(May 15, 2001)

It was last year, around late August, when we got "the call." The phone rang on a Friday around 4:00 pm. Rob answered; it was Lee Carroll, calling to ask if we would be interested in working on a new Kryon E-Magazine. Taking a deep breath I settled back into my chair, remembering years prior when we worked on the Kryon Quarterly. I recalled the awesome responsibility in doing such a project. But this is NOW and we were ready to step into our contract. Without hesitating I responded with an exuberant "Yes."

Rob and I worked with Geoffrey Hoppe and Linda Benyo to initiate and produce the first Kryon Quarterly. The synchronisities of that magazine coming together still amaze me to this day. It's been over six years since the first Kryon Quarterly was birthed, and like any child, eventually it's time to grow and change. We stepped away from the production of the Quarterly after only three issues. At the time, we were making many shifts and changes in our life and could not dedicate the necessary time to produce a quality magazine.

Linda and Geoff continued by taking over the full responsibility for the production, distribution and sales of the Quarterly. It was an ENORMOUS UNDERTAKING. With the help and support of a few volunteers, they worked very hard to maintain the quality and high standards of the magazine. What most people don't realize is that Linda and Geoff did this magazine out of love for "The Work" of Kryon and Spirit. No advertising dollars subsidized the Quarterly, and the only way it was printed and mailed each time was with your generous support. I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge Linda and Geoff for their contribution to the Kryon work. Because they continued with the Kryon Quarterly until only recently, a space was created for this E-Publication to be birthed.

Now! It's time to invite you to receive the latest information on Kryon, as well as the work of Spirit through the internet. As energy evolves, moves at a faster pace and becomes less dense, printed material often can become outdated quickly. With In The Spirit we intend on keeping you updated, "In The Moment". As our content grows we will provide you with a library of information to be referenced at your convenience, all FREE, all without having to give us your private information, like address, phone number, or credit card. Eventually, we will be providing printed material that you can purchase, not as a subscription, but as a per issue request. This will be done as a convenience for people who want to create their own "hard copy" library.

Rob and I are joyful for the opportunity to once again work with the Kryon Family. Lee Carroll, Jan Tober and Kryon have launch Spiritual Awareness and Self-Empowerment for thousands of people around the world, including Rob and myself. In this Premier Edition, you can read articles from the familiar Kryon Family you have come to know and love. We also have supplemented the content with writers you might not be so familiar with, but nonetheless, their information will resonate with the message of Kryon and Spirit.

We are looking to present a balanced assortment of content. Hopefully, when you finish reading the articles you'll walk away with something more than you had before you first started reading. Our goal is to provide tools for empowerment and inspiration, and to fill your heart with warmth through stories of the "Now" moment.

This magazine is to be interactive; it will grow as the energy grows and moves. Contact us with stories and information that might be of interest to others. As we launch this first issue of our E-magazine, we encourage your comments and hope that you find the visuals presented on the pages enjoyable and the content informative.


Given Joyfully,

Barbara Harris