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Welcome to the Kryon website!

This website is an esoteric spiritual site featuring channelled information from Kryon, a loving angelic entity. You are looking at the unique and original website for Kryon as channeled by Lee Carroll, the original Kryon channel. This work is now over thirty years old, having been started by Lee in 1989. Since the word "Kryon" is not proprietary, in the last years there have been many others in many cultures who have come to use the name Kryon in many forms. However, Lee is not affiliated with any other Kryon channelling by any other person, school, or organization using the name Kryon, and is only responsible for his own work as represented by his books, oracle cards, apps, and the information on this website.

The Kryon work is not a membership organization, products are available, such as The Healing Wednesday Program, as a monthly membership. We are not a non-profit organization, so there is no page on this website that will ever ask for donations.

What the Kryon work does offer is uplifting messages from Kryon and teachings of the information from Lee. Everything that KRYON says in CHANNEL is given away for FREE. Products such as books, cards, produced video presentations and courses are offered for purchase. Occasionally, some of these products are also offered for FREE. You can find out more about Lee’s philosophy by clicking HERE.

The Kryon work includes fourteen channelled books. These books represent over 200 separate Kryon publications, since these works are now published in 25 languages world-wide. In addition, Lee Carroll and his spiritual partner Jan Tober, have written three books on the Indigo Children. In 1999 when Hay House published their first book in the series titled “The Indigo Children,” it introduced the term “Indigo Children” to the earth. This brings the total of Lee Carroll's books to 17. In collaboration with Kryon archivist and author Monika Muranyi, there are four more Kryon related books, which brings the total of available Kryon books (as channelled by Lee Carroll) to 21.

There is a commercial Kryon on-line store, where you can purchase Kryon books, card decks, audios, mobile apps, and the Kryon Tachyon Spheres. In addition, there are many FREE videos that Lee & Monika have produced HERE. The popular Healing Wednesday Program, which features a very unique weekly program targeting healing, is available for a monthly membership HERE.

Lee is recognized worldwide as the original channel for Kryon and has been honored over the years by seven United Nations invitations to channel Kryon at the UN building in New York city. The Kryon seminars are presented all over the USA and Canada, Western and Eastern Europe, the United Kingdom, Israel, South America, Australia, and New Zealand. You can see some of the most meaningful meetings HERE. Lee's schedule is HERE.

Since 2015, (to present day) the prestigious WATKINS "Mind, Body, Spirit" magazine from the UK, has listed Lee Carroll as one of the "100 most spiritually influential living people". You can see the others in that group HERE.

Enjoy this site, brought to you in the original spirit of the web. There are lots of free features available to you while browsing in a comfortable atmosphere that will never capture your personal information.


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