(May 15, 2001)

Automatic Humor Response Programs "A.H.R.P.", are some of the most proficient new programs available. You can install these cutting edge software programs into your upgradeable Human hardware memory. To execute, just click on your "act or react" menus for further dialogue boxes. The A.H.R.P. are some of the very latest in "shareware" and absolutely free to those who care to access these micro processors. The trick is to install your humor data program as a default program. This will insure the humor program will be your automatic response override, instead of previous programs, such as anger, hostility, revenge, irritability, fear, rejection, depression, and powerlessness. If you have not installed the latest version of A.H.R.P., which overrides earlier useless and outdated programs, then you will want to investigate the latest version and installation procedures.

Caution: You may find, in most any Human response system, that the old programs will corrupt and try to become the default programs without your conscious authorization. BE AWARE!




1 - Decide whether or not you want to chose humor, laughter or fun in your life, and if you want to upgrade to A.H.R.P. now or at a later date. Be forewarned that if you decide to wait, your Human system may become so antiquitated with the old programming that upgrading may be become more difficult. With the possibility of program incompatibility, you run the risk of having your entire system freeze and short circuit.

2 - If you decide to install A.H.R.P. now, your entire operating system will experience the benefits immediately. With your new upgraded Human system, you will become much more compatible with the present operating system, adapting to your envirnoment will be less sluggish, and the additional ram will keep your Human operating system operating at peak performance.


3 - To install A.H.R.P. give your Human computer the command..."Just do it"...and then be on a 24-7 search to find humor, laughter, and lightheartedness in the seemingly un-humorous default program you have been running. Once the new system is installed, it is important to monitor it for corruption from the fear, anger, and depression viruses. STAY ALERT AND AWARE!


4 - After your A.H.R.P. system has been installed, it is important to share this program with family and friends. Sharing helps "unzip" your newly installed program, expanding your capacity to find even more humor in your environment. When all Humans have this system installed, the entire global network will be upgraded and a planetary shift will occur.


5 - REQUEST ASSISTANCE. If you are not an expert in installation and programming, you may need to call Tech Support to help you with overiding the old programing. Use Tech Support as needed when old programming tries to override your "A.H.R.P."


Support Techs Are Standing By 24-7!


NOTE from the author:


I have been working on the installation and monitoring of all of the latest A.H.R.P. programs for years. Fortunately, I have many installation and repair techs living with me and associating with me...i.e. my 4 children, 2 dogs, my friends and of course, my spirit guides. I have found that laughter and humor are truly the simple secrets of Human alchemy. When we laugh, the chemicals and electromagnetics that are created, demagnetize the hostile and fearful emotional programs you are currently running...and in an instant, reverse the charge...(it is hard to be angry when you are laughing with intensity!)

Since the publication of my book, Kryahgenetics, The Simple Secrets Of Human Alchemy, I have had countless opportunities to use the assistance of outside technical support. For instance, my 13 year old son has given new meaning to the phrase "humorous synchronicity." Several months ago he was flushing the toilet, at the same time pushed his glasses up on his nose, causing one of the lenses to pop out of the frame and get sucked down "The Porcelain Throne." (Now what are the chances...?) Then, shortly after getting a new pair, which took the lab 8 weeks to manufacture, he was shoveling the snow late at night...(because he had failed to do it during the day when it was sunny, warm and easy...so his mean, cruel, sadistic mother decided to make him be responsible for his neglect)...and as Karma would have it, he slipped on the ice...(that would not have been there if he would have done it earlier)...and his glasses flew off his face and into the path of an oncoming car...(now we don't live on a very busy road, and at 1:00 a.m. the chances of a car coming were very slim...and the chances that they would find the precise location of the glasses...well, go figure!)...So when he brought the pieces of his glasses to me, telling his tale of woe as only a drama king can do, I just stared at them, shook my head and put my face down on my computer keyboard. It had been an extremely difficult day...preceded by a extremely difficult week...and I thought I was going to lose it. My daughter, sensing my state, said..."Mom...now don't cry...it's going to be ok...really mom...don't go there." Then my humorous spirit guides said to me, "You can't cry over spilt milk...OR broken glasses..." and all of a sudden I burst into laughter, and laughed and laughed and laughed. (My daughter at that point thought I had lost it!

Then, my son who had rescued the lenses, which were only cracked on the edges, taped them to his forehead so they were dangling in front of his eyes, and says, "Mom...look...this works...I can see perfect! If we can't get new glasses for a while, I will be fine." He looked so funny with the lenses dangling from his forehead...(and I had to admit it was an inventive temporary remedy to the situation,)... that I couldn't help but laugh all over again. The results were that my whole perception changed, and so did the energy in the entire house. What could have been a horrible drama that lasted for days, reversed itself in an instant because my daughter, my son, and my guides reminded me that I had the ability to see the humor instead of the drama!

One of the things I have appreciated while working with Lee Carol, Jan Tober and Kryon, is the spontaneous humor that always seems to accompany them. I believe that they have installed and integrated the latest in Automatic Humor Response Programs, and are a grand visual aid, of how this system can work!


Laura Lee Mistycah author of Kryahgenetics... with the help of her esoteric friend Hal. She is also the creator of Humor Party Packages, and the founder of "The Unified Family Of Sacred Humor Beings", the only religion of utter nonsense that actually makes sense!

You can contact her office toll free: (888) 324-3313

Or e-mail at: mistycah@bluezebra.com