Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
Newport, California
December 4, 2016

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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"When The Butterlfy Flaps it's Wings"

This live channelling was given in Wilmington, North Carolina
December 4, 2016

To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added or condensed. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Newport, California.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. There are some who are convinced that the man in the chair is simply channelling his Higher-Self. It’s much more than that, and through these many years no attempt has been made to prove it from this stage. The reason is because you have free choice. From the biggest to the smallest perceptions, your choice to accept or reject is the gift for you on this planet, and Spirit will never touch this freedom you have.

What Spirit does for you and with you is an allowance to what you let it do. You can easily stop truth or benevolence with fear or unbelief. You are always in control. Here is a question that is profound for this moment: Will you allow yourself to feel the entourage pour in here for a moment? Does it stretch your belief, dear Human, to think that there are those here that you can't see stretching what you think is physically possible? Does it also stretch your belief to think that there may be physics that has "knowing" or consciousness? Perhaps you don’t know everything yet?

The box that most Human Beings reside in is one of protection. You believe in what you’ve been told, and you also look at what has transpired in the past. Those two things then become your reality and determine what you expect for the future. Where in that box is the allowance for the beauty of God, which is outside of what you’ve been told? Do you think that it is possible that when you climb into the closet and shut the door, there are trillions of us who know your name and your situation? Perhaps you’ve climbed in the closet to cry and be alone, but you have no idea who is really there.

This particular channel will have many directions it could go. I want to tell you what’s happening now on your planet. The last time I sat before Human Beings, I made a plea: Set aside the humanism you have for a moment as though you came in from another planet and you’ve just come across this teaching. Act as if you’re not involved in anything here on Earth and you’re simply observing. This creates within you a complete and total lack of bias toward anything you are experiencing.

I want to set the stage with this axiom. When Humans project the future, they do it all based upon what they know happened in the past. In psychology, it is called Human nature. The way Human Beings behaved yesterday sets the expectation of what is to come tomorrow and beyond. If nothing has ever happened in the past that would give you a new perspective, you simply paste what has happened in the past upon the future.

Let me give you an example. You’re with a beautiful six-year-old. Perhaps it’s your child, perhaps not, but you’re allied with the six-year-old. You look into his/her heart and you see nothing but innocence and love and beauty. You say to the six-year-old, "What is it that you would really love for your future? Tell me all about what your life would be like if you could paint the perfect picture, the most beautiful thing you would want for the future." The six-year-old would look up at you and say, "That’s easy! I want every toy I could ever have from now until the time I die. I want all the toys. Then I want to be with you. I want you to hold my hand until I die, because I’m safe. I want to go places and do things with you. I want to enjoy what I have. It would be the best! Think of all the neat and exciting toys and more toys I would have!" That is the perfect future of the six-year-old.

Then you take a deep breath for a moment and you realize something. The child never mentioned a mortgage or health or anything else really important to the future of an adult, because the six-year-old has only had six years of life to project the future. Do you see what I’m saying? Even as an adult, you project your own future only by what you have experienced in the past. If something dramatic changes, the six-year-old will immediately project fear, no joy, no toys and the horror of being alone. The adult will do the same with adult parameters, but the expectations are the same – measuring what is coming by what has occurred in the past.

Dear Human, do not underestimate the shift [2012]. You’ve been told about it from astrology and it's in the numerology of the ancients. The stars themselves look upon everything that is happening here and they know you. This shift you are in is going to start rewriting Human history and the Human future. Let me give you a premise: You’re starting to come home! Now, that is not what you expected to hear, was it? You’re starting to come home. "What do you mean, Kryon, and what is home?"

Let us put this premise forward. Dear old souls in this room and listening to this, you have been through this before, and not just on planet Earth. You are children of the Universe and this galaxy knows you well. For literally millions of years, you have been a biological entity somewhere in this galaxy and that memory sits in a special place within your Akash. It's a special place that starts to awaken within you and you start to feel something. Some of you are starting to anticipate and feel this shift, as though you remember it before. It feels familiar and there’s something happening on the planet, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is, because it doesn’t seem to be in the news or anywhere else. It’s inside, and it’s intuitive.

There will be a slow awareness, a shift, a change even in society itself, regarding what it wants and what it doesn’t want. This is not necessarily all metaphysical, for this is mainstream. However, the old soul is the one who is on the front line. You are starting to receive information that feels good. That is an intuitive awareness and it represents Human evolution. That’s the first place it comes from. The second place is your universal Akash. You are starting to remember this "shift" event from your distant past on other planets. In various ways, this same shift has happened on every single planet that went into an ascension status. This was a spiritual scenario, and it’s here again.

You’re coming home because home is high awareness; home is wisdom; home is peace on Earth; home is compassionate action; home is where you know you can be; home is life based in love; home is multiple spiritual systems on the planet who may be very different, but who give honor to all of them to worship as they choose. That’s home. You’ve seen it before and here it comes again, slowly. This morning I said to you be careful what you expect, because what you verbalized or imagine is often what’s going to be delivered to you.

Some Help for Getting Through the Shift

Number one: I want to give you a premise that will help you to work with this huge shift in humanity. Relax into yourself and know you are your own parent. Humans often substitute something else when they move away from home. It might be another person, or the church, or something else that helps them to replace the parent energy. Humans wish to grab the hand of another person or energy, because otherwise it’s a crazy world and it’s fearful for some.

What you are doing is taking the hand of God inside you. Can you do that? Can you get to an evolving place where you have the knowledge that all help comes from inside, not outside? Some of you have noticed that in this new energy there are greater mood swings. Welcome to the new earth! In these mood swings, there is a tendency, especially for Lightworkers, to immediately call for help. They ask, "Why am I feeling like I’m feeling? What's wrong?" Resist the temptation to call. Know that part of the energy of the mood swings is an enhanced ability to self-balance like never before. I want to tell you, dear ones: There is a big, outstretched hand waiting to take your hand and it’s that beautiful higher part of you. God inside, God is inside.

Number two: The end of suffering. This is the kind of suffering that you put yourself through constantly. You’re told from birth from so many areas that if you suffer a little, it's a good thing. That’s an old-energy axiom and it’s not true and never was. Your culture also tells you that you are born unworthy and you have accepted it. This brings a tendency to paste upon yourself a lower consciousness that often will morph into disease or depression. The sacred truth is that you’re born magnificent!

Dear ones, you’re here to celebrate! Let your life reflect this! Free choice is about Humans doing whatever they wish to do, but they are also very attracted to other Humans who have figured it out. Balance becomes very attractive. There is a population on this planet who will look at you as a role model when you show compassion and balance, because that’s where the shift in Human nature is going, old soul. You will be on the frontline to arrive at that balance first.

You are the ones who have the most experience. You have the most training. You fought your way through an earth with so much old energy and it swatted you down. You’ve been burned at the stake. You’ve been insulted because you loved God in your own way, because you knew more things than others and because you had a little magic. Now you awaken in this energy and everything I have said is starting to occur. There are those who will see how you are handling it all and they will see that your countenance is peaceful. They may say, "Can I hang out with you for a while?" This will be because you’re not in drama about anything. You’re not reactionary, but rather you’re a creator. That is who you are, old soul, and you can reach right down inside yourself and find it. It’s there to be found.

Number three: Fear. You’ve figured it out. Fear is caused by darkness, and darkness is caused by lack of light. All you have to do is turn on the light and there won’t be fear! We’ve said it over and over that Human Beings fought with each other through history because they couldn’t see each other. They didn't understand common compassion, but rather only saw the darkness of what was around them. When you turn on the light and you see the other person, you see the God inside the other one! Then you say, "They’re just like me. I may not agree with them, but they’re just like me." Then you start to see what you have in common with the others.

When this starts to occur to more of humanity, you’ll stop killing each other. Many are still in the darkness and really haven't met each other. They only know each other by what others have told them about the other. When Humans turn on the light, that’s how they finally "see" the others. The light cannot be turned on when you’re afraid. The light cannot be turned on if you have already made up your mind you’re going to stay in the dark, six-year-old. What have you decided is your future? Is it the same old thing as your past?

Number four: There’s an awareness of a bigger picture. The six-year-old only sees that which is immediately around him. Take the six-year-old for a ride to the store and he will enjoy the ride. He will listen to what’s on the radio in the car and will enjoy the toy that he has with him. You take him to the store and he enjoys the store. He looks around, he sees others, interesting things, foods he likes, then you take him home. The six-year-old did not see the traffic around your car or what the speed limit was. He didn't have an awareness of the rules of the road. Do you have to have a license to drive there? Where is the store? Is the store going to be open or not? Do you have enough cash to buy the products that you went for? All those things are far beyond anything the six-year-old would see or perceive.

The greater awareness that you’re having and starting to have is a much larger picture of what’s going on for you, your family and your country. It starts to be a planetary awareness and begins to balance how you think. You’ve been here before – you know it. You start looking at what is going on around you and what is going on nationally and planet-wide and the energies that are different than they were 50 ago, then you begin to realize that the planet is overdue for a war. What happened? Your awareness of a larger picture is part of the evolving Human spirit. If you stay in your own little box, dear ones, then what has happened in your box is all you know and will be what you expect for the future.

Number five: I cannot stress this more. There’s a light starting to shine and you’re moving toward it, and the light is called worthiness. You are worthy of absolutely everything right now. Everything. Don’t let anybody tell you you’re not. Don’t let those who are spiritual in some big, impressive building tell you you’re not. Don’t let your parents tell you you’re not. Don’t let your friends tell you you’re not, because they’re misinformed. The truth is that you are magnificent and worthy beyond belief! Dear old soul, it's your worthiness that is going to get you beyond this constant and the repeated disenfranchisement of your life, which you are being told about over and over. Your Akash wreaks with this attribute! You never got ahead in the past, not as a Lightworker. Every time you used magic, you were punished. The magic that I speak of is spiritual common sense. But others see this as magic, since it's not in their perception. Metaphysical truths are strange and dangerous, many will say. Every time you started to open the door for what you sensed, you were beat up for it. That creates a lack of self-worth and it becomes a fear cycle.

The New Physics

Dear one, I want to talk a little about unrealized or odd physics. I want to talk about this carefully, and I wish to present something for you to consider. There will be many who hear this and they will roll their eyes and not believe it. Only time will show you the accuracy of what I speak, and even then you may not believe it.

There are attributes of physics that you are only just toying with at the moment. No matter how big your accelerators get, you still won’t discover these things. There are two kinds of physics. There is the kind that you can manipulate and the kind that is absolute, which you can only observe. There are sub-atomic particles that are governors of each kind. That’s why we have told you from the beginning that you can change the mass of anything. This is because the unrealized laws that allow you to manipulate multidimensional physics support that. It will free you from gravity eventually, when you can design the mass of any object. Now, that represents things you can manipulate.

The kind of physics that you cannot change I’ll call core physics. It's that which you can only observe. The biggest of these for you and the most confusing one is the conundrum of time. There’s a sub-atomic particle you’ve named the Higgs singlet. This particular particle is being sought after because there are physicists convinced that it shifts dimensions and time. That is a core particle that cannot be shifted.

You’ve heard of time travel? That particle, when understood, will allow for this in a specific way, for you would be able to flip into another dimensional scenario and go backwards in time to observe the past in special ways. But you can't change what occurs in the observed time [can't change the past]. It is a core element of physics that remains the same forever. There are other core elements of physics. In fact, the one that my partner talked about today [in the Kryon seminar] is called “the field”. These are core elements that are benevolent to that which they come in contact with or give out harmonic energy and try to pull things together. If you knew how that worked and why that worked, it would put a smile on your face, because that’s the physics that you live in right now.

Important Things For Now

If you started to examine the Higgs singlet, you would start to see why fractal time works the way it does. I’m going to stop getting scientific and I’m going to make this message more practical. There are those who will say time is in a circle. It is. In fact, time imprints energies on it that then often repeat. You probably have heard the saying, "Time repeats itself." It does. "History repeats itself." It does. And so, therefore, this whole idea of time in a circle or having imprinted energies on the circle is accurate. So as you go around the time circle, which to you is a straight line, you will then come upon what we will call energy markers of the past. Those energy markers may very well have the potential to create the same thing the last one did, repeating within the circle. Here it comes again, here it comes again, here it comes again.

Sociologists, historians and especially fractal time theorists believe you’re overdue for a world war, dear ones. However, you’re not going to have one! You passed that potential 16 years ago. All of the prophecy of the scripture told you that you would have one. Do you see how fractal time actually influenced all that prophecy? They expected this potential to happen. However, did you notice that it did not? Against all odds, it did not happen.

How many years have to go by before humanity will take a look and say, "You know, it didn’t happen"? All that prophecy, all those years, got you frightened and prepared. Much of humanity actually still expects a war. "Here it comes," people still say. If you watch your television, some science programs will say, “Well, it’s coming.” They are still watching the fractal energy. It’s very frightening. Many of your science fiction movies are based on a scenario where it already came! All this because you have the energy of "expectation" of something on the circle of time.

Listen: The fractal of time has a very interesting attribute, and it's what I wanted to tell you because this is so confusing to so many. If you profoundly change something in the circle of time, you rewrite the future. In other words, the fractals that existed before that tended to repeat are voided, and you create new potentials on the circle. You might say you moved into a slightly different dimension where the prophecies of old will not take place. There is absolute truth in that, and physics will show it, and this will be discovered some day. So, why do I tell you this? It takes a big event or very different thinking to change the circle. Although the Higgs Singlet can only observe the past, Human consciousness can change it! Not to get too technical, but there are even those in physics who believe you change the past when you change the future [retro-causality]!

The Wild Card: I presented a full discussion on wild cards the last time I was with you. I listed a number of them. I gave you the rules of wild cards and told you that they are not created by Spirit. They can be inventions, persons who have changed history or ideas. What happens is this: Humans move forward with ideas or higher consciousness, allowing Spirit to then give you the wild card.

For instance, did you notice that some of the most profound inventions came upon this planet all at once, all over the earth? What a coincidence! Centuries without flight, and then the Wright brothers only beat the French by a week or so! You can go on and on with others this way. It just seems that the earth is given the information all at once! That’s not exactly right. We don’t give you anything. Instead, we lift the veil slightly and the Humans that are able to think of these things do! That is what has happened repeatedly. So you create a wild card with your own rules and your own consciousness and your own systems when it's time to change the fractal of time – and you just did one.

We told you that your recent election brought you a wild card. The definition of a wild card is something totally and completely unexpected and out of time. It then changes things from then on. You have a wild card as your president-elect [channelled December 2016]. Now I beg you, wipe away the bias. It’s hard for some! Wipe it away and listen to this for just a moment, because this is the first time and perhaps the last that I’ll ever tell you this: There are those on this planet right now who can sense the fractals in the time circle. They are called pre-cogs. They have precognition from sensing what is coming on the circle of time repeating itself.

Your government knows about them and actually employs them! They are the few who can sense what is already there, because time is in a circle. Remember? Fractal time presents elements of energy that come at you in this circle; therefore, they can be sensed and made into predictions.

The Big Prediction

There is one prediction that stands out and it started to be seen last year or slightly before. The prediction, based on fractals, is that you’re going to have a major, potentially total, complete financial collapse in about February or March 2017.

Many of you have heard this and it’s frightening. The pre-cogs started talking about it, and then there were others who started talking about it. The closer it got, the more it was talked about. Now this also follows some logic, because the ones who study patterns of finance, stocks, investments and national debt see the pattern also. They started yelling, too, "It’s coming! Can’t you see it?" Some analysts are telling you to capture all your assets in another form, right away. Many are saying that banks will fail soon. What I want to tell you is that they were correct. The fractal does, indeed, have that energy!

The Butterfly Effect

Do you know what I’m going to tell you next? A man named Edward Lorenz gave a philosophy: When a butterfly flaps its wings, something major could happen in the future. It's because little things change bigger things and bigger things change even bigger things. He is right, and a wild card is a huge butterfly.

Here is what I want to tell you today. A majority was expecting a certain outcome to your election. Instead, you got a wild card. Let me tell you why: If the expected had happened, the financial systems would have stayed in place exactly the way they were. The one you expected would have taken over from the other and the systems that were bound to fail would have gone right into that very place and exploded into economic dysfunction. There would have been no reason to change anything for the one you expected, because the sense was that it was all working well.

Pretend you’re a visitor from space and you have no invested interest or bias at all in what has happened. You’re looking down in a metaphysical way and you’re saying, "Isn’t it interesting how this wild card is going to change what would have happened in February or March?" Are you understanding what I’m telling you?

Perhaps putting a stick in everything and turning it quickly is what was needed right now? This would be in order to change that specter of complete and total financial failure. I want you to see what’s going to happen, and not to fear it when some seeds of it may still occur – like a hiccup in the system when it gets too elevated. But I’ll tell you that without this wild card, it would have been "same old, same old", right to where the fruition of the problem would be. Then the pre-cogs would have been right. The fractal time potentials would have then proved themselves accurate. But instead, the main energy of the financial horror has been potentially voided because of the wild card. Remember, it was Humans with free choice and a free system that you designed who put the wild card in place.

Moving Forward

“Kryon, what's going to happen next?” Dear ones, it's up to you. What’s the most benevolent outcome? What you say and do is like placing an order to the Universe and the field. What is the order you’re going to place in the next months? Think of it as writing your take on all this and giving it to the "universal waitress". What’s going to come to your table? Aren’t you tired of ordering that which is the lowest expectation? Aren’t you tired of expecting horrible things from other people, then getting them? What are you going to do with this? Physics is on your side, dear ones, and has your back. However, you are in control of what happens next, by what you expect.

Like other wild cards that you received before, the design is that you can continue on and this planet can grow faster because of it. It won't have to be dragged down for years and years and years through a major collapse of the world economy. That’s the message of the day.

Can you feel the entourage yet? Can you feel the smiles and the joy of those who know the potentials of the future you have? You are in control, yet some of you feel so out of control. I want you to consider this message. I want you to watch what happens on the planet and I want you to adjust into a way where you can get up in the morning and place your order. Remember, think "most benevolent outcome" from everything you see. Order things that are joyful and that reflect the passing of the days of the ignorance of the six-year-old. Let that instead be replaced by maturity, wisdom and compassion.

I hope this helps to shed light on how things work in this new energy. There are more wild cards coming and some of them will be inventions. They will be mostly for the health and well-being and peacefulness of humanity on the planet.

I’m closing now. There will be those listening to this that will walk out and say, "That’s ridiculous. I know Human nature." Dear ones, they have just placed their order!

Be peaceful. Relax into yourself and be your own parent. Take the hand of your Higher-Self this day, and when you do, you’ll live longer.

I am Kryon, in love with humanity and for good reason.

And so it is.


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