Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
San Antonio, Texas
JANUARY 24, 2016

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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This live channelling was given in San Antonio, Colorado.
January 24, 2016

To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in San Antonio, Texas.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Once again, there must be an adjustment time for those in front of me. The adjustment is in your reality, discernment and for your existence paradigm. Even for those of you so awake and aware, it's still only a man in a chair in front of you. The voice is the same as it was a moment ago, but those of you who can discern know that the energy is not the same.

My partner knows that there is a compassionate, benevolent energy that comes sweeping over him that shows him it's time to leave his body, and he does. He moves away in a manner that is difficult to describe. He's not sitting here - not really. His process clears the path, not for a takeover, but for a partnership. He used to work at it - working way too hard at it - and then he learned to let go and, at the point, the messages started to flow.

It is this way with all humanism. My partner spoke today and yesterday about how he uses synchronicity and not logic to guide his life. Here is the engineer telling you not to use logic! It's really a combination of processes, isn't it? It's the logic of survival based upon spiritual common sense, and a logic that says Spirit knows an overview that you don't. Therefore, if you can learn to trust Spirit, you get an overview that you could never have yourself. So rather than going for that which you know, you go for that which you don't know but you feel is available. That's synchronicity. It's a process of calling upon an area that all of you have, but tough to realize - really tough. You've got to step aside that which you're comfortable with, and that has worked for you all your life.

The adjustment time is over, and some of you are feeling it. I want you to sit for a moment and breathe. Here's the question, “Could this really be true?” Right now, it's not just messages from a man, but instead there is a benevolent creator who you are part of, and that creator gets to speak to you  in your language and in a way that creates a greater energy in this room and for the listener that is far more than just words.

These channels are not about information. They are meditative channels where I just get to sit and love you and, yes, there are those listening who feel it, too. There are those who will be on a whole different plane than you are right how, an attitude different than you have and in a paradigm at a later time, listening to what you would call a recording. They'll receive it, too, because Spirit is that way - timeless.

But there is more. If I told you that Spirit knows the potentials of who will hear this, would it be too odd to you? Spirit knows the potentials of who is in trouble right now. Days from now, others will sit and listen to this and feel the love of God. Is that too strange? And if I told you that was the case, would you understand how close you are to Spirit right now and how cared for you are?

There is a process that you must be aware of. We've told you again and again that the Human Being who just sits there waiting for God will sit a long time. You may be aware of Spirit, of the Great Central Source, and you may be a believer. You may be an old soul who says, "Yes, I feel it; I know it!" However, you also may be frustrated that nothing is happening, and I want to tell you as we've said before: You've got to take the knob and open the door before anything is going to happen.

"Kryon, haven't you told us to 'let go and stop trying so hard'? Now you are talking about taking action. Which is it?" Dear ones, don't confuse this! What we are telling you is that you must let go of your own devices and trust the God part of you that doesn't use a logic paradigm. So you are actively involved in letting go!

You've got to believe it. Belief is the key. You've got to be at a place, perhaps even on your knees, where you are asking, "Dear Spirit, tell me what it is that I need to know. I'm frustrated!" Then it begins. Then the solutions start to come. Now some of you have said, "Well, I've done that. But it's still a mystery to me what is happening." Oh, indeed, it is a mystery because you've opened the door to a place you don't know about. The paradigm is different than what you expect - where you're going when you open the door. You've got to throw away what you expect. You've got to throw away logic. That's a tough action to take, letting go of what you are used to.

You've got to be comfortable to open the door, walk inside, and say, "This is where I belong. I don't understand any of it, but boy do I feel good!" You're more than just being noticed, dear ones. We walk with you all the time, but at the point where you say, "I am here, I am ready, I'm walking in the door," then a partnership starts to be developed that wasn't there before. This is called free choice.

The New Paradigm is Here

It's interesting that in this new energy there are more people starting to look around. There are more and more who don't understand metaphysics or channelling, yet they'll come to a place like this to hear Kryon give this message. This then creates an energy, not necessarily an understanding, but an energy that says, "Finally, I know I can open the door without fear." That's all they may leave with and that's all they needed - assurance that Spirit is a loving energy of benevolence and caring. But I want to go beyond opening the door to faith. You see, in this energy there's more - a lot more. I'm going to use a metaphor, a story.

The Story of the Sightless Man

A sightless man opens the front door of his new life and goes in. He can't see anything, but he knows he's in a special place and he does what a sightless person will do: He explores slowly, carefully. He takes mental notes: This is where the door is; here is the window; here is an escape path if I need it; I'll count the steps; I will listen to what it sounds like; I'll find the kitchen for sustenance; I will locate all of the things that I need for survival and comfort and life. I will explore and find them one at a time and know where everything is. I will move things, if needed, to my immediate reach.

Once the sightless man does this, he thinks, "Now I can live here. I open the door and I'm in my room. It feels good; I found the kitchen; I found the bedroom, and now I have all of what I need to exist." There he sits, and he lives there for a month, for a year, for a lifetime. He is comfortable in his surroundings because he knows everything about them. He'll go to many metaphysical meetings and he will speak about his experiences with Spirit. He will testify that he knows he has God inside, and he will say, "I'm an old soul. It feels good and I see small changes in my life." But there's more coming.

He starts hearing about new tools that can be discovered and he thinks to himself, "I've explored every cranny of my area - all the rooms in my house. I haven't found anything new." There's a little frustration for the sightless man. He wants more. He intuitively knows there is, indeed, more. He goes to another meeting where much is discussed. He is told, "Go find it." He looks again and he finds nothing more than he found before.

Then he's visited by a person who is not sightless, a person who can see better than he can. This person has been aware of things that he was not. They talk together and the sightless man says to the one who can see, "I've looked everywhere. Can you help me find something that I've missed?" The one who can see listens to his question and looks across the room. He says, "Didn't you ever find the elevator? It's right across the room."

"I thought it was a window. Why would there be an elevator?"

"You didn't know? You've been living in an 80-story building!"

The sightless man realized that he has spent his life in one small area of an enormous building. Later, when he's alone, he presses the button on the elevator and it opens. It's the beginning of an ascended personality. [Laughter] There is so much to explore! What kept him from finding the elevator?

Our Limitations Are Our Presumptions

First, although he explored everything, he did it with a presumption of what was available and what he would find. He didn't know an elevator was available, so everything he touched and felt was based on a concept of what it should be. The elevator felt to him, in the brain that could not see, like a window. It was a window that he couldn't open, but because his brain expected a window, that's what he got.

Am I getting through? What is it you don't expect? What is it you don't know about or perhaps you've made up your mind is there or not there? I want to tell each of you something: The love of God is not limited to the one room that you live in. This is a metaphor. What does your room look like, oh sightless one? I say this because a Human doesn't immediately have second sight. You are not born using that which you call intuitive power. Instead, you tend to make up your mind based on only what you perceive must be real. What is real and what is not? Reality is different for the sightless than for those who can see. Metaphysically, it is the same. What size building do you think you live in?

There are answers and solutions for every single problem you brought here. They've got your name on them and some of them are on the second floor, the third floor, the fourth. I want you to leave this place and know that there's an elevator! Of course, this is a metaphor. You know exactly what I'm talking about. What is it you haven't done, you haven't thought of or that you don't think you can do?

Reality: A Different Paradigm?

Did you know that you sit in each other's Merkabahs? [Spiritual fields] Did you know this? The Merkabah, that which is the sacred field of the Human Being, is 26 feet wide (eight meters). It means that every single one of you here is sitting in someone else's field. Maybe they overlap two, three, four or even five people? I want to ask you something: Have you ever thought about it? If you have, does it mean anything to you?

When you're not alone, and around other old souls, are you aware of the elevator? Did you know that a collective consciousness is more powerfully intuitive? Did you know that a collective Akash can be a paradigm you've never considered before? Imagine what you can do with a group of like-minded people, when all of those sacred energy fields are intermingled together! Did you know that you could even change the weather? Do you know how big you are? This is ancient information that you have always had in almost every belief system from the original Humans who walked the earth. Now you know the mechanics of it.

However, you feel alone don't you, and perhaps isolated, don't you? It's because of the singular bias of humanity. Every single body who is listening is alone with themselves. Everybody has one name and one closed cellular system and it walks from place to place alone. You think this way, too, because everything is "one thing" working together or apart with other “one things”. I want you to get out of the box of singularity. The building you "live in" is bigger than you think.

Dear ones, yes there's an elevator in your life house and, yes, it's hidden to most. When you sit next to another old soul in a meeting like this, you have so much around you that you don't consider. Basically, in a singularity bias you look at somebody else and say, “Hi, how are you?” That's it. There isn't an instant and intuitive understanding of the linkage to an amazing amount of compassionate, benevolent power. It's exponential what you can do when you get together! Your greetings should include seeing the God in everyone else and the connections you may share.

The Ancients on the planet knew this. When they had their meetings and got together, at some level, they knew this. They still do! They expected it and they made it work for them. When they didn't have enough food, they got together and created it. What do you think of that? There are some ancient stories and you wonder if they are believable, since most of you have lost the intuitive Gaia connection. The indigenous would often get together, knowing that the power they had with each other could change their situation. They literally could affect nature, certain parts of it, and they would sit there motionless together, entangled in purpose, and they would wait and wait - then the buffalo would come into their presence, sit down, and give up its life - right in front of them! They feasted for a week and used all the parts to keep them warm and healthy. I want you to explain to me that system using linearity. You can't. Dear ones, this is the power of collective Human consciousness, which is aligned with nature, which is also part of you.

There is a magnificent, universal benevolence that is on your side. It is the creative source who knows who you are. Don't you dare leave here and think you're alone or that nobody cares. There's an entourage who walks out with you, but it's on the second floor and higher, and you don't even know there is a second floor! I want you to find the elevator - a metaphor that means there's more than you think here, much more than you think.

Old soul, this is what you've waited for. Some of you are here for it and are just now starting to have it revealed to you. All we're saying is that there is more for each of you than you have ever considered and it's much, much more than anything that was taught today. There are things to explore metaphysically, esoterically and spiritually within you that are going to bust things wide open.

Years ago, the engineer, who is the man in front of you, sat in a chair and got curious. Who is Kryon? What was Kryon? Would it hurt? Would it be evil? A fair question, isn't it? Would it be something that would take over his mind and ruin his life, or his soul? It's a fair question, isn't it? All the questions were based in fear, but that's the survival consciousness that you all have. It's even "spiritual survival consciousness", since you are told that God is love, until you do something wrong. Then the love of God will punish your soul forever. This is so far-fetched from anything that comes from pure love that it shouts that it came from men, not God.

There are those listening to this who are asking the same survival questions and have paradigms that are occurring with them right now that they are afraid of. What will happen? Will it hurt? Is it right?

The creator that is in you is part of you and is benevolent. This partnership with you is filled with compassion and love. It's not going to hurt. It took a long time for my partner to realize that every single time he sat in the chair, what he felt was love. It was odd, because it wasn't what he was used to. It was a beginning. His bias often got in the way. Was it correct for him? Was it correct for his soul? Over and over, he asked these questions and all we did was give him love. Then there came a day when he knew it was alright and he realized that he had found the elevator - something that had been hiding all his life, even in his spiritual thinking. He was always told that there was a God, but Humans lived on the ground floor, period. Nobody told him that the whole building belonged to him and that he was co-owner of it all.

This is what we're teaching you, not so you can channel like my partner, but so that which is your Higher-Self can be met evenly with you, and you can begin a journey that you haven't really considered yet. It's going to give you peace over the greatest problems and issues you think you have. It may not solve everything tomorrow or the next day or the next month, but you will have the ability to breathe and feel release, because you know it's in your future, it's coming.

Relax. The system of God is part of you and when the cycle is right, solutions will be there. Spirit is not a judging Spirit. The creator of the Universe has seeds within you. You will always be and you always were. This is a phrase that means that your soul awareness is eternal. Death is a Human occurrence, not a spiritual one. The soul is forever. It always was and always will be. "Your name goes here" will always live forever. "Your name goes here" always was. That which you hold so sacred which is the core of you, the very consciousness that is alive in you and has your name on it, is the energy we know and love. It is forever. You'll never die - not that part - and you'll always be aware, even when you leave this planet for the next adventure. That's the message. It's a good one, isn't it? It's filled with promise and beauty, from a best friend on the second floor.

Find the elevator.

And so it is.


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