gave you information and exercises that reminded you of the power you have over your own body. We told you about the appropriateness of reframing the Akash. We had you demanding, in your own words, that the Akash stop remembering the negativity and the drama, and instead start remembering past beauty, past good times and solutions that you got. For some, it would be the remembrance of giving birth - the pride, joy and overwhelming beauty, the benevolence of many things. It's there, since all of you had these things! It's all there. We told you to command your Akash to stop with the old energy programs - those "tapes" that continuously play - and instead, give you something you didn't expect - beautiful memories. It changes that residual, negative buzzing in the background. We told you that.

So, where does it go from here? It may seem like we're going to skip around. But I'm going to tell you what has happened to the Akash and what it became. The Akash has never changed, but Human Beings saw it and rewrote the rules. I'll tell you about that, so you have a bit of an understanding about the buzz that some of you have, but not before an update.

There are those listening to this now who were there last week. Some not only participated in the exercises, but will listen to the channel and participate again. Those who have never heard of this will hear it the first time and participate, and thousands will then participate. There'll be some who feel something. As I said, there'll also be some who don't, because timing is everything for you. You are unique on this planet, so there is never a time when we give you information about one "esoteric pill" that does one thing for everybody. Some of you must work at it, repeating the information so the body continues to hear the same thing. Although I'll tell you, the body hears it clearly the first time. Oh, it hears it - hears it and starts working on it, even though you don't think it does. So the secret is belief.

A Sudden Appearance of Bad Dreams

Here's an update: There are some of you who have had some interesting dreams all of a sudden. It might be a dream that would put you back into circumstances that were uncomfortable. These would be circumstances that made you "less than", putting you back into a time when there was betrayal. Perhaps it would be putting you back into uncomfortable work situations or things that happened in the past. In the dream, you're in the past, but the energies really seem like they are happening again. Then you wake up in the morning and say, "This isn't really what I had hoped for in a dream. Now I have residual negative energy for the whole day because that dream was so real. I didn't need to go back and feel that all again."

Oh, yes you did! Here's why: This dream was your closure for what you had asked for. You had to go back. You had to look at the energy in the face. Sometimes there are things you never wanted to look at. Some of you are not done yet, either, since the issue is larger than one energy. This is the Akashic record at its best. It's the Akashic record for this lifetime, at its best.

In the Akash, a drowning or a hard death is often revisited in order to finally discard it. Perhaps the dream took you to a battlefield where you took a life, and that remembrance has stuck with you and stuck with you for ages. Suddenly, here comes the dream and you just feel awful! "I just killed somebody, and I feel it all over. It's the worst thing that ever happened to me. I couldn't do that, but I did it. I can feel it." Then you ask, "What is the appropriateness of that?" Now I'll tell you: It's closure. It means it's gone. That's what it means. So if you're one who had one of those dreams, congratulations! It's working. Your affirmations are being heard.

Do you see how this system works? You have to go there because you didn't want to face it. Even in a dream where you have to go there and be uncomfortable for a moment, it doesn't hurt you. But for those moments the Akash is working with you to say, "In order to dismiss this, you must look at it." Many of you are doing just that. In the looking, there is full and complete clearing. It's not coming back, dear ones. This is the power you have today, and we talked about it last week. It's far more powerful than before.

I wish to talk more about the Akash. It's beautiful. What a system! It's a system of remembrance that is powerful! Can you imagine opening an Akashic book with one page? One page! The one page is everything you've ever done. It's only one page because it's multidimensional. The one page is thousands of volumes of energy that are not linear. The remembrances come flying out, they go all over the walls and the ceiling, and they're not in any order. They don't have to be.

Can you imagine going back and seeing who you were and what you've accomplished? Do you think that there is a measurement in the Akashic record, not of horror and drama, but of beauty? Do you think there's a measurement of wisdom? How much did you learn over lifetimes? How would you like to have that presented to you today? It would be yours, since you earned it, and it would allow you to walk from place to place and not make the same mistakes. You would know instantly when someone's telling you the truth. When you get up in the morning, you can feel a benevolence that says, "This is a good day. It's a good day because I am here. It's a good day because the sacredness in me sees the sacredness in Gaia. It's a good day because I know my ancestors. It's a good day because those who interface with me today will also feel it."

History of the Akash and How it Evolved

I'll tell you what happened in history. The Akashic record has been with you since the seeding of the Pleiadians when you started receiving the sacred information. It has been there from the very beginning. You started to awaken with spiritual knowledge very early on. The old souls of this planet have always had it. You are the ones that hold this information. It's beautiful and it's simple, and it came from the stars. You came from that which is God. You're seen by God as beautiful. The creation energy that you were introduced to - God, Spirit or the Creative Source - was so far above any consciousness that you had ever seen on this planet that you can't describe it. It is pure love, a pure love shining brighter than anything you could ever imagine. It is a compassion for you, compassion so beautiful that when you return to the other side of the veil, you'll remember it clearly. You wash in the beauty of the song that constantly plays, which makes your heart sing with it. That's God. I can't give you anything bigger. You wouldn't see it. You wouldn't understand it. That's God.

Human Beings began to evolve over time and find sacred systems so they could bond together with belief. One of the first systems in this civilization that developed, you call Hinduism. We have spoken of this even in India, where we revealed things for the first time. This was the original system approach. It celebrated the oneness with everything. But it was unique to what you have today in your land, because the Hindu system was prophet-less. It went right to the source, without involving a hierarchical Human system where you had to go "through" someone to find God. No one had to do anything but feel the beauty of God for themselves. There was an acknowledgment of oneness with everything, as there still is today.

But the Akashic record developed into something different - enter karma. Karma is a direct derivative of Akashic energy. Things happen to you that then create energy in certain ways that invite you to clear them or work with them. If you don't, they can build-up and effect how you think. The karmic system would invite you to clean up that which you didn't want and work with other entities (helpers) in Hinduism that would help you clear negativity. You could do this to the point where you did not have the karma anymore. You could clear it completely. You could go to a place where you are in full enlightenment because you did not have any more karma. This belief in clearing negativity within yourself still exists today.

Now, dear ones, do you find it interesting that this is exactly what we did last week? It was a system of clearing the Akash. However, karma was missing in this exercise. When I arrived 29 years ago, one of the first things I taught you is that karma worked in the old energy, but in this new energy, it's no longer needed. You no longer need an energy that lingers and pushes you as karma does. Today's energy features automatic karmic clearing and so it is no longer a player unless you wish it to be. We told you that you don't need to be pushed around by any energies at this point in your life. In your spiritual system, karma is no longer needed. That's controversial, of course. But so is just about everything we tell you that used to be featured in a very old energy and a thick veil.

Look at who you are today. You're coming into this planet with full knowledge. You don't need things to push and pull you around in order to learn lessons. You're beyond that. You also come in clean, ready to go to work. You've got other things to do besides work with karma. Even this day, there are those who say, "What do I do about the karma?" Even after I've given you the good news that you don't have to worry about it. There are those who will argue, of course, without using good spiritual logic. Perhaps it's time to examine what you believe? I want you just to look at yourself and say, "Do I need it, really? At this point in my spirituality, as an old soul in this new energy, does it hurt me or help me? Does it hinder my path? Does it enhance me?" Then make up your own mind.

The Humanizing of God

What happened next is really, really interesting. Over thousands of years, certain systems began to twist the whole idea of Akash and karma. I want to introduce you to the Human concept of sin. I wish you to understand this Kryon term, which I use often: Humanizing the system. Humanizing is the word we use when you reduce all of the parts of any spiritual system to fit in with that which is Human nature. When you humanize God, you make God a Human with all the traits of a Human. It started right away. Even before sin, the Greeks made their gods so Human, they were dysfunctional. They featured the mythology of punishment as a start, as a father would punish a child. That then graduated and graduated. Today in your modern culture, you have a God who looks at you and judges you for your behavior. Sin is supposed to be defined as anything that displeases God.

I have something to tell you that you may or may not grasp at this point: God is not a Human. There isn't a concept like displeasing the Creative Source of the Universe. It's pure love. God doesn't think like you do. God doesn't think at all. God IS. God doesn't have constructs of consciousness like you do. What would be the consciousness of pure compassion and love? You can't imagine it.

There is not even the beginning of a consciousness that would even be close to what you have - not even close. Yet you have developed a contradictory system - a beautiful love of God and, at the same time, God as a bad, dysfunctional father. Let me ask you again, again, yet again: Would any of you take a child, no matter what they've done, and throw them into a place where they are going to be burned alive for eternity? Which one of you parents will raise your hand and say, "Well, yeah, they've done some bad stuff. That's what they deserve"? There is not one of you - not one of you! Yet this is the God you teach your children about - a God of punishment and rules. That's a Human attribute, dear ones. Think about it.

The entire construct of sin and punishment developed completely and totally from the Human mind. It's a Human Being's construct put upon the almighty. The creator of the Universe does not work that way. Newsflash: There were no wars in heaven! There was no fallen angel. This is entirely the work of a Human mind, working in a Human psyche, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the compassion of creation, who loves you beyond measure.

But what has now happened due to this is an Akashic record that remembers everything, including this humanized God teaching, and now you have a new energetic player entirely created by Humans: GUILT. So the Akashic record, which remembers everything, starts to morph these systems and will create guilt. Now you are sorry for what you did and what you feel in your Akashic record. Now you wake up at night, remembering something you did in a past life, but now you are going to hell for it. It's getting worse, isn't it?

Now you sit there and you don't know what to think. "If God is real, is God displeased with who I am? I had a dream the other night. I'm not sure what it means, but I'm quite sure I did something wrong. That's why I had the dream, of course. I'm being punished. I'm afraid. I'm afraid I'm not doing things right and I'm going to pay for it."

This entire idea derives from your Akashic record. The energies of your record, literally, were then converted by your cultures into karma, then converted into sin and punishment. All these same reactions and feelings then begin getting lower and lower in a consciousness state to bring you to your knees in frustration. Human Being, you're afraid of God. Afraid.

Stop. Does this sound anything like what "the highest compassion known to exist" would bring you? No. It sounds exactly like what Humans would bring you and continue to bring you. There's an oxymoron here. It doesn't even make sense that you would bring yourself to a place where you would fear that which was inside you, which is the most benevolent, gorgeous, loving thing that ever could be there. You've been talked into this concept - trained from birth into it. If you think like a Human, it's feasible.

This may offend some, but this is not my purpose. The purpose of Kryon is to reveal and enlighten, to open the box, to unseal a grander truth. Here is the statement: There is no judgment with God. The God that created you out of love placed a piece of itself into you called a soul and loves this soul as itself. You are a piece of the Creative Source of all things. Your soul is a mystery to you, but not to God.

Where is This Going? What is Next?

Where is this evolution of the Akash going next? What's going to happen? Here is my prediction: Revelation on the planet is coming. Compassion is coming, reframing and rewriting some of these things that I've just told you. That's what's going to happen. I know this because I've seen it before. I bring you this history to show you where some of your current ideas have come from, what has become of the system, and what's next. Listen: These wonderful secrets that you had, literally, as some of you were Lemurian from the original teaching wheel, had to go underground and not be taught, only be kept.

Here is another oxymoron for you: Secret societies that you think today are conspiracies started as the ones who have kept the secrets of what you learned in Lemuria! And in this new energy they're starting to pop out. You're going to see organizations start to reveal what they know and believe, and the information will be "metaphysics 101" [beginning metaphysics]. You're going to start creating organizations yourself to teach these things, openly, not in secret. Listen: I remind you, it's one of the first times in history that you've been able to do this without someone coming after you or you being shut down or worse. There are still laws on the books of cultures to be careful not to listen to a channeller or see a reader. Because of this, there are some who are still afraid to come out of the closet with the truth about love. Closet Lightworkers! They don't want come out of the closet because the last time they did, it was awful. Now it won't be.

Still Another Concept

Now let me give you another concept just to make it really confusing. If you're going to become a bit more multidimensional, dear ones, you're going to now have to deal with a different kind of attribute in your Akash. Stand by for this news while I do a review. Let me reveal again the summary that in this new energy, as bad as it has become, the belief systems that gave you these things will start to be more enlightened in their approach. These religious systems will start to see that it's not commensurate with the love they teach. Some of the doctrines will be changed so they make sense with the original teachings of the masters. There will be a lightening of the load. Rules will change slightly as they have over the eons and decades. It will start happening again - a return to one of the original ideas that God is inside of every single Human. And in that, respect of this premise will be seen as primary, no matter who you are or what your belief. That's what Humans will really have in common. This starts a world that will pull itself out of where they are to a place where there is no more war. That's the summary.

Now let me tell you something you need to deal with. There is the idea this track of time you're on is going to create a new train that is completely enlightened, beautiful, clean, clear, and ready to move forward in the light with brand new information. Now, I'm going to tell you something, because there will be those who will ask this later when that doesn't happen for them. This is accelerated, advanced information about your Akashic record that you will have to deal with in ways that you will have presented to you through your intuition, and also we will talk about the future. It's confusing to a linear mind.

The New Time on Earth - A New Akash

Time is in a circle and it always has been. The complexity of time is for the physicists, but to you it's all linear. The truth is that the very core concept of time is multidimensional, quantumly based at the center of atomic structure, and you are just unaware of the circle. However, you must now deal with this science, for it will serve you to understand it better.

Imagine a railroad track. You are on that track as a train, as a Human Being - a Human train. You are chugging along on that train. You can only go forward on this track, since the train can't go back or in reverse. It always goes into the future. That track is always stretched out ahead of you as your future, and what's behind you is the past, what you've done. Now that's how you see it.

Now I want you to add a little wrinkle to that. Let's say that this time track goes all around the planet. Forget for a moment that you can't put a track on the ocean. Just pretend. So the track connects with itself and is one track. Of course, you only see it stretch as a straight line before you and behind you, since you can't see beyond the horizon. But wait: If the track is one track around the globe, that means that eventually your future runs into your past! Are you with me so far? I lose people here.

You're going to start running over the same track in front of you that you travelled before as you circle the globe. It's your past you are running over on the track! And what is it exactly in your past? It's etched in stone as your Akashic record! The concept is this: You're going to meet your Akash in the future. Some of you won't understand what it is and will consider that everything you've done has failed, because here it is again. Others of you will recognize it. "Aha, this is a fractal in time. It is laying on the track, because the track remembers what happened. So instead of me absorbing it and taking it on and having to do all this again, I'm going to clear it as I go. In fact, I'm going to expect it to be there! In fact, I'm going to see it and even clear it before it ever shows up. You see, I'm expecting what I remember."

Is this too complex? These are the questions that only the future will answer. I've just given you something that's valuable so you won't think you failed, dear ones. What is a new Human? It's one who now hears this and says, "My Akash is no longer there to irritate me, and benevolence is only there. I can recognize what I've done and correct it as I go. I never have to make the same mistakes again, since I can see them coming!"

I'm telling you that there are things on the track in front of you that will appear and you will think it's a return to the past - but it isn't. It's something that the wiser you will look at and say, "I recognize this. This is old energy. Get away from me. We're not going through this again."

"Kryon, will there come a time where we can clear all of the Akash, including what's on the front of the train? That's an Akashic clearing that would be past, present and future." That is more complicated and that is, indeed, the next step. I'm telling you about this so you won't be surprised. There will be coming processes to help you. But as you understand it when it comes at you, you won't be confused. You won't think you did something wrong. You won't go back into guilt. Instead, you'll look at it and say, "Kryon said it was here and here it is. The darkness always wants to let you think it has the upper hand. It did once, but not anymore." Then you can laugh and it will disappear as soon as you recognize what it is. It's a past old karmic energy that's in front of your train that you already cleared. Therefore, it's a phantom. We'll even give it a name. Beware of phantom karma! Beware of phantom Akash! Just remember this message and call it what it is.

This has been a complex channel. It's something that you may want to listen to (or read again). It's something that you may want to revisit just to hear these words. I'm about ready to close. Those invisible ones are still here. I want you to feel them for just a moment with such congratulations to you. If they could put their arms around you, you could feel it. You'd feel so much love. Then they would give you a message and say, "Don't fear the future! Cast the old fears away. The past is not coming back. It's a brand new path, one that you've never trod before, one without predictions. You're going to lay the track that has never been laid before. That's what the real future is becoming for you."

These are the things I have for this day.

And so it is.


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