Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
Istanbul, Turkey
APRIL 11, 2015

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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This live channelling was Given in Istanbul, Turkey
April 11, 2015

To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Istanbul, April 11, 2015.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. There's a new wind blowing your way. Can you feel it? There's a new energy here. I know where I am [Istanbul, Turkey].

Dear ones, this evening I want to give a little more information about the place you sit. It is very common for us to sit in the energy of a certain culture and give information about it. We've done this before in many places. Just recently [March 2015], we did this in the middle of a continent you call Australia. We've done it in the south of France, in the United Kingdom, in Bulgaria and several times in parts of Russia. These names represent the countries you have today, not those in the past. We've also spoken this way in Hungary, yet every time I give you the name of a country like that, you have a picture of where it is today. However, the borders that are drawn now with the current country names you have now are very recent versions of a very different story. You only know these countries in the framework of your own history. I want to give you a bigger history tonight. I want to tell you an untold story - unknown history.

This won't be a very long channelling, but it's going to be packed with profound information for you. Although the message today is specifically targeted at those in front of me, the overall message is for everyone. The idea is that there is ancient history about to be found. With these discoveries come unanswered questions about humanity in the past. This channelling will help you by answering some questions about these mysteries. Read on.

The question that I want to ask those in front of me is this: Who do you think you really are? Old soul, if you have followed my information before, you know that I have told you many times over the years that the history of humanity is very long. Some of you believe that the seat of civilization, the seeds, the beginnings, might indeed center in places like the Indus Valley [ancient Pakistan, India, Afghanistan]. That's where they have found very old civilization. Yet that's only the history of this phase of civilization. I want to explain something to you.

Humanity has had five starts. Now when I say starts, I mean a civilization you call humanity has arisen, developed, and almost terminated, four times before you. You sit in civilization number five. It's about 10,000 years old to you, so when you celebrate what you think is your history, you're really only looking at the last phase - number five. Think of this! There were four other Human civilizations before yours. I have a reason for telling you this.

For the record, there are many authorities who date things differently, have fewer or more phases, and consider everything past 2012 still another phase. But I want you to know that this discussion isn't about the minutia of dates, but rather of the profundity of what is now being discovered - more history than you think is there and a far older role of your soul group.

I'm going to ask you a personal question. This is for all reading and listening now and later: Where have you been? What have you done? It seems like only a few days ago that my partner was in what is called the red center of Australia. There, he celebrated a race of humanity that had survived all five dispensations or phases of civilization! The Aborigines are more than 40,000 years old, yet your history only goes back 10,000 years. So I have a question for you: Where were you 20,000 years ago? Have you ever thought of that? Your Akashic history is enormous, but your history books have no recorded history whatsoever that goes back that far - but real history did! And it did right here! Regardless of what historians say, there was much here before what you are told was the "beginning".

I want to tell you about civilization in the first two phases. You will never find solid proof of these times anywhere on Earth, yet each one of them was approximately 10,000 years old. There were far fewer Humans then, less impact on the planet, and erosion has almost completely erased evidence of them and what they left.

Humanity didn't start in one place. The Aborigines don't have the edge on historic Human existence. It's just that they were very isolated and, therefore, you can study their history in one place, from the beginning, like a time capsule. But Europe was different, and the diversity here created far more development and interaction between groups. It also created issues that turned history over several times.

I want you to think about this because your soul did not start 10,000 years ago. Hardly! You are a very old soul. Now the following is for my audience in the room: What if I told you that many of you were in a civilization group [karmic group] and you've stayed here, and lived here, even before the history that you think was here? This is going to get complicated because all you know about today are the current borders with current country names. If I said to you Greater Persia, what would it mean to you? Would it be three countries? Four countries? Perhaps five? This area had very different borders back then, changing all the time and with different area names. But this didn't happen in civilization phases one and two, for they were small.

Humanity terminated its former phases for various reasons. You never destroyed yourself, but you came close. Gaia, the earth, wasn't responsible either. It was always Human consciousness that did it. Humanity had to grow up like children grow up, but in many phases. The elegant thoughts you have today about organized society and systems of spirituality took a long time to develop. Lower consciousness is the reason for terminating other phases. You couldn't get along. When populations are small and concentrated [grouped together], it's easy to see how disease caused by war and the lack of nutrition can race through a small village and take out almost everyone. Back then, disease was a total mystery, and some felt it was brought on by magic, making it even scarier.

Now, again speaking to the group in front of me, there weren't that many of you compared to today, but you were indeed here! You were here for all the phases! You, old soul, were on this land! Again, where is here? Let me draw another map for you. As far distant as Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia, moving across to what you now call Persia, Turkey, Syria and Iran were considered one place! Think of that now, since it is a history before 10,000 years ago that we are going to speak of in a moment.

Historic phase three will also be very difficult for you to ever find evidence of, since Humans did not build large structures in number three. It was not intuitive to do that back then. What Humans did in phase one, two and three was to follow the instincts of what they saw around them. The animal kingdom did not build structures and live in them. The animals moved around and followed the seasons. They were never in one place very long. So for Humans, it was similar. There was no agriculture back them. Believe it or not, Humans never planted anything until phase four. What you think of as intuitive and just normal today was not their way of thinking. They always moved with the seasons. They also came back to the same places over and over with the years. They ate what was available, driven by weather and live resources.

This always led eventually to territorial battles for water and hunting grounds, where immature thinking prevailed and eventually killing happened. Back then, you looked like you do now. You were not cave men, but you had very low consciousness - intelligence, but with lower awareness. There were always struggles for power and immature consciousness almost never creates the high road of tolerance. I think you understand this, for even in your own modern culture today, you saw hold-overs of this, clearly in World War II. Low consciousness creates the destruction of civilization. This is the major change we speak about in this new age of an evolving Human.

It took almost 30,000 years by the time you got to phase four, and you were beginning to be more elegant in your community thinking. You were building structures, large ones, and some of them were centralized and grouped together in city states. You settled and had to collect resources from everywhere and store them. So, phase four is set on my scale at about 20,000 years ago. Think for a moment: What was happening during this time with the Aborigine people? Nothing! They stayed the same. Nothing touched them. They never met others, so they had a civilization that was stagnant but profound in its consistency. This has been documented.

I point to this to give you proof that humanity has been here for at least 40,000 years or more. There are some places on this planet where there is validation of 60,000 years for the existence of your kind of Human. Yet your European history is only 10,000 years old! This does not make sense. Where were you 20,000 years ago? The answer is here, in a history you are about to find.

One of the new energy attributes of this planet is an awakening Akash. You are beginning to remember the very beginning, perhaps surrounding the nodes of the earth, or just of simple living. The original Pleiadian homes is where civilization began [The Nodes and Nulls of the Planet*]. One of them is even close by as I speak to you [Mount Ararat, a Null]. Where were you? I would like to impress you with something. You have been part of this earth puzzle far, far longer than you know.

I want to talk about civilization phase four, because you are now starting to discover it. Dear ones, in the areas that I have just told you about, there is so much to discover and it will be so mysterious to you that you will have to rewrite the whole idea of what happened here. But that's not the big news. There is a propensity of reincarnation that we have told you about many times over the years. It is the fact that you tend to incarnate in family groups and stay in certain areas. Over and over, you remain. The reincarnation system has changed in the last 30,000 years and a more sophisticated humanity will start to reincarnate in other places to facilitate variety and tolerance within multiple societies. This only occurred in the last 10,000 years. Before that, you stayed in the same karmic family over and over.

Some of you in this room have old soul shamanic energy, and you have no idea what's under your feet. Layers and layers of civilization are there, not just the past 10,000 years. It's interesting that right now politically on the planet, this is one of the only countries in this area [Turkey] that will let you dig and find out what's down there! Almost all of the other countries I mentioned earlier are in trouble in some way, or they don't have the resources or perhaps the belief system that will allow it. That will keep them from major discovery for now, but not here.

There are major mysterious and grand things to find, dear ones, and when you do, you'll know it's not your acknowledged history! When you start finding artifacts of history from phase four, they're going to be vastly different from anything in the last 10,000 years, and they will be from another consciousness and building style. What if I told you that some of them will "resound" in your Akash? What if I told you that you built some of them, dear one?

Now how do I tell you these things without them sounding very strange? Humanity grew up like children grow up, over thousands of years with slow consciousness change. I am giving you information that no historian will agree with. Most authorities feel that Human nature has always been the same. It's not true. It's only Human nature of the past 10,000 years that you would truly recognize or relate to. In phase four, it was very different.

There are major archives of past civilizations unknown to you right under your feet. There are some places you have not looked yet, including those off the coasts of your oceans. When you find them, it's going to expand your horizons of perhaps how long you've had major civilization here. There are very few places on the earth where I can sit and say that. You have a grand history here, and some of you are about to discover it in your lifetime. The technology coming will reveal things that you have never seen before, in places you never expected to look or were allowed to look. What you will find will be a mystery to archaeologists, and they will scratch their heads. There will be statues and figures of images you've never seen before. There will be writings on the walls with references to the heavens, and you will simply think it is astrology. It isn't. Oh, it's something else completely!

Astrology is one of the oldest sciences on the planet but it's no more than 12,000 years old. This is because it is an elegant system that had to be developed by aware Human Beings in your history. There will be writings on the walls and images you don't recognize. Some will be very mysterious, with elongated head shapes. You may think that they depict Humans with special hats, but they don't. I am now giving you one of the ways to identify phase four. It's here, under your feet, for you to discover.

Do you understand what I'm telling you? You are ancient. This is the cradle of humanity. More civilizations have started in these areas I mentioned earlier in this message than anywhere on the planet. These civilizations are far more profound than you know. Many of them you do not even acknowledge in your history, yet you were here living in them.

Now, I have told you about the Crystalline Grid of the planet. It's an esoteric grid that remembers humanity's events and consciousness. It's complicated. Picture it this way. Whatever Humans were doing and thinking is remembered by this Crystalline Grid, which covers the planet. It's called the Crystalline Grid because it holds the vibration of humanity. The more civilizations that are in one place, the more remembrance there is of what happened there.

How do I say this to you? Do you have any idea of how old you are? Do you have any idea of how profound the imprint is that you made on this grid? You made it here, perhaps 30,000 years ago. Old soul, you anchored this land. The dirt belongs to you, and you've raised family after family and fought battle after battle right here! There is great importance to what this means regarding its impact within the new energy. Listen to this spiritual logic: The ones who laid the ground work here, who built civilization after civilization here, who raised family after family here, will be the ones who will naturally awaken and change it. You are shamans of the past. You are the ones. Don't you feel it? The grid is talking to you, remembering you.

There is a wind blowing in Turkey that is starting to change things here. Have you felt it? Some of you are afraid of it. There is an awakening going on here, just like in the countries around you. The Akash awakens and some of you are aware of the shift, but you don't know why it's happening. So that's why I'm here, almost by appointment.

There's a new spiritual wind blowing in Turkey. There is a tolerance in Turkey. There is an awakening that you didn't expect with some of the young people in Turkey. There are those who don't want any change in Turkey. There are those who are invested in an old way of the area, who will fight to keep it old. They don't want it to go into any kind of a new energy, never! There are many of them, and they wish to frighten you. Dear one, they don't have a chance! There is an awakening of light and new consciousness here, representing those who are 30,000 years old and ready for the change! That would be you.

You own the dirt, the trees, and the animals even know you. The wise ones, the guardians of nature, know you. The multidimensional portals that you know exist here know you. It is you who are going to illuminate this place.

Your past is being rediscovered here, and the evidence is already starting to be uncovered. There is history here that no one knew about, except you in your Akash. I'll say it again. There are very few places I can sit and give this channelling, and it's about time that my partner brought me here so you can hear this.

Old soul, you have a wisdom that can move this area to a place that is grand. Don't be impatient. Human consciousness moves slowly, but it already is doing so. Can't you feel the wind blowing? It's refreshing. At the same time, it's puzzling to many. Perhaps now you understand what you are feeling?

Don't be one who wants to return to the old ways. See the shaman in you. See the wise one in you who knows why you came. Some of the oldest souls on the planet are right here, right now. Do you know how that makes us feel? We've been with you since the beginning, and there's not that many places on the planet like this one. I want you to go from this place tonight and know who you are.

And so it is.



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